ANNOUNCEMENT - Trinity Presbyterian Church


ANNOUNCEMENT - Trinity Presbyterian Church
Rev. Tino Ballesteros
Reflections from Rev. Greg Moore & Rev. Eleana Garrett
“Love one another as I have loved you”. John 13:34
June/July 2013
Summer Issue
Session has called for a congregational meeting next Sunday June
23rd immediately after the worship service, for the purpose of
hearing a report under consideration by the session that TPC and
WPC utilize the services of the same Stated Supply Pastor,
The session also desires to receive comments from the
congregation after their report.
In addition, both sessions will have a joint meeting July 1, 6:30
p.m. at Woodstock PC to further the discussion of this joint
Both sessions will meet again July 15 at WPC.
Sunday June 30th, our guest minister will be Rev. Don Esa. Rev
Tino will preach at worship at WPC.
I urge the congregation to make this a matter of prayer.
Rev. Tino
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July Birthdays … 5
Protect your health by finding out your risk of having a stroke by participating in the
Life Line Screening that will be at Trinity Presbyterian Church on Monday,
June 24, 2013.
Through ultrasound, the carotid arteries can be evaluated for the buildup of fatty plaque,
which is the leading cause of stroke. Register today for the Stroke, Vascular &
Heart Rhythm package by either calling the special Helping Hands
registration number by signing up for this health event. Not only will you be able to
receive $10 off any package of $149 or more, but Trinity Presbyterian Church will also
receive a $10 donation for every member who signs up and attends this Life Line
Screening event.
The Stroke, Vascular & Heart Rhythm Package includes four screenings: carotid artery,
abdominal aortic aneurysm, peripheral arterial disease and atrial fibrillation. To schedule
your appointment and to receive this special offer, call the designated Helping hands
number 1-800-324-9458 or by going to to register. You
must sign up one of these two ways to get the $10.00 discount.
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The Trinity Trancept
June/July 2013
Presbyterian Women submitted reports to our Session and Presbytery in January that showed a large variety of many mission
activities for this past year and the giving of many dollars to mission projects; including international, national and local ones.
We have assembled and donated hygiene kits for the Presbyterian Disaster Fund which was used after storms and tornados in our
area. Sheets for use in Haiti, purchase of items made by Haitians and sold to raise money to build a local church and school,
contributions to Mother's Cupboard (food pantry) and now items for our own Camp Cherokee Retreat Center whose funds have
been by over 300 % from churches in the Presbytery due to the present economy. Snacks which can be sold to the campers are
being collected such as candy, crackers, juice boxes, soft drinks, etc. (No peanut items or any containing peanuts due to possible
allergies among the campers.).
We are completing this year's Bible Study on several Epistles titled "Dispatches from God.'
We are glad to welcome Paulette Penn and Marcia Eder to join us in Bible Study, prayer and mission work.
There were four PW ladies who attended the 'Gathering" at Marietta First Presbyterian Church in March.
We also attended the Presbyterian Village Auxiliary fundraising luncheon on April 27th and enjoyed a program of classical
piano music as well as prayer and devotion.
During the time for the Helping Hands Mother's day offering in May we plan to have a child of the church to Buddy with a PW
member for a "getting to know you" time.
New officers were elected in April and will be installed in May during the Birthday Offering luncheon. We will meet at Clara
Lacy's home (the Lodge at Bridge Mill) to install the new officers and celebrate the Birthday offering. New officers are:
Alice Delattre and Julia Mooney co moderators
Vivian Little, Secretary
Marion Lindstrom, Treasurer
Paulette Penn, Missions.
Our theme for this year has been showing God's love to others, the church, the community and the world.
We have certainly seen evidence of God's love during this year!
PW will meet in the summer with a project of organizing, cataloguing and shelving books under Alice Delattre's direction, for
our new Holly Hite Memorial Church library in the Education Building.
Please join us as we put "feet' to our prayers to learn and do God's will. We meet the second Tuesday at 10:00.
Vivian Little & Julia Mooney
Yours in Christ,
Honey Burfield
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The Trinity Trancept
June/July 2013
Session Members
Ongoing New Senior Ministry
After an invitation to join in to locate those in need of
transportation to church, many members volunteered to
get the word out and participate in a survey to locate
seniors and others who need a ride to our Church. Our
church members are participating whole heartedly in this!
The information has been placed in various publications.
Now we would like to ask members to distribute fliers to
post on bulletin boards or give to others to explain the
service. If YOU know of anyone, please contact Vivian
Little at 770-893-3738.
Tino Ballesteros - Pastor
Eleana Garrett – Ministry Partner
George Pierce - Clerk of Session
Keith Vansant - Worship
Vivian Little – Mission &
Vivian Little - Christian Educ
Melvin Hancock - Treasurer
Honey Berfield - Cong’l Care
Alice Delattre & Julia Mooney PW Co-Moderator
Melvin Hancock - Publisher of
Church Directory
Teri Abercrombie – Administration
Helping Hands Mother's Day offering for Presbyterian.
Village residents so that no one will have to leave the
Village due to financial problems,
Supplies being collected for Camp Cherokee to sell
snacks to campers to help with funding which has been cut
If you want to get involved in a committee,
have questions or suggestions for a
committee, please contact the session
Mother's Cupboard:
First Tuesday of each month delivered by Mike
Abercrombie- canned goods and cleaning supplies or
paper goods for those in need .
Random Acts of Showing love and kindness to others.
Vivan Little
As a part of educating our congregation, we have committees in
need of assistance. Please decide which committee you feel you
would like to serve on and contact the chairperson. The
committees are Clerk of Session, Worship, Mission/Outreach,
Christian Education, Treasurer, Building/Grounds,
Congregational Care, and church Directory. Their telephone
numbers can be found under Session Members above. (We may
be contacting those who don't call us. We want you! We need
you! We look forward to all of Trinity's family participating.)
Your time and talents can be used for God's service in this way.
Kathy Pierce continues to teach the multigenerational Sunday
School Class at 10:00 on Sunday morning with good reports of
learning and enjoyment from all ages.
Tracy Fuller teaches the Church School for the children 12 and
under and any visitors. After the Children's Sermon with Rev.
Tino each Sunday. On the First Sunday they return to the
sanctuary in time for Communion.
Please let us know your suggestions and ideas for helping our
Church to grow physically, in size, in service and in outreach to
Vivian Little
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The Trinity Trancept
June/July 2013
Dates to Remember
Upcoming Events
1st Communion
9th Session
11th Presbyterian Women Meeting 10:00 am
Kathy Nicols
Clara Lacy
George Pierce
Courtney Dyson
Carl Abercrombie
Chase Spivey
David Pierce
Howard Jacobs
Dean Mooney
Independence Day
Presbyterian Women Meeting 10:00 am
No Birthdays