VI Lottery`s Famous June Extra Ticket Now on Sale.


VI Lottery`s Famous June Extra Ticket Now on Sale.
May 28, 2011
For Immediate Release:
VI Lottery’s Famous June Extra Ticket Now on Sale.
The most anticipated Lottery drawing of the year is officially on sale! The Virgin Islands
Lottery’s June Extra drawing titled the “Hottest Ticket in Town” offers over $1 million in cash
and bonus prizes. Other than larger cash prizes including the grand prize of $500,000, the
“Extra” drawing also include bonus prizes for purchasing a full sheet of tickets. June’s bonus
prizes include a free year of gasoline, a super-sized stainless barbeque grill, a 50” flat
screen TV and three individual prizes of $10,000 each.
The VI Lottery holds two “Extra” drawings per year, in June and at Christmas. According to
Conrad Francois, Director of the Virgin Islands Lottery, this will be one of the “hottest”
tickets yet. “We polled the community and the things they would most like to win are cash
and free gasoline. Thus we have included a lot of cash prizes to encourage people to
“imagine the possibilities” of what they would do with as much as $500,000, which is the
grand prize.”
Additional top cash prizes include a second prize of $90,000; third prize $70,000; fourth
prize $50,000; and fifth prize $30,000. There are many other ways to win which are
detailed on the VI Lottery website at
The ticket that goes on sale is one of the “hottest tickets” as well, featuring 19 colorful and
vibrant men and women in Carnival costumes. A contest was held to select the voter’s
favorite photos as entered on the Lottery’s website. The winners can be seen on your June
Extra ticket and online. You’ll see beautiful shots of Fun Lovers, Infernos, Guardians of
Culture Mocko Jumbies, Hugga Bunch, Caribbean Ritual, Fetasique, Real Mas, The Jesters,
Gypsy Carnival, Lockhart Associates, and Traditional Indians.
The June Extra “Hottest Ticket in Town” is on sale now at retailers including Anna’s Market,
Udder Delight, Caribana and MoneyGram as well as the many dealers in front of Lottery
offices and other convenient locations around the islands. A full sheet of tickets is sold for
$50 and entitles the bearer to the bonus prizes. Individual tickets are $2 each. Winners will
be drawn on June 23 and posted on the Lottery site at later the
same day.
For more information or to find a dealer or retailer near you visit the Lottery website or call
Editorial Contact: A.C. Burgess, Special Assistant to the Director, Virgin Islands Lottery