Nissui Marine Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Nissui Marine Kogyo Co., Ltd.
OPITO Approved Training Provider
Nissui Marine Kogyo Co., Ltd.
■ Aims of NSTC
1. Decrease Human Loss From Accidents
Improving survival techniques to minimize the risk
of human injury and loss during accidents.
2. Corresponding with International Standards
Competent execution of training schemes that follow
National and International standards and regulations.
3. Developing Human Resources
The development of advanced maritime policy in
Japan’s EEZ and the development of new human
resources is urgently needed.
■Features of NSTC
Sole OPITO Approved Training Provider in Japan
OPITO* approved training is
businesses in the offshore marine
NSTC, is the sole OPITO approved
Japan, offering certification after
required by global
resources industry.
training provider in
successful course
2. The First Private Training Provider in Japan
(1)The training of international standards at international
levels is executed in Japanese or English.
(2)Trainers with an abundance of qualifications in Fire
Fighting, Rescue Training and Survival Training.
*”OPITO” was established by Oil & Gas UK, committed to
provide standards in safe work and survival training methods
for the Offshore industry workforce. These standards are not
only used in the UK's marine resources industry but also
worldwide due to its internationally accepted standards.
■Principal Courses of Training
OPITO Approved Courses
■ BOSIET(Basic Offshore Safety Induction &
Emergency Training)
■ FOET(Further Offshore Emergency Training)
■ HUET(Helicopter Underwater Escape Training)
■ Offshore Survival Training 2 Days Course
(HUET, Sea Survival, Basic Fire Fighting,
Self Rescue)
■ Offshore Survival Training Specialized Course
(We will customize to your needs)
■Principal Training Facilities
Offshore Survival Training Facility
Training Facility
Training Pool
(Length14m x Width14m x Depth5m)
Helicopter Underwater Escape Trainer
Life Raft and Life Vest
CPR (AED) Trainer
Life Boat Facility
Free Fall System Lifeboat (left)
and Davit System Lifeboat
Training Mock of Hook Release
Firefighting Training Facility
Heli-deck Firefighting
Firefighting and Escape
Training Facility.
Elevated Training Deck.
Training Facility
Nippon Survival Training Center
(Nippon Suisan Bldg., 4th floor)
Offshore Survival
Training Facilities
10 minute-walk from JR
Tobata Sta.(North Exit)
Nissui Marine Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Nippon Survival Training Center(NSTC)
2-6-27 Ginza, Tobata-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka-ken
Nippon Suisan Bldg., 4th floor
TEL:+81-93-884-2020 Fax:+81-93-884-0277