June 2015



June 2015
AICUO Affiliate Member Newsletter - June 2015
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AICUO Affiliate Member Newsletter - June 2015
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June 2015
AICUO Affiliate Member Newsletter - June 2015
Achieving Campus Wide Uniformity & Ease of Ordering
Jeremy Waterfall MJW Graphics
All colleges and universities have regular printing needs such as: signage, brochures,
envelopes, NCR multiple part forms, business cards etc. Print costs add up when multiple
departments have budgets and freedom to buy what works for them. This approach can
be a budget buster. The solution - Online Ordering.
What is online ordering?
A personal portal/website is created for your college/university where the essential items
are placed in a catalog type format. Benefits?
Convenience of the ability to order anywhere, see a proof, and place an order all
within minutes.
There are multiple ways to control ordering – i.e. the ability to have purchasing or
department heads sign off on orders, or locking the site for only specific users from
Quick turnaround! Once the orders are entered they are started into production.
It’s a great, affordable option to rein in budgets and create the professional
uniformity that’s wanted.
AICUO Affiliate Member Newsletter - June 2015
Minors on College Campuses: Evaluating Your Legal Liability
Melissa Carelton, Bricker & Eckler
Individuals under the age of eighteen have always been present on campus in various
capacities, including as enrolled students, prospective students, summer camp attendees,
athletic recruits, visitors and enrollees in on-campus child care facilities. With the growth of
College Credit Plus programs, it is expected that the presence of minors on campus will
further increase in the coming years. In the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky scandal in 2011, many campuses began to
examine their policies and practices regarding minors on campus. Like this situation,
programs involving minors are often run by multiple departments that may or may not be
treating similar situations in a comparable—and protective—manner. In light of increased
attention on sexual assault issues and their complexities, it may be time to revisit your
policies and practices that address minors on campus. But where do you start? Here are ten suggestions for you to consider when evaluating your
current practices to determine if they adequately protect your college or university and the
minors on your campus....continue reading
Crisis Management Takes A Team
Jacklyn J. Ford
Elizabeth T. Smith Vorys Sater Seymour and Peas
A reporter calls looking for comment on allegations of serious drug activity on campus. A
student stops by to show you his soon-to-be-going-viral video of dining hall staff serving
food well past its expiration date. Protestors gather outside your window demanding
changes in the school’s investment policies. There are reports on your desk about
allegations of NCAA violations in your football program, hazing at the fraternities, sexual
assaults in the dormitories, and a leaky roof in the chemistry lab. And the Department of
Justice says it wants to conduct a Title IX or Title II compliance audit. All of this before
you’ve even had a chance for your first cup of coffee. Such is a Monday morning in the life
AICUO Affiliate Member Newsletter - June 2015
of today’s college administrator. As Robert Frost said, “[e]ducation is the ability to listen to
almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.”
So maybe not all of these things are likely to happen in a single morning. But whether they
happen in a single day or a single year, potential crises have a habit of coming in waves. And when they do, administrators need to have a diverse set of tools ready to deal with
them. Most of those tools however will be unavailable unless considerable pre-planning
has been done....continue reading
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