External Students in the University of Guadalaj ara


External Students in the University of Guadalaj ara
External Studentsin the
University of Guadalajara
Exchange students come
frorn a parbrer instihrtion
and benefit from not
paying hrition fees at the
Universi[r of GuadalqJara.
Independent shrdente do
not reccive this benefit and
must pay for the tuition
fees that the Universit5r
There are three types of academic stay according to their desired aim:
l. to study predeterminedsubJects,
2 a 3. to participate in researchprojects or to carry out internships.
These academic etayc are the
commonest way to undertahe an
exchange; they consist of regular
attendancc in one ef the Univereit5r
Your home insdhrtion is ln charge of
the revalidation of eq..lrses and the
ways in which to achieve this, for
which reason it Ssa#sable that you
farniliarize ;rmrrself with the process
and its conditbne b&üe you proceed
im ply
participation in a project,
whether it be research or
Required Documents
Institutional letter of petition signed by the
person in charge of the Mobility Programme at
the home ingtitution.
FIE- t http:/ /www.cgci.udg.mx/formatos/fie 1.pdf
Current academic record (transcript or partial
certifrcate), translated by the shrdent and
affirmed by the e:<change coordinator.
Lctter outlining the reasons why you wish to
shrdy at the Univeraity of Guadalajara.
Curriculum vitae in Spanish; a maxlmum of 2
?hree credential-ei:zed photographs (4cm x
Copy of official identJfication (passport or
identity eard!.
Copy of proof of rcquhed knowledge of
Spaniah (for ehrdents whose native language
is rtot Spanieh).
Proof of international medical insurance; a
copy of which ie to be sent to the General
Coordination of Cooperation and
Internationaliaation once the confirmation of
acceptance hac been received.
(OnIg Research and Internshrps/ A plan of the
work to be undertahcn, in Spanish, and
authorized both by the person in charge of the
Mobility Frogramme and the academic tutor in
your institution.
Accommodationin Guadalajara
Thc trlcademic Services Coordination
of CUCEA. ampport students in the
ecarc*r acsmmodation.
More fnformation:
[email protected] mx
The General Coordination
of Cooperation and
Subjects catalogue link: www. siiau.udg. mx
I Formulationand Appraisal of InternationalBusinessProjects
The course develops knowledge in students, skills and ability to built up studies of formulation
a1f appraisal of international business projects with a comprehensive and multidisciplinary
r Strategic Planning of International Business
Design the strategic process to apply to institutions, in order to facilitate the achievement of
international business.
I International TYade
Study the importance of economic relations in the world, how to register trade flows and
integration processes taking place at present to then move to shrdying the strategies that
exporting companies need to adapt. The course includes the theory of international trade,
monetary aspects of tradewhich explores the merchandise trade balance, balance of pa5rments
and other records of trade flows, the processes of cooperation and integration business,
competitive strategies and the exporting company structure.
r Marketing
The course is considered of utmost importance for students mainly to the area of Economic
Management. The graduates of these areas need to be competitive, namely sell their services
and achieve a satisfactory professional growth and development. It sees the whole
conceptualization of marketing.
r InternationalTrade Logistics
This course allows the shrdent to organize training professional practice of import and export.
Irarning to u,se the necessary tools to take a product from a source to overseas. Knowinä Ut.
proper use of package and product packaging for transport. Recruit Security Transport wittr
the most appropriate coverage.
r ForeigmTrade
It presents an ovenriew on the institutional relationships between government and private
initiative in the Mexican Foreign Trade. The course contains a quick historical review of trade
relations with the outside of Mexico, the legal framework that sustains it at present, its
structure and composition as well as analysis of trade agreements that our cbuntry has
established so far and an introduction the major operational issues of trade between Mexico
and its trading partners.
+ Cultural Differences
To_develop in students the capacity to analyze the most important variables, especialty of
culture in international negotiations. To understand why people behave as they do in ordCr to
identi$ their needs, so we can meet them. Knowing the cultural differences and similarities to
be applied in the interpersonal negotiations, business, international or otherwise linked to
corporate governance, whether profit or not.
'} Marketing Research
The pr,actice of marketing research is undergoing profound changes in methodologl and
technolory in order to meet the information demands of those who make decisions baEed on
p4ryafy and secondary data on a detailed analysis of the sources and validity. Collection,
validation and proper handlingof information for decision-making.
Integration into the
University Centre
The Department of Scholarships and Exchanges in the
University Centre thatyou will attend is the frrst port of
call during your academic stay at the University of
Guadalajara. The stalf will help you with the integration
process, they will assist in orientating you in regard to
the classrooms and services that the University Centre
provides, and they will be there to help you with
whateveryou mayneed.
It is important that you obtain the student credential;
besides serving as an official identification during your
stay in Mexico, with it you can obtain special benefits,
such as free or reduced-price access to museums and
some cinemas, and discounts on local and nationwide
I)epartment of Scholarships and Exchanges in GIIGEßI [email protected]
With the institutional acceptance
letter that the CGCI issues and
t o th e E xch a n g e
Coordinator at your institution,
you can begin the process of
obtaining the shrdent visa that is
required to enter Mexico.
The Constitution of the United
States of Mexico (Mexican Law)
establishes, underArticle 42 of t]ne
that all students who undertake
an academic stay of more than
three months must enter Mexico
with a shrdent visa in order to
begin their studies in official
educational establishments.
More Information: [email protected] mx
More Information
The Gioneral Coordlnetion of Cooperatlon and
Anfuersltg of Guadalrl;Jo;ra,
http :/ /www.cgci.udg. mx/ eng_contacto.php