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Trustee Services Limited.cdr
Case Study
Trustee Services Limited
Smart Technology Investments Improve Communication
and Productivity while Reducing Costs
Country: Ghana
Industry: Professional Services
Business Situa on: For TSL, a professional Company
Secretarial firm which o en works on major projects
involving wide range of par es and ins tu ons,
supports customers across the world - agile
communica on is essen al.
TSL needed a be er way to connect to its partners,
clients locally and interna onally, also encourage
be er company-wide communica on, especially for
the mobile staff.
Solu on: IPMC provided an end to end all-in-one HD
Video Conferencing Solu on - Huawei TE30 to TSL. TSL
took advantage of this video conferencing solu on
which provides their employees with internet-based
collabora on tools that could be accessed regardless of
any loca on with any device.
Improved Collabora on
Reduced Mee ng Costs
“We recognized right away that TSL needed a single
unified communications service that employees
could access from anywhere and from any device”.
John Ofori Nsiah, Solution Expert – Unified
Communication at IPMC.
“Huawei video conferencing solution from IPMC
gives a personalized feel to our executive committee
meetings that we didn't have before, without the
need for everyone to travel to be in the same room,
Kudos to IPMC team who deployed the solution in
no time and helped us save cost”.
Kwame Gyamfi Boateng - Assistant Company
Secretary at TSL.
Trustee Services Limited (TSL) provides company
secretarial, trustees and custodial services and
undertakes legal due diligence audits for local and
interna onal corpora ons in all sectors of the
economy. TSL wanted to be er connect its global
business and encourage be er company-wide
communica on. The firm deployed Huawei all-in-one
HD Videoconferencing System to promote
collabora on across borders and me zones,
enhancing customer service and helping staff to set
up online mee ngs and offer more ways for
colleagues to stay in contact.
By moving to Huawei Video Conferencing Solu on from IPMC, TSL con nues to experience a number of
benefits, including the following:
Increased Produc vity
Now that employees can schedule and run mee ngs more efficiently, communicate with their partners, clients
within Ghana or any part of the world, join mee ngs even using the voice dial with their PC, laptop, smartphone or
tablet, they are able to get more done, from more places. “From the me that we rolled out Huawei Video
Conferencing Solu on across the company, we have consistently taken on more projects, without significantly
expanding the size of our workforce,” says Kwame.
Stronger Employee Engagement & Reduced Mee ng Costs
Employees at every level of the company are using Huawei Video Conferencing Solu on as a way to strengthen
teams through more frequent, more personalized interac on. “Because people can meet online with minimal
effort, and the experience is so familiar and intui ve, they connect to solve problems in a more agile way,” says
Kwame. “Across the board, our people are more energized to work together to move the business forward. The
difference is obvious to me when the execu ve team meets via video conference from any device and any loca on.
It's a fantas c feeling.”
For More Information
For more informa on about IPMC products and
services, call the IPMC Informa on Center at
+233(0)577669001. To access informa on using the
World Wide Web, go to:
A leader in IT solu ons and services, IPMC represents an
emerging and progressive West Africa. Over the
decades, it has risen to be one of the top businesses in
Ghana with a con nuous drive to provide avant-garde
services and solu ons.
For more informa on about TSL products and
services, visit the website at:
With a 600+ workforce and footprints at 19 loca ons,
IPMC is the epicenter of IT infrastructure growth
throughout West Africa. It facilitates consolidated
connec on and tech implementa on for a diverse
customer base, including more than 8,000 businesses.
This case study is for informa onal purposes only.