Instructions to navigate Open Enrollment in Banweb Log into



Instructions to navigate Open Enrollment in Banweb Log into
Instructions to navigate Open Enrollment in Banweb
Log into Banweb using your secure
ISO user name and password.
HRO/Benefit Services/OE Information 11/6/15
This screen will show you your current benefit choices. You may
make changes for January 1 by clicking into the benefit group.
Once you are satisfied with your elections, please press Complete to
record your enrollment.
Jan 01, 2016
If for any reason you Restart open enrollment, it’s important
to understand that you must again press Complete in order
for your enrollment to be recorded.
RETIREMENT CHOICES: If you are in the MPSERS retirement group, you will not have
a Retirement choice during open enrollment.
You have four options to
To change your contribution level, you will need to
click on the appropriate retirement option below. If
you don’t want to make changes, click on
Open Enrollment at the bottom left.
choose from in the Defined
Contribution Retirement plan.
Michigan Tech will match
dollar for dollar up to 7.5% in
this plan, between all options.
To learn more about the Roth
option and to understand
whether the Roth is right for
you, visit Retirement at
nt/retirement/> or call TIAACREF at 800-842-2776, or
Fidelity at 800-343-0860.
In all Benefit Groups, you can return to the main page of Open
Enrollment by clicking here.
HRO/Benefit Services/OE Information 11/6/15
You may choose between 0 and 7.5% in
the four retirement options. The sum of
all four cannot exceed 7.5%.
Press Submit Change to record your
choice, or No Change to return to the
previous page.
HEALTH GROUP: You may choose between two health plans, two dental plans and a
vision plan. You may start contributions into a Health Savings Account (HSA), and you
may enroll a Designated Eligible Individual (DEI) who is your partner, someone who is
NOT a spouse or roommate.
To move between plans, you must stop your
current benefit in order to start a new benefit.
Click on each option as applicable.
HRO/Benefit Services/OE Information 11/6/15
If you are currently enrolled in the HDHP and want to move to the PPO, you will have to
first STOP the HDHP benefit by clicking on the link. At that point you will then be able to
elect the PPO.
You may choose your HSA contribution amount during open enrollment.
To stop the benefit, press Stop Benefit.
If you need to change the number of insured, you
must choose the number of adults and the number of
children you want to cover and press Submit
Change. Later, after you have completed open
enrollment, you will need to update your coverages
for yourself and/or dependents as applicable.
Choose a DEI only if you are not married. A Designated Eligible Individual is a person
who is your partner (not a spouse or roommate).
HRO/Benefit Services/OE Information 11/6/15
FLEXIBLE SPENDING GROUP: A dependent care or health care flexible spending account
has special rules. Please note that your contributions will be on a pre-tax basis and you may
claim funds from the account for services within the calendar year: Jan 1 to Dec 31. You will
have until March 31 of the following year to file a claim. Unused funds are forfeit. Visit for details about these tax favored accounts.
To enroll in a flexible spending account,
click on the appropriate link.
Enter the annual amount
you wish to contribute; the
system will calculate the
semi-monthly amount for
Click Submit Change.
You will be routed back to
the Flexible Spending
Click on Open Enrollment to
return to the main page.
HRO/Benefit Services/OE Information 11/6/15
MISCELLANEOUS GROUP: Choose parking, life insurance and disability options.
If you don’t want to make any changes, you can click on Open
Enrollment to return to the main page. Otherwise, click on the
appropriate option below to make changes.
In each option within the Miscellaneous Group, review your current
plan, make changes if appropriate and then you will need to select
one of the three options at the bottom left.
HRO/Benefit Services/OE Information 11/6/15
When you are satisfied with your choices, click Open Enrollment to
return to the main page.
After you make a final review of your 2016 benefit choices, press Complete.
You are not done yet! See the next page for further instructions.
HRO/Benefit Services/OE Information 11/6/15
Use this summary as your confirmation of 2016 benefit choices. If you
need to make any changes to the beneficiaries on your life insurance
policies, you will need to click on Change beneficiary.
If you need to make any changes to your spouse, child(ren) who are
covered on your health plans, you need to take action now by clicking on
Change Coverages.
If you switched plans for health or dental, you need to place an end date
for coverage (12/31/15) for the old plan and a start date for coverage
(01/01/16) for the new plan by clicking on Change Coverages.
HRO/Benefit Services/OE Information 11/6/15

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