FALL, 2010
to our first issue of the website news. This is an and we will include your e -mail address in our
attempt to keep you up to date on all the mailings list.
Highland news, if you should have any special
events, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations etc.
observations, wild life happenings, gardening
advice etc., we would be most happy to include this
in our upcoming newspaper issues.
We will be sending out only approved Board of
Director Meeting Minutes via your e-mail. We
ask that if you wish to receive e-mail Meeting
If you do not have an e-mail address, minutes will
still be posted at our bulletin board at Beach Ave
and the beach during warmer months.
We can also supply you with a paper copy but
unfortunately, with the cost of postage, you will
have to call in advance and pick up your copy at
the Secretary’s home.
Members in the Highlands have much to be thankful for; a place to bring our
family and friends to enjoy a beautiful natural beach, a clean lake to swim, relax
in your boat under the summer sun, great fishing and doing every type of water
or winter sport imaginable. We also have an obligation to work together to
keep our natural resources, our most valuable common asset, clean so that future generations will enjoy the same privileges.
Wishing Highland families a safe, healthy and blessed Thanksgiving.
As some of you already know, we have had a few BOD meetings and have made progress and plans for the direction of the Subdivision. Some of the plans for the immediate future will include the inspection of 2010 Storm Sewer and Bridge projects, hiring an
accountant, revising the pier exchange program, installing 7 lamps at the beach. We signed a 3 year with a landscaper to cut the
channel banks 2 times monthly vs. the once a month, all this for the same price we negotiated 3 years ago.
Weed control was a hot topic, with the what seemed as an overrun last year. We are looking at resuming weed spraying either
with or beside the spaying available from the Sanitary Dept. Bob Bottalla has contacted them and they agreed to spray and cut our
beach if the buoys were placed so they can easily get their equipment in and out. Also, we are looking into outsourcing the goose
patrol and weed raking job. This will hopefully save us money since we will not have to deal with payroll taxes etc.
Special assessments collection is a big job but we open a new account to keep these monies out of the regular operating fund. We
are currently paying 6.25% semi annually. Please refer to the Meeting minutes of Sept 18 for more information on finances. The
BOD agreed and committed all money earned at the Fun Fair be used for improvements at the beach only.
For those members who have split their special assessment 3 ways, your next and final payment is due on November 15th, those
who are paying in 5 installations, your second payment is due on December 15th.
The BOD also adapted the “6 POST PIER POLICY” — (for more information on pier building specs see Pier tab on Home Page)
1. LDHA owns the 6 post and the pier sites
2. The pier owner intending to give up a pier, will notify the Pier/Channel
committee (Janice O’Connor, Bruce Hammer and Andy Spaulding), the
pier is then inspected.
3. Pier owner and prospective pier owner are informed or any needed
4. The new and old owner must agree on a price, not to exceed a
cost of $600.00 for a new pier.
5. Prospective pier owner has a right to refuse a pier position 3 times, after
that he/ she goes to the end of the list.
The BOD also passed a motion to contractually withhold 20% of the final payment on all future capital projects pending inspections of project. All projects are paid when the BOD agrees the project is done to their satisfaction.
The BOD will focus on finishing the projects of 2010, including inspections, any repairs or additions etc. to the bridge, storm sewer,
beach pavilion.
We are looking for pictures of the Russo Beach Pavilion with a window facing the channel or any other archive photos of beach or
channel. Anyone that can help, please call Melissa, we will scan your picture and hand them right back to you.
SNOW PLOWING our two bridges, please contact Janice O’Connor for more information @ 262-728-3540
GENTLY USED REFRIDGERATOR,for the Russo Pavilion, please contact Bob Bottalla @ 847-899-7200
After spending 3 weeks in the hospital, 2 of which were in intensive care, Ed Brien is back at work in the town of
Delavan Public Works and Sanitary Department. Ed said he was feeling “100% but had some pretty scary moments”,
he was so weakened by the disease that he had to learn how to walk again. He is grateful for all the cards, letters
and phone calls made to him and was surprised how many people knew and cared about his health. He is especially
grateful for Betty, his wife who Ed says is a “great lady” and gave him the support he needed to get well.
We are sure the Brien family have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.
Last spring, Greg and Andi Freres were invited to Germany by the German Pinball Association to speak about the art
and design of past pinball machines. Greg worked in the coin-operated machine industry for over thirty years as an
artisti and art manager. Due to the continuing popularity of pinball as a pop-culture collectable, Greg has been
attending sever of these types of shows for the past 2 years. The trip to Germany was the farthest and most fascinating trip so far.
Greg and Andi spent one week traveling the German countryside with their hosts; starting from Munich, west towards the steel mill town of Volklingen where the show was held, across the French border to Saint Avold where
they visited the largest U.S. Cemetery from W W II, north to Luxemburg City where Greg’s ancestors were born, and
south to the Bavarian Alps to see the famous castles of Crazy King Ludwig.
During similar show in Seattle, Greg reconnected with his pinball design colleague, Dennis Nordman and since then
has started a company called Whizbang Pinball creating custom pinball machines. Greg says “It’s kind of like ceating
a hot-rod from a classic car—it’s still a car, or in our case, a pinball machine, but much coller to lok at and even more
fun to drive.”
Next time you are at Millie’s Pancake Haus, take a walk over to the Purple Onion store and see some of Greg’s art-
Isabella (17) and Anna (15) Parrili, daughter of Charles and ______ Parrili (Cherry St.) and granddaughters of Jean and
Charlie Parrili (Beach St), were selected by the Kone Company (their father’s employer) to to to a camp in Finland. The
girls were two of a hundred teenagers chosen from all over the world to participate in this adventure. The girls left on
July 22nd and were living with a host family for 3 days before they went to the camp outside of Helsinki.
Once at the supervised co-ed camp, the girls not only did the usual camp activities but they also studied how people in
various economic classes live in different countries. They got the information from the people in the camp they were
associate with. They exchanged e-mail addresses and are now in touch with these co-campers. They stayed in Finland
for 10 days, had a great time, and were very happy for the experience—a chance in a life time.
Thanks to all who made the Hock Hop a success, everyone had a great time especially the children. The food was
great, prepared by Kevin Harris and the donations to this event were generous. We raised over $3.000.00 while
getting together with our neighbors for conversation and fun. The “duck races” were a treat for all ages, dancing under the stars and sharing time together can’t be beat! All those who could not make it this year, please mark your
calendar for next year’s Hock Hop on the Saturday before our Annual Meeting.
It’s not to late to order Highlands t-shirts, hoodies and zippered hoodies. Call Marlene Ricchio at 773-889-3177 for
Seven lights donated to the Highlands by the Beautification are scheduled for installation this fall. We are all anxious
to see what a difference they will make to our beach landscape.
The Beautification paid for the transfer of hostas from Mary (Central), Grace and Jean (Beach) homes to the beach
fence, under the beach signs and under the Beach Street Bulletin Board. Not only will these plantings be almost self
maintaining but will eventually eliminate the cost of edging around these areas and save some money.
Anyone interested in renting the “water slide” for your private party, please contact Grace Bastone @ 847-for details.
Board of Director Meeting: 9 AM -the third Saturday of the month, March thru October.
Any other meetings will be posted on the Bulletin Boards or on our web site. Meeting site at
4116 Beach.
Volunteer Day: Saturday, June 4, 9 AM. Look at web site or call Bob Bottalla for more details.
Spring Members Meeting: 9 A M, Sunday, May 15th at the Town Hall. Information meeting
for members.
Fun Fair: Saturday, July 2nd
Hock Hop: Saturday, August 20th
Annual Members Meeting: Sunday, August 21st at 1 PM
Tentative schedule, all dates are subject to change, please check our website.

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