Jacksonville Elementary School


Jacksonville Elementary School
Jacksonville Elementary School
3400 Hillendale Heights Rd. Phoenix, MD 21131
Debbie Glinowiecki, Principal
Nancy Aumiller, Assistant Principal
November 7, 2013
Dear Parents,
This week in particular is packed with special activities for our students. Jacksonville
was chosen to be one of the first elementary schools to have the AG (Agricultural) Lab visit.
Every class will be instructed in the mobile lab on a topic pertaining to the watershed or the sun’s
impact. This continues until next Monday. The fifth grade is learning ballroom dancing during
their special period. Hesitant at first, I guarantee that by tomorrow we will have some potential
candidates for a dance show! Finally, we will welcome veterans from WWII, the Korean War,
and the Vietnam War on Friday who will speak to our fourth and fifth grade students. This
presentation has been organized by the Jacksonville Senior Center.
Next week ends with Conference Day. By now you should have been contacted by your
child’s teacher(s). We appreciate your assistance in scheduling your conference and in adhering
to the times allocated. In order to accommodate all parents, conference times have had to be
limited to 10-15 minutes, depending on the number of students per grade. If you feel you need
additional time, please let your teacher know and they will set up another conference at a later
American Education Week will be celebrated November 18-22. We are able to
accommodate two grades per day. More information can be found later in the newsletter
regarding AEW grade visitation schedule. We recommend you bring your license with you
although we will not be scanning upon entry if you are recognized and/or identify the child and
class you will be visiting. Instead we are asking anyone who hasn’t had their license scanned to
stop in the office prior to leaving. That way you will be in the system for the next visit/activity.
PTA and the administration decided we wanted to make it timely for parents who are visiting,
especially those who are working. Please wear the sticker provided and sign in at the concierge
desk when you enter.
Focused on Quality
Committed to Excellence
We will have three more Volunteer trainings during American Education Week. They
will occur each day at 11:30 in a room to be determined. Announcements will be made each day
stating where the training will occur.
Every school, including Jacksonville, has an emergency plan for any emergency that may
occur. If the school is placed on alert, any parent in the building will not be able to leave.
Likewise no one will be able to enter the school. If the school is on “lockdown” status, all
parents in the building will need to go to a secure classroom/office and doors will be locked.
Again no one will be allowed into the building. With the unprecedented large number of parents
in the parent pick-up line, it is important that all parents understand the procedures, although it is
our wish that nothing of this magnitude ever occurs at school.
Picture make-up day is Tuesday, November 26th. This is for those students who were
absent or parents who were not pleased with their original picture. If that is your case, please
bring the pictures back in exchange for the new pictures being taken.
Speedy recovery wishes are sent to Mrs. Teresa Wenck, our Friday vocal music teacher.
Mrs. Wenck had surgery and hopes to be back after the winter break.
Finally, don’t forget that December 2nd is now an elementary professional day. That
means that our students will be off from school Thursday, November 28 through Monday,
December 2nd.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Debbie Glinowiecki
Nancy Aumiller
JES Faculty Email Correction
The correct email for JANE COUGHLIN, SLP, is [email protected] The number 2 is
missing from the directory.
Don’t forget to stop by the office when you leave the building so we can sign you
out. If there was an emergency, the “who’s in the building” report is printed and
we don’t want to be looking for someone who has already left! Thank you.
If you use the fields at JES……..
Baltimore County Public Schools has re-seeded the lower athletic field
at Jacksonville Elementary School. Please refrain from using them,
either with personal play or team play until further notice. The fields
have been overplayed and this is a rare gesture for the school system to
be able to make these repairs. They have made a really good attempt for
their restoration. It will not be repeated. If they are trampled now they
will more than likely not recover and end up worse. These are
everyone's fields. Please respect this request.
Magnet Deadline
November 26, 2013
Remember that November 26, 2013 is the Magnet Schools Application Deadline. All magnet
applications MUST be completed and postmarked no later than November 26, 2013, in order for
your application to be considered. For more information, please contact the Office of Magnet
Programs at 410-887-4127 or visit their website at www.bcps.org/offices/omp.
Congratulations to the following students who read at least three books
(one being non-fiction) and earned an end of quarter average of 90% or
higher on their quizzes!! Just this week, first graders have begun taking
quizzes on the computer. REMINDER: The school-wide AR goal for
students in grades 1-5 is to read at least two fiction and one non-fiction
book each quarter, take a quiz and earn 90% or higher.
Grade Two
Clara Adams*
Ellie Armstrong
Will Bachran
Emily Backus
Brady Baxter
Alex Beynon
Parker Brennan*
Madelyn Brookman*
Maddie Bulgin
Adam Caudill
Trey Collins
Mia Connor*
James Culhane
Mariam Darraj
Mia DiAngelo
Anna Dudas*
Spencer Ford
Olivia Fulop*
Ryan Goldrick
Aidan Hanley
Maddox Helme
Olivia Hetherington
Ella Hogans
Meghan Kelly
Abbie King*
Jaya Kinley
Alyssa Koerner
Brooke Koska
Elaine Lee
Rebecca Liao*
Kaylee Lock
Kaitlin Marsico
Kylee Marziale
Sam McGee
Bryce Monacelli
Evan Mowbray
Ann Stuart Mueller
Adonia Mulegeta
Michael Oliver
Lily Peek
Anna Petrella
Kirsten Pierce
Megan Puente
Susan Radebaugh
Alex Richard
Karishma Shaikh
Madison Schultz*
Lauren Sugarman
T. J. Sweigart
Carly Vermeulen
Jack Wachter
Dallas Wagner
Piper Werner
Grade Three
Emelia Bowen
Dylan Cadigan
Kiera Currier
Matthew Dow
Kai Kai Du
Brooke Ellis
Morgan Griffith
Scott Hightower
Ben Iannantuono
Maya Kayastha
Kessler Lanford
Vincent Mendel
Jaxon Metzbower
William Pallan
Ally Reed
Justin Samels
Nate Trentler
Trent Waire
Madeleine York
Margaret Young
Grade 4
Ava Alcide
Pia Asseo
Kylie Barton
Mitchell Burrus
Zachary Caudill
Grade 4 (con’t)
Nicholas Charlow
Leah Collidge
Andrew Connor
Austin Dinger
Joe DiPino
Addie Feliz*
Briana Flemke
Taylor Gonce
Dillon Grimes
Will Harrington
Sophia Justen
Jack Keating
Charles Konkolics
Sophia Konkolics
Lucas Lobo
Emily Marsen*
Haley Matesa
Erin Mucha
Abigail Mummert
Nivi Munjal
Eliza Nixon
Andrew Podles
Ellie Puente
Madeline Richard
Sadie Rozics
Ava Silldorff*
Esha Singhai
Lauren Stitch
Max Traska
Rushil Vangara
Colin Verrett*
Timothy Wilcox
Katie Zhu
*100% Average
Grade 5
Kerry Cannon
Jack Dudas
Madyelyn Essig
Kevin Federico
Campbell Gleason
Maisy Helme
Taylor Hetherington
Catherine Hightower
Sawyer Jones
Ananya Khanna
A.J. Koska
Aiden Lynch
Maura MacLaren
Nandika Mahesh*
Cassidy Marsiglia
Evie McKenny
Julia Nicoll
Shelby O’Brien
Sophia Parker
Kate Proefrock
Noah Reichard
Samantha Reilly
Sean Reiners*
Jacob Reynolds
T.J. Sabia*
Colin Simmons
Sydney Stack
Marina Stehman
Lizzie Spallitta
Caitlin Stitch
Will Stocksdale
Eric Sugarman
Theo Sushko
Morgan Vermeulen
Ryan Woods
Vincent Young
Kathy Yao
Transcript Requests
If you will be requesting transcripts to be sent to private schools any time during the
school year, please put your request along with any recommendations forms in an
envelope clearly marked “Transcript
Transcript Request
Request” & “School Office”.
”. Recommendation
forms will be distributed to teachers through the school office. Please do not give
teachers your recommendation forms personally. It is preferred that the school office
distribute the forms so that they may be tracked to be certain that they are returned to the
requested schools in a timely manner. If you are requesting that a particular teacher
complete a form, please put the teacher’s name on the recommendation form before
placing it in the envelope
pe that is being sent to the office. There is also a $5 fee for EACH
set of transcripts that you’re requesting. Please enclose a check made out to
“Jacksonville Elementary”.
”. Transcript requests will not be processed without the
transcript fee. If you have
ave any questions, please contact Carol O’Brien in the school
office at 410 887-7880.
7880. Thanks for your help with the transcript process. We will do our
best to process requests quickly but please allow enough time for teachers to complete the
forms as their
ir daily schedule is a busy one!
American Education Week
Visitation Schedule
Monday, November 18 – Grades Kdg & 3
Tuesday, November 19 – Grades 1 & 5
Wednesday, November 20 – Grades 2 & 4
Your child’s homeroom teacher should send out a specific schedule for
their particular day. A few things to remember when visiting:
 Please turn your cell phone to off or vibrate
 If you must take a call, please go to the lobby for your
conversation, not just in the h
hall outside the classroom
 This day is for your child
child,, please make other arrangements for
 Due to space restrictions, we are not able to accommodate
parents in the cafeteria during lunch
Lost & Found
The lost & found is growing!!! It is that time of
year….chilly in the morning….warm in the afternoon.
Please have your child check the lost and found as
they go to lunch (it is just outside the cafeteria).
Notes from the Nurse…..
 Students who need to be excused from physical education for an extended
period (more than one week) are required to bring a written excuse signed by
their medical provider. The medical exemption should specify the nature of the
health condition and the length of time the student is to have restricted activity.
 Students are required to follow the medically ordered activity restrictions until
the date the doctor indicates they may be lifted, or a dated note from the doctor
indicating that the student may return to regular activities.
 We all want students to return to the fun and health activities that Ms. Springer
and Ms. Lee offer, but we need to make sure that students are safely returning
to activities after injuries and have been cleared by their physicians. Thanks for
your understanding and cooperation.
 We are finally getting chillier weather! Please send your children to school
dressed appropriately in pants and with sweatshirts/coats/outerwear.
Remember, if there is a school emergency, your child may be outside in the
elements. Always be prepared!
Group A streptococcus bacterium
red and white patches in the throat,
difficulty swallowing, tender or swollen
glands (lymph nodes) in the neck, red
and enlarged tonsils, headache, lower
stomach pain, fever, general discomfort,
uneasiness, or ill feeling, loss of appetite
and nausea, rash
Antibiotics (no longer contagious after
24 hours of antibiotic therapy)
(period of time
between being
exposed to a
disease and
2-5 days
Most commonly rhinoviruses:
may be viral or bacterial
runny nose, stuffy nose, cough,
hoarseness, and red eyes
No treatment, but can treat the
symptoms with salt water gargles,
cough drops.
2-3 days (may be up to 7 days)
Boost Bus Safety
et your child on board with school bus safety! To avoid dangerous situations and accidents, students must
follow bus safety rules and procedures. First, review your school’s specific bus rules and procedures with
your children. Then, make sure they understand these general bus safety principles.
Board the bus safely. Students should walk, not run, to the
bus stop. While waiting for the bus, children should stay in
a safe spot away from the road. Remind your child never
to never speak to strangers at the bus stop. When the bus
arrives, students should wait their
turn to board and never push or shove
on the stairs. Students should ask the
driver for help if they drop something
while getting on or off the school bus.
Avoid the “danger zone.” Children should wait for the bus
to come to a complete stop before getting off, and use
the handrails. When crossing in front of the bus, children
should take five giant steps away from the bus, make eye
contact with the driver, and cross
when the driver indicates that it’s
safe. Teach your child to look both
ways before crossing, and to stay
away from the wheels of the bus.
Follow the driver’s rules. Explain to
your child that drivers have to focus
on the road to keep students safe.
Distracting the driver, even for a
second, could put all the riders in
danger. Remind students to treat
drivers with respect, and always
follow printed rules or the driver’s
procedures—especially in case of an
Listen and report. Remind your child
to tell you if they notice something
odd or unsafe on the bus, such as the
driver seeming impaired or students
bullying one another. If your child
tells you about any inappropriate
behavior, speak to your principal.
Keep the bus calm and quiet. Students should find a seat
quickly and stay in it. Many schools have a code of conduct
for the bus—go over it with your child to make sure he
or she understands the behaviors that are acceptable
and unacceptable. Behaviors that might seem “cool”
(waving one’s arms out the window, for instance) can put
your child’s, and other children’s, safety at risk. Enforce
tough punishment if your child exhibits bad bus behavior.
Students should never throw things on the bus or out
the windows, or play with emergency exits. Make sure
students know to use their “inside voices,” and never play
loud music on the bus.
Web Resources
Watch for bullies. Alert the bus driver if students on
the bus are harassing your child. School bus drivers are
not counselors, but they are there to transport students
safely. You can work with them to find a solution to
The National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration has a bus safety pledge students
can take.
Visit SafeKids.org for factsheets on bus accidents
and safety statistics.
Your state’s Department of Transportation website
may have state-specific guidelines or activities
related to bus safety.
Report to Parents, written to serve elementary and middle-level principals, may be
reproduced by National Association of Elementary School Principals members without
permission. It can be posted to school websites, blogs, or sent via email. Back issues are
available to members at naesp.org.
RP 28:1
Volume 2 Issue 4, November 4, 2013
Jacksonville Elementary PTA
Greetings JES Families!
At this time of year I like to take stock of all the wonderful things we have
going on here at JES and in our wider community. First, I am tremendously
grateful for the generosity and spirit of everyone at JES who came out and
supported our Jogathon! We were very close to reaching our fundraising
goal and raised a total of $21,000! Thank you, your relatives and your
friends for all of your contributions. With this success, we will be able
to fund the majority of our PTA initiatives for the year. If you did not get
a chance to donate but still wish to do so, it’s never too late. You can
either donate on-line at JESPTA.ORG or you can send in your check.
The jog-a-thon was followed closely by a fun Harvest Hoedown,
organized and run by Dave and Teresa Hochrein with help from
Chrissy New and Stephanie Vail, and Charles Village Pub, DJ Dan
Hochrein, and Lovely Manors. A good time was had by all. Thanks
Dave and Teresa and your team for another great event!
At this time of year I am also prompted to think of those less
fortunate, and happy to give my time and resources where I can.
JES PTA’s Outreach committee makes that easy by sponsoring our
annual food drive (going on now) and our Holiday gift and present
drive (starting on the 18th). Please consider sending in food and
or presents, the recipients are so grateful for your donations.
Hopefully you have American Education Week on your calendar.
Plan to come see your children’s classrooms in action November
18-22. And for all your information needs about the JES goings
on, I hope that you are utilizing our great new website www.
JESPTA.org, developed for us by Todd Whittle and maintained
by Danielle Confer – what an amazing and useful resource!
Thanksgiving Food Drive
PTA Executive Board Meeting
BoxTops & Labels BUILD US UP monthly
Chick-Fil-A Fundraiser
American Education Week
Holiday Present Drive Begins
Beans & Bread
JES Pizza Night
Thanksgiving Break
More Gratitude to:
Our new Hospitality Chairs Jamie Beynon and Laura Beynon – great job and seamless
transition! Look for the delicious goodies during American Education week!
Mary Dawson Watson – our new Cafeteria Chair for organizing volunteers and bringing order to chaos in the cafeteria
Felicia Sharples and Gail Overcash for their dedication to fun Green School initiatives
Laura Reiners and Jennifer Hazlehurst and their team for organizing another successful blood drive in October
Kay Holman for Chairing our very exciting new event – the JES Winter Olympics – Coming in February
--- Stay tuned, you’ll be hearing a lot about this very soon!
Katie Kotras, Karen Verrett and KK Proefrock for fundraising, bookkeeping and accounting!
Thank you all so much for your time, energy and commitment!
Happy Thanksgiving! Kathryn Delahanty-Stewart, PTA President
Jacksonville Elementary PTA
November 4 – 21
Over the past couple years, Jacksonville Elementary has donated Thanksgiving meals to
hundreds of families in need. This year, our goal is to provide 50 more families with a complete
holiday dinner. Please help us meet our goal by donating the suggested items during the weeks
of November 4th - 21st.
Donations can be placed in the marked boxes outside each classroom. Thank you for your
continued generosity!
Cornbread Mix
Macaroni and Cheese
First Grade:
Turkey Stuffing Mix
Instant Mashed Potatoes
Second Grade:
Turkey Gravy
Canned Apple or Pumpkin Pie Filling
Third Grade:
Canned Vegetables (Corn, Peas, Green Beans)
Fourth Grade:
Cranberry Sauce
Fifth Grade:
Canned Sweet Potatoes
Large Disposable Foil Turkey Roasting Pans
Please also consider donating a turkey, or making a monetary donation which will be used to
purchase turkeys and fresh rolls. Make checks payable to JES PTA and return to school in an
envelope marked: Community Outreach - Holiday Food Drive. If you’d like to donate a turkey or
have any questions contact MAUREEN CANNON at 443-386-2199
gives thanks
Volume 2 Issue 4, November 4, 2013
The Box Tops and Labels contest now includes TYSONS PROJECT
A+. You can continue to BUILD US UP each month by sending in
your clipped Box Tops, Labels for Education AND Tysons Project
A+ labels. Each Tyson Chicken Project A+ label is worth 24 cents
to JES!
In our first collection, JES received 12,128 Box Tops worth
$1212.80 and 12,800 Labels for Education points! We are off to a
great start!
Congratulations to our fastest builders so far:
Top Homeroom: Ms. Kunkel
Top Grade: 1st
The next collection deadline is MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11th. Use
the Lego collection sheets that are sent home or put your Box Tops etc. in a baggie or envelope marked with
your child’s grade and homeroom teacher.
Remember, there are PRIZES for the JES 2013-14 contest winners!
The Top HOMEROOM gets to silly string a teacher!! They also win a PLAYGROUND PARTY with their choice of
$100 in new playground & recess gear!
Jacksonville Elementary PTA
Volume 2 Issue 4, November 4, 2013
Hospitality Committee & American Education Week
American Education Week is November 18 – 22. The PTA Hospitality Committee
provides tasty treats and greeters for all the parents/guardians/grandparents etc
who visit the school during this time. If you would like to donate a baked good or
another tasty snack or if you would like to be a greeter in the front lobby please contact Laura
Beynon at [email protected] More information and details will be sent to you via Sign
Up Genius.
November 18 – December 13
There are three great ways to get involved!
1. Donate any unwrapped toy for a school aged child. Place in the Present Drive Bin located in the
school lobby.
2. Fill a child's wish: Take a wish tag off of our holiday tree. Purchase the item and return to the
Present Drive Bin in the lobby. Please be sure to tape the tag to the gift!
3. Purchase a gift card. This is the easiest way to give. Simply place a gift card of any amount or a
monetary donation (checks made payable to JES PTA) in our gift card box. These gift cards will be
distributed to families in need right here in Jacksonville.
Please return all gifts by December 13th. We only ask that you be as generous as you can. This is a great
way to give back this holiday season, so involve your kids and teach them the true spirit of giving! THANK
YOU in advance for supporting this drive and making the holidays truly merry!
**Also look for the HAT, MITTEN AND SOCK tree beginning December 2 - December 13**
Questions?/Want to help? Contact Alicia Matesa at [email protected]