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RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
RE/MAX Professional Realty
2955 NW Edenbower Blvd.
Roseburg, Oregon 97471
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
RE/MAX Professional Realty
RE/MAX Professional Realty has been serving Douglas County since 1992 and continues to be a
leader in sales and service! RE/MAX Professional Realty is managed by a professional team and is
sustained with exceptional Brokers who have a combined experience of over 500 years. With such a
superb alliance, our goal is to offer unparalleled professional customer service. The office is
conveniently located off of Interstate 5 and our helpful staff is ready to assist you.
Your time is important and this Value Proposition is assembled with you in mind. It is brief, to the point
and will include items that our competitors often leave out of their recruiting packets. Exclusive to our
proposal, we post actual graphs and verifiable statistics as our testimony that RE/MAX REALTORS®
are the most educated and successful REALTORS® in the world! You may have heard that “Nobody
sells more real estate than RE/MAX” well, it is true.
As you review the following pages, I hope you discover the advantages that RE/MAX offers worthy of
your commitment to join us. If you find an item to be confusing or there is a benefit requiring further
explanation, just let me know and it will be my pleasure to answer any question you may have.
I am confident you will have an enjoyable and profitable future with RE/MAX Professional Realty.
Every person at RE/MAX Professional Realty stands ready to serve you, to work on your behalf and to
support you in your efforts. That's the value you earn on the day you join RE/MAX.
Jody Tatone
Jody Tatone
Owner/Principal Broker
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
RE/MAX Brand - Everybody knows your name
Billions of RE/MAX impressions on TV, radio, online, and in print mean more business for you.
Imagine saying, “I’m with RE/MAX” – while backed by a national TV advertising voice that
nearly exceeds all other competitors combined.
Boost your local marketing efforts by leveraging the power of billions of dollars spent over the
years promoting RE/MAX.
RE/MAX share of voice in U.S. real estate advertising on national television in recent quarters
has been about 50 percent. (Source: Nielsen Monitor-Plus/Ages 25-54 GRPs unequivalized.)
That means at RE/MAX you’re backed by as much advertising as all our competitors
combined. On your first day with RE/MAX, everybody knows you.
When you add up the TV, print, radio, billboards and other promotional efforts by RE/MAX
International, its regions, brokerages and associates, the total spent promoting RE/MAX over
the years is billions of dollars. When your customers connect your name with RE/MAX, you
directly benefit from those ever-increasing impressions.
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
Company Strength = Agent Strength
With nearly 100,000 associates promoting themselves and their listings worldwide, the
RE/MAX name makes billions of impressions every year. When you align with RE/MAX. you
add to that power and immediately begin benefiting from it.
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
Outstanding Agents - Outstanding Results
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
High Commission Programs – More $$$$
At your convenience, we will meet with you personally to confidentially discuss our full menu
of generous commission options. Rest assured, our programs will exceed your expectations.
Not just the high commission
With RE/MAX, your income doesn’t increase just because of high commissions. It increases
because of more business. The increase occurs because of the system’s complete focus on
the agent. Everything centers on helping you earn more business.
Working with the best reveals your best
Maybe you’ve experienced this in golf or a similar activity. When you’re surrounded by better
players, your level of play tends to elevate. It’s one of the most powerful benefits of working
within a network composed entirely of career professionals – untainted by questionable downline recruits or part-timers.
Agent growth fuels agent earnings
When you join RE/MAX, you join nearly 100,000 professionals who made the decision before
you. The wisdom in those decisions is confirmed by steady growth across more than three
decades of RE/MAX history. And that’s organic growth – not acquisition-driven like other
national networks. The RE/MAX goal is 15 percent of NAR membership and a similar percent
of agents worldwide. Because that 15 percent represents career professionals, corresponding
market share typically is at least twice that. The result is an expanding sphere of mainly
repeat and referral business for every RE/MAX agent. We call it Premier Market Presence,
and being part of it is the most important step you can take to maximize your career
Insider Tip: “Ask us about sign-on incentives.”
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
Mainstreet – Just for you
RE/MAX Mainstreet is your personal, password protected, members only site where RE/MAX
affiliates can network, exchange ideas, download logos and other resource materials, register
for RE/MAX Satellite Network courses, send electronic referrals, and much more.
Mainstreet is offered at no additional cost to all RE/MAX affiliates and offers many benefits.
Your own [email protected] Forwarding Email Address
The Web Roster Online Referral System
RE/MAX University with Agent Training on Demand
Access to RE/MAX Technology
The Latest Industry News and Information
Designed with your needs in mind, RE/MAX Mainstreet has just what you’re looking for and
offers exciting features to help you run your business. With a fresh, clean look, Mainstreet
showcases many enhancements that you’ve been waiting for, including:
Powerful site wide search – you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for
Quick access to your leads and Design Center projects
Calendars with upcoming events, educational sessions, and training
Simplified and faster online referrals
Easy navigation and organization
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
Leadstreet – You control your leads
Get Superior Online-Lead Delivery
Receive leads directly to your PC, PDA or cell phone from the industry’s most extensive
independent compilation of MLS/IDX listings:
Use drip campaigns and other customizable LeadStreet® lead-management tools to efficiently
guide online leads (whether hot, warm or cool) to closing.
Receive leads anywhere, anytime
RE/MAX national advertising pushes consumers to, where the most
comprehensive listing-aggregation effort in the industry converts visitors to leads, which are
then delivered directly to RE/MAX brokerages and agents. Initiated in 2006, the intricate-yetseamless compilation already comprises more than 90 percent of the listings in the United
States. Your RE/MAX affiliation opens you to an average of more than 5,000 leads generated
daily on
No Internet Lead Fees
It’s not just the sheer quantity of listings and leads that makes different than
anything else in the industry. On top of compiling all of the listings from thousands of cities
and towns, faithfully follows the RE/MAX Concept by not tacking on the referral
fees you see other sites and networks charging. You get online leads in your marketing area –
without paying a referral fee.
Also, if it’s your listing – you always get the lead – just like the calls your yard signs and other
marketing generate.
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Referral Network -
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
Agent to Agent!
Boost Repeats & Referrals
Brand power and repeat business: Every time your past customers and clients see a RE/MAX
ad or yard sign, they’ll think of you – once you’re with RE/MAX.
See what happens to your closing ratios and total net income when referrals travel directly
between agents committed to referred business – and no middleman takes a cut.
Customize your profile on the powerful RE/MAX Web Roster to open yourself to referral
possibilities across more than 70 countries.
Take full control of your referrals
Unlike other national networks, at RE/MAX your referral business isn’t viewed as a company
profit center. RE/MAX does not take a portion of your referral fees. Referrals travel directly
between Associates. And because of the high-caliber agents, such referrals more often result
in closed transactions.
Web Roster promotes your strengths
Supporting the agent-to-agent referral system is a comprehensive Web-based roster that
enables you to customize your biographical details to be more readily found – and, in turn, to
more easily identify recipients who best click with the customers you refer. It’s one more
example of the strength of a brokerage-management concept designed for highly productive
agents by highly productive agents.
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
RE/MAX University – Learn to Earn
RE/MAX and industry statistics alike confirm that training and professional designations
correlate to more business and higher earnings.
RE/MAX University delivers the industry’s No. 1 training – on your schedule: Online. On
demand. On DVD. On your iPod. On satellite TV. In the classroom. And by streaming video
and audio. All focused on helping you earn more – starting now.
Work with the industry’s largest contingent of professionals holding the ABR, CDPE, CRS,
CLHMS, SRES, CRP and PMN designations. And work toward a top professional designation
yourself from your home or office via the RE/MAX Satellite Network. Nothing shows the
"learning and earning" correlation more clearly than comparing average earnings of
designation holders to non-designees – and nobody makes it easier for you to keep learning
than RE/MAX.
The world’s top “More Business” school
RE/MAX compiles knowledge from our most successful agents and the industry’s leading
trainers and consolidates it at the RE/MAX Global Education Center in Denver. RE/MAX
University delivers this knowledge to Affiliates via DVDs, satellite television broadcasts,
classroom training, online streaming video and audio, downloads, podcasts, conferences, and
seminars. The entire focus is on enabling you to reach your true career potential as a topproducing RE/MAX Associate.
Learn via satellite TV at office or home
The flagship component of RE/MAX University is the RE/MAX Satellite Network. The first and
only proprietary satellite television network in the real estate industry, RSN broadcasts news,
education (including professional-designation courses) and motivation to RE/MAX Associates
across North America. Tune in and take your career to heights you never imagined being able
to reach.
Agent Training On Demand (ATOD) – 24/7
Agent Training On Demand is a dedicated training site accessible through the RE/MAX
members-only extranet, RE/MAX Mainstreet. ATOD demonstrates the growing convergence
between television and the Internet. The video-based site delivers some of RSN’s most
powerful programming – on demand – all focused on helping you earn more starting now.
Later in this booklet, we'll give you an example of this powerful tool.
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
Designations – At Your Fingertips
Unbeatable combo: RE/MAX and professional designations
Part of the outcome of offering the industry’s best training: RE/MAX agents dominate the
rosters of real estate’s top professional designations. Linking your RE/MAX affiliation to a
professional designation amplifies your referral opportunities within the RE/MAX network and
across the industry. On the following pages, you can see charts that show how RE/MAX
compares with other national networks in number of CRS and ABR designations – two of the
industry’s most respected designations. Designation courses on RSN include ABR, CCIM,
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
RE/MAX Agents – The Best Educated
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
Design Center – Be Creative
Be as artistic as you want with your marketing and promotion. Promote yourself and your
listings with a professional designer’s touch via the online RE/MAX Design Center.
Create professional marketing pieces
With the RE/MAX Design Center, you can promote yourself and your listings with customized,
professionally designed fliers, postcards, virtual tours, Web commercials and other templates.
More than 1,300 templates are available through this sophisticated online tool (available in
the U.S., most of Canada, Australia, the Caribbean, Chile, the Middle East, New Zealand,
Singapore and Guam). Print the paper-based items yourself, or send them to a Design Center
printer or printer of your choice. To help you get the most out of this service, Design Center
training is available through RE/MAX University.
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
ATOD – Agent Training On Demand
This is available through the University section of Mainstreet ( Elements include
streaming videos, downloads and video and audio podcasts. The on-demand component
includes Agent Training On Demand (ATOD). New ATOD segments are introduced each
Agent Training On Demand – ATOD is designed to help the best Sales Associates in the
industry make more money. Segments include compelling, real-world accounts of how agents
are making it in today’s market and advice from leading coaches.
The following descriptions represent only a sampling of recent ATOD updates.
Personal Promotion - Biz Trends – Presentations – Listings – Systems - Home Staging Team Models - Team Management - Successful Teams - Web Site Design – Designations Control Cash Flow - Create Sustaining Wealth - Foreclosure vs. Short Sale Consequences Get Your Listings Sold Today – Goal-Setting - Listing Short Sales - Web Site Design
Being Green – REOs - Handling Evictions – Social Networking – Fund Raising – Video Tours
Blogging For Fun & Profit – Organization – The Referral Dialogue – Podcasting – Much More
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
Internet – Buyers shop online first!
Web traffic means business for RE/MAX Associates and it won't be slowing down anytime
soon. A mix of search engine optimization and paid search complements the traditional-media
promotion of which for several years has ranked among real estate's most visited
sites. In addition, consumers use the word “remax” in searches more than the word “real
estate” or “homes,” driving traffic even higher.
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
Commercial Division – Instant Credibility
Add RE/MAX tools and credibility to your commercial business, and benefit from referrals
between top commercial and residential agents.
Identify yourself as a specialist to boost referrals from fellow agents and consumers. Choices
include: relocation, resort, farm & land, auctions, military, buyer brokerage, new construction
and more.
Take control of your commercial business
Powered by the astonishing increase in data and analysis now readily accessible online,
RE/MAX is repeating on the commercial side what it accomplished 30-plus years ago on the
residential side: inviting commercial specialists to exert greater control over their business
and income. The result: RE/MAX Commercial is expanding in agents, transactions and
brokerages as commercial professionals embrace the high-commission concept, brand
power, referral opportunities, marketing support and training opportunities (including CCIM
Luxury Home Division – Instant Value
If the luxury market is already your specialty or you’re pursuing a greater share, The RE/MAX
Collection signage, support materials and national-luxury-home-advertising discounts (The
Wall Street Journal, DuPont Registry and Unique Homes) can enhance your ability to serve
high-end clients. Earning a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist designation also takes
on extra power with RE/MAX, which boasts the industry’s largest number of CLHMS
designees. CLHMS coursework can be pursued via the RE/MAX Satellite Network.
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
Print Advertising – Aggressive & Focused
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
Giving Back – We care
Cause marketing supports you locally
RE/MAX is the exclusive real estate sponsor of Children’s Miracle Network and one of nine
national sponsors of the Komen Race for the Cure program. Both programs feature extremely
low administrative costs and ensure that locally raised funds are used to support local needs.
Their various programs enable you to meaningfully connect with your customers and clients.
Going Green
Align your "green" philosophy with that of RE/MAX
Environmentally conscious agents can align their philosophy with that of RE/MAX
International. RE/MAX is committed to the sustainability and environmental well-being of the
communities worldwide in which its Associates work and live. Agents are trained to counsel
builders and homeowners in eco-friendly housing. Thousands of offices conserve resources
by reducing the use of paper and energy. Agents and offices are trained in "green" practices.
And the RE/MAX International Headquarters building is Energy Star-certified.
Nobody sells more real estate
First confirmed by independent audit in 1997, and reconfirmed every year since:
“Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.”
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
Rewards & Recognition
Recognition Categories Include:
Pacific Northwest Region Top 10 – Commissions Paid – Individual
Pacific Northwest Region Top 10 – Commissions Paid – Team
Lifetime Achievement
Hall of Fame
Diamond Award
Chairman’s Club
Platinum Club
100% Club
Executive Club
Northwest Region Statistics:
Average volume per agent in 2008: $2.4 million
Average # of transactions per agent in 2008: 8.42
Agents in the Pacific Northwest Region have been with RE/MAX for an average of 6.4 years,
and have an average of 11.9 years of experience in the real estate business.
1,393 Associates qualified for 2008 RE/MAX Production Club Awards
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
Events - Conventions, Conferences
RE/MAX events are unsurpassed. When you attend a conference or convention you are
guaranteed to leave energized, educated, positive and confident. Nowhere else can you
experience the enthusiasm and support that RE/MAX can offer. Breakout Training Sessions,
Motivational Speakers, Trade Shows, Discounted Products, Networking, Food and Fun Filled
Activities are sure to keep you entertained and aware of cutting edge advancements that
relate to our industry.
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
Office Amenities - At a glance:
Excellent office location with I-5 exposure and ample parking
Modern and efficient floor plan
Beautifully equipped conference room
Friendly and knowledgeable Principal Broker support
Well trained staff - eager to assist you
Data entry - performed quickly and accurately
Fast commission disbursements
Excellent commission splits (Percentage & Cap programs available)
Low transaction and E&O fees (low deductible too)
Private, Semi-Private and Cubicle working environments
A leader in local market share and per agent productivity
Hard Wired and Wireless Internet
RE/MAX Satellite Network programming
Design Center to create your own marketing materials
Agent to Agent referrals without the middleman
State of the art equipment; Copiers, Faxes, Office PCs, Printers, Telephones, etc.
Weekly Sales Meetings
Voice-Mail System
Designated floor duty shifts
Annual conventions and recognition events
A friendly cooperative working atmosphere of teamwork and encouragement
We strive to deliver the best working environment in all of Douglas County. If you
discover that another real estate firm offers a service or advantage we have
overlooked, we'd love the opportunity to match or exceed our competitor's benefits.
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
In the winter of 2007, myself and 9 other colleagues were being displaced as our current
firm closed. The local RE/MAX Broker-Owner not only created a soft spot for all of us
to land, but the entire office welcomed us into the "family". My career immediately took
off once again. 2008 was my first year anniversary with RE/MAX, and even in a down
market, I managed to make it into the RE/MAX Executive Club, earn my CRS and CDPE
designations. Our RE/MAX tools are phenomenal and joining RE/MAX was my best
career choice to date and it is one that I will be happy to continue with for the duration.
- Kathy Collins
I joined RE/MAX in 2006. The RE/MAX Brand Name and the fact that RE/MAX sells
more real estate than any other company is what made the decision easy for me.
Secondly, I came because I knew that in this office there are some of the nicest people
and agents in the community. After working here, I can now say that RE/MAX is
unprecedented to any other Real Estate Company. Along with all the support the
company offers, the agents here are some of the very best and I am proud to be on
this team of professional and enthusiastic Brokers! I strongly recommend RE/MAX.
- Melva Smith
After several years of keeping an eye on RE/MAX International as I traveled abroad and
even to remote locations such as Honduras I noticed there were REMAX signs
everywhere! I soon knew that one day I would be a part of such a forward thinking
organization. In October of 2008, I began an intense search of real estate companies. I
was searching for a company with a stable footing and the ability to survive through the
current economic storm. As I investigated all the big companies; Keller Williams,
Century 21 and Prudential I discovered that none could compare to the business model
of RE/MAX.
As I researched the Broker/Owners within those companies, I found Jody Tatone to
have the best approach to being ahead of the curve and looking into the future of real
estate. Jody is committed to making us (the agents) successful. He is open minded, yet
decisive, as a leader should be. The support staff are wonderful. They are competent
knowledgeable, cheerful and treat the agents as if we were their clients. I have very
much appreciated having multiple principal brokers available. Both Scot and Linda have
insight and knowledge to advise the agents of the proper direction when necessary.
I appreciate how they are always approachable, extremely helpful and sincerely
interested in each transaction. Another thing I really appreciate, is the cutting edge
technology, office equipment and electric positive energy that can be felt the minute you
enter the office. The synergy and camaraderie is like none other! The education
opportunities are unlimited and convenient. I am 1000%, yes, one thousand percent
satisfied with my choice to become part of the REMAX family!
- Kelley Jarvis
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Outstanding Agents – Outstanding Results
In Closing...
At RE/MAX, we know that making a decision as important as joining a company can be difficult.
Hopefully, this packet assisted you today by clearly presenting the major values and benefits you'll
enjoy at RE/MAX Professional Realty. Also, it is our sincere desire that you found the advantages
worthy of advancing your real estate career with us.
In this brochure, we quoted that Internationally, RE/MAX holds the number one position in market
share. We have demonstrated that RE/MAX Agents are the most educated and highly productive
agents in the world! While that is fine for the rest of the world, you are probably asking yourself;
“What does that mean to me locally?” Drop by for a visit and it will be my pleasure to pull current,
local statistics in your presence. According to your own search parameters, you can perform your
own comparison and draw your own conclusion. We are proud of our dominant market share and
the individual success of every RE/MAX Broker.
As an independent contractor, you are probably also weighing the disadvantages of the transition
period. Yes, if not handled properly, down time and relocation expenses can be difficult and costly.
That's why at RE/MAX Professional Realty, we'll guide you through the change by providing focused
attention to your needs from the minute you walk into our office. We already have procedures in place
to expedite your move which includes everything from client notification announcements to
educational opportunities allowing you instant credibility and confidence when presenting the RE/MAX
benefits. At RE/MAX Professional Realty, it's crucial to us that your transition is smooth and effortless.
In closing, maybe you've already had a sale with some of our brokers or perhaps one of them is your
personal friend . Why not pick up the phone and call a RE/MAX Broker today? There is no better
testimony and they will confirm that no other real estate office in Douglas County compares to
RE/MAX Professional Realty.
Thank you for your time,
Scot Spalding
Principal Broker

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