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CWT To Go™ is a complimentary mobile travel app available to all CWT travelers through their smart device’s app
store. Before and during their trip, CWT To Go gives travelers immediate access, via their smartphone or tablet, to
traveler services, such as itineraries, flight alerts and mobile check-in.
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How much does CWT To Go cost?
The CWT To Go app is complimentary to CWT clients and their travelers.
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Is CWT To Go available on my device?
CWT To Go is available in English on these device platforms:
A Android. A iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
A All devices with OS 4.0 or above. A All devices with iOS 8.0 or above.
A Kindle Fire
AWindows Phone.
A BlackBerry. A Windows Phone 8 devices.
A All devices with OS 5.0 or above.
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Is CWT To Go available in my preferred language?
CWT To Go is available in English for all devices. It’s also offered in French, German, Italian and Spanish for Android,
Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices, and BlackBerry 10 smartphones.
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How do I get the app?
Click here for Android, here for BlackBerry, here for iPhone/iPad, here for Fire or here for Windows Phone to go directly
to that device’s app store. You must have data enabled on your smart device and a valid account with your respective
app store to download and use the app.
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How do I access the CWT To Go app?
After downloading the CWT To Go app from your device’s corresponding app store, use your CWT account information
to log in.
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What is a CWT account?
For those users who already access CWT Portal with an email address as their user ID and a password, their CWT Portal
credentials are also their CWT account credentials. With a CWT account, users have the same login details to access
CWT To Go and CWT Portal, making it easier to manage their travel.
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What if I don’t have CWT Portal credentials (and, therefore, a CWT account)?
If you do not have CWT Portal credentials established, you will follow a simple self-registration process within the app
to establish your CWT account. Simply enter your work email address, and the app will walk you through the steps.
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I am not sure if I have CWT Portal credentials (and, therefore, a CWT account). What do I do?
Enter your work email address in the appropriate field and the app will direct you through the registration process step
by step.
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Are the same features available on all devices?
No, some features vary by device.
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I booked a trip through my company’s online booking tool or CWT travel counselor.
Will my reservation sync with CWT To Go?
Yes, your trip details (air, hotel, rental car, etc.) will automatically sync with CWT To Go and be able to be viewed and
managed as one master trip, whether you book online using your online booking tool or offline through your CWT
travel counselor.
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How long will it take for a newly booked CWT reservation to populate in CWT To Go?
Your trip information may take up to 30 minutes to sync to the app.
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Are rail itineraries available in the app?
Yes, rail itineraries are available in the app. Depending on the way the rail booking is processed, it may or may not
sync automatically. If your rail itinerary did not sync automatically with the CWT To Go app, email your confirmation to
[email protected] to have it added. You may also add the details manually on Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices.
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How do I add my non-CWT booked reservations/itineraries to my CWT To Go app?
On all devices, you can forward your non-CWT itinerary from the same email address that you use to access CWT To
Go to [email protected] Your trip reservation(s) will be automatically loaded into your app, and you will receive an
email confirmation upon successful upload of the information. Android, BlackBerry and iPhone/iPad users also have
the option of adding trip details to the app manually.
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I sent my non-CWT booked itinerary to [email protected], but it does not appear in my CWT
To Go app. Why?
You must send your itinerary confirmation from the same email address you use to access CWT To Go. In addition, the
travel confirmation must be from a supported travel provider.
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I received a confirmation saying my reservations were successfully added, but I cannot find
them in CWT To Go. How do I get the itineraries to display?
On Android and BlackBerry 10 or iPhone devices, initiate a manual sync on your device by tapping the sync button
at the top right in the “My Trips” menu of the application. (The sync button is represented by two arrows in a circle
on Android devices and one circular arrow on iPhone.) On iPad, drag down the “My Trips” menu to sync. On other
BlackBerry devices, press the device’s menu button and select “Synchronize Trips.” On Windows Phone, initiate a manual
sync by tapping the three dots in the lower right hand corner and then sync.
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In my list of upcoming trips, why does the trip name differ from my destination city?
The “Trip to” name comes from the city where the traveler stays the longest, which typically corresponds to the address
of the traveler’s hotel. That said, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad users easily can change the “Trip to” name using
the app’s edit trip feature.
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My travel provider is supported, but the confirmation email is being rejected. Why?
Please make sure:
A You forward the confirmation email as is. Do not alter it in any way.
A The subject and content of the email are in its original format.
A If your email program automatically adds the “FW” prefix in the subject line, it is okay.
A If the mailing program allows it, forward the email in HTML format, rather than plain text.
A Make sure the text of the original email is in the body of the forwarded email and is not sent as an attachment.
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How do I check in for my flight and get my paperless boarding pass?
Based on your itinerary information, CWT To Go determines whether online checkin and paperless boarding passes are available. When you click to check in, the app
connects you to your airline’s mobile website to complete the process.
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How many airlines are available for mobile check-in?
There are more than 250 airlines worldwide offering mobile check-in.
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Is mobile check-in available on all devices?
Mobile check-in is available on all devices with the exception of older
BlackBerry models.
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Calendar sync is available on Android, iOS, and select BlackBerry devices. It is not supported on Windows Phone nor
BlackBerry 10.
How do I turn on the calendar sync feature of CWT To Go?
Within the CWT To Go app, please do the following:
or iOS devices (iPhone/iPad):
A Go to Tools > Settings.
A Scroll down and tap “calendar sync.”
A Turn on “sync trips to calendar.”
A Select a calendar to sync the trips to from the list displayed.
A For
Android and Kindle Fire devices:
A Push the menu button on your phone, and select “settings.”
(Or, go to the “General” screen and tap “settings.”)
A Tap “calendar sync.”
A Tap the box next to “sync trips to calendar” to check it.
A Select a calendar to sync the trips to from the list displayed.
or other BlackBerry devices other than BlackBerry 10:
A Go to Menu > Settings > Calendar sync settings.
A Select “open.”
A Change “sync your calendar with CWT To Go” to “yes.”
A Select “yes” for each travel type you would like to sync.
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Calendar sync is on. Why didn’t my CWT To Go trip details immediately populate in my calendar?
When a trip is added to CWT To Go, there may be a delay seeing the details in your calendar. This is due to the sync
settings on your device, which differ for each device type and user.
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I’m an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch user. Why did I receive a message requesting permission for
CWT To Go to access my calendar?
Apple offers a feature that provides users control over apps accessing private information, such as calendars. After
enabling calendar sync for the first time, you will receive a pop-up message to grant the CWT To Go app permission to
access your calendar. You can change your permission setting on the device by going to Settings > Privacy > Calendars.
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On which devices is hotel booking available?
Hotel booking is available on iPhone, iPad, Android & BlackBerry10 smartphones.
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Why am I not seeing hotel booking options on my CWT To Go app?
Hotel booking is a client policy setup item; please speak with your Travel Manager to enable hotel booking. In some
cases, you may be in a country which doesn’t yet offer the mobile hotel booking option.
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What criteria can I use when searching for hotels?
You can search for hotels using your device’s current location, a city name, airport, landmark or address.
Searching by address will ensure that only hotels close to that location are shown.
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Will my company’s preferred hotel rates be available in hotel booking?
Yes, clients’ preferred hotels will be available and prioritized in the search results.
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Will the app advise me if a hotel is over my company’s nightly cost
Yes. In the results page, CWT To Go will call out which hotels exceed your company’s
spend policy (available June 2016).
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Do I need to update or download a new version of CWT To Go to
begin using hotel booking?
You do not have to update or download a new version as long as you are
currently using version of CWT To Go. To validate which version is in use, go to
your device’s app store.
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Will hotels booked on CWT To Go appear in my online booking tool (OBT) trip library?
Viewing your hotel bookings made on CWT To Go in your trip library on your OBT may vary on your company’s setup.
If you are able to view Travel Counselor reservations on your OBT, you will also be able to see your mobile hotel
bookings on your OBT.
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Can all hotel reservations be cancelled in CWT To Go?
You are only able to cancel the hotel bookings that were made via CWT To Go. All other hotel bookings must be
cancelled with a counselor or online booking tool.
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How will the app identify me as a travel arranger?
Anyone that is configured as an arranger in their CWT Portrait profile is able to use the Travel Arranger Trip Monitor view.
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How many travelers can I view on the travel arranger dashboard?
Up to 25 travelers will appear on the dashboard. The system displays the first 25 travelers that are received.
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Can I reorder the list of travelers?
No. The order of travelers is determined by the date the traveler arranger was associated to the traveler in CWT Portrait.
The order is from oldest to most recent.
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Are my travelers’ trips automatically synced to the Travel Arranger Trip Monitor?
Yes, trips booked via CWT will automatically sync to the Travel Arranger Trip Monitor. Should you need to add a nonCWT booked itinerary to a traveler’s trip in CWT To Go, you may forward the itinerary from your email address to your
traveler with a cc to [email protected]
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Will a traveler appear in the dashboard even if he/she is not using CWT To Go?
Yes, travelers using CWT To Go, as well as those that are not, will appear in the dashboard. For those that are not, you
may use the SMS feature to send a message to your travelers recommending they use the app.
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Can I sync my travelers’ trips to my calendar?
No, the ability to sync your travelers’ trips to your calendar is not currently available, but you can view them in the Trip
Monitor View.
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Can I sync my traveler’s trips to their calendar, if the traveler is not a CWT To Go user?
No, the traveler must be a CWT To Go user for their trips to sync to their calendar. You can use the SMS feature to
send their traveler a recommendation to use the app.
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Can I book hotels for my travelers?
Yes, if you are using the app on an iPhone and your company has enabled hotel booking in the app.
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Can I book flights for my travelers?
No, this feature is currently not available in the CWT To Go Travel Arranger feature.
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Does CWT To Go hold my loyalty numbers?
Your air, car, hotel and rail loyalty numbers that are housed in your traveler profile will appear in the app in the My Travel
Profile section.
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Is my credit card number in the app?
Your payment cards from your traveler profile are listed in the app with only the last four digits of the number appearing.
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Can I edit my traveler profile in CWT To Go?
The ability to edit your traveler profile within the app depends on how your company’s specific setup within CWT’s
traveler profile tool.
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Does the flight schedule feature display low-cost carriers?
OAG, an aviation intelligence company, provides the flight schedule information. If the low-cost carrier provides flight
schedule information to OAG, it will likely appear within the search results.
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Who supplies the information for the travel alerts?
FlightStats, a leading provider of day-of-travel data services to the travel industry and traveling public, supplies all flightdata information for the travel alerts that are pushed to your smart device. CWT encourages travelers to continue to
check with their airline carrier for updated information.
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Who supplies the airport maps shown within CWT To Go?
Airport maps are provided by HERE.
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How many airports are accessible via CWT To Go?
Over 350 airports worldwide.
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I’m using CWT To Go for the first time. Why can’t I see my upcoming trips?
Upon accessing the app for the first time, it may take up to 30 minutes for upcoming trips to populate. The amount
of time depends on the number of reservations per user. After 30 minutes, you may need to initiate a manual sync
on your device.
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Why is my completed trip still showing in the upcoming trips section of the app?
A trip moves to the past trips section approximately one full day after the last day of the trip. For example, if your trip
ended on June 20, it will move to past trips on June 22.
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Why didn’t I receive my flight notification?
Flight update notifications start 48 hours before the flight’s departure time. Please ensure notifications are turned on
within the app. (Windows Phone notifications are always on by default and cannot be turned off.)
A For iOS devices (iPhone/iPad):
A Go to Settings > Notifications > locate CWT To Go and tap on it.
A Ensure Allow Notifications is enabled:
A Enable and set one or more of the following to on:
n Show in Notification Center.
n Alert style (select banners or alerts).
n Badge app icon.
n Sounds.
n View in lock screen.
A For Android, BlackBerry 10 and Kindle Fire devices:
A To enable flight notifications, tap “Travel Notifications” from the “General” screen of the CWT To Go app.
A Verify the following settings under the “Flight Notification” heading:
n Notification display: Enabled.
n Time before flight: Choose number of hours before flight.
n Notification sound: On.
A To receive an audio alert:
n Verify that the box next to “Audio flight alert” is checked.
n If the box is empty, tap on it one time to check the box.
A For other BlackBerry devices:
A Go to Menu > Settings.
n Select flight reminder time.
n Turn trip reminder to on.
n Turn notification to on.
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Flight notifications are enabled. Why am I not receiving alerts?
If flight data is missing or late, it is probably due to one of the following reasons:
irlines occasionally provide data on their respective websites but not to the flight-tracking industry.
ome airlines do not provide actual gate departure or arrival times.
ome airlines do not share their data.
udget and charter airlines tend not to share data or only share limited data, so the flight may not be listed
until near the departure time.
ome airlines—particularly carriers outside the U.S.—do not share any gate data with the flight-tracking industry.
ates and terminals often are not provided until approximately 60 minutes prior to departure.
A I f you encounter longer delays or inaccurate information, please email us and include the following:
A Airline, flight number and departure date.
A The information that you expected to see.
A The information that the app displayed.
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Where can I get additional technical support and assistance?
Please refer to the list below and submit an email to the Technical Service Center for your country or region. You may
also tap on the “Support and Feedback” to send feedback from the app.
sia-Pacific: [email protected]
A Austria: [email protected]
A Belgium: [email protected]
A Denmark: [email protected]
A France: [email protected]
A Germany: [email protected]
A Finland: [email protected]
A Italy: [email protected]
A Netherlands: [email protected]
A Poland: [email protected]
A Spain: [email protected]
A Sweden: [email protected]
A Switzerland: [email protected]
A United Kingdom and Ireland: [email protected]
A Other European countries: [email protected]
A L atin America:
A Brazil: [email protected]
A Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and other countries: [email protected]
A T he Middle East: [email protected]
nited States and Canada: [email protected]
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