madeleine peyroux


madeleine peyroux
‘The only thing that ma/ers is the song’ says singer songwriter Madeleine Peyroux. A convic=on that along with a ‘one of a kind ’ voice has carried the award winning ar=st from busking on the streets of Paris, all the way to stardom. Sixteen years aCer her Dreamland debut, it is not hard to see why Peyroux’s genre defying blend of jazz and pop con=nues to enthrall the music world. Through six universally praised albums ‘Jazz’s brightest star’ has gained a reputa=on for an impeccable choice of material, crea=ng a genuine buzz of an=cipa=on amongst fans and the industry at large. Lending her seduc=vely expressive voice to classic standards as well as thoroughly modern tunes, Peyroux has made an undiminishing mark as an uncanny and insighIul ‘interpreter’. From Holiday to Dylan, Bessie Smith to Leonard Cohen, Peyroux sheds a striking new light onto familiar musical gems while making each phrase and croon her very own, some say ‘crea=ng new classics along the way’. The free spirited singer, songwriter and guitarist began her musical adventure as a teenager in Paris, when ‘drawn to the music of the streets’, the 15 year old leC high school and joined a touring blues and jazz band. ‘Someone gave me early Columbia recordings with Billie Holiday and instructed me to learn the songs'. Determined Peyroux grasped not just the melody changes, choice of tone and phrasing but the power of the iconic ar=st's presence. “It was by learning Billie's mannerisms that I was learning to listen to my own' she explains.” Years later, her undeniable talent was spo/ed at a New York club by Atlan=c Records’ Yves Beauvais who signed her to the label and co-­‐produced her 1996 debut album Dreamland. Peyroux’s dreamily husky voice enchanted punters and cri=cs alike but it was the 2004 Careless Love that proved to be a milestone release for the ar=st, bringing mainstream recogni=on and marking the start of a prolific collabora=on with producer Larry Klein. Peyroux has come a long way from the streets of Paris to the word’s grandest concert halls and collabora=ng with the some of the world’s finest musicians. S=ll, where other ar=sts might rest on their laurels and bask in the glory of countless gushing reviews, Peyroux con=nues to fearlessly explore new territories.
The charmingly humble ar=st who ‘didn’t have any expecta=on of becoming someone that could make a dent in the outside world.’ has done just that. ‘There is no telling what the future will bring’ but it is clear to see that Madeleine Peyroux’s musical journey is only just beginning..
Jon Herington, guitar
Jon Herington is the veteran touring and recording guitarist for Steely Dan and The Dukes of September Rhythm Revue featuring Donald Fagen, Boz Scaggs, and Michael McDonald. He is also the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the New York City based Jon Herington Band. Jon's newest solo release Time On My Hands (nominated by Vintage Guitar Magazine's "ALBUM of the YEAR" in 2013's Hall of Fame) reflects the bluesy, driving rock that had its gesta=on in the club scene. The disc is now available on his website,, on and on iTunes. The undeniable chemistry of the band, built on a life=me of collabora=on with Dennis Espantman on bass and Frank Pagano on drums, is clearly evident in this collec=on of ten original songs.
Jon's love for music surfaced early, and he studied piano, saxophone, and harmony in his grade school years. Just before his high school years, however, he developed a passion for pop music and the electric guitar and soon was wri=ng songs and performing with his own band near his New Jersey Shore home doing opening slots for local hero Bruce Springsteen and beginning a performing career that has con=nued ever since. College followed, with extensive musical studies in both classical and jazz composi=on and theory at Rutgers University and private jazz guitar study with the help of a Na=onal Endowment for the Arts grant, with the late, great jazz guitarist, Harry Leahey. Next came several years of study with the late Dennis Sandole, the acclaimed music teacher from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who once taught the late greats James Moody and John Coltrane.
Barak Mori, bass
Bassist and composer Barak Mori has been one of the New York jazz scene's most sought aCer musicians since 1998. Born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1975, Mori began playing the organ at age seven and by the age of 13 was playing jazz on the guitar and electric bass. At age 15, in addi=on to his jazz studies, Mori began his classical training on the acous=c bass. By the =me Mori had graduated from the Thelma Yelin School of the Arts he had already played professionally at the world renowned Red Sea Jazz Fes=val, and toured interna=onally with the Young Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1996, Mori joined Israel's most pres=gious jazz band led by saxophonist Walter Blanding, Jr. In 1998, he received a scholarship to study at the New School University. Residing in New York for the past 16 years, Mori has performed and recorded alongside many dis=nguished ar=sts such as Benny Green, Peter Bernstein, Eric Reed, Paula West, Kenny Washington, David Hazel=ne, Jim Rotondi, Peter Cincol, Marcus Printup and Madeleine Peyroux.