DOMAINfest 2015 - 2015-09-17 Xinhua



DOMAINfest 2015 - 2015-09-17 Xinhua
Publication: 新华网
Tone: Positive
Region: China’s Mainland
Alexa Rank: 13 (China)
First DOMAINfest Asia: “A Successful Test!”
• The first DOMAINfest Asia ended successfully last week in
Macau. More than 160 people in the domain industry
attended the event. Overall, it was a successful event and
even exceeded the organizers’ expectations.
• Simon Cousins is quoted calling the event a “test” where
westerners and easterners meet, collide, and learn more
about each other. He also expressed that the language and
culture differences produced some imperfections in the
event, but this is a platform for the west and the east to
embrace the differences and understand each other better.
• Participants from both sides think DOMAINfest skillfully
combined business cooperation, policy interpretation and
social networking together in one event.
• Participants from the Western markets wanted to enter
Asian and particularly Chinese markets, but previously
had no way to understand this market. DOMAINfest.Asia
is the only Asia-targeted platform currently, so they all
decided to participate. They felt that they learned a lot
from the event and have more confidence to cooperate
with Chinese companies.
• Participants from Asia also felt satisfied with the event.
Many participants found partners for cooperation or trade.
For example, Chinese domainer, YU Jiehao, made 30,000
USD profit by selling to an Indian buyer during
the event.
• The organizers are excited to also announce the next
DOMAINfest Asia, which will be held in September, 2016
in Hong Kong.

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