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Edible Arrangements DraftV4
Case Study: Driving Retail Performance Through Social Media
“Our objective is to stay
innovative with social
media and integrate social
media into our existing
marketing initiatives to
drive real–time
measurable results.”
Kaitlin Power, Vice President, ECommerce at Edible
55,000 new Facebook fans and e-mail sign ups - in one week. An
83% annual increase in traffic to your retail web site from
Facebook. 150% increase in Facebook driven orders to your
How do you drive those kinds of results? And how can you also
use social to protect your brand, identify business trends, drive
improvements in customer service and execute promotions?
Kaitlin Power, Vice President of E-Commerce at Edible Arrangements
International, Inc. took on the challenge with her social media team.
The Mission
Edible Arrangements
International, Inc., operator of over
1,000 stores worldwide and
the leading purveyor of delicious,
high quality, artistically designed,
fresh fruit arrangements.
Leverage social media to:
Edible Arrangements chose
Engage121 primarily for:
• Increase the customer base.
• Build and protect the brand.
• Identify trends.
• Improve customer service.
• Comprehensive monitoring.
• Real-time engagement.
• Rich content deployment.
• Analytics that enable correlation
of social to key business metrics.
The Challenge
Kaitlin Power, Vice President, E-Commerce at Edible Arrangements, faced the challenge of leveraging social media
to drive key business metrics for one of the country’s fastest growing retailers and private companies.
The company started using social media in 2008. Kaitlin explains, “We knew we needed to use social media to stay
innovative and interact with our customers for service and promotion, and that we also were limited in how much we
were hearing about our brand and stores. She adds, “We were already receiving alerts through Google on our
branded keywords, but Google is limited with what information the search engine picks up.”
In addition to not hearing about the brand, Power adds “We were leaving out the entire conversational piece by not
engaging with our customers. Our communications were really one sided and were very promotional driven. It can’t
always be about the latest special, promotion or coupon.” She concludes “A big mistake that companies make is
measuring success with their fan/follower numbers. The number of fans and followers a brand has does not measure
anything. It’s what you do with those fans and followers, how you interact, how engaged they are and ultimately how
often they think of your brand when they leave those social media forums that matter.”
So it came down to, how could Edible Arrangements leverage social media to:
• Protect their brand through monitoring.
• Engage with customers in real-time to converse and possibly address customer service issues.
• Identify business trends and conversations about gifting.
• Create a vibrant social community by offering great content and interaction.
• Grow the reach of promotions and specials by making them viral and attracting new fans and followers.
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Listen. Speak. Engage.
Case Study: Driving Retail Performance Through Social Media
Why Engage121?
Edible Arrangements chose Engage121 primarily for:
• Brand Awareness/Protection: The ability to monitor branded keywords such as “Edible Arrangements” as well as
industry terms such as “gift baskets” and track sentiment across the entire social universe, including review sites.
• List Building Functionality/ Community Development: Engage121 FANlets, Facebook applications such as
polls and e-mail sign ups, allow a means to create viral campaigns and add to the more traditional e-mail marketing
by growing the company list. Engage121’s content deployment features – posting across all platforms, scheduled
posts allow the ability to develop a vibrant social community.
• Deep Analytics: Measurement and reporting that allows for correlation of key business metrics such as website
traffic with Facebook promotion results.
Kaitlin notes, “Engage121 has many features that allow us to see what is going on with our brand with real-time
updates sent to our inbox and comprehensive monitoring that covers everything in social media from Facebook to the
review sites . There is more customer engagement now with a welcome landing page, the ability to have customers
sign up for email through our Facebook page and surveys. Customer engagement is up and we have seen a
positive response from those who have received real-time responses. Lastly, we have had some successful
marketing promotions that we can now measure with real-time results.”
Since using Engage121, Kaitlin and her team have enjoyed the following successes:
• Significant Growth in Customer Base/Promotion Success: Kaitlin’s team drove 55,000 new Facebook Likes
(20% increase) and E-mail registrations in one week from a Facebook event called The Pledge of Health and
Happiness. Visitors who took the Pledge, which asked them to follow the government’s new nutrition guidelines of
eating more fruits and vegetables. Pledge takers were also eligible for a free pineapple pop at their local Edible
Arrangements store. This promotion also drove:
 170,000 views on the Facebook pledge tab.
 1,800 mentions about the pledge.
 4,000 Twitter impressions from followers of bloggers who Tweeted about the Pledge.
• Improved Customer Satisfaction: Engage121’s real-time monitoring and engagement has enabled immediate
interaction with customers (to their delight). The company can also identify repeat problems with certain locations.
• Increased and Incremental Web Site Traffic:
 83% annual increase in traffic to the company website from Facebook.
 150% annual increase in website orders driven from Facebook promotions.
 Incremental traffic and leads. 65% of site visitors from Facebook are new, 67% from Twitter.
Next Steps
Edible Arrangements will continue to build on their
success. As Kaitlin notes, “We are only just beginning to
leverage all that we can do with Engage121. Now that we
can integrate social with our existing marketing initiatives
and measure it all through Engage121, you will some
pretty innovative promotions and a continued emphasis on
social media moving forward.”
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