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PDF Prezentacija - Advokatska firma SAJIĆ
Investment opportunities
Law Firm Sajić is a partnership established in 2003. With six attorneys and ten
expert associates and trainees is the largest law firm in the Republic of Srpska and
one of the few largest in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The strategy of our business is focused on continuous improvement and
development of services, cooperation and maintaining good business relationships
with clients, as well as employment of young high quality staff. Good business
relationships with clients are based on constant communication, knowledge and
long-standing practice in carrying out
lawyers' work, and all employees are
directed to achieving and maintaining of high quality in the provision of legal
As a one of the most prominent law firm in Bosnia and Herzegovina we have
established cooperation with a many foreign and domestic investors in relation to
the energy sector projects, the construction projects of small hydro power plants
and mining.
Energy sector is one of the most powerful sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with huge
potentials and opportunities for further development and investment.
Bosnia and Herzegovina is endeavoured with significant and diverse indigenous natural
energy resources that are partly
exploited or not exploited at all, such
Coal (brown coal and lignite) with
estimated reserves of 6 bilion tons;
Huge hydro potential (partly expolited) which is estimated at over 6000 MW;
There is significant wind energy potential which is estimated at 2000 MW;
Raw material resources for the bio-mass energy are extremely favourable, including
approximatelly 1.5 milion m3 of forest and wood industry residues (wood waste,
sawdust, chips, etc.);
Potential for exploitation of geo-thermal and solar energy;
Oil and gas reserves.
Coal is one of the most important energy resources in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Major
deposits of lignite and brown coal are sited all around country. Production of coal in
Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2010 is 10.985.152 tons.
The biggest coal mines in Bosnia and Herzegovina are: Ugljevik, Banovici, Djurdjevik,
Kakanj, Breza (brown coal) Gacko, Stanari, Kreka, Gračanica, Livno (lignite). Potential coal
mines are: Miljevina, Kongora, Kamengrad and Kotezi.
There are fifteen potential new large and middle hydropower projects and over 400
potential micro locations for construction of the mini hydro power plants.
Currently there are many macro and micro locations for wind power plant construction.
According to the actual findings, the total wind power potential of the biggest eighteen
sites was estimates to about 1000-1200 MW. The possible total production of electrical
energy at these locations could amount to 2.4 TWh/year, with the average utilization
factor of 30%.
There are seven new coal-fired thermal power generation projects, with potential
production capacity of 3.450 MW.
HPP CIJEVNA III on the river Bosna
Installed power 13.9 MW
Investor: JC Elektro Doboj a.d. Doboj
Investment value: 56 million EUR –
funding provided
WINDMILL PARK – Eastern Herzegovina
Installed power 40 MW
Investor: MH ERS MP a.d. Trebinje
Investment value: about 70 million EUR – funding provided
Installed power 159.15 МW
Investors: MH ERS MP a.d. Trebinje and JC HE na Trebisnjici a.d. Trebinje
Investment value: 179.9 million EUR – funding not provided
Installed power 60 MW
Investment estimate 99.5 million EUR
Installed power 33 MW,
Investment estimate 48.11 million EUR
HPP Buk Bijela, installed power 114.64 MW;
HPP Foca, installed power 51.66 MW;
HPP Paunci, installed power 36.64 MW;
HPP Sutjeska, installed power 34.95 MW
Project agency: MH ERS MP a.d. Trebinje, JC HE na Drini and strategic partner
Investment value estimate: about 410 million EUR
Investment structure:
49 % MH ERS ZP HE na Drini – funding not provided
51% strategic partner
The project includes modernization of the following:
boiler room, installed power 232 MW,
primary network, total length 45 km,
secondary network, total length 110 km,
substations, total 209 and
Installation of thermal energy measuring devices with consumers.
Estimated project value is about 26,000,000 EUR.
There are large potentials in all sectors of end-energy consumption – total possible
investments in energy efficiency improvements amount to over 2 billion BAM.
Due to a constant growth of energy source prices, an increasing number of energy
consumers seeking to improve the energy efficiency.
Upon initiation of energy efficiency
projects, Bosnia and Herzegovina
shall become a significant market
a) Production of materials and
b) Performance of works in project
c) Procurement, mounting and
maintenance of equipment;
d) Consultancy services;
e) Human resources education.
Industrial sector is characterized by irrational use of thermal energy, large energy
distribution losses, and obsolete electric motor drives.
Specific energy consumption per unit of finished product in the Bosnia and
Herzegovia is up to three times higher than the European average.
There is a large interest of local communities for investment in heating of
municipalities that lack heating systems, as well as in reconstruction of the existing
systems, in particular through use of biomass.
For many years the Law firm Sajić has been involved in various energy projects,
whether it involves foreign or domestic investors.
For our clients, prospective investors in the energy sector in BiH, we can offer the
following services:
- Representation of private investors / consortium of private investors during the
negotiations which lead to the execution of the agreement concerning the
appropriate energy projects and drafting agreements;
Assisting clients during the preparation of the necessary agreements relating to
the construction of power plants including all preparatory work in connection
with the negotiations with the local community, the issues of expropriation, etc.;
Representing clients in the process of obtaining energy permits;
Advising clients in connection with renewable energy sources;
In connection with special energy sectors : electricity, oil and natural gas,
renewable energy sources, water, wind energy, nuclear energy, electric power
plants, pipelines, etc.;
Representing private investors / consortium of private investors in the
negotiation process leading to the conclusion and execution of contracts related
to certain concession project;
Assisting clients in the preparation of necessary contracts related to the
construction of concession facilities including all preparatory activities in
connection with the negotiations with the local community, issues of
expropriation etc.;
Representing clients in the process of obtaining all necessary permits;
Representing private investors/ consortiums of private investors in the
negotiations leading to the conclusion and execution of PPP projects, and
preparation of contracts and supporting documentation of financial and legal
matters, as well as an assessment of long-term legal risks;
Establishment of all legal forms of companies, as well as the establishment of
representative offices of foreign companies;
Advising in relation to corporate governance;
Due diligence of companies, real estate and projects;
Control of mergers: consultation on issues related to the merger, acquisition and
joint ventures, as well as preparing and submitting of all necessary documents to
competent institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
Consulting in the field of employment law and human resources;
Consulting in the field of taxation and customs;
Monitoring and informing clients about existing funding from EU programs, and
other domestic and foreign sources of funding, stimulation and support;
Negotiating and drafting all types of contracts, especially in the field of economic
and international commercial law, law of obligations, employment law, banking and
finance, insurance contracts, contracts on trade and delivery, contracts in the field
of civil engineering, etc.;
Providing advices in connection with legal regulations and bylaws in the field of
consumer protection;
Obtaining all necessary approvals for the construction of facilities, including a
zoning permit, building permit and use permit ;
Our strengths are the knowledge, experience, dedication to the client, a way of office
organizing and number of employees. We establish cooperation with clients on the
basis of mutual trust and a common aspiration to achieve the best possible results.
We adapt to the customer's needs and requirements, and so when it comes to
contracting fees for our services, so as to offer the customer to select one of the
existing models.
Any additional information you can get on the phone 051/227-620 or via e-mail
adrese: [email protected]

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