Social Marketing - Lucchese Boots



Social Marketing - Lucchese Boots
Social Marketing:
Lucchese Boots
Lucchese Boot Company has a rich
history and tradition for
unparalleled quality. Established in
1883 in San Antonio, Texas by Sam
Lucchese Sr. as a family owned
business, the company is now a
privately owned entity. To this
day, Lucchese uses only the finest
grade of leathers and skins to
create boots with unprecedented
fit and comfort. Each pair is
hand-inspected twice to insure
that they meet exacting standards
and are allowed to carry the
Lucchese name.
Lucchese Boot Co. already had a robust marketing strategy of
print, billboards and a websites, but wanted a more interactive
way to engage their customers as they launched Diva, a new
collection of limited edition designer boots for women.
 Design and create Lucchese Facebook/Twitter Profiles.
 Send an automatic welcome message to Facebook Fans and
Twitter Followers
 Encourage interaction on Facebook and Twitter and manage
timely responses.
Capture of customer email addresses.
Create a Diva Splash Page.
Add Facebook/Twitter links on Lucchese Website.
Create and Manage Facebook/Twitter customer contests/giveaways.
Build a customer base for Diva boots
before the line actually launches
without actually revealing the
Stanton Street created an internet marketing campaign that
gathered a crowd of Lucchese boot customers to build
anticipation for the upcoming launch of the Diva collection.
This was accomplished by creating Facebook and Twitter
profiles that mirrored the look and feel of the Lucchese
website. Followers and fans were essentially given a “back
stage pass” to the launch of the new Diva line and Diva
website splash page. Once on the splash page, which didn’t
actually reveal the boots, users were encouraged to provide
their email address to win prizes and have exclusive rights to
be the first to see the new designer boots once the full website
and line launched. Buzz about Diva ensued. With Stanton
Street’s help on this campaign, Lucchese’s venture into social
media began and still continues to market all Lucchese
collections as well as reinforced brand recognition.