All-Pro Series Concrete Pulverizer QCDE Product Guide



All-Pro Series Concrete Pulverizer QCDE Product Guide
Concrete Pulverizer
Ideal for demolishing concrete structures including crushing
and pulverizing construction debris for recycling and disposal.
“Engineered for Superior Performance.”
Bucket-linkage Pulverizer – Connects to the Quick Coupler in place of the bucket
and is activated by the bucket cylinder and linkages. Engineered to achieve the
maximum force required to crack and pulverize concrete using your Quick Coupler
without additional hydraulics.
* In our double-ear design the hinge point is
relocated to eliminate lower jaw movement.
Recommended Uses
Concrete buildings,
Structures, road
beds, bridge
abutments, etc.
Cracking, crushing
and pulverizing
concrete and
construction debris
by reducing the size
and the volume of
“We have it all covered.”
Quick Coupler design shown (direct connect design available).
Concrete base
Re-bar for scrap
Reducing the
volume of debris
and trucking or
dumping fees.