How To Make Refreshing Virgin Mojito



How To Make Refreshing Virgin Mojito
How To Make Refreshing
Virgin Mojito | Mint Lemon
Mojito Recipe
While appetites in summers dwindle, the thirst for drinks crank up. A chilled &
refreshing drink becomes indispensible to beat the heat of summers. Virgin
Mojito, a refreshing & drooling drink can be an ideal addition to your beverage
menu in this scorching heat. This mint lemon mojito is a curated beverage that
features an amazing combination of mint leaves, lemon juice & sugar. Made
within minutes, this rejuvenating beverage recipe is sure to be loved by everyone.
This classic Virgin Mint Mojito recipe is a perfect non-alcoholic version of Mojito,
an alcoholic beverage. The combination of tangy lime, the hint of sweetness, the
fizz of carbonation and the pure freshness of the mint comes together to make
something almost magical.
Try this easy to make hydrating drink with your friends and family & indulge in its
zesty flavors!
Follow the detailed step by step instructions given below to make invigorating &
refreshing Virgin Mojito at home.
How To Make Easy Virgin Mojito Recipe?
Prep Time
Beverages, Mocktails
International Cuisine
5 minutes
3 people
20 - 30 Fresh Mint Leaves
2 Pieces Lemon
2 Tablespoon Sugar Double in case you use Club Soda
400 Milliliter Sprite Alternatively you can also use club soda
1 Cup Crushed Ice
Salt As per Taste
1. Pluck out the mint leaves from the stem. Wash the mint leaves under
running water and chop them roughly Note: Plucking mint leaves from
stems is recommended as these give the drink a bitter taste
2. Wedge lemons and remove the seeds.
3. Put the mint leaves and lemon wedges and sugar in a jar/glass. Make sure
the glass you are using isn't thin or delicate or it could break during the
4. Mash the ingredient with a spoon or muddler. The purpose of muddling is to
release the flavors & juices in the leaves and lemon. Make sure that sugar
nicely combines & dissolves into the mixture
5. Now pour sprite or club soda to the mixture. Make sure you add more sugar
in case you use Club Soda.
6. Add crushed ice and garnish with mint leaves and lemon wedges for serving
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