27 BestFoodLiteratureBook


27 BestFoodLiteratureBook
27 BestFoodLiteratureBook
inthe World
US - Jeffrey Steingarten
(Random House)
Australia - Stephanie Alexander (Viking)
France - Muriel Barbery (Gallimard)
New Zealand - Julie Biuso
(New Holland)
France - Senegal- Aminato Sow Fall
France - Guy Martin, Henri Gougaud
(Le Seuil)
India - VirSanghvi (Penguin)
The cultural and creativeaspects of food are at their best with food literaturewhich is enjoying a boom worldwide. Contests and books of short stories are now everywhere. Most
of the authors are journalistswho fulfilltheir main desires by publishinga book. Most of
the books selected here could be translated to reach a wider public,they are universalin
their appeal and style.
1 Australia
To Die For - 100 Food Experiences
, to have befo~e you die
Stephen Downes
(Murdoch Books)
The author is one of the most crea-
I tive, imaginative and independem
journalists in Australia, and elsewhere. He has published previously provocative culinary
history research.
2 Chinese
Magic Food and the Arts, by
He Guo Dao "Dudu"
3 France
Le Bouquet Garni
Sylvie Domenjoud
These culinary poems are small dishes
always made of fresh and natural
ingredients, rich in colours through all
their forms. Light and deep recipes are
presem in this book.
4 Germany
Hauptling Eigener Herd
Heft 24
(Edition Vincem Klink)
(Mingpao-Hong Kong)
Last year we had the Louvre Museum Food Cookbook published in
France by Glenat. This year a similar
book comes from Asia. The result is
equally beautiful and informative.
These recipes are presented with poetry, humour, imeresting or educating.
Add an original layoUt, tasteful caricatures. Repeat this every three momh,
year after year, and you make a collectable. No surprise
that Gourmand is not the only award received.
5 India
9 Portugal
A Matter ofTaste
Receitas dos Contos de Fadas de
Hans Christian Andersen
The Penguin Book of Indian
Writing on Food
Edited by Nilanjana S.Roy
(Penguin Books)
Nominee '
Recipes from the Fairy Tales of
Diana Mendonc;a
This is a delightful collection of writing on food and its place in our lives.
Ir brings together some of the most significant Indian
voices over the last century.
Diana Mendonc;a presents her study
on Hans Christian Andersen for his 200 years anniversary. To be published by 101 Noites.
6 Italy
10 Spain- Castellano
La Quadratura dell'Uovo
Carlo Cracco
Manual del Caníbal
Carlos Balmaseda
(Roca Editorial)
Opera Grafica di Claudio
(Fernando Folini)
Claudio Papola offers all
along the book a spectacular designo Ir is small in size, but great by concept and
Carlos Balmaseda is a renowned
author who received various awards.
In this book, there are elegant recipes
to reach pleasure and happiness.
11 Spain
7 Japan
entre llibres i fogons
Santi Santamaría
The Cookery of Sancho Panza
in Don Quijote.
La Cocina de Sancho Panza
Alfredo Villaverde
Adolfo Muñoz Martin
Josefina Salord i Ripoll
Assumpta Miralpeix
Between books and the kitchen, with Michelin three star
In Japanese and Spanish
(Ediciones La Llanura - Spain)
chef Santamaria from Catalunya.
12 Sweden
Jorge Salazar
(Universidad San Martín de Porres) Wlnner
Excellent study presenting Zeus'
meals, the pirates' turde soup, the
Roman's sophistications.. .an intelligent and entertaining book.
The Fight behind the Swing Door
Kampen bakom svangdorrarna:
historien om Hotell och
Restaurang Facket
Lennart Jarnhammar
(Hotell och Restaurang Facket
HRF (the Trade union)
Cultural historian Lennart Jarnhammar has published
several books on Stockholm and specific companies' history. This is on the history of the Trade Union of Hotels
and Restaurant workers.
14 US
Garlic and Saphires
The Secret Life of a Critic in
Gastronaut:Adventuresin Food for
the Romantic,
Foolhardyand the Brave
Photography:GeorgiaGlynn Smith
Ruth Reichl
Gorf1e 000 Sopphires
Gastronaut is an irreverent journey
through the crazy, tWisted, mixed-up world of food.
The author, Stefan Gates, is a writer and broadcaster. In
2004, as a presenter of the BBC2 series Full on Food, he
introduced the UK to the wilder side of gastronomy.
(The Penguin Press)
, ,
Ruth Reichl was the all-powerful restaurant critic of the New York Times.
Her experience is very informative and educational, as
well as entertaining, thanks to excellent writing.
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