Newsletter: Uthingo trains and networks in New Jersey



Newsletter: Uthingo trains and networks in New Jersey
International Café
“Enchiladas Sacramento”
Contributed by Jeff Aills,
Drawing Manager, California Lottery
Sacramento, California USA
10-16 oz. shredded chicken
8 oz. cream cheese
1 small can (3 oz.), diced green chilis
1 small onion (chopped)
28 oz. green enchilada sauce
8 oz. shredded cheddar cheese.
1 package medium flour toritillas (10-12)
Jeff says: “I heat up a can of refried beans
to go with the enchiladas. This makes a quick
and tasty meal. Easy to prepare, you can
double the ingredients and make two pans, one
for now and place the other in the freezer for a
future meal.”
Smartplay International
One Linda Lane
Southampton, NJ 08088 USA
In skillet, sauté the chopped onion. Add chicken, cream
cheese and diced green chili peppers.
Cook over medium heat, until ingredients are blended.
Lightly coat a baking pan with vegetable oil or place a small
amount of the enchilada sauce in the bottom of pan.
Next, place two or three spoonfuls of chicken, cream
cheese, pepper and onion mixture onto a flour tortilla;
top with cheddar cheese and roll. Repeat until pan
is filled with rolled tortillas.
Pour enchilada sauce over rolled tortillas and
sprinkle with cheddar. Cover with foil and
bake at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes.
MAY 2001
In January, Smartplay received the drawing staff of
Uthingo, operator of the South African Lottery. Adeel
Carelse, Craig Mills and Dennis Maseko successfully
completed intensive technical training at the manufacturing facility.
The curriculum revolved around the maintenance
of Smartplay’s Criterion© lotto machine, which has
served the lottery since the launch last February.
Per Excecutive Vice President, Tom Markert, "We
encourage our clients to participate in this unique
“hands on” program. It’s proven to be of particular
value to our clients abroad".
While in the neighborhood, the South Africans were
eager to visit the thirty-year old New Jersey Lottery.
Director Virgina Haines was receptive. “It gives us a
great sense of pride when we are visited by our international counterparts.” she said.
A regular draw to international visitors, New Jersey
Lottery had hosted AB Svenska Spel within the same
week. Nonetheless, Ms. Haines’ words rang true, as
she and the Drawing, Security, Marketing, and Instant
Products personnel were graciously at hand to discuss a
variety of topics.
Of special interest to the South Africans, was the marketing of instant tickets. The group discussion
inspired an article for this newsletter, written by Foster
Krupa, Manager, Instant Products, New Jersey Lottery.
From left to right, Foster Krupa, New Jersey Lottery; Dennis Maseko,
Adeel Carelse, and Craig Mills of Uthingo discuss instant ticket marketing.
One Linda Lane, Southampton, NJ 08088
New Jersey
By Foster Krupa
Manager, Instant Products
New Jersey Lottery
The charm of the “Instant” is the variety and freshness
of each new game. But perhaps more significantly,
instant games support overall sales growth and provide
immediate results to the buying public.
Today’s marketing strategy is to introduce more games
more often. In the process games can tire quickly.
Typically, the instant game comes out of the distribution
gate with a high sales impact and enjoys a steady climb.
Next, a plateau is reached, followed by a downward
spiral, sometimes sharp, sometimes slow and steady.
Complete success is when inventories are depleted rapidly, leaving little unsold inventory to manage on the
back end. With limited marketing and advertising budgets, keeping inventory fresh is a challenge to all lotteries.
In New Jersey, we have remedied the situation.
Creative, simple and inexpensive, our WINNERS
WANTED program promotes the number of top and
secondary prizes which remain for each Instant Game.
Enthusiastically received by loyal players, WINNERS
WANTED has cultivated a player base that
exclusively seeks and plays older games. We publicize
the “remaining winning ticket information” in the following ways:
• A one page flyer
• Daily retailer terminal messages
• LED flashing messages throughout
the retailer network
• Messages printed on on-line tickets
Phone: 609.859.1133 • Fax: 609.859.1885
• Regular announcements
on the live TV draw show
• Internet e-mail reminders
• Banner messages
• Web page entitled “Winning Tickets Remaining”
Educating our retailers about the number of untapped
winning tickets has inspired them to display and
maintain older game inventory. It’s a win-win; the
consumer is presented with more variety, and the effort
has helped to grow instant ticket sales in New Jersey.
responded with a new hybrid, the Pachinko Prize
Wheel©. The concept cleverly combines the familiarity of a standard prize wheel with the reckless
abandon of Pachinko. Befitting POWERBALL,
the multiplier is determined quickly, credibly, and
in entertaining style.
It began two years ago, with the launch of
Thunderball. Camelot, operator of the National
Lottery, UK, demanded excitement. Smartplay
delivered the Halogen©.
Next, California Lottery chose the model for
SuperLotto Plus; Multi-State Lottery quickly followed suit for POWERBALL. The spectacular
Halogen© is now presenting Bonus Ball games
worldwide, as well as lotto and keno. In May, the
model will launch Sans Topu, the new “super ball”
game of Turkey’s Milli Piyango Idaresi.
When asked if a more modest machine can be
used to draw the bonus ball, Smartplay cautions …
“Designed to deliver thunder, and super power, the
drama of the Halogen may prove irresistible.”
The Pachinko Prize Wheel©, left, was designed to complement
the Halogens, right.
Described by the media as a new twist, new wrinkle
and exciting option, the Multi-State Lottery
Association (MUSL) debuted POWER PLAY on
March 7. An add-on to their popular POWERBALL
game, the new feature brings variety and interest.
For an extra dollar per play, POWER PLAY
offers a chance to multiply any POWERBALL prize,
(except the jackpot) by as much as five
times. On the first POWER PLAY spin, the
prize wheel selected the top multiplier. What was the
chance of that happening? Twelve segments comprise
the wheel, two segments each of numbers one through
four, and four segments printed with the
number five.
When challenged by MUSL’s request for “something
different” to conduct POWER PLAY, Smartplay
The outrageously fun color choice of Hungary’s
Szerencsejáték Rt. puts a new face on an industry
standard. The Keno Criterion©, chosen for its
solid reputation, looks brilliantly avant-garde in
tones of magenta, yellow and blue.
As part of their popular Fame and Fortune game
show, the National Lottery, Ireland will introduce Pinball Wizard on June 2. The game concept can only be described as suspenseful, packed
with risky, high stake choices.
To begin Round 2, player 1’s cash total is shown
on the screen. The camera then zooms in on
player 1’s three balls, displayed at the top of the
Pinball Wizard. New values of HALF, X 2, X 2,
X 2, X 3 and X 4 appear in the six prize compartments.
Round 2 compels the player to make a choice
which will result in doubling, tripling or quadrupling his cash total, or cut it in half. The presenter
challenges … "Keep three times your cash total
from Round 1, if you QUIT NOW, or …Release
the next ball which may INCREASE or
DECREASE your winnings."
With two more balls to play, the game continues
as the player’s choose their risk level. A single
player can win up to £128,000 in cash, as well as a
car and bonus prizes, such as a holiday worth
Left to right, Eddie Banville, An Post National Lottery Company,
David Michaud and Linda Turner, Smartplay, Ian McGarry, TV
Producer/Director, and Brendan McGrenra, An Post National
Lottery Company pose with the Pinball Wizard.
The premise of the game is to give the five players a feeling of involvement and control, as they
decide the level of risk they wish to take in the
second round of the game. A low risk approach
brings almost certain winnings; for the daring,
high risk can mean big money.
As the presenter invites a player to engage in
Pinball Wizard, he presses a button to display six
varied prize amounts. To begin Round 1, three
balls are dropped into the pinball field.
Ricocheting and bouncing off pins and cogs,
they come to rest in one of the six prize compartments at the bottom of the machine.
The player wins the highest prize determined by
the balls. If two balls fall into the same slot, the
player gains a Bonus Prize valued at
£2,000. If three balls fall into the
same slot, the player also wins a car
valued at £10,000.
Four other players engage in Round 1. At the
end of the round, a computerized scoreboard
shows the cash, bonus prizes and cars won by
each player.
Smartplay provided the vehicle for suspense.
Working with the Fame and Fortune set designer,
the firm incorporated existing design elements
into the Pinball Wizard machine, for a complementary look.
Canada, Loto Quebec
Custom Big Win Wheel
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Keno Criterion
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Pinball Wizard
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Singapore Turf Club
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Ticket Mixing Barrel
Washington State