Product Cut-Sheet



Product Cut-Sheet
A l g o n q u i n S t u d y
T a b l e C o l l e c t i o n
A l g o n q u i n S t u d y
T a b l e C o l l e c t i o n
TMC’s Algonquin Study Table Collection is attractive in any setting.
Cut-outs on the side panels add more detail, texture and interest to
the surfaces. InSetTM designs (laminate inset), InScribedTM (wood inlay) or CutThruTM treatments are available. TMC can also laser-carve
textile-like patterns into wood surfaces to create highly textured
ornamental surfaces. The Skye 2 and Kestrel Chairs complement the
Algonquin Study Table Collection.
Edge Treatment*
Solid Wood
1 - 1/4”
Top Chamfer
Bottom Chamfer
*Maple edgebanding also available
Table Top
Algonquin Study Table
Ann Arbor
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Slatted with mid-panel
Full panel
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