Riverside Nature Notes



Riverside Nature Notes
Riverside Nature Notes
From the President
Judy Ferguson
President’s Message
What an exciting time it is to be involved at the Riverside Nature Center! We have so much
to offer our community in the way of information, demonstration, and education about our
beautiful hill country in seasons of both drought and plenty.
Our many wonderful volunteers have kept our meadow and gardens pruned and watered
all through this past summer’s intensely dry and searing weather, and for this I am intensely grateful, as I know you are as well. Let’s all remember to say ‘thank you’ frequently.
Next week we will be celebrating the Harvest Moon with our fall fundraiser, and I hope you
will join us on our beautiful grounds. It will be a wonderful evening with wine, refreshments and music by classic guitarist Kevin McCormick. A fun selection of silent auction
items has been gathered to tempt you. With cooler temperatures and a full moon, it should
be a spectacular evening. For more information and to purchase your tickets, go to
By now, you have probably heard that Riverside Nature Center has been selected as the recipient of the proceeds from the 2012 Hill Country Charity Ball. The members of the Association will be working diligently to make the evening of April 21 spectacular also. Their
goal is to raise $50,000 on our behalf! You will be hearing lots over the next months about
the plans we have to further develop our grounds and our educational resources. In the
meantime, mark your calendars and plan to attend the Ball if you can.
Undoubtedly, you have been reading about our city’s plans for the River Walk Trail. Riverside Nature Center is the natural place to begin or end a walk or ride along that trail. Members of your Board have been meeting with city representatives to ensure the best interests
of RNC and to help develop a scenic, educational stretch up to Louise Hays Park. The Trail
has been a long time in coming, so it is especially exciting for us to be involved in the initial
I am pleased to serve as President of your Board this year. I invite you to join us at the Riverside Nature Center often to enjoy its beauty as well as to learn more about our Hill Country environment. And, of course, helping hands are always needed. Volunteer opportunities abound!
Riverside Nature Notes
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Volume 71
Riverside Nature Center
Celebrating BIRDS in 2011
the “Year of the Bird”
11th Brown Bag “Lunch and Learn” with Bill Lindemann. Lindemann, known for his articles and birding tours, will discuss the Fall
Migration that is underway. He has authored Birding in the Hill Country for the last 12 years. Mr. Lindemann is a retired geologist; past
president of the Native Plant Society of Texas, and president of the Hill
Country Land Trust.
$3 members; $6 non-members
12th and 26th “Walk with Chunker” 9:30
On alternate Wednesday s Karen Millikan will share some interesting facts about snakes
and show visitors how she cares for Chunker, Karen’s California King Snake that resides
at Riverside Nature Center. How does Karen make sure Chunker gets plenty of exercise?
She takes him for a walk! Come learn about snakes while you enjoy a walk with Chunker.
13th Harvest Moon Celebration-An Enchanted Night” 6:30-8:30 pm- Enjoy
the beauty of the fall in the serene setting of the Riverside Nature Center’s grounds under
the light of the Harvest Moon. Wine and other refreshments will be served while Kevin
McCormick fills the night with music. We will have unique gift baskets to auction. Put
this special enchanted night on your calendar. $35
22nd “Star Party” 7:00 pm – This program will be all about the telescopes, what
kind should a beginner start with, how do they work, how to get started. Kids enjoy interesting activities during the program. Star gazing will follow.
$3 members; $6 non-members
Volume 71
Riverside Nature Notes
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8th Brown Bag “Lunch and Learn”
With Joe Herring Jr. speaking on the History of Kerrville and Kerr County. Herring is the
recipient of many Civic and Community Service awards, has served on many organization
Boards, and is a former Mayor of the city of Kerrville. He has been active in his family’s
printing business since it was established in 1965. Often asked to speak on local issues,
Herring is a known authority on Kerrville history. $3 members; $6 non-members
10th A special MOON party. Watch for details on this program. It will be a special
evening featuring a total eclipse of the moon!
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Riverside Nature Notes
Volume 71
Celebrate the Harvest
Moon with Music &
Hors d'oeuvres
Classical Guitar by Kevin
Silent Auction
Thursday—October 13, 2011
At Our Beautiful
Riverside Nature Center
Dress is Hill Country Casual
If you haven’t already done so, make your reservations online at
Or call us at 830-257-4837
Volume 71
Riverside Nature Notes
Page 5
Notes From The Meadow
When you walk into the butterfly garden in the back of the nature center, you
are in for a lovely surprise! Despite only a slight drop in temperature and little
rain, fall has come to the meadow and the plants are responding. Plants in the
watered part are flourishing and some hardy species in the naturally watered areas are also showing signs of life.
Look for the large Lindheimer senna (Senna lindheimeriana. ) near the arbor, which
is bursting with the native passion vine, Corona de Cristo. This Lindheimer senna
is a perfect example of a drought tolerant native plant whose habitat is poor,
dry limestone soil. Yet this beauty is effective in a wildflower garden either as a
specimen or background plant. It is in the Legume Family and is also known as
Velvet Leaf and Puppy Dog Ears. The compound leaves have 4-8 pairs of oval
leaflets and are covered with soft velvet hairs. The bright yellow flowers are
about 1 ½ inch in size and the blooms appear in clusters of two to six at the end
of the stem. Because this plant propagates itself from seed, you will find several smaller seedlings scattered around the arbor and the butterfly garden.
Lindheimer Senna
Riverside Nature Notes
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Volume 71
What a Gift
As we have told you in previous newsletters, we have a generous local benefactor that has provided us with a matching
fund incentive program. The matching fund program for
2011 commenced January 1, 2011 and will extend through
December 31, 2011. The matching funds are for new memberships and for donations to our contributions jar in the
For the 3rd Qtr. 2011 we will have received $606 in matching funds. We wish
to thank our benefactor for his contribution.
Your support in this matching fund program has enabled us to improve our
facilities and to expand the adult and children’s educational programs we can
offer our community.
We now have the capability to accept donations and membership fees on-line at
our website. You can submit your secure payment through your PayPal account or
with a Credit Card. Visit our website at www.riversidenaturecenter.org for further
RNCA Membership Form
Personal Levels
◊ Individual
◊ Family
◊ Friend
◊ Supporter
◊ Sustaining
◊ Benefactor
City _______________________State _____Zip Code ___________
Phone (
E-mail Address __________________________________________Date____________
◊ Patron
Please return to: Riverside Nature Center Association, 150 Francisco Lemos Street, Kerrville, TX 78028
Phone 830/257-4837
email: off i ce @ ri v e rside na t ure ce nte r. o rg
Volume 71
Page 7
Riverside Nature Notes
Down By the Riverside
Our Down by the Riverside Festival had a good attendance despite our foregoing the native plant sale. The three excellent presentations were well attended as well as the kid’s
activities. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the festival a success.
Facts and Figures
Board of Directors
Judy Ferguson, MA—President
New Members
Fane Downs, PHD—Secretary
Rental Income
$ 170
Taylor Scogin, CPA—Treasurer
$ 1,820
RNC Programs
$ 62
Greg Hayes —Vice President
Jack Millikan, MBA — Past President
Board Members :
Kathleen Boyce, RN
Rick Ertel, Atty.
Peter Lewis
Tracy Crawford-Gournay
New Members of RNC (September)
Jeff & Heather Cunningham
Kenneth Ruark
Marion Worthington
Steve & Betty Clyburn

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