2015 Lottery Contest The NBFSC`s 2015 Annual Provincial Lottery


2015 Lottery Contest The NBFSC`s 2015 Annual Provincial Lottery
2015 Lottery Contest
The NBFSC’s 2015 Annual Provincial Lottery was launched today. All
tickets sell for $10.00 per ticket. The draw date for a full slate of
prizes will be held at head office, Woodstock, NB on March 16th, 2015.
All winners will be announced on the NBFSC website, NBFSC Face Book
page and in the four Provincial Daily newspapers after March 16th,
The 51 community based, volunteer based member clubs of the
Federation participate in the Annual NBFSC Lottery to raise funds for
their individual clubs and local trails. Between 70%-80% of all the
money raised (tickets sold) stays with the local volunteers and is
reinvested into the local trails only. Monies raised go towards the trail
groomers and all the costs to own and operate these machines,
You can purchase a NBFSC Lottery Ticket from the club volunteers and
their local supporting businesses. Each member club has their own
number of individuals or locations throughout their community. Tickets
are on sale now until approximately March 1st, 2015, thus almost the
entire snowmobile season.
The prize list is extensive;
2015 NBFSC Lottery
1st Prize;
2015 NBFSC Lottery
2nd Prize; Hot Water Pressure
$10,000.00 Cash
Washer $4600.00 value (hotsy)
2015 NBFSC Lottery
3rd Prize; Wilderness Vacation
$2000.00 Value
(Adair’s Wilderness Lodge, Shepody)
2015 NBFSC Lottery
4th Prize The Luxury Experience
$1500.00 value
(Hotel Paulin, Caraquet)
2015 NBFSC Lottery
5th Prize
His & Hers Snowmobile
Suits - $1500.00 Value
2015 NBFSC Lottery
6th Prize
509 Riding Gear
$750.00 Value (Helmet/Goggles etc.)
(Mountain Sports Distribution)
Last season’s (2014) top prize winner of $10,000 cash was Derek
Collins, of Burtt’s Corner. A complete list of all prize winners in 2014 is
available at www.nbfsc.com .
The volunteers, member clubs and Federation would like to express
thanks and acknowledge the support of our many NBFSC provincial
Corporate Partners who assist us to deliver the prizes for the 2015
Annual Provincial Lottery. Thank you to;
• hotsy
• Adair’s Wilderness Lodge
• Hotel Paulin, Caraquet
• Choko
• Mountain Sports Distribution
The drawing for the 2015 Annual NBFSC Lottery is Monday, March
16th, 2015.