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July 2013
Tuition is due:
July 15th
July 29th
Coordinator’s Corner
Happy July!
We are now a month into summer and we have gone
on two field trips to Possibility Park and the Art
Institute. We are hoping that the weather warms up
just a bit, but as of now, the children get out as long
as it does not rain. We are excited to see some of our
school age friends return for the summer. They
always bring fun and excitement to the center.
With the weather finally warm enough, Ms. Mary and the school agers
were able to move their
garden outside. Please stop and check out the
growing flowers in the front pots and on the side
of the building.
This Month’s Happenings:
As summer moves forward, we wish all of our
families safety as many of you take vacations.
Please remember to let us know if you will be
gone for an extended of period of time. This way,
we can apply vacation time to your account if you
wish. We can also plan accordingly if we know which children will be
gone and which will be
attending. We appreciate your cooperation with this.
We hope that you all had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July!
Happy Birthday…………..1
Building Improvements…2
Virtues of the Month…… 3
Safety Tips………………...3
Parenting Tip………. …...4
Happy Birthday
July Birthday’s
Charlotte 7-13
And Ms. Jeffanee
Happy Birthday Everyone!
Building Improvements
Underway & Completed
As I’m sure most of you have noticed, we have had some building improvements in the last few
weeks. These include a new roof and a new key pad security system. The roof was finally replaced
after twenty years and having two layers. We survived the three weeks of nailing and pounding,
and believe that it was worth the
With the key pad system in
place, all those who pick-up children need to use a four digit code
to enter the building or be buzzed
in. There are still a few “kinks” in
the system and we are trying to
work those out, so we ask you to
be patient.
If you need to add someone to
your pick-up list, please let me
know. This way I can get them into
the system as soon as possible.
On the flip side, if there is
someone who will no longer be
picking up your child, please let
me know so I can then remove
them from the system. This will
free up numbers for others to use.
Also, at some point during the
summer months (when it dries out) the village of Mequon is going to be starting on a project that
will require them to tear up our driveway. The plan is that they will be tearing up a half at a time
so we are able to get in and out. As more information becomes available on this project I will be
sure to pass it along to you.
I to thank you all for your patience during this time. If you have any questions or concerns on
any of the projects, please do not hesitate to ask.

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