A program of Say “Aaah” Weather Closing Policy A



A program of Say “Aaah” Weather Closing Policy A
Central United Methodist Church
5144 Oak, Kansas City, Missouri
A program of
Fridays January 3 to March 7, 2014
Winter 2014 Edition
Offers Learning and
unlimited fun with classes,
speakers and new friends.
Come for one class or
enjoy several of them!
Only $15 for an entire
10-week curriculum.
More Details at
Explore Your Future
This session Adventures” will feature four interactive “Explore Your
Future” workshops. This hands-on
learning experience invites 50+
year-olds to consider “what’s next”
and design a fulfilling future. Plan
to attend from 10 a.m. to noon on
these Fridays: February 14, 21, 28
and March 7.
Weather Closing Policy
In case of bad weather, Adventures
in Learning follows the Kansas City
Missouri School District’s closing
policy. If the schools are closed,
Adventures classes will be cancelled.
When the weather outside is frightening, check TV or radio for weatherrelated closings.
Adventures in Learning Meets 40
Fridays per year, thanks to our
dedicated volunteers who plan the
programs and run the operations on
Friday mornings. If you’d like to be
part of a fun, talented, and committed
volunteer group, call
Shepherd’s Center Central,
Visit us at www.sccentral.org
Welcome to the 2014 Winter Term!
It’s a new year with a new Adventures’ term. We’ve developed an interesting collection of classes and guests from which you may choose. Our Noon Forums will
feature a woman who lived on Alcatraz Island as a teen; a Kansas City Star reporter
to discuss his columns. Another guest spent 16 years performing (including as a
clown with the Greatest Show on Earth) before he joined Hallmark’s.
These and other original classes begin January 3. We hope they catch both your
eye and your interest.
A Tasteful Series...
We invite you to an 11 a.m. local Restaurants Series focusing on ten of Greater
Kansas City’s restaurants and owners who began here. For example: Remember
Helen Stroud’s place for chicken dinners – the one under the bridge? What about
our legendary BBQ? The Fiorella family created distinctive sauces and styles. Do
you know who Governor Stumpy is named for? Did you ever eat breakfast at
Nichol’s in the early hours? Anthony Sosa’s now opened an all night diner on that
corner. Meet Patrick Ryan, chef of a really unusual Mexican restaurant. For the
rest, read inside. Each Friday, we’ll feature a guest to tell their story of how they
began here and why they stayed.
It Takes a Village...
We are beginning a new series called “Help When You Need It.” We’ll feature
many of the different and interesting people whose focus and skills make our
community better and our cities positive places to live. We spotlight the police
and fire department where special training, timing and availability have made
the difference in so many people’s lives in emergencies or after tragedies. In
addition, we’ll feature a variety of organizations like Harvesters, United Way,
Meals on Wheels, and AARP to highlight KC’s do-gooders: what they do and
why it is important.
Say “Aaah”
Joie Tenenbaum returns to teach tonal tidbits in “Curtain Up” class. Remember deep
breathing? It‘s good for you; Joie helps you reclaim it. How about diction? Look in
the mirror and pull out your tongue. Good golly. Got to do something about that.
Minimally-painful tongue twisters will be issued. Those who like to recite will be given the podium each week too. Your friends will notice improvement. Don’t tell them
it’s from your class. Just smile mysteriously and begin reciting the poem you read for
Getting To Know You
Ruth Blake
You can’t find Ruth Blake on Google. When she was routinely challenging the status quo, there was
no Google. Born in KC in the 20s, Ruth began a life of firsts: at age 14, she graduated from Central
High. Then she earned an AA at Metropolitan Jr. College, went on to MU/Columbia where she was
the only female in those days (the 40s) to earn a Business Economics degree. She followed that
with a Masters in Music History from KCU in 1954.
Ruth met Russell (her future husband) at Jr. College. Then WWII began: she enrolled at MU; he joined the Navy Air Corp
and flew jets. After they wed, he worked for Federal Aviation until retirement and served in the Reserves. They raised
three children.
By the 60s, as her children grew older, Ruth began outside work: founding MU’s Alumni Alliance and becoming UMKC’s
Alumni Association’s first woman president. By the 70s she was the Board President of KC’s Civic Orchestra and owned
two companies: Blake Development Co. and RMI Media Productions. In the 80s, the governor appointed her to MO’s
Corp. of Science and Technology. “Who’s Who in the Midwest” listed her seven years. For 11 years, she was on KCP&L’s
board. She was the sole woman and chair of Jackson County’s Economic Development Commission, on the KC Area Economic Development Council’s Steering Committee and the first woman in KC’s Chamber of Commerce. In 2005, President George W. Bush honored her volunteerism with seniors.
Ruth was on Shepherd Center Central’s Board 12 yrs. and on Adventures’ Leadership Team until recently. She was
Central United Methodist’s Business Manager until 1994 and served on its Board of Trustees. She arranged Adventures’
guest speakers and classes and emceed Noon Forums.
Today, daughter Rhayma lives on an island off Washington State. Brian’s family lives in KC (He’s been a Noon Forum
presenter on Boy Scouts of America). Roger and his family live in Des Moines. Ruth now has five grandchildren.
After Russell unexpectedly died in 2010, Ruth learned to handle the car, home repairs and finances. She has an “I-pad”
and full-size computer. She enjoys her big car; likes living in her home of 28 years.
After doctors epoxied her vertebrae together, she recovered from a wrenched back. She’s back wheeling all over town.
Ruth’s especially proud of being a mentor to young women by so often being first. “Somebody had to do it. I was qualified.” Check it out, Google!
Curtain Up!
Joie Tenenbaum
Line Dancing
Mary Lou Snyder
Special Series:
“Locally Owned
(See insert)
Laverna Land,
Melba McFadden
(See insert)
Special Series:
“Help When
You Need It”
(See insert)
Registration starts at
8:30 a.m. You’re always
welcome in the
Hospitality Room beginning
at 8:30 a.m. Stop by for coffee, treats & conversation!
Visiting Nurse Association’s
Terri Finnigan, R.N. will join us
on these dates for health checks:
January 24th-Blood pressure
and blood sugar
February 28-Blood pressure only
(See insert)
News & Views
Dick Ballentine
Cher Bonilla
Sit & Be Fit
Anne Massa
(See insert)
1:30 p.m.
10 a.m. to Noon on these
dates: February 14, 21, 28 and
March 7.
Noon Forum
Fabulous Speakers.
Terrific Topics.
Noon Forum starts Fridays at
noon and adjourns at 1:15 pm.
Pay in advance for lunch or
you may bring your own sack
January 3 Gary Kirkland
February 7 Henry Fortunato
Kirkland sings about almost anything: love, chickAs Director of Public Affairs at the Kansas City
ens, trains, TV dinners, mules, and grandmas. He
Public Library, Fortunato leads the Library’s
has performed at the Grand Emporium, Universipublic outreach effort including special events
ty of Missouri – Kansas City, Kansas State Univerprogramming, marketing, print publications, and media
sity, BB’s Lawnside BBQ, and KCPT Public Television, to
relations. Currently he is conducting research for a book on
name a few. Kirkland credits the musical influence of Elvis
his Kansas rambles. An avid walker, Fortunato will talk
Presley, Eddie Arnold, Hank Williams, Lightnin’ Hopkins,
about his 240-mile trek from Overland Park to Wichita.
January 10 Kevin Collison
Since 2001, Collison has been the development
reporter for The Kansas City Star. Before
joining The Star, he was a reporter in Buffalo,
New York, and Omaha, Nebraska. He graduated from the
University of Nebraska and has a master’s degree from
Columbia University School of Journalism. He will discuss
development in Kansas City with a focus on the urban core.
February 14 Senior Barn Players Have you
ever had really good friends who finally drove
you crazy? You’ve shared good times, but after a
little too much time with each other, you
snapped? In this comedy two couples have been
on the road together too long. Come watch one
of our own unravel: Pam Bauer plays one of the “Best Buddies.” It’s not Shakespeare -- it’s the Senior Barn Players!
February 21 Linda Chestnut
January 17 DarLyne Sheppeard
Since 2010 Chestnut has served as Chairperson
Sheppeard had the unique experience of living
of Southwest Community Services, an entity of
on Alcatraz Island during her teen years. Her
the Missouri Department of Mental Health. As
father served as an associate warden at the
chair, she oversees activities that bolster the
prison from 1949 to 1953. Sheppeard was born
285 employees of SWCS. Under her leaderin Leavenworth, Kansas. Besides Leavenworth and
“Where There Is Despair, I Shall Be Hope”
Alcatraz, her father’s work took the family to McNeil Island
in Puget Sound, Washington, and later to Milan, Michigan. became a reality. Chestnut will share stories and photos
from her experiences with Southwest Community Services.
January 24 Andre du Broc
In 1992, du Broc attended the now defunct
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown
College in Venice, Florida. He briefly joined the
Blue Unit of the Greatest Show on Earth® as a circus clown.
Currently Du Broc is the Director of Editorial for Hallmark
Custom Marketing. Du broc draws inspiration from
characters he grew up around in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
February 28 Jessica Rousseau
Rousseau is Coordinator of Group Sales &
Events at the World War I Museum. She
graduated from UMKC with a Bachelor of Arts
degree in American History. While in school,
Rousseau volunteered at the National World
War I Museum and has since joined the ranks as an
employee, working to coordinate events and group tours.
March 7 Pat O’Neill
January 31 Peter Witte
O'Neill is a local historian and known collector
Witte was appointed Dean of the Conservatory of
of blarney and lore. He is author of “From the
Music and Dance, and Professor of Conducting at
Bottom Up, The Story of the Irish in Kansas
UMKC in 2008. Since then, the Conservatory has
City.” After four years of research and recording
partnered with several local organizations that include the
the memories of Kansas City's Irish, O'Neill will
Kansas City Symphony, Kauffman Center for the Performing
in a second edition of this popular book.
Arts, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and the Kansas City
He is a fifth-generation Kansas Citian whose own ancestors
Ballet. He serves on the Mayor's Task Force for the Arts in
were among the city's early Irish.
Kansas City.
Our program is made
possible by the work of our
many dedicated volunteers.
2014 Leadership Committee
Marjorie Roberts, Chair
Pam Bauer
Jim Carolan
Dowe Harris
Marty Hatten
Shirley Legg
John Lutjen
Terry Moran
Melba McFadden
Rod Sampson
Join Us. All are welcome!
Adventures in Learning is a program of Shepherd’s Center Central.
Classes are held at Central United Methodist Church, 5144 Oak.
Please park and enter the church from the west parking lot.
Enjoy one class or stay from 8:30a.m. to 1:15 p.m. each Friday.
Our 10-week curriculums are planned year-round for mid-life and
older adults. Regular registration for the entire 10 week session
is only $15, Sponsor is $30 and Patron is $45. Costs have
increased and we are asking those who can afford to do so
select a higher registration cost.
You are welcome to come to any or all classes and stay for the
Noon Forum each Friday. You may bring a sack lunch or purchase
lunch. Your first visit is always free! Scholarships are available.
Low-cost transportation can be arranged for those nearby.
Member Agency
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5200 Oak
Kansas City, MO 64112
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Locally Owned Restaurants
Take a taste vacation from your chair at Adventures in Learning. What words come to mind when you savor an elegant meal
out or mentally search for that special place to entertain family or friends? Think diverse, multi-ethnic, unique, family owned
in the greater Kansas City area, each outstanding in their genre.
Additionally, consider the gamut of Irish, Swiss, Italian, Mexican, Bar-be-que, Fried Chicken, Steak House,Family Style, Diner
and Gourmet. One of the keys to longevity with health is to eat good food and enjoy socializing. Welcome to this opportunity to go on a tasteful adventure around the globe, at Adventures in Learning, and who knows, maybe you can meet a friend
at one of these tasty retreats!
Each 50-minute class is at 11 a.m.at Central United Methodist Church, 5144 Oak Street, KCMO
January 3 Stroud’s
February 7 Jasper’s
In 1933 Helen and Guy Stroud opened their BBQ
shack under the 85th and Troost Bridge. One day
she made pan–fried chicken and that was the end
of the BBQ. When Mike Donegan and Mike Hogan bought the
place in 1972, they got Helen’s permission to use her name,
recipes and motto: “We choke our own chickens.”
January 10 V’s
The family’s motto MITH means “Mirabile in
the House” whenever the restaurant is open.
Jasper Sr.’s original Waldo site, featuring tuxedoed waiters,
opened in 1954. Chef Jasper Jr. and brother, Leonard became
co-owners when their dad died. Jasper’s later moved to
103rd Street., dropped the tuxes and added a sausage cart.
February 14 Sosa’s 39th Street Grill
“V” stands for Vita Trotta. Her
Anthony Sosa reopened this corner where
Independence restaurant, designed by
Nichols Diner ruled for 80-plus years. Sosa spent
her architect husband Jay, opened in 1971. Vita’s dad planted
$25,000 to rehab it. The menu now includes
the lovely exterior grape arbor that can be seen from inside. cocktails. His predecessor Frank Nichols, opened his place in
In 1963 Vita’s first tiny place held seven stools and three
1921, handing it down to his brother and son before it closed
tables; now her third one holds 150. And it’s a keeper.
in 2006. Sosa wants to bring it back to its glory days.
January 17 Governor Stumpy’s
February 21
Kevin Ryan named his Grill House for his
grandfather, Edward A. Stine. Years ago,
Stine, a K.C. businessman/lawyer, kept demanding a band in a packed local restaurant replay “The Tennessee Waltz.” After five times, the bandmaster demanded
to know who was asking. Stine replied “Governor Stumpy.”
Some 60 years ago Andre and Elsbeth Bollier
immigrated here from Switzerland. Andre, a Master KonditorConfiseur, brought the Old World to Kansas City by recreating
a true Swiss confiserie. Soon, his boxed chocolates were put
at the top in “The Book of Bests.” Today three generations of
his family own and manage his many stores and tea rooms.
January 24 Jack Stack
February 28
Corner Cafe
Russ Fiorella opened the original Smokestack
BBQ in 1957. He trained his son, Jack, who then
launched Fiorella’s Jack Stack in Martin City in 1974. Now in
four metro locations, it offers barbecue with all the trimmins’. Their busy catering menu ranges from everyday to
gourmet. President Case Dorman will be our guest.
Ed and Kathi Rule, a founding family of Riverside,
opened a 40-booth café in 1983. Locals soon
jammed in, forming a “Liars’ Round Table” near the
counter. In 1994, a fire forced their son Jason, to rebuild. He
incorporated the family farm’s windmill and fireplace into the
complex, and the Round Table is back too.
January 31
March 7 Port Fonda
Gaslight Grill
Owner Dick Hawk opened this Leawood
steak and fresh seafood restaurant after selling his Lake of
the Ozarks hotel. He brought jazz clarinetist Lynn Zimmer
with him. Zimmer played in New Orleans with Al Hurt. Lynn
and the New Red Onion Jazz Babies now entertain five nights
a week, and Dick has been known to sit in at the keyboard.
This unique restaurant originally offered rustic
Mexican cuisine served from a custom 36 ft.
vintage Airstream trailer. The Pitch named
chef/co-owner Patrick Ryan “KC’s best chef.” Today Ryan and
partner Jamie Davila‘s place is a custom-designed 50-seat
upscale Westport restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows.
Adventures in Learning is a program of
Shepherd’s Center Central, made possible by many
dedicated volunteers.
All classes are held at Central United Methodist Church, 5144 Oak, Kansas
City, Missouri. One payment of $15 covers enrollment for all 10 sessions.
Stay for a single class, or attend classes of your choice from 9 a.m. to 12 noon,
then attend Noon Forum. Call Shepherd’s Center Central
For more information (816) 444-1121 or visit www.sccentral.org
9:00 AM
9:00 AM
10: 00 AM
11: 00 AM
Diary of Adam & Eve
Rod Sampson, Janet Culp
Citizen's Assist
Greg Moncrief
England & Germany
Jim Thornton
If Pills Could Talk
Rusty Ryan, Pharm. D.
Art Right Here-by
Someone You Know
Kathy Smith
Maggie Doedtman
America Then & Now
John and Dianne Wright
Herbs Used by the Colonists
Becky Bardin
Six Children in 3 Years?
John Lutjen
United Way 211
Scott Jones
Gilbert Quintana
John Locke Society
Homes Associations
Jim Carolan
Meals on Wheels
Heather Serrano
Japanese Gardens
Francis Lemery
Navigating the Affordable
Care Act
Elizabeth Darr
Travels with Charlie
Janet Culp
Transportation in KC
Tom Garren
Travel Along the Danube
Marty Jo Simmons
Depression in the Elderly
John Locke Society
As I seem to Recall…
Anne Massa
Marvin Sands
China, Ancient to Modern
Bill Buckner
If Pills Could Talk
Rusty Ryan, Pharm. D.
Kansas City Stories
Jan Regan
KCPD Victims Services
Jennifer Miller
Panama Canal
John and Dianne Wright
Collaboration Works
Peggy Smith
Terry Moran
Kathy Smith
MO Federation for the Blind
Dogs Give Back
Amy Wurst
Harvesters Ambassador
Katie Garate
Depression—an Overview
John Lutjen
What You Did in the ‘60s
Rod Sampson
Suicide Prevention
Dr. Nancy Osborn
John and Dianne Wright
Cancer Action
Karla Nichols
The Gift Within—Mental
Health Awareness
James Dougherty, Ph.D.
and Teresa Molina
Shelia Wright
Line Dancing, Curtain Up!, Basic Spanish, Bridge, News & Views current event discussions,
Sit & Be Fit exercises, Needlecraft, and great “Noon Forum” speakers.

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