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Freedom Fighters
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As we wrap up our celebrations of Martin Luther King and launch Black
History month, it is a perfect time for us to honor people in our communities
who continue to speak out for social justice.
Roosevelt High School’s Freedom Fighters Project is an extraordinary
project that enables young people and the community to understand and
honor the work of our local Freedom Fighters. It provides a rare opportunity
for people form varied cultures and generations to share their personal
stories so young people could hear first-hand the value and challenges of
civic engagement.
As the project enters its third year there is much to celebrate. The program is
deeply rooted in the community and is now an integral part of a freshman
Humanities curriculum that combines the study of local history with the
development of writing and speaking skills. This fall 120 freshmen
interviewed 22 individuals who have taken a stand for social justice.
Colleges and community organizations across the state have requested the
exhibit and our students have been invited to present at a conference in
Washington, DC.
As educators, parents and community leaders we want to be sure this
program can happen every year so we are establishing the Freedom Fighter
Friends campaign. If 120 people pledge $100 for each of three years we
can ensure that the program will cover all expenses of exhibit and book
production and travel and our Freedom Fighter Reception at the Oregon
Historical Society.
Please join us and commit to a contribution of at least $100 each year for
the next three years so this program can thrive and help grow our next
generation of Freedom Fighters.
Mail Check to: Roosevelt High School/ Freedom Fighters
Mail to: Roosevelt High School 6941 N Central Street Portland, OR 97203
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