Exchange Programme at Paris1 Pantheon Sorbonne



Exchange Programme at Paris1 Pantheon Sorbonne
Exchange Programme at Paris1 Pantheon
lecturer when they couldn’t tackle the problems by themselves and
then discuss some special examples. They are very hard working
in their course work, they would find many reference books which
Last year was a really exciting year for me! I have been to Paris1
were outside the course syllabus in order to enrich their studies.
Pantheon Sorbonne as an exchange student for one semester.It was
a really challenging task to get used to the life there. Everything
The five months exchange period went very fast and I have experi-
was in French, no internet access in my room and the French were
enced and learned much during that period of time. I can say that
unwilling to speak in English. Luckily, I met a friend who was
participating in an exchange programme will be a very good expe-
also an exchange student in CityU and her sister was studying in
rience for everyone.
Paris. She helped me a lot when I first arrived in Paris.
Everything went very well after I made some friends there, most
of whom were living in the same residence as me. They were also
exchange students and very quickly we became close friends. We
lived like a big family and took turns to make our own country’s
food. We spent every weekend exploring every corner of Paris,
traveled around France and chatted everyday till mid-night. We
made a promise between us, that we will meet in Paris again after
three years, during which we would travel around it.
The problems with language usually turned out to become jokes
Birthday Party
between us. I still remember once, when we were talking about
“Tibet”, I mistook it as “t-back”. It was a really funny conversation!
I found that Italians speak very funny English. Their intonation is
like singing, because they have a strong sense of rhythm.
I enjoy the European life very much. We spent nearly 3-4 hours on
cooking and dining, we enjoyed table wine with our meal and drank
Italian coffee after our meal. Politics were always the common
topic after meal. Maybe because I was the only one they knew who
came from HK, they usually asked me about HK. Most of them
were very interested in it, and some of them would even like to
choose their placement in HK.
They gave me a big surprise on my birthday. They secretly invited
all my friends in Paris to organize a birthday party for me. They
prepared many delicious Italian dishes, tiramisu, over twenty bottle
of different table wine, and a big poster containing our photos as
my birthday gift in the party! It was a really unforgettable experience for me.
The learning atmosphere there is totally different from here. The
students always prepared the course work before attending the
Tour Eiffel
lecture. During the lecture time, they would raise questions to the
Department of Electronic Engineering, City University of Hong Kong
SO Chun Wa
BEIE, Yr-2

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