WT2000 Chromatic Tuner



WT2000 Chromatic Tuner
This product is warranted to be free of defects in materials
or workmanship to the original purchaser for a period of 3
years from the date of purchase. Should warranty service
be required, return the unit postage paid along with the
original sales receipt to:
Whirlwind Music Dist., Inc.
99 Ling Road
Rochester NY 14612
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WT2000 Chromatic Tuner
• Ideal for tuning in live concert situations.
• Accurate and super stable tuning.
• Output is muted when tuning.
• Super bright display and LEDs for tuning
in bright light conditions.
• Chromatic tuning over a wide range, works
well with guitar, bass guitar, violin, etc.
• Tunes to standard A=440.
• True Bypass functionality.
Whirlwind will, at its option, repair or replace the unit.
This warranty does not cover damage resulting from
abuse, unauthorized modifications or use of the product in
unintended applications.
www.whirlwindusa.com • 800-733-9473
2/25/10 10:14 AM
WT2000 Chromatic Tuner
Tuner manual.indd 4-5
1: INPUT JACK - Connect a cord from your instrument here. Removing the cord from the INPUT jack when
not in use disconnects the battery, which will prolong battery life. The battery is also disconnected when
the unit is switched OFF.
2: OUTPUT JACK - Connect a cord out to your amplifier here.
3: 9 VOLT INPUT - Connect an optional power supply here. Accepts an industry standard 9 Volt regulated
DC supply with a 2.1mm barrel type connector, center contact negative.
The Whirlwind PS9V-EFX power supply is recommended for proper operation.
4: FOOTSWITCH - Turns the tuner on and off. When turned ON, the signal is muted at the output jack for
silent tuning. When turned OFF, the power is removed from the tuner to prolong battery life. The WT2000
operates as a “True Bypass” device. That is when the unit is OFF, the tuner’s circuit is completely removed
from the signal path.
5: DISPLAY WINDOW - Displays the note that has been detected by the WT2000. Two small dots in the
upper corners illuminate to indicate a sharp. That is, a “C” displayed plus the dots indicates a C# note.
6: LED DISPLAY - Indicates whether the note being tuned is sharp or flat. A lit LED to the left of center
indicates that the note is flat. A lit LED to the right of center indicates that the note is sharp. When the
center blue LED is lit, the note is in tune.
7: BATTERY COMPARTMENT - Remove 4 screws on the bottom of the unit to access the battery. Be sure to
leave the protective insulator in place to prevent the circuit board from contacting the metal case.
2/25/10 10:14 AM