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Grace Kelly
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Main Attractions
What main films will play at the
County? This section lists the Main
Attractions that we intend to play in the
coming weeks. Additional unlisted films
will also become available. This list is
only an educated guess, though, since
film release plans often change.
When will these main films play?
Scheduling our Main Attractions is weekto-week. On Monday, we decide what
main films will play starting that Friday.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, we set the
showtimes for the upcoming week and
then update our website and telephone
hotline. We also send out a weekly email
(which you can receive by signing up
at our website). Sometimes, we book
a main film a few weeks in advance,
which we post on our website’s “Coming
Attractions” section.
For our latest Main Attractions plans,
visit: CountyTheater.org (Or call our
hotline at 215 345 6789.)
Grace of Monaco
France/USA - Olivier Dahan
Six years after Grace Kelly’s storybook
life led her to become the Princess of
Monaco, the actress weighs an offer to
resume her career in Hollywood while
helping her country in a dispute with
France. Starring Nicole Kidman as Kelly
and Tim Roth as Monaco’s Prince Rainier
III. Directed by Olivier Dahan (La Vie en
12 Years a Slave
USA - Steve McQueen - 2 hr 13 min
In the pre-Civil War United States, a free
black man from upstate New York is
abducted and sold into slavery. Facing
this overwhelming injustice, he struggles
to stay alive and to retain his dignity.
In the twelfth year of his unforgettable
odyssey, a chance meeting with a
Canadian abolitionist alters everything.
Based on a true story. With Chiwetel
Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt,
Paul Dano, Benedict Cumberbatch, and
Paul Giamatti.
Haute Cuisine
France - Christian Vincent - 1 hr 35 min
The business of food is fast becoming a
subgenre of its own. In Haute Cuisine,
we’re led inside the Elysee Palace in
Paris for an engaging drama about the
woman who became the head chef for
president Francois Mitterrand. Despite
jealous resentment from the other male
kitchen staff, she quickly establishes
herself, thanks to her indomitable spirit
and her love of fine cuisine. A likeable,
light-hearted film with a ton of food and
kitchen preparations!
Closed Circuit
Limited Engagements
France - Régis Roinsard - 1 hr 51 min
A fresh and colorful romantic comedy
about typing? POPULAIRE is an
enormously fun period piece set in
the 1950s. Rose is a small-town girl
who happens to be a super-fast typist.
Louis spots her talent and enters her in
a series of typewriting contests. Love,
on the other hand, is not that straight
forward in this screwball comedy. A
sweet and attractive film.
USA - John Crowley - 1 hr 36 min
Following an explosion in a busy London
market, Britain is confronted with
one the most high-profile trials in its
history. Defense lawyers step into this
extraordinary case and begin to discover
a possible British Secret Service coverup and other irregularities. As tensions
build, their reputations and lives are put
in jeopardy. Starring Eric Bana, Rebecca
Hall, Julia Stiles, and Jim Broadbent.
USA/UK - Jerusha Hess - 1 hr 37 min
AUSTENLAND is a romantic comedy
about a young woman whose lifelong
obsession with all things Jane Austen
leads her to an eccentric theme park in
England based on the author’s writings.
There she hopes to find a handsome
young suitor. The filmmaking is warm
and clever, even surprisingly literate,
although definitely more unrestrained
than Austen’s storytelling. Featuring
Keri Russell, Jennifer Coolidge and Jane
USA - Shane Salerno - 2 hr
This bold new documentary about the
reclusive and very influential author J.D.
Salinger, features interviews with his
friends and colleagues, as well as unseen
historic film footage. Also included are
interviews with artists who talk about
Salinger’s profound influence on their
lives, including Philip Seymour Hoffman,
Edward Norton, John Cusack, Danny
DeVito, Robert Towne, Tom Wolfe, E.L.
Doctorow, and Gore Vidal.
Saudi Arabia - Haifaa Al-Mansour
1 hr 38 min - w/subtitles
WADJDA was shot entirely in Saudi Arabia
and is the story of a young girl living in
a suburb of Riyadh determined to raise
enough money to buy a bike in a society
that sees bicycles as dangerous to a girl’s
virtue. Brilliantly directed and superbly
written, this is a warmly emotional and
gently provocative coming-of-age drama
with a terrific central performance.
WADJDA is also the first feature film ever
made by a female Saudi filmmaker.
We try to play each of our Main
Attractions films for a full multi-week
run. Sometimes, however, we are unable
to play a film in a timely or complete
way, and it becomes a question of either
squeezing it in or not playing it at all. We
then often schedule that film for a couple
of mid-week screenings, called Limited
Engagements. Make sure that you sign
up for our weekly email blast, so that
you don’t miss these short, last-chance
215 345 6789
Special programs
FALL 2013
This Special Programs series contains the fixed schedules for the County Theater, Ambler Theater, and the Hiway Theater.
Ambler: Sept 12 Thurs 7:30
County: Sept 18 Wed 7:30
Hiway: Sept 26 Thurs 7:00
County: Sept 25 Wed 7:30
Special Programs
In addition to our first-run Main Attractions, we
present special programming throughout the
year. Our Special Programs are generally onetime events and include a diverse collection
of independent and classic films, screenings
with local filmmakers, community events, and
stage productions broadcast from Europe’s top
performing arts venues.
This fall, our series includes restorations of
foreign masterpieces, rare silent comedy shorts,
monster movie classics, local independent
films, and a new season from London’s
National Theatre.
Please note that this brochure contains
selections scheduled for the Ambler, County,
and Hiway Theaters.
With Director Luke Poling in person
Plimpton! Starring George
Plimpton as Himself
Rare Silent Shorts
These rare comedy shorts are presented in
a new digital format for the first time. This
diverse collection features silent masters
Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, visionary
Georges Melies, famous cartoons of Felix
the Cat and Koko the Clown, as well as rare
Charlie Chase shorts. Approx 90 min.
2012 - 1 hr 29 min - b/w - DCP - d: Tom
Bean and Luke Poling
This captivating documentary about George
Plimpton celebrates the rich and eclectic life
of the man who worked and played as a writer,
lion tamer, pro football quarterback, actor,
musician, literary journal editor, trapeze artist,
and more. Followed by a Q&A with director
Luke Poling. Free for members.
County: Sept 26 Thurs 7:30
Ambler: Oct 3 Thurs 7:30
Hiway: Oct 10 Thurs 7:00
Ambler: Sept 26 Thurs 7:30
County: Oct 9 Wed 7:30
Farm Fresh Film Series
Local Filmmaker Shane Bissett
in person
New Digital Restoration
Two Angry Moms
2007 - 1 hr 26 min - color - HD Digital
d: Amy Kalafa
The Doylestown Food Co-op and Bucks County
Foodshed Alliance present the latest in their
ongoing series. TWO ANGRY MOMS is the story
of how to change our school food environment
and insure a healthier, sustainable future for
our kids. The film offers strategies for overcoming roadblocks and getting healthy, good
tasting, real food into school cafeterias. This
screening is jointly sponsored with the Central
Bucks Holistic Moms Network. Tickets: $10
General and $8 for Food Coop Members.
This Time Tomorrow
2012 - 1 hr 22 min - color - HD Digital
d: Shane Bissett
On the eve of what may be the end of the
world, Stacey decides he wants to see his exgirlfriend, Parker. Though not entirely convinced
of impending doom, she agrees to spend the
day with him. They bump into old friends and
fall into old patterns, all the while struggling
to embrace the present and not focus on the
past. Followed by a Q&A with writer/director
Shane Bissett and cast and crew. Free for
Grand Illusion
1937 - 1 hr 54 min - b/w - DCP
d: Jean Renoir - w/ subtitles
The 75th Anniversary restoration of one of the
masterpieces of cinema, hailed as one of the
greatest films ever made. Jean Renoir’s antiwar
film stars Jean Gabin and Pierre Fresnay as
French soldiers held in a World War I German
prison camp, and Erich von Stroheim
as the unforgettable German Captain von
Special programs
FALL 2013
This Special Programs series contains the fixed schedules for the County Theater, Ambler Theater, and the Hiway Theater.
County: Oct 16 Wed 5:45
County: Oct 23 Wed 7:30
Ambler: Oct 24 Thurs 7:30
Not So Silent Cinema
1922 - 1 hr 21 min - b/w - digital
d: F.W. Murnau
This amazing silent film is presented
with live music by the group Not So
Silent Cinema from an original score
of Klezmer motifs, Gypsy grooves,
avant-garde textures, and classic horror
effects. It’s still one of the scariest
Dracula adaptations ever made!
Murnau’s silent classic is the perfect
way to get in the Halloween mood.
Movie Meals
Big Night
1996 - 1 hr 47 min - color - digital
d: Stanley Tucci
The Vine and Fig Tree Bistro will be bringing
another cinema feast to life. Chef Abbate will
be returning to the epic Italian feast from
Big Night and cooking up a special celebratory dinner. In the film, an Italian restaurant
run by immigrant brothers is on the verge of
bankruptcy. The siblings risk everything when
they get the chance to cook up a feast for
bandleader Louis Prima. Complimentary hors
d’oeuvre and wine will be served prior to the
screening. Tickets available for just the movie
or the movie paired with the meal.
Ambler: Oct 30 Wed 7:30
Ambler: Oct 17 Thurs 7:30
County: Oct 31 Thurs 7:30
Hiway: Oct 31 Thurs 7:00
The Wolf Man
1941 - 1 hr 10 min - b/w - DCP - Universal
d: George Waggner
Lon Chaney, Jr. stars in this horror classic
about a practical man who returns to his
ancestral home in Wales and saves a local
girl from a werewolf. But he is bitten during
the attack. Cursed by the werewolf’s bite, he
suffers torturous full-moon transformations
and tries to escape the townsfolk who hunt
him. With Claude Rains and Ralph Bellamy.
The Mummy
Creature From the Black
Lagoon (3D)
1954 - 1 hr 19 min - b/w - DCP - Universal
d: Jack Arnold
A strange prehistoric beast lurks in the depths
of the Amazonian jungle. A group of scientists
try to capture the animal and bring it back to
civilization for study. A legend in the history
of B-movies and one of the original films to
make use of the 3D craze. This new digital
restoration presents this “classic” in all of its
eye-popping glory.
1932 - 1 hr 13 min - b/w - DCP - Universal
d: Karl Freund
When British archaeologists uncover the ancient sarcophagus of a mummified Egyptian
priest, they foolishly ignore its warning not to
open the box. Now brought back to life, the
mummy tries to resurrect the soul of his longdead love. Boris Karloff stars in one of his
most memorable monster roles.
Special programs
FALL 2013
This Special Programs series contains the fixed schedules for the County Theater, Ambler Theater, and the Hiway Theater.
Muse to director Alfred Hitchcock, Grace Kelly starred in three of his films before leaving stardom to become the Princess of Monaco.
County: Nov 13 Wed 7:30
County: Nov 20 Wed 7:30
1954 - 1 hr 45 min -color - DCP - Warner Bros - d: Alfred Hitchcock
Hitchcock used the new 3D technology to make this masterpiece of intrigue
and double-cross about a man who concocts a perfect plan to kill his wife.
1954 - 1 hr 52 min - color - DCP - Paramount - d: Alfred Hitchcock
This stylish Hitchcock thriller is about a photographer, played by Jimmy
Stewart, who is confined to his apartment with a broken leg. He proceeds
to spy on his neighbors and soon suspects that he’s uncovered a murder.
Dial M for Murder (3D)
Rear Window
In collaboration with the Michener Museum’s exhibit “From Philadelphia to Monaco: Grace Kelly Beyond the Icon,” which runs from
October 28, 2013 to January 26, 2014.
Affiliated Benefits Expand:
We welcome the Hiway Theater
in Jenkintown to the Renew
family of theaters.
Being a member of any one of our sibling
theaters - the County, Ambler, or Hiway - will
give you reduced admission at the others. It
will also give you additional opportunities to
see these classic films on the silver screen.
Join us in wishing good luck and success to
this wonderfully restored classic theater in
Jenkintown as it embarks on the next chapter
of its history.
Hiway: Nov 20 Wed 7:00
Ambler: Dec 5 Thurs 7:30
County: Dec 4 Wed 7:30
Local Filmmaker Joe Medeiros
Local Filmmaker Jeremy Kipp Walker
2012 - 1 hr 25 min - HD Digital
d: Joe Medeiros
This is the startling story of the man who stole
the Mona Lisa from the Louvre in 1911 (yes,
this really happened - it was gone for two
years!), his 84-year-old daughter who believes
that he did it for patriotic reasons, and the
filmmaker who spent more than 30 years
trying to find the truth for himself, and now
for her. Followed by a Q&A with director Joe
Medeiros. Free for members.
2012 - 1 hr 26 min - color - DCP - d: John
Mitchell and Jeremy Kipp Walker
The origin story of the “real life” alien bluegrass band, Future Folk, that has been playing
for NYC audiences for the better part of a
decade. Although Trius has been sent to begin
the colonization of Earth, he abandons his
mission upon hearing music for the first time.
When an assassin from his home world arrives, Trius persuades him to join his bluegrass
band and save his adopted planet. Followed
by a Q&A with director Jeremy Kipp Walker
and a live performance by Future Folk. Free for
The Missing Piece: The Truth
About the Man who Stole the
Mona Lisa
The History of Future Folk
Special programs
FALL 2013
This Special Programs series contains the fixed schedules for the County Theater, Ambler Theater, and the Hiway Theater.
County: Dec 5 Thurs 7:30
County: Dec 11 Wed 7:30
Farm Fresh Film Series
Food Stamped
2010 - 1 hr - color - HD Digital - d: Shira and
Yoav Potash
The Doylestown Food Co-op and Bucks County
Foodshed Alliance present the next film in
their ongoing series. FOOD STAMPED is an
informative and humorous film following
a couple as they attempt to eat a healthy,
well-balanced diet on a food stamp budget.
Tickets: $10 General and $8 for Food Coop
For members of
Hiway Theater
Ambler Theater
To Catch a Thief
1955 - 1 hr 46 min - color - DCP - Paramount
d: Alfred Hitchcock
Grace Kelly’s final film for Hitchcock stars Cary
Grant as a reformed jewel thief suspected of
returning to his former occupation. In order to
clear his name he must ferret out the real thief
with the help of the pampered heiress. His
plan backfires, and then the plot changes.
Be a member
of the non profit
County Theater.
Starting in November, members
of the County, Hiway, and Ambler
Theaters are invited to this exciting
new series at the Ambler Theater.
Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers will
present monthly sneak previews of highlyanticipated upcoming films at the Ambler
Theater. Travers will introduce the film and
interview the director and/or cast after the
screening. We’ll be connected to him via
the internet on our screen. We’ll also have a
chance to ask questions and interact through
Twitter and directly via Skype.
This will be open to MEMBERS ONLY.
Dates and details to be announced soon.
Bruce Dern in Alexander Payne’s NEBRASKA
We anticipate that Alexander Payne’s
NEBRASKA will be first up in November.
This is Payne’s latest following the critically
acclaimed The Descendants. The film follows
an aging father, played by Bruce Dern,
who makes the long trip from Montana to
Nebraska to “collect his lottery winnings,”
while accompanied by his estranged son.
Special programs
FALL 2013
This Special Programs series contains the fixed schedules for the County Theater, Ambler Theater, and the Hiway Theater.
Sept 18 (Wed 7:30)
Rare Silent Shorts
Sept 25 (Wed 7:30)
Sept 26 (Thurs 7:30)
Two Angry Moms
Family Saturday Matinees
Sept 29 (Sun 12:30)
On Saturday mornings from November through
March we present family favorites, both classic
and recent. These matinees allow you to share
a big screen experience with your children or
guests. In addition to the movies, we try to
make these events fun and exciting experiences with special guests, decorations, prizes
and trivia. We encourage your children (and
you) to dress up in costume to as many films
as possible.
Oct 2 (Wed 7:00)
The Audience
Members & their families: Free
General Admission: $4.00
Oct 23 (Wed 7:30)
Oct 9 (Wed 7:30)
Grand Illusion
Oct 16 (Wed 5:45)
Big Night
Oct 20 (Sun 12:30)
In addition to up-to-date movie listings
and information about upcoming films and
programs, the County Theater website also
offers a quick and easy way to become a
Our weekly email update.
Sign up at our website and we’ll send you
our weekly email.
Oct 27 (Sun 12:00)
Le Corsaire
Oct 31 (Thurs 7:30)
Creature From the Black Lagoon (3D)
Nov 3 (Sun 12:30)
Frankenstein (Cast A)
Nov 13 (Wed 7:30)
Dial M for Murder (3D)
Join in the conversation.
Become a fan of the County Theater on
Facebook and Twitter, or check out our blog
at RenewTheaters.org/blog
Nov 17 (Sun 12:30)
National Theatre: 50 Years on Stage
Nov 20 (Wed 7:30)
Rear Window
Nov 24 (Sun 12:00)
Give a
County Theater
Gift Card.
Dec 4 (Wed 7:30)
The History of Future Folk
Dec 5 (Thurs 7:30)
Food Stamped
Dec 8 (Sun 12:30)
Frankenstein (Cast B)
Dec 11 (Wed 7:30)
To Catch a Thief
Special Thanks:
The County Theater receives
funding support through a
grant from the Pennsylvania
Council on the Arts, a
state agency funded by
the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania and the
National Endowment for the
Arts, a federal agency.
National Theatre Live
are thrilled to present
another season of
performances from London’s famed
National Theatre. The new season
includes three groundbreaking new
Shakespeare productions and a
special celebration of the National
Theatre’s 50th Anniversary, which
includes encore performances
from previous season and a special
celebratory event.
Tickets: $18 General; $16 Members
Ambler: Sept 19 Thurs 7:00
Hiway: Sept 29 Sun 12:30
County: Oct 2 Wed 7:00
County: Sept 29 Sun 12:30
Ambler: Oct 6 Sun 12:30
Hiway: Oct 13 Sun 12:30
3 hr 15 min (including one intermission)
A major new production of Shakespeare’s
celebrated play about the destructive
power of jealousy. Othello, newly married to
Desdemona, is appointed leader of a military
operation. Iago, passed over for promotion in
favour of the young Cassio, persuades Othello
that Cassio and Desdemona are having an
affair. With Adrian Lester in the title role and
Rory Kinnear as Iago. Directed by Nicholas
County: Oct 20 Sun 12:30
Ambler: Oct 27 Sun 12:30
Hiway: Nov 3 Sun 12:30
Cast A:
Miller as Victor; Cumberbatch as Creature
County: Nov 3 Sun 12:30
Ambler: Nov 10 Sun 12:30
Hiway: Nov 24 Sun 12:30
Cast B:
Miller as Creature; Cumberbatch as Victor
Ambler: Dec 1 Sun 12:30
County: Dec 8 Sun 12:30
The Audience
2 hr 38 min (including one intermission)
Helen Mirren reprises her Academy Awardwinning role as Queen Elizabeth II in this
acclaimed West End production. The play
imagines a series of pivotal meetings between
the queen and her prime ministers - from
Churchill to Cameron - sometimes intimate,
sometimes explosive.
2 hr (with no intermission)
Manchester International Festival’s electrifying
production of Macbeth, with Kenneth Branagh
as the title character in his first Shakespeare
performance in over a decade and Alex
Kingston as Lady Macbeth. Directed by
Rob Ashford and Branagh, this distinctive
production of Shakespeare’s tragic tale
of ambition and treachery unfolds within
the walls of an intimate deconsecrated
Manchester church.
ENCORE: Frankenstein
2 hr 30 min (including one intermission)
Danny Boyle directed a sensational production
with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee
Miller alternating roles as Victor Frankenstein
and his “creature.” Childlike in his innocence
but grotesque in form, Frankenstein’s
bewildered creature is cast out into a hostile
universe by his maker. Originally broadcast in
County: Nov 17 Sun 12:30
Ambler: Nov 24 Sun 12:30
Hiway: Dec 8 Sun 12:30
National Theatre:
50 Years on Stage
2 hrs with no intermission
To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the National
Theatre presents a special performance,
broadcast to cinemas around the world. From
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead to The
History Boys, from The Mysteries to Angels in
America, from Guys and Dolls to War Horse
– Nicholas Hytner directs a thrilling evening
of live theatre, with rare glimpses from the
archive, featuring many of the original actors
who have performed on the National’s stages
over the past five decades.
County: Jan 12 Sun 12:30
Ambler: Jan 19 Sun 12:30
Hiway: Jan 26 Sun 12:30
County: Feb 2 Sun 12:30
Ambler: Feb 9 Sun 12:30
Hiway: Feb 16 Sun 12:30
ENCORE: The Habit of Art
2 hr (with no intermission)
An encore broadcast of Alan Bennett’s
acclaimed play starring Richard Griffiths, Alex
Jennings and Frances de la Tour. An imagined
meeting between composer Benjamin Britten
and poet W H Auden. It looks at the unsettling
desires of two difficult men, and at the ethics
of biography. It reflects on growing old, on
creativity and inspiration, and on persisting
when all passion’s spent: ultimately, on the
habit of art. Originally broadcast in 2010.
3 hr (including two intermissions)
Donmar Warehouse’s production of Coriolanus,
Shakespeare’s searing tragedy of political
manipulation and revenge. When an old
adversary threatens Rome, the city calls once
more on her hero and defender: Coriolanus.
But he has enemies at home too. Famine
threatens the city, the citizens’ hunger swells
to an appetite for change, and on returning
from the field Coriolanus must confront the
march of realpolitik and the voice of an angry
people. With Tom Hiddleston and Mark Gatiss.
Directed by Josie Rourke.
County: Oct 27 Sun 12:00
County: Nov 24 Sun 12:00
Ambler: Dec 8 Sun 12:30
The Bolshoi Ballet
The Bolshoi Ballet
Teatro alla Scala Opening Night
3 hr (including two intermissions)
With a dashing pirate, a kidnapped maiden,
and a dramatic shipwreck, Le Corsaire
is a dazzling ballet experience. In this new
staging from Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet, famed
choreographer Alexei Ratmansky and Yuri
Burlaka refresh Petipa’s original choreography,
inspired by Lord Byron’s poem, to make this
classic a must-see for every ballet lover.
Starring prima ballerina Svetlana Lunkina,
Ruslan Skvortsov, Andrei Merkuriev and Nina
Kaptsova. ($18/$16)
3 hr 15 min (including two intermissions)
The Bolshoi’s grandiose epic Spartacus
recounts the story of a Roman slave’s fight for
freedom. With its famous Khachaturian score,
since the 1960s it has been considered one of
the greatest ballets in the Bolshoi repertoire.
The choreography by Yuri Grigorovich fills the
Bolshoi stage with dynamic scenes of tension
and conflict, and gives full expression to the
virility and strength for which Russia’s male
dancers are renowned. ($18/$16)
2 hr 40 min (including one intermission)
As one of the most widely performed operas
in the world, Verdi’s immensely popular La
Traviata requires a single soprano to exude
dramatic intuition, presence, and soul for
a character that is alive and sorrowful until
her final breath. With a cast led by the one
of the most famous contemporary Violettas,
Diana Damrau, this brand new production of
La Traviata presented at Teatro alla Scala’s
Opening Night is a special event not to miss.
Le Corsaire
La Traviata
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This amazing new skylight features a solar panel that
captures any available daylight and uses it to recharge
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Your neighborhood gathering place before or after the movie.
Gelato &
Ice Cream
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Photo: Grace Kelly poses for LIFE magazine, 1954. © Philippe Halsman/Magnum Photos
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From Philadelphia to Monaco:
GRACE KELLY—Beyond the Icon is presented by
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Additional support is provided by the Consulate
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Macy’s, Thompson Lexus and the members of Friends of Grace.
Exhibition produced by the Grimaldi Forum Monaco and the McCord Museum, based on a display at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Your financial needs are unique.
Whether you want to provide for your loved ones, support the organizations that are important to you, or plan for your
own confident retirement, I can help you plan for your goals. I’ll look at all aspects of your finances, then find solutions
that are right for your unique needs. And as your goals and needs change, I’ll be there to adjust your plan and help put
your dreams within reach.
Our Advisors. Your Dreams. MORE WITHIN REACH®
I can be contacted at (267) 893.6920
Ari Spectorman, CFP®, ChFC®, CIMA®
Private Wealth Advisor
The Doylestown Private Wealth Group
A private wealth advisory practice of
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
Doylestown Private Wealth Bldg
48 W Oakland Ave
Doylestown, PA 18901
[email protected]
Proud to be a Business Sponsor of The County Theater since 1999.
Brokerage, investment and financial advisory services are made available through Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member
FINRA and SIPC. Ameriprise Financial cannot guarantee future financial results.
© 2012 Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved.
iN store Now
iN store Now
iN store Now
Italian Style
FlorAl wiNe
store opeN dAily
B i N K M e d i A tA B l e
Save the Date
seBAstiAN chAir
New lightiNg
20th Anniversary Event!
Sign up foR ouR emaiL onLine to Receive moRe infoRmation
iNterior desigN service
visit www.blueraccoon.com/interior-design for details
BLue Raccoon
BR_177 Theater Ad_horzlogo.indd 1
Mitchell Gold
+Bob Williams
6 coryell street, lambertville, NJ . 609.397.5500 . blueraccoon.com
4/24/13 3:48 PM
Daniel Garber, Lumberville Bridge, 28 x 30 inches
Edward Redfield, Lumberville Bridge, 26 x 32 inches
Investment is a Fine Art ™
68 S. Main St., Doylestown, Pennsylvania, 18901 / (215) 348-2500 / www.gratzgallery.com
Hours: Wednesdays – Saturdays 10 am – 6 pm, Sundays 12 noon – 6 pm, and by appointment
Business Sponsors
1. The Freight House
194 W Ashland St • Doylestown
Located in the heart of historic Doylestown,
The Freight House offers “Big City Dining” at
its finest. Modern/progressive cuisine with
the best seafood, steaks & chops, outstanding professional service, & a dramatic award
winning design set this restaurant apart from
the others.
2. Happ Contractors, Inc.
260 W Ashland St • Doylestown
Full service construction company proud to
have renovated the County Theater in 1997
3. Scott A. Dinesen, D.O. & Associates
599 W State St, Suite 301
Doylestown • 215-489-2066
Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Infertility.
New patients welcome.
4. Paganini Trattoria
81 W State St • 215-348-5922
Italian Cuisine in a contemporary European
setting. Fresh pasta, fine wines, homemade
desserts, cappuccino, espresso and the
fabulous Pags Cocktail & Wine Bar across the
street. Enjoy cocktails by the fountain.
5. Pags Cocktail/Wine Bar &
Paganini Pizza & Café
70-72 W State St • 215-348-9600 Café
215-348-1985 Bar Pizza, sandwiches, salads, 8. Gratz Gallery & Conservation Studio
desserts and gelato. Great cappuccino/
68 S Main St • 215-348-2500
espresso. Outdoor deck and Pags Bar next door. www.gratzgallery.com / [email protected]
Wed. – Sat. 10 am to 6 pm, Sun. 12 noon to
6. Domani Star
6 pm, and by appointment Gratz Gallery &
57 W State St. • 215-230-9100
Conservation Studio specializes in 19th and
Mon-Sat 11:30-2:00 Lunch; 5-10 Dinner;
20th century American paintings, with a focus
Sunday 4-9 Dinner A family owned &
on painters from the Pennsylvania Academy of
operated BYOB trattoria located in the heart
the Fine Arts, Pennsylvania Impressionists and
of the Doylestown Historic District.
The Philadelphia Ten. In addition Gratz Gallery
offers museum quality fine art conservation
services and custom framing.
7. Ari D. Spectorman, CFP® ,ChFC®, CIMA®
The Doylestown Private Wealth Group,
A private wealth advisory practice of
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.,
48 W Oakland Avenue, 267-893-6920
[email protected]
Fee based financial planning, asset management, domestic partnership, retirement, estate,
tax, protection & investment planning with a
Certified Financial Planner Practitioner.
10. Mary Lou Erk, Broker Associate,
Home Marketing Specialist) Specializing in
relocation – from condos to castles and new
construction! Coldwell Banker Hearthside,
Doylestown office 215-340-3500 ext. 129 cell
215-870-4101 • 212 N. Main St., Doylestown,
Pa. 18901 • Around the Block or Around the
World, Relocation is my Business. Work with
Erk. Mary Lou supports the County Theater.
11. Chambers 19 & The Other Side
19 N Main St • Doylestown • 215-348-1940
9. HONEY Inspired American Dining
M-Th 11am-10pm; Fri-Sat 11am-11pm;
42 Shewell Ave • Doylestown
Sunday Brunch – 9am-1:00pm; Sun 1-9pm
215-489-4200 • Dinner only. Now 7 nights
Just around the corner, Chambers offers a nice
a week starting at 5pm. Husband and wife
casual atmosphere for a lite-bite, full course
owned dining spot featuring an extensive small meal, homemade dessert or a cocktail with a
plates menu perfect for sharing with friends
full service n/s bar. Live entertainment 7 days,
or that special someone. Enjoy an all Amerino cover.
can wine and beer list and unique specialty
cocktails. Attentive and informed service in a
beautiful environment. www.honeyrestaurant.
P = Parking
15. Alan Reed & Co. Hair Care Professionals
30 S Pine St • 215-348-4434
www.AlanReedAndCo.com Tu-Th: 9-8; F:
9-6; Sat: 9-3 Where the basics are everyday
luxuries. Custom cuts for every man, woman,
and child. Personalized service and a quiet
16. Dr. Lauren Nappen
Ah-h-h-justing to Life
3346 Durham Rd • Mechanicsville
215-794-0606 • www.ahhhjustingtolife.com
The perfect blend of the vibrational healing
arts to move you from getting well to being
well to well being.
16 3
17 3
24 3
New Hope
12. Vine & Fig Tree Bistro
19 East State St., 215-345-1555
A truly comfortable bistro in the heart of
Doylestown directly across from the County
Theater. Enjoy a relaxed, all day breakfast and
lunch menu from 8am-2pm. Casual bistro fare
for dinner Thurs-Sun (BYOB) with simple desserts to enjoy either before or after your movie.
Catering and private parties available.
13. Nonno’s Italian Coffee Parlor is your
place to go before or after the movies. Located
two doors down from the County Theater,
Nonno’s provides an authentic Italian experience. Come in and try our Artisan Gelato,
Italian and local made pastries, Premium Italian Coffees and Homemade Uncle Daves Ice
cream from Del-Val Creamery. Summer hours:
Mon-Thurs 7:30am – 10pm; Fri 7:30am –
11pm; Sat 8am – 11pm; Sun 8am – 9pm
215-348-1111 • www.Nonnoscafe.com
18 3
17. Laurence H. Stone, D.D.S.
General and Cosmetic Dentistry
311 Hyde Park, Mechanicsville Rd
215-230-7667 • www.DrLarryStone.com
You might not be in the movies, but you can
dazzle with a “Hollywood smile.” Take it from a
fellow movie lover – our personalized service
administered by caring professionals will get
you noticed. We also offer “Zoom whitening” to
brighten your smile in just an hour.
18. Fred Eisen Leather & Art Knives
129 S Main St • New Hope • 215-862-5988
Open Daily 11-6. Custom & ready-made bags,
briefcases, belts, and wallets. Made on premises. Fine collection of gentlemen’s folding
knives by the finest bladesmiths.
14. Genevieve’s Panini, Salads &
Homemade Desserts To Go
34 E State St • 1-908-797-6743
T-F 11am-6pm; Sat 11am-4pm •
Genevieve’s is located a few shops down from
the County Theater. Stop in before or after
your movie for freshly made Italian fare. Enjoy
our seasonal offerings using only the freshest
ingredients keeping our food pure, simple, and
good to go. Take-Home Dinners and Catering
available 7 days a week.
Interested in becoming
a Business Sponsor?
call 215 348 1878 x 112
to our
Your support is the foundation of our nonprofit County Theater!
Stephanie & Herb Benjamin
Pamela T. & Robert Byers, Jr.
Neal & Leslie Carson
Michael F. Cawley
Stanley & Kathy Cooper
Curtis J. & Carolyn R. Cowgill
Stuart & Susan Dearden
Mark & Rachel Dibner
Fred & Linda Dunn
Sandra C. Fickes
First Savings Insurance - Robert C. Lewis
Joseph F. & Anne P. Gardocki
Ellen & Andy Happ
Andrew & Valerie Kind-Rubin
Carleton Holstrom & Mary Beth Kineke
Alice & David Lawler
William & Mary Lee Lieser
John & Carol McCaughan
John S. Merryman
Raymond & Clara Parker
G. Richard & Edythe W. Patterson
Stephen Raab & Marie Brickley-Raab
Eula Robertson
Amy Schmidt & Seth Weiner
The Steve Williams Design Office
Ronald L. Strouse & Frederick L. Cresson
John Toner & Rebecca Bushnell
Jake & Colleen Troxell
Sanford Weiss
Bruce R. & Donna White
Susan Abramson
Deborah & Robert Hutchison
John & Susan Eichert
Dr. Joseph R. & Jennifer L. Agasar
Carlos A. & Kathryn M. Infante
Edward & Mary Ellen Elgart
Saranbir S. Ahuja, M.D.
Anne S. Irwin & Robert Holt
Perry Ercolino
Stephen Albert & Barbara Wachter
Cathy James & Bill Broderick
Robert Evans
Nancy Alessi & Richard Smolev
Kevin Jameson
Scott Falk
Joseph S. Amodei
Anita Jensen
Francis X. Farrell & Mary Carter Farrell
Scott Anderson & Mhairi Strachan
Jan & Monica Johansson
Charles & Kirah Fasano
George R. & Ellen Anthonisen
Bill & Elaine Johnson
Anne & Jeff Ferguson
Frank C. Arrison
Steve M. Kanovsky & Polly Wood
Judith & John Fernandez
Robert H. Baldwin
Steve Kaplan & Court Whisman
Jack & Jackie Ferrari
Anne Bamford
Zsuzsi & Dennis Kazlauskas
Elsa Fisher
Helen Banister
David H. Keller, Jr. & Joanne Goelz Keller
Alan & Michelle Flash
Mary A. Barrie
Julia Kelly
Eileen Flood
Mark & Cynthia Baum-Baicker
Pamela & JaQuinley Kerr
Florence & William Ford
Susan Beach
Catherine F. & John J. Kerrigan, Jr.
Paul Freud
Peter Bennett & Jean V. Nevins
Brian Keyes & Lisa Gladden-Keyes
Georgeann R. Fusco & J. Alan Thompson
Glenn & Sarah Bergenfield
James J. & Sharon L. Klaver
William & Dorothy Gaboda
Dr. Joel A. & Cheryl Berger
Carole & Ernest Knight II
Larry Gage & Karen Forbes
Lisa Bergson & Jerry Riddle
Fred & Shary Koenig
Phyllis Gagner
David Bescherer
Alan S. & Phyllis B. Kovnot
Frank & Jeanette Gallagher
Ginny & Lee Beyer
Vivian & Edward Krensel
Alan & Shelby Gaudio
Kate Bianchini
Dr. Andrew & Kathleen Krick
Judith & Richard Gelade
Jane Biberman
Howard S. Kritzer
Susan & Todd Gelb
Barry Bilowitz & Emily Golden Bilowitz
Ogden & Daniel Kruger
Mark & Christine Gerber
Debra & Douglas Black
Sherry L. Kull
Teresa & William Giambrone, Jr.
David & Claire Blatt
Elizabeth Lacey-Osler & Rory Osler
Norma Gibson
Vincent Alan Bonopane & Rose Higgins
Joseph P. & Rebecca M. Larsen
Joseph & Bettijean Giedgowd
Felix & Beth Botelho
Richard D. Lee
Lori Gildea
F. Samuel Brainard & Susan F. Bindig
Jesse & Maureen Leighton
Howard Gilson & Karen B. Whitney
Mark & Fariba Brattebo
Jeffrey & Deborah Leo
Dr. Barry & Mindi Ginsberg
Jeffrey & Rita Brelsford
Heidi & Paul Leventhal DDS
Arnold & Doris Glaberson
Lucy & James Brennan
Howard Lewis
Mary L. Goldman
Elizabeth Brennan
Timothy & Laura Liebig
William L. Goldman, Sr.
Peyton Brown
Gail Linenberg
Sheryl J. Gordon
L. Eugene Brown & Nancy Pond Brown
Dennis & Barbara Livrone
Pamela & James Gory
Dennis & Pamela Bryan
Bruce & Pamela Loch
Colleen H. Graney
Jeff & Mary Jo Buckwalter
Leigh & Carol Ann Lockwood
Lynn & Jerry Grater
Leroy K. & Diane Bull
Daniel Long
Kevin Green & John Fellin
Lynn Bush
Bart & Judith Longo
Joseph Greenberg
Bradley M. Campbell & Katherine D. Hackl
Linda & Rick Lopez-Mena
Tina & Jim Greenwood
Joseph H. & Joan M. Campbell
Molly Lowell & Richard Duvall
Bernie & Ann Grossman
C. Harry Cathers
Amy & Joseph Luccaro
Margot Guinan
Anna & Gary Cesnik
Ed Ludwig
Rita Guzewski
Eduardo A. & Danielle Cevallos
M. Bruce & Carol L. Lynch
Jim & Susie Hackett
Radha & Raj Chaganti
Susan Madian
Susan & Alan Hammer
Nancy CF Chang
Peter & Camille Mancuso
Geraldine H. Happ
Joe & Marian Chiesa
Wendy Margolis
Alison A. & Richard Hargreaves
Barbara Christon
JoAnn & Paul Maroney
Timothy Harrell & Emory Byrum
Brian & Beth Clark
Christopher G. & Kimberly A. Marshall
Tom & Barbara Harris
Hugh R. & Barbara P. Clark
Lawrence Martin & Linda Redding
Laurie Harris & Ted Calamia
Joan P. & Al Clougherty
Susan A. Maslow & Richard Goldhammer
Dennis & Patricia Harrison
James Coane & Marty Moss-Coane
Wendy Mason
Barbara F. Harrison
Andrea & Will Collett
Timothy I. & Martha R. McCann
David Hauser & Patricia Mosher
Henry & Jacqueline Conroy
Patrick & Mary AJ McClain
Paul & Susan Hawthorne
Jonathon & Nancy Cooper
Larry & Diana McConkey
Steve Heacock
Richard B. & Lisa S. Crawford
Patrick D. & Jean M. McLaughlin
Donald J. & Louise T. Heath
Suzanne Crilley
Louise & Brian McLeod
Peggy & William Hecht
Ted & Deborah Croll
Thomas & Marlene McNamee
Tania Hedlund & Sean Kielty
Jim & Janette Dacey
Trevor & Linda McNeill
William W. & Linda Heinemann
Michael Danchak
Nadeen McShane & Vincent Menicci
David & Anne Heiser
Elaine T. Daniels
David McShane - Paxson Hill Farms
Phillip & Madeleine Henderson
Aurora Dean & David Craig
Charlene & Dev Mehra
Danny Hernandel
Mark & Linda Degatano
Robert D. & Roberta S. Melby
Patricia & Adolf Herst
Dino Demetriou
Janet & Lou Mintzer
Karen & Bruce Hessel
Louis & Margaret Denner
Nicholas S. Molloy - J. Carroll Molloy, Realtor
Jeremy C. Hewens
James D. DeSouza
Rosemary Montgomery
David Hewitt
Michael DiBerardinis & Joan Reilly
Margaret Moore
Edwin C. Hild
Peg Dissinger
Jane Moore
Carol A Hinckley
Claire & Jack Donohue
Robert W. & Kathleen J. Moore
Freya Hoffman & Brian Smith
Charles H. Dorsett & David Knapp
Patrick M. Moore
Cynthia Hoffmann & John W. Ditsler
Jack & Evelyn Doyle
Melissa Moreno
Dr. S. Jerome & Leslie D. Holtz
Julia M. Duane
Grace Morgan
Henry B. & Elise Holtzman
William & Margaret DuBell
Joanne Morris
Mark Horowitz Dorrine Veca
Judith Dubow
Robin O’Connor & Charlie Morris
Mike (Minor) & Mary Helen Hughes
Laure Duval
Stephanie J. Moss & Hester Null
Loren Hunt
Charles & Linda F. Dyke
Sharon L. Mowen
Mindy Hurd & Glenn Davis
Valerie & Rod Eastburn
John D. & Janet Moyer
Mollie Jean Mullaney
Linda & Scott Sepsy
Miriam Muller
Judy & Andrew Serbinski
Chris & Debbie Muller
Kathi & Aron Sexton
Leo & Stephanie Murray
Joseph & Barbara Shaeffer
Richard & Victoria Myers
Bennett M. & Fredericka Shapiro
Joao S. & Constance Killian Neves
Marcy & William Sharrow
David Newhart
Joyce Shay
Janine Nicolich & Ronan Culligan
Ann Melby & David Shenkle
Joseph A. Nissly
Sarah & Bill Shoffler
Sally & Michael Nixon
Allan & Gail Silverberg
John T. Nordling & Betty Stagg
Monica Sinks & Ed Borresen
Elizabeth Norman
Patricia Skowyra
Frank N. & Judith W. Norris
Faith R. & Gurney P. Sloan, Jr.
Liz & David Nover
Grace Smith
Paul O’Moore & Elizabeth Palmer
Lawther O. & Linda L. Smith
Patrick & Brenda O’Neill
Thaddeus Sniegocki & Joseph Wilcox
Barbara Orphanides
Beverly & Richard D. Spotts
Veronica E. Orsi & Bob Giglio
Nina Stack & Bob Gould
Kent & Ellen Oviatt
Tom & Barb Stanley
Pauline Page
Thomas S. & Kathleen M. Steel
George E. & Marsha K. Page
Jason & Kimberly Chesnut Steich
Phil & Ginger Paino
Anne Stephano
Barbara Panno-Keeping In Touch Bodywork
Richard & Ann R. Stephenson
Eleanor Parisi-Shaw & Donald Shaw
Alan Stifelman & Rosemary McQuate
Jon & Wendy Paton
Alexandra Storm & John Bisignano
William Kevin Pelin & Eugenie G.Candon Mark Stortenbecker & Janet Harrison
Kate A. & Charles A. Phillips
Sara Stover
Linda A. Plank
Dr. Paul W. & Sharon Stratton
Stanley A. & Susan L. Plotkin
Chris (Howard C.) Stratton
Diane Plunkett
John Strawn & Jody Bortner
Leon & Regina Poeske
James F. & Cristina Sullivan
Rick Pollock Eric Risberg
John & Anne I. Sullivan
Bennett Povlow
Stephen J. Sullivan, Jr. & Tabitha Dell’Angelo
Brian & Denise Prudish
Janet M. Sweeney & William J. Moser
Earl & Ruth Prushan
Donald & Laureen Talenti
Peter H. & Jacqueline Putman
Christine Taylor
Joseph & Karen Quinlan
Gregory F. Taylor & Liza Mendoza Taylor
Kathryn Quirk Richard Cooper
Daniel M. Telep & Pat Scully
Kim L. Rainey Scott Nichols
Gregory & Marcia Telthorster
Scott & Julie Rakestraw
Kathleen & Helmut Thiemann
John Ramelli & Michael Hurle
Tom & Patti Thomas
Harriet Rattner
Alice M. Thorpe
Anita Read
Daniel F. & Sherry S. Tinsman
Peter L. & Ellen Reiss
Dr. Alfonso J. & Gay B. Tobia
Nanci P. Remmey
Gail & Chris Troll
Margaret & Richard Rex
Dr. Richard R. Vanderbeek
Nancy Richardson
Frances Vannoy
Betty Jean Rieders
Margaret Waldock & Scott Deter
Monique Rigling
Claudia Waldruff
Dr. Thomas D. & Joanna L. Ritenbaugh
Bill & Millie Walker
Sharon & Mark Robb
Michelle & Dan Walsky
Walter Robinson
Maxine Katz Ward
Claire M. & Rob Robinson
Mary Lou & Joseph Wasco
Fred & Eileen Roedel
Randall W. & Susan N. Watts
Robert N. Roop & Katherine Kay
Sara & Henry Webster
Susan R. Roop
Steve Weiner
Valerie J. Rose
Debra S. Weiner
Richard & Jeannette Rosen
Leon & Carol Weiss
Todd J. & Joanne Russo
Nancy G. Wells
Gui A. & Diane Saatdjian
Carol Weston-Young
Bill & Rona Safier
Louis J. & Elizabeth White
Lisa M. & Jay Sandler
Stuart M. Wilder & Beth L. Snyder
Carolyn Sandler
Jack & Virginia Wilkerson
Howard & Jill Savin
Joseph B. & Dixie Lee Williams
Robert & Rose Sawyer
Dr. Walter D. & Mary C. Willihnganz
Richard Schaumburg
Arlene & David Wilner
Lorna Woodson
Marilyn Schaumburg & Norm Koester
Charles B. Woodward III
Robin Schoen
Stephen E. Wright
Richard W. Schoenkopf & Anne Coakley
Carolyn & Wayne Yetter
Stephen Schreiner
Mark & Candace Young
Judith & Sanford Schumacher
Jackson & Paula Young
Richard Schwab
Sharon M. Zamos
Grace D. & Jonathan D. Scott
Michael & Dorothy Zelesko
John Seaman
Carol & Larry Zetterberg
Eileen & John Sedlock
Margaret M. Zittel & Michael Robertson
Len & Cindy Selihar
Michael J. & Suzanne W. Zoglio
Peter H. & Lucy Bell N. Sellers
Listing as of August 8, 2013
*Due to space limitations, not all of our members are listed here. All current 2013 Member donors are located on our website. Thank you to EVERY member.
Closely Watched Films • P. O. Box 779, Doylestown, PA 18901
Please check your mailing label for the
expiration date of your membership.
It may be time to renew.
Previews 85 September - Dec. 2013
Design: The Steve Williams Design Office, Pipersville, PA
Become a member of the
nonprofit County Theater
The County Theater is open to the public.
However, you can become a member of
the nonprofit County Theater and show
your support of good films and a cultural
landmark and get a reduced ticket price.
Contributions are tax-deductible to the full
extent of the law. Your membership is valid
for one (1) year from your date of joining.
Checks payable to:
County Theater, Inc.
Mail to: The County Theater
P.O. Box 779, Doylestown, PA 18901
Membership Cards will be mailed to you.
Basic Annual Membership
$50 Individual
$75 Couple/Dual
$40 Senior (62+)
$65 Senior Couple (62+)
$40 Young Person (<25)
Basic membership gives you:
• $5.00 admission to all Main films
• Family Benefit - Member’s children
under 18 may attend for $5.00
• Tax-deductibility
• $6.00 admission to Bryn Mawr,
Ambler and Hiway Theaters
Sustaining Annual Membership
o $110 – Producer (one person)
o $100 – Senior Producer (62+) (one person)
Individual Producer (one person) receives 6 free
tickets + basic benefits
o $500 – Mogul
Free admission for one named member
+ 2nd named individual membership
with basic benefits
o $150 - Producer Couple
o $130 - Senior Producer Couple (both 62+)
Producer Couple receives 6 free tickets +
basic benefits
o $1,000 – Angel (Couple)
Receives free admission for two Angel
members + basic benefits
Join online at:
o $220 – Executive Producer Couple
o $200 – Senior Exec. Prod. Couple (both 62+)
Executive Producer Couple receives 12 free
tickets + basic benefits for couple
$___________Total Membership Fee
$___________Extra Gift
o My check is enclosed.
Card Number: ______________________________________________________________Exp. Date___________________
Make checks payable to:
County Theater, Inc.
Please charge my:
o MasterCard o VISA
o Discover o American Express

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