May 29, 2016 - Catholic Community of Manistee



May 29, 2016 - Catholic Community of Manistee
Catholic Community of Manistee
and proclaiming Christ, living as He calls us to live, and reaching out in love to all.
Mission Statement: We, the Catholic Community of Manistee, are committed to knowing
The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ ~ May 29, 2016
Congratulations to the following parishioners who were fully initiated into the
Catholic Church through the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Eucharist
by Bishop Steven J. Raica on Sunday, May 22, 2016.
Flynn Katherine Jeanette Anderson
Lila-Ann Marie Bechtel
Natalie Jean Beldo
Landon Robert Blank
Madelyn May Brown
Elijah John Chandler
Ayden Earl Edmondson
Josephine An Fischer
Madelyn Jane Gunia
Brenna Eileen Johnson
Macy Brianna Peterson
Isabella Kathryn Sagala
Faith Marie Sell
Ava Aanzhenii Star-Chief
Olivia Thomas
Isabella Rose Vasquez
Parishioners of St. Joseph, Onekama
Alex Aguilar
Angel Aguilar
Daniel Aguilar
Fabian Aguilar
Gabriel Aguilar
Jack Daberkoe
Iris Leal
Holly Patricia Riley-Lampinen
Mass & Worship Schedule
St. Joseph Church is open daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm for
personal adoration time. Please use the 6th Street entrance.
The rosary is prayed before daily Mass beginning at 8:20 am.
Monday, May 30
9:00 am
Mass (SJ) For all Veterans, living and
deceased (Catholic War Veterans)
Tuesday, May 31
The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
9:00 am
Mass (SJ) - † Pat Kaminski (1st An.)
(Dave and Family)
2:00 pm
Mass (Medical Care) - † Bridget Kruse
(Family and Friends)
5:00-7:00 pm Confessions (SJ - Both Priests)
Wednesday, June 1 St. Justin
9:00 am
Mass (SJ) - Timothy Hover
(CCM/MCC Staff)
5:15 pm
Mass (SJ) - † Roy Bukowski
(Marcellin Marquardt)
Thursday, June 2
9:00 am
Mass (SJ) - † John Helminiak
(Richard Zatarga)
First Friday, June 3
The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
9:00 am
Mass (SJ) - † Martha Oleniczak
(John Oleniczak and Cheryl Barber)
Exposition after Mass;
Adoration until Benediction at 5:00 pm
Noon-1:00 pm Sacrament of Reconciliation (SJ)
5:15 pm
Mass (SJ) - † Theresa Koon (Family)
First Saturday, June 4
The Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary
3:00-3:45 pm Sacrament of Reconciliation (SJ)
4:00 pm
Mass (SJ) - † Olga Gielczyk
(Dolores Bajtka)
6:00 pm
Mass (SJ) - MCC Class of 1971, living
and deceased members - 45th Reunion
Sunday, May 29 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time
7:30 am
Mass (SJ) - † Eleanore Kott (An. 6/4 )
(Son, Daughter & Family)
8:00 am
TV Mass for the Homebound from
Gaylord - Cable Channel 3 (Fox 32)
9:30 am
Mass (SJ) - For the living and deceased
of the Catholic Community of Manistee11:30 am
Mass (SJ) - For those listed in the CCM
Memorial Association
“Love is like a basket of loaves and fishes:
you never have enough
until you start to give it away.”
With Deepest Sympathy
In your kindness and prayers, please remember the
soul of Linda Rozga, sister of Charlene (George)
Keson and Donna (Dan) Korzeniewski, who passed
away May 19. May she now enjoy the great blessings
of eternal life. May her family and friends experience
God’s consoling presence during this time of loss.
Candles This Week
Sanctuary Lamp at St. Joseph Church
In Loving Memory of Olga Gielczyk
Requested by Dolores Bajtka
Virgin Mary Chapel Lamp
In Loving Memory of Pat Kaminski
Requested by her Husband Dave and Family
This Week in Our Community
Monday, May 30 Memorial Day
CCM Office Closed
MAPS & MCC Closed
Tuesday, May 31
3:15-5:15 pm Paper Recycle/Bottle & Can Drop Off
5:30-6:30 pm Community Table (SJPC)
6:00 pm
Pinochle (SJPC lower level lounge)
6:15 pm
Perpetual Help Novena (SJ Chapel)
Wednesday, June 1
6:00 pm
Folk Choir Practice (SJ)
Thursday, June 2
3:15-5:15 pm Paper Recycle/Bottle & Can Drop Off
7:00 pm
Children of Light Prayer Group (SJ)
First Saturday, June 4
10:00 am
Rosary (SJ)
Paper Recycle/Bottle & Can Drop Off
2:00 pm
Rosary (Medical Care 1st Floor Dining)
Key Code: SJ - St. Joseph Church; SJ CLOW - Room in St. Joseph Church basement;
SJPC - St. Joseph Parish Center; MCC - Manistee Catholic Central;
Thank You!
A special thank you to Gary Sielski for helping arrange
the geraniums, it was greatly appreciated. Also, thank
you to Judy Chapple, Carol Teresinski, Regis Thomas,
Rose Mary Sutter, Diane Robke, and Patti Spencer for
planting the flowers in front of church and in the pots
around the entrances. To everyone who helped gather
the flowers and/or brought a geranium on Pentecost,
we thank you as well. If you see any of the ladies
mentioned here, tell them how nice and Springy everything looks outside. God bless you all.
St. Bernard Parish, Irons, would like to thank everyone
who attended our Authentic Polish Dinner. It was a
great success and all proceeds will be given to the
Matthew 23:35 Food Pantry. We hope you enjoyed
your evening.
Groups & Organizations
The regular meeting of the CCM Rosary Altar Society
will be held at 7:00 pm on Monday June 6th in the St.
Joseph Parish Center Lounge. A baby shower will take
place for Love INC - suggested gifts include diapers,
baby wipes, baby wash or clothing for toddlers up to
age 5. Audrey Schuessler's group will be on committee
for this meeting.
The Catholic War Veterans will attend the 9:00 am
Mass at St. Joseph Church on Memorial Day, and
some will be participating in the ceremony between the
two cemeteries on Maple Street at 9:00 am. Then they
will participate in the riverfront ceremony, and will
conclude with the Oak Grove Cemetery ritual.
(July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017)
Groups and Committees from the CCM and MCC:
Please submit your proposed dates, times and location
of meetings, events and fundraisers. Information from
area schools and community groups would also be
very helpful in an effort to avoid overloading and overlapping activities in the area. Please submit your
proposed dates to Ann at the CCM Office no later
than Friday, June 10th. Thank You!
MAY 29, 2016
The June edition of Catholic Update is now available
at all four entrance doors at St. Joseph Church. The
title for this month is Biblical Wisdom for Marriage:
Roadmap for a Lifetime of Love by Dr. Manual and
Karee Santos. The Santos’ are co-authors of The Four
Keys to Everlasting Love: How Your Catholic Marriage
Can Bring You Joy for a Lifetime. They also write a
monthly advice column called Marriage RX on and contribute regularly to FAITH
Magazine’s “Marriage Matters.” Please take advantage
of the opportunity to explore this short, informative
Next month’s edition will reflect on Mother Theresa of
Calcutta by Anne Wilson.
Celebrating Our Parishioners!
Happy Anniversary!!
5/29 - Bob & Joyce Hallead (51st)
Barry & Carmen Luedke (45th)
Michael & Jill Stenberg (40th)
5/30 - Jeff & Kimberley Johnson (24th)
Dennis & Katie McGrath (1st)
6/1 - David & Carol Slivka (20th)
6/3 - Joseph & Irene Kukla (55th)
Mike & Rogene Fischer (44th)
6/4 - Ken & Jane Olen (50th)
Phil & Sharon Johnson (33rd)
Happy Birthday!!
5/29 - Ted Sielski Sr., Barbara Tarkowski, Sonny
Wheeler, Sharon Edmondson, Tom Gorney, Aimee
Kieszkowski, Roberto Sierra, Celia Star Chief (15), &
Jayden Czarnecki (6)
5/30 - Lorraine Bachinski, Sharon Switalski, Roger
Yoder, Wayne Bernier, Phil Toczynski, & Carolyn Henne
5/31 - Shirley Bratschi, Dan Duchon, Doug Richley,
Sandy Edens, Lisa Senters, Heather Vasquez, Steven
Jackson, & Tomas Korolenko (16)
6/1 - Paul Maksym, Amy Schrader, Josephine Fischer
(9), & Andrew Potter (9)
6/2 - Dolores Bajtka, Brenda Alfred, Connie Marzinski,
Beth Pomeroy, Joseph Slivka (18), Johnna Hanson (17),
Evan Bauman (15), Ashley Van Aelst (11), Mollee
Ozdych (10), & Adalyn Gunia (6)
6/3 - Rogene Kieszkowski, Yvonne Lindeman, Harry
Bigalke, Jan Erickson, Sarah McDonald, Julie Martin,
Mark Oleniczak, Jacob Turkett, & Caleb LaPoint (10)
6/4 - Marie Popielarz, Larry Golembiewski, John
Dontz, Chris Popielarz, David (Amanda) Lijewski, &
Maria Sierra
Congratulations to all the
Manistee County Graduates of the Class of 2016!!!
Bear Lake
Jordan Michael Anderson
Nora Aunan
Austin Tyler Baczewski
Michael Gregory Belinsky Jr.
Breann Elizabeth Buckner
Cheyenne Kay Buckner
Halie Alexis Clarke
Aaron Ray DeForest
Haley Jeanette Descavish
Marvin Kenneth Dougherty III
Joshua Steven Emery
Anthony Lee Evans Jr.
Kamryn Andrew Farfsing
Eliseo A. Garcia
Christopher Steven Gomez
Isaac Michael Lee Hamilton
Paul Scott Hayes
Tobias Kongsvik
Nicholas Alexander Kott
Laura Krause
Rachael Noelle Makowski
Aiden Michael Mertes
David Michael Myers
Kloe Paige Myers
Dillon Kenneth O’Brien
Katelyn Noelle Pruyne
James Douglas Schoedel
Jozsias W. Szarka
Cole Alan Verrett
Miranda Buning
Zacary Chaney
Jordan Cook
Kasey Fairbanks
Naomi Glauser
James Holden
Jesse Holden
Paige Jacobson
Chloee Janssen
Samantha Kettlewell
Sierra Marie Link
Laura Lopez
Trevor Lyle
Julianna Mannor
Naomi Mason
Austin McIntire
Magdelyn McLaughlin
Kyle McLeod
Devyn Osborn
Anne Pickens
Jaime Perez-Prat
Joshua Riggs
Aspen Robak
Dwight Schneider
Tristin Stewart
Mackenzie Voorhees
Sarah Wayward
Sheldin Wilks
Casman Academy
Kayla Atkinson
Courtney Danks
Zachary DeVreese
Amber Evans
Zackary Frechette
Michelle Jones
Dylan Kapets
Hailea LaCarte
Elijah Leis
Montana Lijewski
Amber Lucas
Carl Parks
Sierra Ronning
Hunter Smith
Zachary Wood
Manistee Catholic Central
Anna Patricia Buswinka
Michael Dean Deising
Justin Thomas Feliczak
Lauren Rae Golembiewski
Kaytlin Margaret Heck
Mia Grace Hogan
Jodi Lynn Janowiak
Jiayu Theresa Li
Meghan Kael Miller
Shelby Papes
Paige Lynn Picardat
Blake Robert Robke
Chad Robert Robke
Joseph David Slivka
Maegan Ann Sorenson
Macarius M. Swidorski
Cameron Joseph Toczynski
Manistee High School
Danielle Allena Ashley
Dylan Thomas Bajtka
Michelle Ann Ball
Jackleen Marie Bartell
Dulguun Bayarsaikhan
Thomas Kyle Berentsen
Zachery Christian Bonzheim
Jazmyn Renee Booker
Noah Quinn Bottrell
Benjamin James Bowman
Jayde Skye Bray
Haley Jean Briske
Emma Jaye Burns
Jarrod Scott Cameron
Skyler William Carpenter
Zachary Allen Carter
Noah Riley Case
Benjamin Henry Chandler
Leah Ann Christensen
Emily Nicole Clement
Cameron Michael Dahlgren
Jeremiah John Dahlgren
Gabriel Cyrus Dahlquist
Alyssa Erin Dimondo
Dakota Franklin Dority
Taylor Lyn Dunham
Carter Anthony Eckhardt
Rylee Anne Eckhardt
Jean Renald Engstrom
Alexis Nikkol Engwall
Asmus Winther Eriksen
Breanna Lee Fink
Fallon V. Gates
Ashlee Brooke Gazda
Noah Riley Gehrke
Erik Hugo Grimhusen
Megan Nicole Gutowski
Anna Louise Hansen
Kelsey Jordan Harrigan
Jared M Haywood
Spencer Lloyd Helminski
Tristen Allen Hershey
Abigayl Margaret Hornkohl
Yiming Hu
Paul (PJ) James Illig
Taryn Roselle Jackson
Katie Jo Jacobi
Chase Raymond Janis
Dakota Wayne Johnson
Mitchell Lawrence Jordan
Daniel David Kalasz
Ian Jacob Kiefer
Marie Nicol Kneidl
Tiara Mae Knopek
Benjamin Traverse Kolk
Emilee Danielle Kott
Joshua Adam Krasinski
Sydney Rae Kruwell
Jordan Louis Kuenzer
Joseph Michael Kutchinski
Anna Caroline Kutschke
Shelby Marie LaFrance
Marilyn Jean Lange
Connor James Leach
Ashley Nicole Lindeman
Hunter Michael Lindstrom
Liam Marley Manley
Alexis Sydney Marks
Logan George Maser
Sinead Ann McCann
Megan Nicole McConnell
Chad Michael Austin McDougall
Spencer Ryan McDougall
Cameron Jay McElrath
Eric Paul McElrath
Brie Ann Marie Miller
Madison Marie Miller
Emily Lyn Morin
Connor James Mrozik
Jakob Mitchell Nezki
Florian Nowak
Alejandro Olvera
Ashley Nicole Peddie
Cody James Pefley
Kaitlynn Ivy Peppers
Abel Armando Perez Salinas
Marissa Renae Peterson
Presley J. Petzak
Dominik Jonas Pfeifer
Zachary Keven Pietrasik
Brian Christopher Polcyn
Ian Lee Pomeroy
Andrew Lee Puckett
Emma Delaney Quinn
Emil Rahbek
Lexie Marie Ronning
Shyann Dakota Ronning
Antiwat Sa-ngasri
Seth Jacob Schaefer
Sophie Svensson Schjerven
Robert Jacob Schneider
Madilyn Mackensie Schweikert
William Francis Shriver III
Hope Breanna Slawinski
Bethany Joann Socher
Angela Nicole Staffeld
Cody Andrew Stefanick
Jacob Andrew Stefanski
Mallory Jo Stefanski
Anna Laura Steinberg-Abreu
Krista Mae Stenberg
Kyle Ogden Stone
Katie Elizabeth Struble
Shayna Marie Tetzlaff
Aaron Randolph Thomas
Emily Leah Thompson
Mackenzie Ann Thompson
Audrey Vivian Tomaszewski
Austin James VanGorden
Brandon Adrian Wick
Taylor Page Wilhoit
Isabella Rae Willoughby
Brittany Ellen Wilson
Kenneth Michael Wilson
Sierra Amber Wright
Allie Jane Zimmerman
Onekama Consolidated
Jonathan M. Acton
Kyler M. Beckstein
Lacee L. Bergstrom
Dominic H. Berry
Jarrett P. Bradford
Alexis N. Briggs
Kimberly R. Carter
Alyssan L. Clarke
Jack T. Coryell
Brandin David Cromwell
Kendra M. Curtice
Ivy Lolly Edens
Evan M. Erts
Hunter T. Exo
Jennifer Lee Fauz
Trever D. Fink
Megan M. Gilman
Christian Gjerstorff
Keegan M. Gramza
Braden M. hagen
Matthew A. Hull
Ethan D. Hunt
Miah D. Johnson
Brandi L. Kilbourn
Ashley M. Kubiskey
Jonas E. LaMont
Courtney L. LeSarge
MAY 29, 2016
Brodie James Long
Jordan M. Lovell
Ramiro M. Lugo
Courtney L. Madsen
Nicholas Peter Magnan
Keith A. McKenney
Hunter D. Morley
Steven Austin Nelson
Jessica S. Nickelsen
Spencer L. Petrosky
Randy J. Pienta
Taya N. Piscopink
Brittany C. Ponce
Emma Francis Putney
Shania Brighton Sedlar
Rhianan R. VanBrocklin
Mackenzie Leigh Warlin
Alexa M. Welch
Caleb G. Wisniski
For I know well the plans I
have in mind for you, says the
Lord, plans for your welfare,
not for woe! Plans to give you
a future full of hope.
~Jeremiah 29:11
Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!
You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself in any
direction you choose.
You’re on your own.
And you know what you know.
You are the guy who’ll decide
where to go.
Dr. Seuss, "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"
Stewardship Report
May 21st & 22nd
Number of Envelopes Used
Weekly Goal
Weekly Contributions
“They all ate and were satisfied. And when the
leftover fragments were picked up, they filled
twelve wicker baskets.” - Luke 9:17
The story of the Loaves and Fishes shows us that when
we share what we have, even if it doesn’t seem like
that much, miracles can happen! Do not think that
your gift is too small or insignificant! God blesses all
the gifts we offer and makes them wondrous.
CSA 2015 ‘Together We Are Family’
As of May 16, 2016
CCM Target…………………....$183,064.00
Amount Pledged……….……..$156,277.00
Amount Paid……………...…...$153,049.50
All individual payments made for the 2015 CSA
campaign will need to be received no later than
Friday, June 24, 2016.
CSA 2016
‘Together we are a family of Mercy’
CCM Target…………………....$183,398.00
Altar Servers & Lectors for 6/4 & 6/5
Altar Servers
4:00 pm
G. Sielski
L. & E.
6:00 pm
J. Gamache
M. Barnett
7:30 am
M. Krusniak
C. Wittlieff
9:30 am
D. Schwandt
A. Thomas
11:30 am
Youth Lectors
C. Star Chief,
A. Carter
In an effort to protect all children and to promote healing,
the Diocese of Gaylord encourages victims of child
abuse or neglect to report the matter. In fact, many
professionals are required by Michigan State law to
report suspected abuse or neglect of a child or minor.
Individuals should contact their local office of the
Department of Human Services. If an allegation
involves sexual misconduct of a minor by clergy or
any employee of the Diocese of Gaylord, even if it is in
the past, individuals may also contact Tom Tenerovicz
at 989.732.5147.
Matthew 25:35 Food Pantry
We would like to thank our faithful and generous food
pantry volunteers, MCC students, MCC custodian
Mike Shively, volunteers from Family Fare Supermarket
and Meijer, as well as the many contributors from our
community who have generously given of their time,
talents, and treasures for distribution of groceries to
those in need of food assistance in Manistee County
at the food pantry on Friday, May 13, 2016.
We also would like to acknowledge and thank St. Bernard
Catholic Church in Irons for their donation of 131 lbs.
of groceries, Family Fare Supermarket, Meijer, and
Feeding America West Michigan for their cooperation
in obtaining groceries and meat this month. A very
special thanks to Meijer Store Director Ken Babcock
for a donation of a $300 gift card from Meijer. Our
sincere appreciation also to all of the kind and generous
donors in our community for continuing to support this
The pantry served 149 shoppers (435 household members) this month. We distributed 6,692 lbs. of groceries
and 466 lbs. of meat. Phil and Kristi Harless, volunteers
for Hearts for Critters, provided 1,000 pounds of pet
food for our shoppers, donated from their organization.
The generosity of this community in providing donations
to the food pantry every month is a true blessing!! “Ah
mercy. This is the name of God.” - Pope Francis
Please pass the word to those who may be in need of
food assistance about the food pantry. The next food
pantry is Friday, June 10, 2016 and, for those who
shop, the line will start with #151. We ask for your
continued prayers and support for the food pantry.
For more information about accessing the food pantry,
or volunteering, please call me at 398.0296.
Joan Gamache
To promote the natural beauty of our cemetery, the safety of
our visitors and caretakers, and out of respect for our beloved
deceased, the Mount Carmel Cemetery Board requires all
individuals to follow the rules for our Catholic Cemetery.
Mt. Carmel Cemetery, located at the corner of Maple and
Merkey Roads in Manistee, is hallowed ground and shares
with all sacred places regulations to insure reverence, neatness,
and order. Our common responsibility for the upkeep of our
cemetery calls for all to observe these regulations:
 A 14-inch border of annual flowers in front of the grave
marker is allowed, and it can only be the width of the marker
foundation. No rocks, stones or woodchips are allowed in
the borders, nor are brick, stones, or molded rubber liners
allowed to form the borders, if placed they will be removed.
 No wire or plastic is to be inserted in the ground, nor are
there to be any glass decorations, vases, or jars placed on
the graves or grave markers.
 Planting of live annual, not perennial, flowers in the ground
is permitted within this 14 inch border. The watering of live
flowers is the responsibility of the family.
 Artificial arrangements are only permitted in an urn or pot
aligned with grave marker. Artificial arrangements not in
urns will be removed. Other arrangements, such as wreaths,
are only permitted during winter months, from November
15th to April 1st. At all other times they will be removed.
 The American Flag for veterans is the only flag allowed to
be placed by graves.
 All flower urns, pots, shepherd hooks, and statues must be
in line with markers or monuments. Statues must be of a
religious type acceptable to the Catholic faith, and are to be
placed on the foundation of the grave marker. Statues not
of a religious nature and other objects (toys, trinkets, coins,
balloons, golf balls, playing cards, etc.) will be removed.
Decorating of trees is not allowed.
 Grave blankets are not permitted.
 Refuse (such as plastic, cardboard, metal, glass, etc.) is to
be removed from the cemetery. Whatever items you bring
to the cemetery you must take back with you when you are
finished decorating. No hoses or water cans or containers
may be left in the cemetery.
 The planting of trees, shrubs, or perennials is not allowed
on any gravesite.
 Rollerblading, skateboarding, riding horses, walking dogs or
other pets is not permitted on cemetery property.
MAY 29, 2016
Prayer Requests
Please remember in your prayers all the
homebound, those who are in the Medical
Care, adult foster care homes, and those
who are ill. We have been asked to pray
for: Andrew, Betty Adamski, Darin Albright,
Mary Lou (Skiera) Baron, Joseph Bladzik,
Carol, Cookie Chmielewski, Corinne Dyer,
Doyal, Betty Espvik, Scott Gamache, Max
& Nate Guzikowski, Dorothy Holmes,
Charleen Jach, Landon Parker Janiszewski,
Elizabeth ‘Libby’ Johnson, Ervin & Ilene
Kowalski, Ronnie Karen Kubanek, Ted &
Midge Kubanek, Joyce LaFleur, Larry
Loper, Rick Linke, Lydia Loredo, Louise
Mackowiak, Mary Marzinski, Brian
McLaughlin, Mary Moskalski, Rosemarie
(Wandrych) Olejniczak, Floyd Patulski,
Karolyn Peters, Dave Petersen, Sharon
Peterson, Lynn Pierson, Jeff Plamondon,
Alice Plucinski, Audrey Schuessler, Dorothy
Sielski, Harlan Slonecki Sr., Jeanette
Smock, Gert Sowa, Sharon Switalski,
Steve, Robin Tatreau, Jeff Tesluck Jr.,
Bob Thomas, Lorraine Vondras, Denny
Wandrych, Dale Wissner, Phyllis Wissner,
Chuck Wisniski, Bernard & Richard
Names will remain on the list for one
month. Please call with an update.
Please pray for all service men and women
who are currently serving in the military,
especially: SSgt Heather Albright, SPC
Mitchell Anderson, Zane A. Balcer, SSgt
Joshua Baranek, SRA Tyler Bell USAF,
LT. Alec Bigalke, US Army, LCpl Ben
Blakeslee, Travis Bulerski, Special Agent
Kimberly Caban, LCDR Steven Chmielewski,
AO Rachel Colby USN, EMFN Brandi Coyle,
2nd Lt. Daniel J. Debano, Lt. Mark J. Debano
Jr. USN, SrA Dan Digna, CAPT Joseph A.
Duchon, SGT Jakob Evans, CAPT Adam C.
Fix, Jamie Golembiewski USN, LTC Albert
T. Gorman, SSgt Dan Gutowski, MSGT
Andrew Hallead, Lt. Joseph Kedrowski,
SSgt Tom Korzeniewski, CAPT Nick Kroll,
Patrick Madden, A1C Michael Miehlke,
Sgt. Jaron Oleniczak, MSgt Jacob Olson,
A1C Alan Potts, MSG Adam Schuessler,
Lt. Luke Steinberg, Sgt. Tyler Swidorski,
TSGT Jeff Thorpe, MM2 Duane Ray
Tiefenthal, MA-3 Jonathan Walter, CAPT
Donald Worm USN
In today’s gospel Jesus teaches we will find abundance
by sharing the little we have. No matter how little time,
money or food we have, it is enough to share.
In today's Gospel, the disciples suggest that Jesus
disperse the crowd so that they might individually seek
food and lodging. The miracle of the feeding of the
five thousand is Jesus' powerful reminder that when
we share our gifts in His name there is always more
than enough!
Food usually becomes more when it is given then when
it is taken. The more Jesus is given, the more we share
Him, the more He increases.
Religious Education News
Jeremy Silvernail, Director of Religious Education,
[email protected]
723.2619, ext. 111
VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL: VBS will be held from
9:00 am-12:00 pm on July 19th – 21st. The cost is $25
for one, or $40 for 2+. Ages 4 - 11. 60 seats available.
Pick up a registration form at the CCM office or at Contact Jeremy
Silvernail with any questions. Registration deadline
is June 30th.
TEMPLARS: The Youth Group (6th – 9th)
will be meeting Wednesdays from 6:00
pm - 9:00 pm in the CYC starting on June
22nd. I am planning games, movies,
cookouts, beach trips, bowling trips etc.
A sign-up sheet is in the CCM office. We
also have a name, the Templars! Templars got their
name as they were an order of knights formed after
the Crusade to protect pilgrims visiting the Holy Land
and were based in Temples. While they have a deep
and interesting history, afterwards their founding ideals
of protecting peace, promoting charity, and being brave
in the face of overwhelming odds are ideas worth
A BIG THANK YOU to Our Bulletin
The local Knights of Columbus recently awarded a
$500 scholarship to Jodi Janowiak for her winning
essay on “What Makes You a Good Catholic Person”.
Eleven essays were submitted this year and Jodi’s
was chosen as the winner. Pictured above are cochairman Mike Obranovich, scholarship recipient Jodi
Janowiak and co-chairman Gary Sielski.
MCC School
723.2529 ~
Jason Allen, Principal, [email protected]
Monday - Friday ~ 7:30 am - 3:30 pm
Middle School Bible, Track & Field Day - Thursday,
June 2nd
Elementary Academic & Extracurricular Awards Monday, June 6th at 2:00 pm
MCCAA meeting - Monday, June 6th at 6:30 pm in
Saber Café
Father/Special Person/Son Movie Night - Tuesday,
June 7th from 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Middle School - Wednesday, June 8th: 1/2 Day School,
and Prayer Service & Bridging from 6:30 - 8:00 pm
When you wholeheartedly adopt a
“with all your heart” attitude
and go all out with the positive principle,
you can do incredible things.
~ Norman Vincent Peale
MAY 29, 2016
Community Table is a meal assistance program
hosted by local area churches and organizations.
All are welcome to attend this meal! Community
Table is held every Tuesday evening at St. Joseph
Parish Center from 5:30 to 6:30 pm.
We are looking for groups to give their time and talents
to host on Aug. 23; Sept. 13; & Oct. 4. The groups
can be made up of family, friends, co-workers or
organizations. Everything is supplied but desserts. If
you would like more information or can commit to one
of the dates, please call the CCM Office at 723.2619.
Save the date for our next ordination! Join Bishop
Raica and your diocesan family as we celebrate the
Ordination to the Priesthood of Deacon Ben Rexroat,
Deacon Al Pillarelli, and Deacon Christopher Jarvis, and
Ordination to the Transitional Diaconate of seminarians
Nick Cooper and Brad Nursey on Saturday, June 18th
at 11:00 am at St. Mary Cathedral in Gaylord. A Solemn
Vespers will precede the ordination on Friday evening
at 6:00 pm, also at St. Mary Cathedral. Please join us
with your prayers and presence.
Thursday, June 2
12:00 pm
Ramsdell Ballroom
Enjoy a relaxing afternoon of delightful music, delicious
dinner & friendly conversation. Dress is casual to as
dressed up as you want to be.
Cost is $12.00. Social hour 12:00 pm, Dinner 1:00 pm,
Dancing until 4:00 pm, Open to 50 years and older.
Entertainment by Butch Baker and the Just 4 Fun
Band. Dinner catered by Jerry Zupin. Call the Manistee
Senior Center to sign up at 723.6477.
Interested in learning more about the Priesthood? Fr.
Matthew Wigton, Director of Vocations, cordially invites
men, ages 18 and up, to join the Come & See Weekend at the Hampton Inn in Gaylord on Friday evening
June 17th and Saturday, June 18th. Join other men
exploring the possibility of priesthood; visit with priests
and current seminarians; and attend the Ordination to
the Priesthood of Deacon Christopher Jarvis, Deacon
Al Pillarelli, and Deacon Ben Rexroat, and Ordination
to the Transitional Diaconate of seminarians Nick Cooper
and Brad Nursey. Overnight lodging and meals are
provided. Casual clothing as well as proper dress for
Mass. There is no cost to participate. Pre-registration
is required. Call Judy Abeel at 989.705.3523 or email
[email protected] to register.
CCM Office & Mailing Address: 254 Sixth Street
Phone: 231.723.2619
Office Hours: Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Father Richard Schaeffer, Pastor
[email protected], Ext. 104
Father Peter Wigton, Parochial Vicar
[email protected], Ext. 103
Ann Brown, Receptionist
[email protected], Ext. 101
Don Digna, Business Manager
[email protected], Ext. 107
Thursday at noon - Ten days prior to publication
Send information to Ann: [email protected],
or drop off hard copy to the CCM office
CCM Website:
The CCM Memorial Association names will appear in the bulletin each week. Memorial offering is $60.00. Names and offerings may be turned in at the CCM Office or in the collection. If you have any questions please call the Catholic Community of
Manistee Office. A Mass remembering those listed below will be celebrated on the first weekend of each month.
Catholic Community of Manistee Memorial Association
Andy & Suzanne Plouhar, Florence, Lorraine, Mary Jane, Jim, Dave, Louise, Danny
Nancy Bajtka, Bajtka & Gamache Families, living & deceased
Barbara Jean Bajtka
Masty Family, living & deceased
Estelle M. Oleniczak
Ruth Niesen
Steinberg & Niesen Families
Theresa & David Edel; Barbara Skiera; Barbara Wisniski
Joseph & Betty Ann Abramowski, Harry & Nettie Muszynski
Chuck & Shirley Herbert; Herbert & Tacktor Families, living & deceased
Elmer & Anna Stamp; Ed & Julia Karas; Luczyk & Grabowski Families & RW
John & Emily Helminiak & Family, living & deceased
Steve & Caroline; Newman, Sowa, Kramp & Kolk Families, living & deceased
Gordon Sciba; John Sciba; Robert Rogers Families, living & deceased
Michael D. O’Bryan
Purgiel, Grabowski, & Clark Families; Class of ‘55; Gage & Minster Families
Fausz & Robke Families
Harold & Mary Ann Sielski
Walter & Opal Popkowski & son Dale; John Gerald Jr. & Shirley Kolanowski
Vic Zwiefka; Fr. Bill Zwiefka; Zwiefka, Osborn, Bialik & Badzinski Families
Frank, Florence & Donald Graczyk; Ernest, Marie & Jim Chycinski
Joseph & Charlotte O’Hagan; Stanley & Dorothy Skocelas & Alvah Coe Families
Roman, Hazel & Dennis Zupin; Mark Reckow; Carl, Katherine & Robert Hull
Franckowiak & Adamczak Families
John W., Rita A., Rebecca, John & Elizabeth Miller; Michael & Joanna Stypa
Kuczynski, Mielcarek, Kaminski, Witucki, Steve Duchon & Families
Richard Gage; Mary Fink; Frank Chesney
Ken; W & A Bernier; C & A Grabowski & Family Members; Elaine Meyers
Swidorski, Jeruzal & Skiera Families, living & deceased
Wayne & Richard Skiera; Elizabeth, Henry & Joseph Wojciechowski
Marzinski, Garrison, Kaminski, Hansen & Gallagher Families
Grabowski, Kuczynski, Rakoniewski & Kukla Families
Keson, Polcyn, Bittel, Kowalczyk & Wojciechowski Families, living & deceased
Dale Sr. & Stella Cooper; James Cooper; Christopher Grabowski
Anna, Steve & Stephan Korzeniewski & Extended Families
Symanski & Wandrych Families, living & deceased
Joseph J., Lillian, Daniel, Joseph C. & Gwendolyn Stepniewski
Harry & Lenore Boertman; John, Celia & Raymond Switalski; Jill Anderson
Robert J. Skiera
John & Gladys Grzeszak; Grzeszak & Orlowski Families, living & deceased
Leo, Germaine, Martin & Stella Gutowski; Harry & Sophia Nowak
Mary & Ernest Bialik; Sophie, Cassmer, John & Julia Russell; Loyal & Alma Ramsey
Michael Majewski; Majewski & Darbyson Families
A.A. Edel; George Bruno; Gutowski Family, living & deceased; Frank Rutowski
Batterson, Vadeboncoeur, Kadzban, Adamczak & Gorch Families
Leonard & Stephanie Sielski; Sr. Mary A. Morang; Sielski & Morang Families
Stec, Walker, Foster, Olen, Boyle, Flarity, & Bartosz Families
Chandler, Burkhart & Barker Families, living & deceased
Tabaczka & Switalski Families, living & deceased
Pietrasik & Edmondson Families
Karl & Irene Herrmann Family; Guy & Gene Greene Family
Floyd Witucki & Family Members
Leonard, Karen & Emily Kurtz; Karas & Kurtz Families
Jane Maxey; Harry & Julia Anderson; James & Agnes Maxey
Cornelius ‘Casey’ Mekkes
Francis Bartosiewicz & Vasquez Families, living & deceased
Bartosiewicz, Zielinski, Sharnowski & Schramski Families
Len, Phyllis & Bonnie Chmielewski; Chmielewski & Niemierowicz Families
Joseph & Jennie Abramowski, immediate & extended Family
Paul & Virginia Plouhar & Family, living & deceased
Peters & Bayer Families; living & deceased
Stanley, Frances & Nicole Kolanowski; Harlan Olson Sr.; & Bogus Families
Joe & Mary Jane Witucki & Stanley & Isabelle Radke Families, living & deceased
Paul & Delores Miller; Bud & Laura Raskey
Pattie Beaudrie; Dori Peters; Cindy Gregory; Centala & Modrzynski Families
Showalter’s, Patterson’s, Zawacki’s & Modreski’s & Relatives, living & deceased
Ed & Jane Fedder; Fedder & Matchekosky Families
Edward & Virginia Kott; Anthony, Anna & Angel Dans
Angie & Edward Novak
Paprocki, Glocheski, Tomaszewski & Miller Families, living & deceased
Ziabkowski, Tabaczka & Bowman Families, living & deceased
Shively, Chavalia, Balcer & Kniola Families
Roy Niesen; Ralph & Sally Schubert; Krolczyk & Niesen Family
Roy & Sophie Krusniak; Harry & Eva Jeruzal
Cyril & Agnes Bryck and Families, living & deceased
Ralph Adamski; Michael Adamski Family; Edward & Anna Dahlke Family
Joe & Hedwig Wojciechowski; E. Kowalski & S. Wojciechowski Families
Carl & Ann Marie Skipski; John & Victoria Skipski
Bartoszek, Cabot, Dembinski, Racine & Zielinski Families
Joe & April Brisson Families, living & deceased
Bartoszek, Majkszak, Kosiboski, & Kirby Families; Health
Raymond Smuda, Sr.; Smith & Smuda Families, living & deceased
Ed, Esther, David, Michael, John & Dorothy Pomeroy; Ed & Mary Swidorski
Baranek, Weinert, Gutowski, Wagner, Krause, Gumbus, Paprocki Families; Sue Viol
Casimer, Gertrude, Sr. Liz, Bill, & Lee Ozdych; All Ozdych & Smock Family
Harry Skiera, William Zawacki & Harold Bauman Sr. Families, living & deceased
Raymond Oleniczak; Joseph & Gertrude Pieczynski
Niemiec, Schramski & Skory Families, living & deceased
Clarence & Martin Jerumbo
Jacob Gutowski Family; Miles Robinson Family
Al & Martha Oleniczak & Michael Krolczyk Families, living & deceased
Stan & Rita Siuda; Siuda & Marquardt Families
Al & Josephine Helminski and sons Ron & Dennis
Lester, Harriet & Douglass Picadat; Picardat Family, living & deceased
Walter & Arliene Linski; Fedder & Linski Families, living & deceased
Catholic Community of Manistee, 254 Sixth St, Manistee, MI 49660
231.723.2619 ~

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