8019991210246 CD
8019991210215 LP
Mario Rusca
<Stefano Torossi wrote this score in 1970 for a UK movie
called ‘Feelings’. The movie is so obscure that no one we
know has seen it. The album delivers a slamming’ series
of tight Orchestra themes. Some are funky to death,
others are extremery soulful. The recording outstands for
the sound quality Quincy Jones’ style. >
<No other Italian pianist personifies the soul side of
Jazz as Mario Rusca does. For the first time featuring
a percussionist, Mario Rusca shapes ‘Recreations In
Jazz’ with a modal attitude. A great tribute to the
best modal Funky Jazz tradition. >
8019991210734 CD
8019991210741 LP
"The Optical Sound"
Barigozzi Group
<Giancarlo Barigozzi has been for three decades a top Soul
Jazz instigator in Italy. He owned a recording studio were
many seminal jazz albums were recorded. This Album is
a collection of the period were he was freely recording
great Soul Funky Jazz records with his prestigious friend
musicians just for the fun of it. >
8019991210475 CD
8019991210468 2LP
"Io e mara"
Alberto Baldan Bembo
<Easy, swinging and sexy. Mara’s sensual vocals melt to
the mellow but grooving sound Baldan Bembo composed
for this album. The top easy sound of this catalogue for a
Martini on an exotic beach. >
8019991551479 CD
800000021400 LP
"The Smart Set"
Alberto Baldan Bembo
<Featuring two super rare soul funky jazz OST’s:
‘L’Amica Di Mia Madre’ and ‘Lingua D’Argento’. We fly
here from the top soul funky jazz to the easy swinging
mood of one of the grooviest Italian soundtrack Maestros. >
8019991210239 CD
8019991210222 2LP
OST "Veruschka"
Ennio Morricone
<Veruschka, voted this year as the Top Model of all times,
participated to a documentary movie dedicated to her beauty.
Ennio Morricone took musically charge and created around
the images one of his greatest and most ubiquitous OST ever.
So charming and stylish; subtle rhythm tapestries and
amazingly glamorous musical ambient will make you dream.>
8032523020050 CD
8032523020113 2LP
"Recreations in Jazz"
Stefano Trossi