YES, we do Kid`s Birthday Parties at Mandeville!



YES, we do Kid`s Birthday Parties at Mandeville!
YES, we do Kid’s Birthday Parties at Mandeville!
Book our private room for your child’s birthday
party at Mandeville. Choose a hands-on project
that combines gardening and crafting for your child
and guests to create and take home with them.
Bring in your own refreshments and tableware or
have your party catered by our Cafe.
Contact Carole at 604-434-4111
[email protected]
Wee Folk Garden
Design and plant a garden to attract the wee folk of legends and
stories to live in. Observant children might be lucky and catch a
glimpse of a fairy, elf, or leprechaun. Starting at $12 per child.
Dinosaur World
Dinosaurs of the Late Cretaceous Period once roamed a garden
of mosses, ferns and conifers. Use your imagination to build a
world in which dinosaurs thrived. Starting at $15 per child.
Mad for Minions
Who isn’t mad for minions? Craft your favourite fun loving
minion and give it a unique living hairdo. $20 per child.
Catch the Sun
Celebrate the return of the sun by planting up some seasonal flowers
in a sunshine yellow ceramic pot. Starting at $19 per child.
Painted Pots
Treat a terracotta pot as a canvas and create a one of a kind container to pot
up a plant from a selection of tropical or flowering plants or herbs. $12 per child.
Have an idea for a Birthday Party? Let us know!
4746 SE Marine Drive, Burnaby, BC