Otdoor cooking – cooking of goulash



Otdoor cooking – cooking of goulash
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Erasmus+ project
Otdoor cooking – cooking of goulash
Michaela Seghmanová, ITE( Information and Communication Technologies) and PEC
(Written Electronic Communication) teacher.
Grade level
Length of
Content standards
/ Curriculum
Otdoor cooking – cooking of goulash
4 hours.
P.E., Civics.
Brief description
Students brought everything they needed (pot, potatoes, spoons, knives, messtins, sausages, spice, instant soup, water in bottles, etc.) to an available place
for campfires, near Slany Hill. STS were divided into 2 groups. STS in the first
group (usually boys) prepared, lighted and kept the fire. The other group (girls)
peeled and sliced onion, potatoes and sausages and cooked goulash. It was
ready in 2 hours of their effort ( according to the instructions of a teacher).
Students ate all the goulash, put off the fire, did the washing up and cleaned
everything. They took their trash back downtown and gave it into dust bins or
special eco containers.
Tools or materials
needed for activity
Special stuff for keeping the pot over fire, pot, potatoes, spoons, knives, messtins, sausages, spice, instant soup, bottled water.
Activity procedures
Students outcome
Getting security instructions about work with fire in the countryside.
Making a recipe.
Preparing a shopping list.
Buying stuff.
Lighting the fire.
Putting out the fire.
Delicious goulash
1kg onion, 3kg potatoes, 1.5 kg sausage, crust of 3 days old bread, root of the
garlic, pepper, oil, salt, one packet of instant goulash soup (or any instant
Brown chopped onion in a little oil, add sliced sausages. Soak bread into water,
add spice and garlic into a pot. Cover it with water and add sliced potatoes.
Cook until it boils, then add instant soap and soaked bread. Cook till potatoes
are well done. Eat with fresh bread. You may also add some fresh onion in it.
____________________________________________________________________10. Outdoor lessons and activities
Obchodní akademie Dr. Edvarda Beneše ve Slaném, Slany, CZ
Students know how to behave in the countryside. They know the rules of
lighting and putting out the fire.