Wong Wen Io



Wong Wen Io
Won g We n I o
The concept of this work is formed on the idea of ‘three perfections’,
the multi-point perspective and the Chinese saying about the perception
of mountain Lu Shan which depicts the different views that one sees
depending on one’s positions in the mountain.
Using three-dimensional Chinese characters to create a shadow version
of Chinese Shan Shui (‘mountain-water’) painting and the exploration of
spatial sensations of shapes, I seek to investigate the dual realities of the
things we perceive in real life and our own perception on them.
Weng Wong Io, 2015
Weng Wong Io (or Yoyo, as she is mostly known by) completed a Bachelor
of Fine Arts at RMIT University in 2014, after relocating from her home
country of Macau to study. Whilst in Macau, Yoyo exhibited as a finalist in
the Students Drawing Competition administered by the Chinese Educators
Association of Macau (2006, 2009, 2010), and went on to exhibit in group
exhibitions in Melbourne through RMIT University.
Untitled (front view) 2014
mixed media, plaster, lights, timber

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