A solo exhibition by
Ulpiano Carrasco
Ulpiano Carrasco, in painting the
skyline of Singapore, has converted
the city to a legend. The colours of
Ulpiano underscore the character of
an urban metropolis; attractive to
culture and business; an epicentre of
opportunities; the New York of Asia.
Ulpiano's figurative transformation is
a metaphor of the architectural and
cultural transformation of the city.
The real art lies in the artist who does
not focus only on the apparent and
superficial, but knows how to find its
This "new" Singapore - confident,
brave, radiant, elegant and dazzling reveals the artistic genius of Ulpiano
--Jordi Barnadas
Galeria Jordi Barnadas
Ulpiano Carrasco, An Artist Who
Captures The Essences
The artist Ulpiano Carrasco is, in my
opinion, one of the most important
figures in the figurative expression
practiced by the new generations of
artists in Spain.
Born in a place away from the big cities
and in full contact with mother nature, he
learned the bright colors of plants and
flowers, and the sense of constant
spiritual progress that they express.
I first had the opportunity to know his
works in late November 1998 when he
exhibited in Barcelona. I was among the
first to notice how, through the intensity
of his colors, he had in his paintings not
only a forceful way of affirming the
strength of a society that combines the
natural with the man-made, but also an
important way of showing that people,
born of very different cultures and
traditions knw to work together towards
maintaining what is essentially their own
and understanding and sharing what
they have made together in positive
social progress.
In recent years Ulpian Carrasco has
exhibited in various countries in Europe,
Asia and America. His works have been
institutions and without compromise, he
has continued to express the urbanoriented strength and also the progress
of the nations which he has visited.
I am therefore very pleased that
Ulpiano Carrasco has now turned his
eye to Singapore and that he has been
transfixed by the urban growth of this
city, from its background as a fertile,
well-organized agricultura society, to a
large industrial development which
demonstrates its highways, pipelines
and electric service and techniques to
maximize the possibilities of growth,
and while yet always maintaining its
Singapore essence.
The origins of the artist Ulpian Carrasco
are found in the fields teeming of light
and color in his native Cuenca, a
beautiful and yet uncultivated place in
Spain, where the cold can be very
intense and the heat also very intense,
but where men have learned to be
honest with each others and carry
themselves full of dignity.
And so there he practiced his art,
that makes no compromise on its
themes, but uses all sorts of
reasons to affirm the strength of
the human being who knows to
learn from his surroundings.
Josep M. Cadena
Josep M. Cadena Art is an art
critic decorated with the Cross
of Sant Jordi for his pictorial
Ulpiano Carrasco is one of the most recognisable artists in
Spain, and whose works have been described as approximating
modern Van Gogh paintings. His bold paintings are distinctly
expressionist but tempered by a colourful Impressionist
palette, and give life to traditional genres such as landscapes
and still life. His cityscapes are vivid and incandescent,
transforming these cities into living and breathing creatures
In "Blazing City", Ulpiano paints the exciting and iconic Marina
Bay for the very first time in his illustrious career, melding his
trademark style to the complexities of modern Singapore: an
iconoclastic mixture of tradition and modernity, of dazzling
lights and grey steel. Moved by the daring architecture and
bright colours of the city, Ulpiano's first solo exhibition in
Singapore captures the soul and spirit of the Lion City in a way
like never before.
Ulpiano's works are exhibited regularly in Spain, France,
England, Belgiuum, Miami, Seoul, Monaco, Dubai and Geneva.
His works may be found in many prestigious public collections,
including the Toledo Museum of Contemporary Art, the
Spanish Contemporary Engraving Museum, Fundación Caja de
Navarra, Fundación Caja Madrid, the Fundación Banco CCM,
Fundación Antonio Pérez, the Gregorio Prieto Foundation,
and the Estevez Group Collection.
Financial District
100 x 100 cm
Oil on Canvas
Marina Bay
100 x 100 cm
Oil on Canvas
Fullerton Road
100 x 100 cm
Oil on Canvas
One Fullerton
100 x 100 cm
Oil on Canvas
Boat Quay
100 x 100 cm
Oil on Canvas
Art Science Museum
100 x 100 cm
Oil on Canvas
Yellow Fullerton
100 x 100 cm
Oil on Canvas
Night in Singapore
100 x 100 cm
Oil on Canvas
Conference Centre
89 x 130 cm
Acrylic on Canvas
Singapore Cubista
89 x 130 cm
Acrylic on Canvas
97 x 142 cm
Oil on Canvas
Sunset in Singapore
97 x 142 cm
Oil on Canvas
Map of Singapore
130 x 240 cm
Oil on Canvas
Work in Museums and Collections
Contemporary Spanish Engraving Museum, Marbella.
Museum of Contemporary Art in Toledo.
Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Madrid.
Antonio Pérez Foundation, Cuenca.
CCM Bank Foundation, Cuenca.
Collection Grupo Estevez, Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz).
Fundación Caja de Navarra, Pamplona.
Fundación Caja Madrid, Madrid.
Gregorio Prieto Foundation, Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real).
Pinilla Crespo Foundation, Cáceres.
Selection of Solo Exhibitions
Opera Gallery Paris, New-York, Singapore
Bay-Sala Gallery, Bilbao
Galeria Comas, Barcelona
Skoda Gallery, Madrid
Bay-Sala Gallery, Bilbao
Sokoa 25 years, Madrid
Galeria Comas, Barcelona
Artexpo, New York
Espi Gallery, Torrelavega, Cantabria
Opera Gallery Paris, New-York, Miami, Singapore and Hong Kong
Opera Gallery Paris, New-York, Miami, Singapore, Hong Kong and London
Het Zwanepand, Antwerp, Winter Hall
“Hispanic Heritage” Opera Gallery, Miami
“Tempting Memories "Opera Gallery, Hong Kong
Skoda Gallery, Madrid
Galeria Comas, Barcelona
Maravia Gallery, Cordoba
Walker Galleries, United Kingdom
Skoda Gallery, Madrid
Opera Gallery, Singapore. Bay-Sala Gallery, Bilbao
Galeria Comas, Barcelona
Opera Gallery, Dubai
Galeria Bay-Sala de Bilbao
Galeria Ángeles Penche, Madrid
Opera Gallery Singapore and Hong Kong
Galerie Montmartre, Espace Dali, Paris.
Galeria Comas, Barcelona
Time goes by packed with work and
emotion. To this day, I believe, I have
learnt the necessary essences to
represent in my creations the city of
Singapore and which inhabits in it. I
have gone through moments of
extreme anguish in search of
resources that could open me the
door to shaken those extremely
modern architectures that make up
the city. I have provided my
compositions with a language of their
own, having the sole to enrich my soul
now that the autumn, imbued with
greetings, knocks on my door.
--Ulpiano Carrasco
22 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249 679
T: 6635 4707
E: [email protected]