Poster - Taller de creación literaria



Poster - Taller de creación literaria
The Embassy of Mexico
in collaboration with the
University of Pretoria
invites you to the:
held by Dr. Luis Felipe Lomelí
DATE: 21 July 2011
TIME: 17:30
University of Pretoria, Hatfield Campus
CSC Auditorium
Humanities Building
HB 3-18.1
Every literature explores the human condition, deals with the questions of who we are and who do
we become after migrating through time or space - either forced by violence, economical conditions
or a biological imperative. Mexico has been a multicultural and multiracial society for more than five
hundread years, and thus have been the answers of its writers to these questions.
Luis Felipe Lomelí (Guadalajara, 1975)
Writer and philosopher, Ph.D.
In 2001, he won the highest prize in México for a collection of short stories, the Literature National Fine Arts
Award "San Luis Potosí", and in 2004 the Latin American Short Story Award "Edmundo Valadés". He has
been fellow of the Organization of American States, the National Fund for Fine Arts of Mexico, the Ministry of
Culture of Colombia, the National Fund for Science and Technology of Mexico, among others. Dr. Lomelí has
published works like the novel Cuaderno de flores (Tusquets, 2007) and the short stories collections Todos
santos de California (Tusquets-CONACULTA, 2001). He is considered the author of the shortest short story
in Spanish, The Emigrant: Forget something? -If only. His work has been translated to French, Arabic,
Japanese, Slovenian, Hungarian, Russian, among others.

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