the farter`s survival guide


the farter`s survival guide
Publication Date: 15/10/2015 Paperback • £7.99 Highly entertaining, The Farter's Survival Guide is the perfect gift to publicly shame the culpably
flatulent, and essential reading for all aficionados of this varied and most natural form of expression.
Most of us have experienced moments of wind-based humiliation we’d prefer to forget. This lighthearted handbook will provide you with all you need to know about dealing with such mortifying
Beginning with a survival guide, this handbook offers you three courses of action to deal with accidental
(or even intentional) farting scenarios: the sensible route, the more adventurous option and the kamikaze
approach. Once these techniques have been mastered, the unapologetic guffer can progress on to a
selection of hilarious games with fellow fartypants, including Farting Top Trumps and Choose Your Own
Fartventures, where readers can test each other out on how they would react in certain situations, such as
during a job interview, in the classic crowded lift or when being knighted by the Queen
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