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AGOGE Wrestling Club - Olympus High Athletics
AGOGE Wrestling Club
Little Titans Wrestling Club
[email protected]
Folkstyle - Freestyle - Greco Roman
Goals & Vision
Come and learn what wrestling has to offer outside the traditional school season.
• Help young men to develop skills of
Whether you have experience or not, Agoge Wrestling Club is the place for you to
hard work, discipline, commitment,
come and improve your skills. Agoge (for wrestlers with previous experience) and
respect, honesty
Little Titans (for elementary and junior high age beginners) Wrestling Clubs provide
opportunities for kids of all ages to learn and advance through the sport of wrestling.
If you are willing to work hard, we want you! Agoge Wrestling Club is based on the
idea that the sport of wrestling teaches young men and women important values
and gain strong relationships that last a lifetime, while allowing them to have fun.
Just as the Spartans of Ancient Greece sent their boys to the Agoge military training
school to learn how to become warriors, we too hope to train our wrestlers skills
• Provide service to the community
• Improve participation in other athletics
• Provide educational tutoring
• Gain community support, and help
excelling wrestlers to continue
education through scholarships, etc.
• Help build local High School and Junior
High School wrestling programs
and traits that will not only help them on the mat, but at home, and in school.
Wrestlers are expected to compete at a high level of competition, but only when
Currently Practicing At:
they are properly prepared to do so. Agoge Wrestling Club is the place to prepare
Olympus High School
for such competition, and for life.
Join Now!
$40 club membership fee
-includes club t-shirt
USA wrestling membership to be purchased at
4050 South 2300 East
Holladay, UT 84124
Contact Coach Theros Johnson
for current practice times

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