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Food Topics
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Food Topics
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle:
A Year of Food Life
Barbara Kingsolver
The author and her family spend a year
eating only what they and their
neighbors can produce.
Food Politics: How the Food Industry
Influences Nutrition and Health
Marion Nestle
Go behind the scenes to reveal how
fierce competition for our food dollars
really works and how it affects our
363.85 NESTLE
Garlic and Sapphires:
The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise
Ruth Reichl
This delicious memoir recounts the
famous restaurant critic’s “adventures in
deception,” as she goes undercover in the
world’s finest restaurants.
641.5 REICHL
Common Table
Oregon State University
Extension Service
The Well Traveled Fork
In Defense of Food:
An Eater’s Manifesto
Michael Pollan
What to eat, what not to eat, and how
to think about health. Here, Michael
Pollan delivers well-considered answers
to the questions posed in his bestselling
The Omnivore’s Dilemma.
(541) 617-7050
JAN 2012
Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes,
1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen
Julie Powell
To break the monotony of her life in
New York, Julie Powell decides to cook,
in the span of one year, all 524 recipes in
Julia Child’s 1961 classic Mastering the Art
of French Cooking.
The United States of Arugula:
How We Became a Gourmet Nation
David Kamp
A rollicking, revealing chronicle of how
gourmet eating in America went from
obscure to pervasive, thanks to the
contributions of some outsized,
opinionated iconoclasts who couldn’t
abide the status quo.
641.013 KAMP DAVID
Cookbooks and DIY
The Complete Guide to Food
Preservation: Step-by-step
Instructions on How to Freeze, Dry,
Can, and Preserve Food
Angela Williams Duea
This back-to-basics guide includes
food preservation plans, instructions for
setting up a root cellar, recipes,
troubleshooting charts, illustrations, and
Cooking in the Moment:
A Year of Seasonal Recipes
Andrea Reusing
With gorgeous photography
throughout and more than 130 recipes,
Cooking in the Moment will inspire cooks
everywhere to embrace the flavors and
bounty of each season.
Dishing up Oregon: 145 Recipes that
Celebrate Farm-to-table Flavors
Ashley Gartland
Celebrate the rich diversity of Oregon’s
cuisine with a delectable collection of 145
recipes, many contributed by chefs,
innkeepers, and farmers from around the
Eating Local: The Cookbook Inspired
by America’s Farmers
Sur La Table with Janet Fletcher
Foreword: Alice Waters
Photography: Sara Remington
This visually stunning yet practical
cookbook shows you how to use more
fresh ingredients in your everyday cooking.
641.5 EATING
Gourmet Today: More Than 1000
All-new Recipes for the Contemporary
Ruth Reichl, ed.
Includes vegetarian recipes, recipes
from around the world, stunning meals
ready in 30 minutes, advice on choosing
sustainable fish and meat, tips on
throwing an easy cocktail party, and
641.59 GOURMET
Gut It, Cut It, Cook It: The Deer
Hunter’s Guide to Processing &
Preparing Venison
Eric Fromm & Al Cambronne
There’s just something satisfying about
knowing you’ve done it all yourself—from
pulling the trigger to washing up the
dishes. This book guides you every step of
the way from the field to the table.
641.391 FROMM ERIC
How to Cook Everything:
2,000 Simple Recipes for Great Food
Mark Bittman
Make crowd-pleasing food using fresh
ingredients, simple techniques, and basic
equipment. Discover how to relax and
enjoy yourself in the kitchen as you
prepare delicious meals for every occasion.
Keys to Good Cooking: A Guide to
Making the Best of Foods and Recipes
Harold McGee
A distillation of the modern scientific
understanding of cooking, McGee’s
insights and tips on kitchen safety, food
preparation and presentation will save
even the most knowledgeable home
chefs from culinary disaster.
Foodie Fiction
Bread Alone
Judith Ryan Hendricks
A deliciously magical and
mouthwatering debut. Bread Alone is the
uplifting journey of a woman whose
entire life changes course when her
husband announces one evening that
their marriage no longer works for him.
The Last Chinese Chef
Nicole Mones
While in China, an American writer is
assigned to profile Sam, a half-Chinese
American who is the last in a line of
gifted chefs extending back to the
imperial palace. As she watches Sam plan
the banquet of a lifetime, she begins to
see past the cuisine’s artistry to glimpse
its coherent expression of Chinese
The School of Essential Ingredients
Erica Bauermeister
Eight students gather in Lillian’s
Restaurant every Monday night for
cooking class. Chef Lillian, a woman
whose connection with food is both
soulful and exacting, helps her students
to create dishes whose flavor and
techniques expand beyond the restaurant
and into the secret corners of their lives.
Blood, Bones & Butter:
The Inadvertent Education of a
Reluctant Chef
Gabrielle Hamilton
Follow an unconventional journey
through the many kitchens Hamilton has
inhabited through the years: the rural
kitchen of her childhood; the kitchens of
France, Greece, and Turkey; the soulless
catering factories; Hamilton’s own
kitchen at Prune; and the kitchen of her
Italian mother-in-law.
Great Food, All Day Long:
Cook Splendidly, Eat Smart
Maya Angelou
“… having reached the delicious age of
81, I realize that I have been feeding
other people and eating for a long time. I
have been cooking nearly all my life, so I
have developed some philosophies.”
Now Eat This! 150 of America’s
Favorite Comfort Foods, All Under
350 Calories
Rocco DiSpirito
In this delectable cookbook, awardwinning chef Rocco DiSpirito transforms
America’s favorite comfort foods into
deliciously healthy dishes—all with zero
bad carbs, zero bad fats, zero sugar, and
maximum flavor.
The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes
From an Accidental Country Girl
Ree Drummond
Drummond shares how she learned to
cope with the isolation and peculiarities
of Oklahoma ranch life. Includes recipes
such as cowboy calzones, pioneer
woman’s ribeye steaks, cheese grits, fresh
blackberry cobbler, pico de gallo, and
Iny’s prune cake.