to the 2015 Auction Booklet as a !



to the 2015 Auction Booklet as a !
 JANUARY 17, 2015 
Apoyando al Desarrollo Sostenible
Supporting Sustainable Development
Compartiendo las Culturas
Sharing Cultures
It is with great pleasure that Project Gettysburg-León (PGL) welcomes you to the Nicaragua Night 2015. For
over 20 years, PGL has sponsored this chili dinner and auction as its major fundraising event. Nicaragua Night
2014 raised over $55,000 for PGL programs!
We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the following people and organizations
whose support has made Nicaragua Night 2015 possible:
Our Corporate Sponsor: Sun Coffee Roasters
PGL thanks Sun Coffee Roasters for its generous, corporate support of Nicaragua Night 2015. CEO Keith
Lemnios informed PGL that Sun Coffee is providing a substantial monetary contribution, plus profits from the
sale of its coffee in the Gettysburg College Bookstore, as well as all of the income from 50 bags of coffee on
sale at tonight’s event.
Through its collegiate program, Sun Coffee Roasters retails its organic, fair-trade blends to Gettysburg
College’s Dining Services. The company, headquartered in Plainville, Connecticut, in addition to distributing its
coffee throughout the country, is committed to bringing premium, sustainable fair trade coffee to colleges and
universities, particularly in the east. Sun Coffee Roasters works with campuses to support educational and
service programs, such as Fair Trade or Rainforest Days, and, at Gettysburg, the annual PGL Auction.
Lemnios describes Sun Coffee Roasters as “a socially conscious, earth friendly, and highly innovative U.S.
coffee roaster . . .” He adds, “Not only is Sun’s process good for the planet, it’s good for your palette. Our
methods yield the freshest, best-tasting sustainable fair trade coffee possible.”
PGL is happy that Nicaragua is the source of some of Sun Coffee Roasters coffee beans, and is extremely
grateful for the company’s support of Nicaragua Night and our ongoing partnership initiatives.
Auction Committee: Their many hours of soliciting donations, cataloging, making arrangements, publicizing
and coordinating the Auction are truly appreciated:
Joyce Ettenger, co-chair ~ Jeff Rioux, co-chair ~ Karl Mattson ~ Marge Mattson ~
PatCrowner ~ Dave Crowner ~ Lynn Cairns ~ Dottie Cairns ~ Marcia Gregorio ~ Dan Mangan ~
Gina Robertson ~ Tammy Hoff ~ Janet Hikes ~Jenn Johnson ~Erin Brennan ~ Megan Weikel ~
Harriet Marritz ~ Katy Mattson ~ Matt Crowner ~ Jan Powers ~ Bill Lewis
PGL Members & Friends: The many who hit the streets, talked to their friends and family, and advocated for
the beautiful items we compete for tonight!
Los Platanos de la Noche: Larry Gregorio & Michael Reyka for providing dinner music
Larry Peters & Son and family our favorite Auctioneers!
Auctioneer's Assistants Dave Crowner and Baird Tipson
Auction Volunteers & Staff: Gettysburg College Facilities, Instructional Technology, Athletics, College Life
Technical and Dining Services Staff, the Center for Public Service team, Gettysburg College student volunteers,
and other dedicated folks who hold Nicaragua in their hearts.
Our Donors
To all of our donors who gave so generously of their time, talents, and goods, we thank you! This event would
of course be nothing without the many treasured items being auctioned off tonight. With your help, we hope
to raise $60,000 tonight!
As you are aware, PGL is a tax-exempt organization, so donations tonight are eligible to claim as a tax
deduction. Those who donated will receive an email with a tax receipt in the weeks following the auction
(another effort to reduce our carbon footprint). If you donated, but would rather have a tax receipt mailed to
you, please see Joyce Ettenger or Jeff Rioux with your request.
The Impact of Partnership
PGL is honored to multiply its impact through the committed partnership of organizations such as the Adams
County Arts Council, the Gettysburg Area School District And the Adams County Art Teachers, Gettysburg
College, the Adams County Young Grower Alliance, Casa de la Cultura, and, in León Taller Artistico Xuchialt,
the community of Talolinga, the community of Monte Horeb, Nuevas Esperanzas, and Las Tias. Through these
partnerships, we all build a global community!
Casa de la Cultura
Casa de la Cultura began in 2011 as a local initiative of Project Gettysburg León. Sharing the mission of
fostering friendship, education and cultural exchange, Casa de la Cultura promotes the rights of immigrants in
Adams County and creates a space for the community to explore the arts and healthy living while emphasizing
Latino culture and its realities. Initiatives include support for youth applicants of Deferred Action, English as a
Second Language instruction in Gettysburg and Biglerville, swimming clinics, immigration reform activism, and
a soccer league as well as partnerships with Painted Turtle Farm and Healthy Options for healthy living and
family education activities.
We welcome participants, volunteers, and observers to develop and support initiatives. Together we can
improve our lives and human rights locally and in Nicaragua. Please visit the photographs displayed in the
dining area. They are from Retratos: La Otra Miranda/Portraits: From the Outside Looking In, an exhibit that
reveals the importance of faith, family and the basic humanity that binds us all together – regardless of
language culture or politics. The photographs are taken by Jorge Perez-Rico, facilitator of Casa de la Cultura.
Casa de la Cultura
[email protected]
A flower for Nicaragua and peace in the local Latino community
Attend PGL’s Monthly Potluck Meetings to Learn More
Good programs! Good food! Good friends! Everyone is welcome to attend!
First Sunday of the Month, 6 pm – 8 pm
Sunday, February 1: “Back from León: Report from the January Delegation." Hosted by Harriet Marritz
Sunday, March 1: “PGL’s Plans for 2015." Hosted by Joyce Ettenger
Sunday, April 12 (2nd Sun.): “A Canal Through Nicaragua?" Hosted by Amy & Andrew Dreves
Sunday, May 3: Program TBA. Hosted by Madeline Yates
Sunday, June 7: Program TBA. Hosted by Gina Robertson
Become a Sponsor
Choose the PGL project that captures your special interest, and provide a regular contribution. It's easy with
automatic deductions from your checking or credit card account. Interested in kids? Sponsor the Monte Horeb
preschool. Agriculture? Sponsor agricultural training in Talolinga. Street children? The Las Tias counseling and
educational program in downtown León. Music, dance, art instruction for youth! Sponsor Taller Xuchialt, a
school for the arts. Not sure what to choose? Direct your sponsorship to the overall PGL program.
Make a Contribution in Someone’s Honor
It is now possible for you to make a contribution to PGL on-line in your special person's honor:
birthday, anniversary, graduation, just because!
for your generous donation
and serving as the Nicaragua Night 2015
corporate sponsor!
Coffee with a Conscience
Sustainable, Fair Trade Coffee
Certified Organic, Rainforest, & Fair Trade Cooperatives Worldwide
Locally available at the Gettysburg College Bookstore
5:15 PM
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Listed in the order in which the tables will close.
See each category, poster near stage and table signs for times.
pg. 26
pg. 27
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pg. 31
pg. 33
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pg. 36
pg. 37
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pg. 45
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pg. 48
Live auction starts promptly at 6:00 pm and runs continuously without intermission. There may be
additional items auctioned throughout the evening that are not listed in this booklet.
Use your personal bidding number to make your purchases. Be sure to keep track of the items you
purchase! All items are sold "as is.” No exchanges or refunds.
All items for the silent auction are displayed on tables and have a bid sheet beside them. To bid, place
your bid number in the space provided. Many items have starting/minimum bids. Each change of the bid must
exceed the current bid by at least $2.00. You may bid on an item as many times as you wish.
Tables will close at various times throughout the evening. Winning bids will be decided by the last
written bid on the sheet. If you have the winning bid, please leave the Bid Sheet on the table and remove the
winning item after the winning bid has been recorded.
Find a student with a balloon to purchase a sleeve-length of tickets for $10.00 or single tickets for
$1.00 each. Place your tickets in the fish bowls that interest you. If your number is pulled, you win! Please
check the corresponding fishbowl sheet to find out the lucky winner! Winners will be drawn at 8:10 pm.
Please pay for all purchased items at the end of the evening. Payments should be made at the cashier's table
by using cash, check, Master Card, or Visa. Please allow at least 30 minutes after the close of the table before
proceeding to the Checkout.
In the spirit of fair play, we remind all lucky winners to claim their winnings (gift certificates, services, dinners,
etc.) by the stated expiration date or if there is no stated date, before next year’s auction. Please do not ask
our donors for changes to the services or package offered. Thank you!
A generous benefactor has left Project Gettysburg-León a large bequest in his will. This bequest has allowed
PGL to establish an Endowment Fund through the good graces of the Adams County Community Foundation.
Once the money in this Endowment Fund reaches $25,000 (we are still several thousand dollars short), PGL
will begin receiving an annual income that will continue forever. What a wonderful way to guarantee support
for our programs in Nicaragua! Anyone willing to support the long-term future of PGL’s work could do no
better than to contribute to the Project Gettysburg-León Endowment Fund through the Adams County
Community Foundation.
To that end, Marlon Moreno has donated a painting to be auctioned off tonight, the proceeds of which will be
donated entirely to the Endowment Fund.
Inspired by children’s art lessons in León, through PGL and Nils Anderson, Marlon went on to become a
founding member of Taller Artistico Xuchialt. Nestled in the indigenous barrio of Sutiava in León, Xuchialt now
instructs over 120 students annually in the arts of Nicaragua. Marlon was director of Xuchialt for four years,
also serving as an instructor, and has been an artist in residence in high schools and elementary schools in the
Adams County area. Marlon’s intense interest in art and art education continues to grow. His unique, graphic
style of painting is inspired by the indigenous art of his culture.
By donating his art, Marlon is both paying it back, and paying it forward. Marlon is grateful for the
education and support of Taller Artistico Xuchialt and PGL. He is paying it forward by having the monies raised
by the sale of "Quetzalcoatl en el Cosmo” placed in the Endowment Fund to help future PGL programs.
Quetzalcoatl en el Cosmo
Marlon’s Artist Statement:
This painting is the work of Nicaraguan artist, Marlon Moreno. Its size is 13” X 18”, acrylic on canvas.
The painting expresses the cosmic world of a mystical Aztec god. As we know the history, the natives thought
the Spaniards were gods, even their god Quetzalcoatl. They saw the armor and the fire in the hands of the
conquerors. The natives submitted and were conquered in this confusion.
This painting is composed with its main form, the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl. Every space within the
mystical god is represented with shapes and symbols that connect to the serpent’s history. There is a jaguar
sleeping. It is another god from the time. There is also a hand and bones that represent the death of the
people, murdered at the hands of the conquerors.
The yellow and green background represents the cosmos that links with the surrounding texture of the sky.
Quetzalcoatl en el Cosmo
Esta es una obra del artista nicaragüense Marlon Moreno. Una obra con las medidas de 13” X 18” en acrílico
sobre tela.
La obra expresa el mundo cósmico del mítico Dios Azteca. Lo que sabemos de la historia, los nativos
confundieron este Dios con los españoles. Al ver sus armaduras y el fuego en las manos de los
conquistadores, los nativos cedieron y fueron conquistados por esta confusión.
Esta pintura está compuesta con su forma principal, La Serpiente Emplumada o Quetzalcóatl. Cada espacio
dentro del mítico Dios está representado de figuras y símbolos que conectan a la serpiente con su historia.
Entre ellos podemos ver una pequeña representación de un jaguar durmiente, otro Dios de la época. Por otro
lado vemos una mano y sus huesos que representa la muerte de su pueblo a manos de los conquistadores.
El fondo amarillo y verde representa el cosmos que se entrelaza con la textura envolvente en el firmamento.
1. Nicaraguan Painting
Marlon Moreno
This painting is the work of Nicaraguan artist, Marlon Moreno. Its size is 13” X 18”, acrylic on canvas. The
painting expresses the cosmic world of a mystical Aztec god. As we know the history, the natives thought
the Spaniards were gods, even their god Quetzalcoatl. They saw the armor and the fire in the hands of the
conquerors. The natives submitted and were conquered in this confusion. This painting is composed with
its main form, the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl. Every space within the mystical god is represented with
shapes and symbols that connect to the serpent’s history. There is a jaguar sleeping. It is another god from
the time. There is also a hand and bones that represent the death of the people, murdered at the hands of
the conquerors. The yellow and green background represents the cosmos that links with the surrounding
texture of the sky.
2. Fresh Cherry Pie
Marge Mattson
Adams County cherries picked at the height of the season and baked into a delicious, flaky cruust. Perfect
to share at your table after tonight’s chili supper!
3. Orcas Island Getaway
Martha Inch
Three nights bed and breakfast in a lovely home with splendid view of Crow Valley and Mount
Constitution. Fifteen minutes from the ferry. Times to be arranged with the donor. Orcas Island is the
largest of the San Juan Islands, northwest of Seattle, listed last year by the New York Times as one of the
best places to visit in the U.S. Great biking, hiking, scenery, sailing.
4. Harvey Wallbanger Cake
Dianne & Larry Brogan
This cake puts the delicious, potent flavors of a Harvey Wallbanger cocktail (Galliano liqueur, orange juice
& vodka) in a moist bundt cake topped with an orange glaze that literally melts in your mouth.
5. Indian Dinner for 4-6
Janet Powers
Multi-course Indian dinner for 4-6 persons delivered to your home and prepared to your specifications:
carnivore, vegetarian, or omnivore; spicy, mellow or mild; wine or beer. Dishes representative of different
parts of India guaranteed to please all palates.
6. A Pair of Tickets to Red Ants Pants Music Festival 2015
Sarah Calhoun, Red Ants Pants
Red Ants Pants Music Festival is July 23-26, 2015 in White Sulphur Springs, Montana. The special
performers are not announced yet, but 2012 was Mary Chapin Carpenter and Emmylou Haris, 2013 was
Merle Haggard, 2014 was Charlie Pride.
7. Craft Brewed Beer for your Super Bowl Party
Dennis Hickethier
Craft-brewed beer made by experienced home brewers in Gettysburg. Each of the two cases will contain a
variety of beers, including chocolate bock, Belgian trippel (with and without green chiles), maple brown,
doppelbock, and pale ale.
8. Customized Live Music Party!
Ben Wenk
Ben Wenk enjoys playing all styles of music, having performed weekly in Gettysburg for the previous five
years. He also enjoys a good musical challenge, especially for an organization like PGL. So get creative!
Maybe you'd like a full band evening of Beatles covers. Maybe you'd like to have your friends over for solo
acoustic live music karaoke. Bluegrass? Jazz? Maybe you and your friends singing Eagles songs with
bluegrass and jazz style accompaniment! Your wish is my command with your support of PGL.
9. Unique Silver Earrings
Judy Pyle
Hand fabricated one of a kind sterling silver earrings with hand-milled texture with high polish.
10. A Bouquet of Salsas
Darren Glass
Six times during the upcoming year, Kay and Darren Glass will put their experiences taking cooking classes
in Mexico to good use and make a jar of homemade salsa for you, often with ingredients fresh from their
11. Pair of Philadelphia Flyers Tickets
Gary Boguski, Taylor and Boguski
Enjoy a high energy hockey game with a pair of Philadelphia Flyers tickets against the Buffalo Sabers on
Thursday, February 19 at 7pm. Tickets are in Section 206, Row 3, Seats 1-2.
12. Learn to Geocache
Laura Geesaman
Learn the hobby of geocaching with the Geesaman family. Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure
hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and
then attempt to find that geocache (container) hidden at that location. We will teach you how to find
some of the 1000 geocaches hidden in the Gettysburg area. Who knows; it may be your next great hobby!
13. Wine and Cheese Pairing
The Blue Parrot
In this private, elegant, art filled dining room, you and your guests will be treated not only to numerous
fine wines, but information about each will be provided by a sommelier. Each wine will be accompanied by
a "small plate" prepared by chef Allison McIlhenny.
14. Project Consultation
Mark Austin Building & Remodeling
Designing a new kitchen or addition? Remodeling? This is the perfect opportunity to avail yourself of the
well-respected and versatile talents of Mark Austin, owner of Mark Austin Building and Remodeling. Mark
is offering a free project consultation. Established in 1985, his company stands out for its creativity,
craftsmanship, inventive problem-solving and attention to detail. The company’s products and services
span the entire range of residential and commercial building and remodeling.
15. Sushi Night
Alan Whetsel
Learn the basics of how to make favorite Western rolls with ingredients from your local grocery store.
Afterwards we will enjoy the fruits of your hands-on lessons. Instruction includes making your own:
Salmon (Sashimi), California, Philadelphia, Roe, Egg, Shoyu Tuna (vacuum packed) and Veggie Rolls as well
as how to throw a Cone Sushi Party. Techniques include: Standard, Cone and Reverse Sesame Rolls. Take
home materials, tools and references included. Up to four participants.
16. Treasure of the Sierras Susquehanna Dinner
Allison Singley and Chris Fee
“Bad wine?!? We don’t drink no stinkin’ bad wine!!” Join lovely and gracious hostess Allison Singley and
her thick but personable lackey Chris Fee for an evening of al fresco dining in the highlands northwest of
Heidlersburg under a leafy Central Pennsylvania sky. Featuring fresh local foods procured from sustainable
Adams County Farms, the treasure of this meal will be the selection of wines from Wofford Acres Vineyard,
Allison’s sister’s California winery. This dinner will be available from mid-July until the end of the year.
17. Two Pairs of Handmade Socks
Neil Beach
An auction favorite! Make sure you bid on these handknit treasures!
18. Red Beans and Rice Dinner
Baird Tipson
A homemade dinner of red beans and rice, including salad, cornbread, and dessert, for eight people.
Delivered anywhere within fifteen miles of Gettysburg!
19. Four Tickets to Phillies Baseball Game
Sue and Dennis Rhodes
Four tickets in section 106 (right field), row 1. Nothing in front of you excpet the field! Remember to bring
a glove. The Rhodes caught a home run from the Cub’s Anthony Rizzo in 2013. The winning bidder can
choose from one of these games: Sat. June 20 vs Cardinals, 3:05 pm; Fri. July 31 vs Braves, 7:05 pm; Thu.
Aug 6 vs Dodgers, 1:05 pm; or Sat. Aug 29 vs Padres, 7:05 pm.
20. Cherry Bowl
John Dufendach
This 9-inch hand crafted cherry bowl features red arches of heartwood at the base and the brown
sapwood toward the edges. One of a kind piece.
21. Long weekend in Rehoboth Beach
Bruce Bigelow and Julie Ramsey
This beautifully decorated 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo in Eagles Landing, one of Rehoboth’s most sought
after locations, is available for a long weekend in the spring or fall. It is located on the 3rd floor with
cathedral ceilings, screened porch for cool summer evenings and a balcony off each of the bedrooms. Each
bedroom has a private bath, one with a Jacuzzi tub. The kitchen is outfitted with bright, modern stainless
steel appliances. The condo has a spacious living room, dining area and kitchen. Perfect for a dinner at
home while watching the sunset, drinks with friends on the balcony, and a cool night’s sleep before
another day on beautiful Rehoboth beach, a walk on the boardwalk or shopping at the many outlets. Or
enjoy a meal at one of Rehoboth’s many first class restaurants. 2 Queen beds and Sleep Sofa. Sleeps 6.
Located approximately one mile from the beach.
22. Ballroom Dancing Lesson for Six
Brent Talbot
Not your run-of-the-mill dance class! Worth Hundreds! Brent Talbot, former professional, Arthur Murray
ballroom dance instructor, will give you, your dance partner, and two other couples two hours of
outstanding instruction, plus wine and cheese, and copies of the CD you use. Great learning, and great fun!
23. Three Dozen Oysters
John Dufendach and Joyce Ettenger
Delivered on ice to your door Fall of 2015. These triploid beauties have been flourishing under our dock on
the tides of the Little Wicomico River and will be finished on the invigorating effluents of the
Rappahannock River sometime this fall. They may be eaten raw or cooked and will keep for weeks if kept
24. Two Tennis Lessons with Gettysburg College Assistant Men's and Women's Tennis Coach
Andy Knox
Two lessons with Gettysburg College Assistant Men's and Women's Tennis Coach. A USPTR and USPTA
certified tennis pro, Knox is the head tennis pro at the West Shore Country Club in Camp Hill, Pa., where he
organizes and teaches all junior clinics, camps, and adult activities.
25. Trip to the Citi Open in Washington, DC to see the Top Tennis Players in the World
Nell Matthews
Come along with 35 other tennis fanatics for a day of tennis at the Citi Open in Washington D.C. This is a
500 point ATP and WTA tournament leading up to the U.S. Open. The venue is small so you get up close
and personal viewing the players from all over the world. We leave Gettysburg by coach bus on Thursday,
Aug. 6th around 10:30 am and return at night. You'll see both singles and doubles play. The Bryan Bros.
often come to this tournament, along with John Isner, Tomas Berdych, Milos Raonic (2014 winner) and
Svetlana Kuznetsova (2014 winner).
26. Labradorite Sterling Necklace
Rick Foye, Garrick Jewelers
A stunning sterling silver Labradorite necklace from Garrick Jewelers in Hanover. Created by Metalsmiths
Sterling as part of their "The Earth's Wind and Fire" Collection.
27. Battlefield Scenic Flight
Michael Cooper-White
Scenic flight over historic Gettysburg and battlefield in a Cessna 150 from Gettysburg Airport with licensed
pilot and Certified Flight Instructor Michael Cooper-White. To be arranged by mutual convenience.
28. Rafiqs' Hosted Pakistani Dinner for 6-8 people
Rukhsana Rahman
The Rafiqs are offering an elaborate home cooked Pakistani dinner. The regional cuisine of Pakistan will be
prepared and served at their lovely country home for six to eight people.
29. Weekend on the Chesapeake
Tara and Phil Baugher
Experience a 3-day weekend on the Rappahannock River, with a spectacular view of the bay and access to
a pristine beach. Explore islands and marshes by kayak or canoe, and take advantage of excellent
opportunities for bird watching or fishing. Ten minutes from the historical Christ Church and Tide's Inn.
Dates to be mutually determined.
30. Handmade Braided Rug
Catherine Roth
Beautiful 3 foot by 3 1/2 foot hand braided wool rug. A gorgeous combination of true reds and grays that
just makes you smile. It will perk up any room. A true treasure by Catherine.
31. Sail on the Chesapeake Bay
Pat and Dave Crowner
Sail from near Baltimore for an exhilarating day on the Chesapeake Bay. Up to 4 persons; kids welcome.
Take the helm! Enjoy snacks, lunch, plus happy hour back at the marina. Late spring or summer, 2015.
32. Kenyan Dinner for Six
Audrey Hess
Enjoy a traditional Kenyan meal with ugali, curry and greens. Delivered to you (Gettysburg area) or served
in my home.
33. Plush Giraffe
Jodi Schwartz, Codori House of Gifts
Beautiful, cuddly, soft giraffe over 4' tall with life-like details, made of high quality materials. This plush,
friendly beast will be your friend for life-especially for kids!
34. Pool Side Dinner for Eight
Peter and Jane North
Enjoy a gourmet backyard barbecue and wine dinner pool side, prepared by guest Chef Gary Brautigam
from the Stone House Kitchen hosted by Peter and Jane North.
35. The Pomona Trio
Marc Jalbert
Acoustic jazz trio will play at the event of your choice for three hours. The trio performs a variety of jazz
standards from the American Songbook, the Beatles and original compositions. Trio Members Marc Jalbert
- classical guitar, Brent Crawford - soprano tenor sax, Lisa Cadigan - vocals. The trio will play either indoor
or outdoor and they will supply their own sound system.
36. Three Limited Edition Prints: Gettysburg Barns
Dan Mangan
From Dan Mangan's signature series honoring Adams County's deep farming tradition, the winning bidder
will receive three painterly photographs of barns central to the Battle of Gettysburg: the Edward
McPherson barn, Chambersburg Pike, first day; the Moses McLean barn, east of Oak Ridge, first day; and
the Abraham Trostle barn, United States Avenue, second day. These prints are expertly matted and
mounted, and are frame-ready. Print size (not including mat): 13" x 19". Limited edition and signed.
37. Cuban Dinner for Four to Six people
Peter and Eleanor Pella
The lucky winners will enjoy a menu which includes an entree-Picadio, rice and black beans, green salad,
sangria and mojitos aplenty and a crowd pleasing dessert : FLAN! Bid to benefit from these fine chefs!
38. Four Box Seat Tickets to Orioles Game
Jeffrey Blavatt
Four box seat tickets to Orioles game at Camden Yards, right next to the Oriole's dugout. Here's your
chance to catch a souvenir ball, so bring along your catcher's mitt. This also includes a parking pass! Enjoy
a great evening at the ball park and then just step outside to your car! Date to be set after the season's
schedule is posted.
39. Chili Dinner for Four
Anne and Will Lane
Like the taste of the Southwest? You will enjoy this chili dinner which includes corn bread, wine, and one
of Anne's delious desserts! Vegetarian Chili upon request.
40. Outer Banks Beach House
Andy and Sherry Farkas
Enjoy this great house in Duck, NC for one week during Spring or Autumn. Six bedrooms (four masters), 5
1/2 bath, hot tub. Easy short walk to the beach. Great house for a getaway with friends!
41. Original Watercolor: Gettysburg College Freshman's Walk
Bobbi Becker, the bobbi becker gallery
An 18x24 original watercolor of the Freshman's Walk through downtown Gettysburg, in a handmade
42. Construction Consultation
Jay Wedemeyer
Four hours with Jay to help you decide how to proceed with that new construction project. Need help with
the design phase or the bidding process? This is a great opportunity. Jay will even design a deck for you.
43. Italian Dinner for Six
Edie Jardine and Dave Mangan
Love authentic Italian food? Be prepared to experience a culinary tour of La Bella Italia! This five-course
dinner for six will delight you with regional specialties based on my treasured family recipes. Still dreaming
about the feather-light gnocchi you had in that little trattoria in Umbria? Or is a prosciutto-stuffed
saltimbocca alla Romana your idea of the perfect Italian sojourn? Wines that pair well with each course
will complete your experience. Dinner will be prepared by Edie Jardine and served at the Jardine-Mangan
residence in Carroll Valley at a mutually convenient date in 2015. A recent year’s menu included a variety
of appetizers … cambonzola sottocentre with truffles … beef and pork ragu lasagna … braised lamb shanks
with wild mushrooms … asparagus with pancetta … and creamy arborio pudding with summer fruits. What
may I prepare for YOU?
44. One Week on the Northern Neck of Virgina
John Dufendach and Joyce Ettenger
Two hours south of Fredericksburg, Va. Stay in a comfortable contemporary home with three bedrooms
and a loft. Sleeps 6-8 people. Water views of Back Creek. Bring your motor boast or use our kayaks. Deep
water dock with quick access to Chesapeake Bay and fishing.
45. Live Jazz at Your Private Party!
Buzz Jones
Enjoy “The Great American Songbook” with the Buzz Jones Quartet. One and a half hours of spectacular
entertainment will be the hit of your event!
46. Weekend In New York City
Gabor Boritt
Spend a week in a NYC studio apartment (c. 640 sq ft) between Union Square and Washington Square two
blocks from the subway – a great location. The apartment is on the third floor of a high rise, early 20th
century vintage, with 16’ ceilings and split-level with the top like a large balcony where we sleep two. One
wall is all windows and the sun lights up the place on beautiful mornings. The windows look away from the
noise of the avenue on the front. We have oriental rugs but modern décor with all modern conveniences.
Two more can sleep downstairs in a couch bed, if you don’t mind being cozy. The building stands across
from the back of Grace Church (a beautiful Episcopal Cathedral), close to theaters, a music hall, the Strand
Bookstore (one of the world’s greats), St. Mark’s Place. The building has 24-hour doormen, and on its top
sits a garden terrace with a nice view of the city.
47. Tapas Dinner
Harriet Marritz
This delectable variety of Spanish tapas, wines and sangria, and desserts will be delivered and served to
you (in the greater Gettysburg area). Includes gazpacho, meat, seafood, chicken and vegetable tapas
dishes, cheeses, flan and more. The perfect catering solution to your next diner party for eight.
48. Southwest Dinner for 8
Margaret-Ann Radford and Jay Wedemeyer
Renowned barbecue artist, Jay Wedemeyer will provide the Texas holy trinity (ribs, brisket (smoked and
finished over 12 hours), and grilled sausages), cornbread (Margaret-Ann's secret recipe), southwest beans,
an assortment of Texas beers, wine from somewhere other than Texas; and for a little something "local"
apple pie for dessert. Hopefully the meal can be served al fresca (Texan for outside) in the summer or early
fall. Music and setting and host & hostess make it a perfect evening!
49. A Chesapeake Bay Dinner with Norman on the Violin
Dave and Pat Crowner
Enjoy an elegant dinner at the Crowner's for up to 10 people featuring treasures of the Chesapeake and
violin accompaniment by the maestro, Norman Nunamaker.
50. Three Weeks of a CSA Share
Painted Turtle Farm, Gettysburg College
The Painted Turtle Farm at Gettysburg College is a campus community hub for food justice offering a CSA
and a community garden for immigrant families. We will provide 3 bags of fresh, Certified Naturally Grown
vegetables during weeks of your choice.
51. Introduction to Sailing
Vance Hikes
Interested in learning to sail? This is your chance to "dip your toes in the water". During the sail Captain
Vance Hikes will discuss navigational language, points of sail, reading the winds and water, and setting the
anchor. Before you know it, you will be "coming about" on his 36 ft. Beneteau, The Morgan Leigh" on the
upper Chesapeake Bay. This instruction is designed for someone who is interested in sailing but is not sure
if they want to pursue it seriously. One day for two people at a mutually agreeable time.
52. Farm to Fork Dinner for Six at the Home of Janet and Ed Riggs
Janet Morgan Riggs
Dinner for six hosted by Janet and Ed Riggs. Grab a seat the the Harvest table for a very special Farm to
Fork Dinner. Enjoy a great meal featuring many foods supplied by local farmers and our very own CSA, and
prepared by Gettysburg College's award winning Dining Services.
53. Commissioned Portrait by Nanette Hatzes on Canvas
Nanette Hatzes
Nanette Hatzes, known widely for her "Goddess Project" series, will donate one commissioned
photographic portrait to be included in the next Goddess Project, approximately one year from now. These
museum quality, large format portraits typically cost $900 (framed). This is your opportunity to work with
Nanette and together create an image.
54. Pork on the Porch
Josef and Samantha Brandauer
This dinner for six is a marvelous Korean-Austrian fusion experience using local ingredients. Enjoy dinner al
fresco on the Brandauer's porch with locally-raised, slow-roasted pork, Korean condiments, local hard
cider and a delicious, Austrian-inspired dessert. Who can say nein/아니요?
55. Leaf-Peeping in New England
John Spangler and Maria Erling
Enjoy a relaxing New England getaway for up to 6 days during the height of this fall’s colorfully explosive
leaf peeping displays at a lakeside cottage with private beach on Contoocook Lake in Jaffrey, NH. Nestled
in the Monadnock Region with a mountain view, the cottage provides access to an area whose natural
beauty has inspired poets, playwrights, artists, and composers and is rich in culture and history. This
classic, 1200 sq. ft., quaint New Englander with three bedrooms (2 queen-sized beds and 2 twin beds), and
one bath, 15 feet from the lake’s edge, includes a fully equipped kitchen, glassed-in porch, open porch,
brick patio, sauna, boat ramp, small beach, two kayaks, canoe, grill, hammock, bicycles, clear view of
Mount Monadnock and much more. Nearby activities: Hiking in Monadnock State Park, championship golf,
swimming, fishing, arts center, good restaurants, and groceries (within 4 miles.) Approximately 30 minutes
away, nearby Peterborough also offers movie houses, book stores, antiques, and more fine dining. Offered
after Labor Day between Thursday, September 10 through Sunday, November 1, 2015.
56. Explore the NYC Art Scene!
Nils Anderson and Omar Olivera
An exciting day exploring the contemporary New York Art scene with artists Omar Olivera and Nils
Anderson. Start the day visiting contemporary art galleries in the world famous Chelsea art district.
Included in the day is a visit to Nils' studio in Brooklyn. Talk with Nils about his creative process in painting
and sculpture using color and geometry. Omar will also bring his artwork to share and discuss. Taller
Artistico Xuchialt in Leon, Nicaragua grew out of the art school Nils founded while living in Nicaragua.
Omar has worked extensively with the students and instructors of Xuchialt during several residencies in
Leon. Enjoy a fun filled New York City day with these two contemporary artists with deep ties to Project
57. Quarterly Chocolate Chip Cookies
Jen Cole
Five dozen fresh, homemade chewy chocolate chip cookies, delivered to you once a quarter (date to be
arranged). Made with love and promises that the bowl and spoon were not licked!
58. A House Concert by The Willys
The Willys
The Willys will give an unplugged house concert of their music and popular acoustic rock favorites from the classic
rock era and beyond. A two hour event will include two sets with a 20-30 minute break in between. The band will
answer questions and sign/sell CD’s during the break. The Willys include: Bill Serfass, Neil Ecker, Bill Mitchell, Dan
Chase, Todd Mudd and may include a friend (if he’s available) playing banjo. Must be used by the end of 2014.
59. Eight Quarts of Stawberries
Shawn Abma
Here's a chance to bid on a flat (8 quarts) of high quality Florida strawberries donated by the the
Gettysburg High School's Future Farmers of America. The strawberries will be delivered in March.
60. Bosnian Dinner for 6-8
Marica and Zijad Prozo
Your choice of catered or eat-in at the Prozo household, a delicious meal for 6-8 with everything made
from scratch! Depending on your group and taste enjoy a variety of food from the best homemade bread
you've ever tasted to a mouth watering main meat dish of brisket or lamb. Self preserved salads ranging
from peppers, cucumbers to sour kraut and vegetable spreads as appetizers and a dessert to finish off the
meal! You'll learn all about Bosnian cooking and you won’t leave hungry believe me.
61. Homemade Lasagne Dinner
Marcia Gregorio
This pasta does not come out of a box! Enjoy a homemade Italian pasta lasagne dinner - complete with
anti pasto course, mouthwatering lasagne, salad, homemade bread, your choice of homemade dessert,
and two bottles of wine. Delivered to your door. Serves up to 8 people.
62. Flying Pond Camp
Bill and Suzanne Steinour
We are donating one week rental at our three season cottage on a lake In Mount Vernon, Maine. The
cottage has three bedrooms, one bath, a wraparound screened porch and a dock with kayaks and canoes.
It is a great area for fishing, swimming and hiking and is about 6 miles from one of the highest rated golf
courses on the East Coast. Max. Occupancy is six.
63. Fajita/Margarita Dinner For Six People
Bruce Bigelow and Julie Ramsey
Start the evening with the best margaritas north of the Border, followed by everything you need to build
your own fajitas.
64. $500 Gift Certificate for The Sylvan Native Nursery and Seed Company
Michael Hollins, The Sylvan Native Nursery and Seed Company
The Sylvan Native Nursery and Seed Company, which provides native plants for the whole east coast
(including the Gettysburg Battlefield) offers $500 worth of indigenous plants or $250 in plants and a $250
planning consultation with Mike Hollins, the CEO of Sylvan.
65. Spa Package of 4 Massages
Madeline Yates
Stiff neck or back? Madeline will massage your tenseness away!
66. Pearl Necklace
Jessie Rissinger, Scott & Co. Fine Jewelers
Elegant necklace with eight round, white pearls on a sterling silver mesh adjustable chain, offered in a
beautiful case.
67. Mexican Fiesta Dinner for 10
Casa de la Cultura
Casa de la Cultura presents an authentic Mexican Fiesta Dinner for 10 in your home or setting of your
choosing. Menu includes Gorditas (small stuffed cake made with corn flour), Quesadillas (corn tortilla filled
with potato, cheese, chicken, served with lettuce, sour cream, red or green salsa), Tacos de Cecina (corn
tortillas with cecina -salted and dried beef-, onion, and salsa), Pastel de Tres Leches (3 milks cake),
Cervezas Mexicanas (variety of Mexican beers). The drama of the preparation and presentation of this
special dinner make it a truly unique auction offering this year! Talk it over with your friends and plan to
bid high!! The "gordita" will be cooked on a special comal (griddle) by the best Mexican cooks in Adams
County: La Sra. Flor Pichardo, Margarita Chavarria with the assistance of Victoria and Elena Perez-Zetune!
68. $75 Big Hill Kennel Certificate
Jeffrey Cline, Big Hill Kennel
The $75 gift certificate entitles the person to goods and services from the Big Hill facility. This could be for
a 3-night stay for your pet or any combination of grooming, etc.
69. Theater Tickets for Mummenschantz
Jeffrey Gabel, Majestic Theater
Six tickets for Mummenschantz, Feb. 4th at 6:30pm. Having captivated audiences with its unique brand of
visual theater for more than 40 years, the performers of Mummenschanz create inspiring and captivating
illusions using colorful masks, incredible props and skillful sleight of hand.
70. Kumihimo Bracelet Workshop/Party
Gina Robertson
Gather up to six of your friends to enjoy a workshop/party in Kumihimo, the art of Japanese braiding. You
will learn how to design and create a unique bracelet from start to finish using this simple, but beautiful
fiber technique. All materials are included. Coffee, tea, soda, and snacks are included! Ages 8 to 98 are
invited! This three hour workshop will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time and place before
November 2015.
71. Twin Springs Greenhouse and Orchard Tour
Twin Springs Fruit Farm
Join retired former co-owner, Eddie Rankin, for a From Farm to Table personalized tour for up to four
people. Includes a take-home selection of tasty fruits and veggies.
72. El Salvadoran Supper for Six
Audrey Hess
Pupusas, curtido and salsa--a suppertime favorite in El Salvador. Pupusas made to your preferences and
delivered (near Gettysburg) or served at my home.
73. St. Nikolaus Candy Container
Roger Lund, The Christmas Haus
A colorful, sparkling "Sankt Nikolaus" candy container, one of only 50 hand-made and signed by the maker
in Neustadt, Germany. This limited edition figure is to be used on Saint Nicholas Day to present candy,
hidden inside, to children who have been good!
74. Gourmet Indian/Nepali dinner for Four
Subarna Sijapati
Enjoy the delicious flavors of a home cooked four-course Indian or Nepali dinner prepared by professional
chef Subarna Sijapati in his own kitchen. Dinner will be for four (4) people, with any dietary
restrictions/needs accommodated. With matching beverages of choice (wine, beer, chai, lassi).
75. Luxury Stay at Gettysburg Hotel
Chuck Moran, Gettysburg Hotel
One overnight luxury accommodation at Gettysburg's most historic hotel. Also included is dinner and
breakfast for two in the award winning restaurant, "One Lincoln".
76. Middle Eastern Dinner for 4-6
Janet Powers
Multi-course Middle Eastern dinner delivered to your home, including 8 mezzeh dishes, leg of lamb or
stuffed chicken main course, pita bread, and dessert. Your choice of wine or beer. If you like Spanish tapas,
you’ll want to try the cuisine from which they originated!
77. Large Engraved Vase from Nicaragua
Auction Committee, Project Gettysburg-León
This colorful vase was handcrafted in Nicaragua, and is engraved with a fish and a parrot.
78. Gettysburg BrewFest Package
Randy Prasse, Gettysburg Festival
Two tickets for the 2nd Annual Gettysburg BrewFest (August 22, 2015) and four commemorative pint
glasses from the 2014 Gettysburg BrewFest.
79. Cuban Dinner for Six
Madeline Yates
Cuban dinner for 6-8. Did you ever want to travel to Cuba? Are you interested in learning more about the
country and culture merely 93 miles off the coast of Florida? Enjoy Latin Cusine and conversation just
minutes from the center of town, yet with a battlefield view!
80. Two Four-day Passes for Gettysburg Bike Week 2015
Kelly Shue, Gettysburg Bike Week
Don’t miss this pair of four-day all inclusive passes to Gettysburg Bike Week 2015. Includes all music and
entertainment, $80 value!
81. A Week at OSOGA Lodge
Joyce Ettenger and John Dufendach
Maintained for many years by the students and faculty of Gettysburg Academy for their use, this lodge’s
name is an acronym for “Old Spirit Of Gettysburg Academy,” the predecessor of Gettysburg College.
Except for bracing the roof with posts and a ridge pole, little has been done to alter the chestnut log cabin
structure with its great room and six bed sleeping loft. In accordance with such rusticity, there is no
running water (drinking water obtained from the spring by Laurel Lake) and a two seat outhouse is
attached. There is electricity and a large hearth and smaller wood stove supply the necessary heat. The
lake has fishing, swimming, and boating. Pole Steeple is a ten minute hike. A great place for young families
(no WiFi or TV).
82. Painting of Taller Xuchialt
Tom Rooney, Gettysburg Watercolors
Tom Rooney, Gettysburg Artist, and college Alumnus will be painting a Nicaraguan scene during the first
hour of the Auction and it will be bid upon during the live auction. Thanks, Monsieur Roonoir.
Complete Construction Service
“We build the old-fashioned way: one house at a time!”
Office & Showroom at
2265 Fairfield Road
Gettysburg, PA 17325
717-334-8882; 888-732-5406 Fax: 717-334-2461
Best Wishes to PGL
Best Wishes to Project
Gettysburg León!
Chinese, Thai, & Japanese Cuisine
Come see our beautiful handmade jewelry,
Spartina handbags and accessories, our
BEAD store plus a whole lot more!
34 Baltimore St.
Gettysburg, PA
22 Baltimore Street
Gettysburg, PA 17325
In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we have highlighted some special items from each
table. Please see each table to fully appreciate all the varied and beautiful donations.
Descriptions of all items can be obtained by using your phone or tablet and going to
Thank you for embracing this change as we try to promote a more sustainable world.
Table closes at 6:25 pm (approximate): watch for the timer!
The perfect ending to your chili dinner: homemade desserts from a few PGL Friends!
Visit the table to be tempted!
Sweets and Flavors Abound: Orange Cake, Lemon Blossoms, Chocolate Layer Cake,
Hummingbird Cake, Hickory Nut Cake, Coconut Macaroons, Chocolate Brownies, Swedish
Braid, Alcohol infused Brownies, New York Style Cheesecake, Rum Balls, Homemade Bread and
Jam, Vegan Cookies , Swedish Coffee Cake, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Cupcakes
Thanks to: Marge Mattson, Kim Davidson, Marcia Gregorio, Katy Mattson, Cathy Bodin, Erin
Brown, Noah Stauffer, Christine Heyser, Megan Weikel, Ms.Young, Anne Lane, Richard
Table Closes at 6:45 pm (approximate): watch for timer!
Home is where you start from!
Items include: a Chinese Window Shutter, Polish Pottery, a Clock from Australia and more.
Thanks to: Gina Robertson, Betsy Griffiths, Daniel Kessel, Judy Leslie, Maureen Forrestal, Judy
Pyle, Dina Aiken, John W. Kulp, Pamela Cooper-White, Lea Czar, Jan Powers, Kaye Pyle, Dexter
And Peggy Weikel, Eileen Stillwaggon, Harriet Marritz, Megan Weikel and Eddie Rankin, Julia
McGeary, Laura Geesaman, Dianne and Larry Brogan
Business Donors: Lark’s Gift Shop, Mr. Ed’s Museum and Candy Emporium, Daryl Stigers
(Sherwin-Williams), Richard and Carol Cole (Fiddle Faddles), Rebecca and Tim Woodward
(Gettysburg Polish Pottery), Great Stuff by Paul
Best Wishes PGL!
3015 Baltimore Pike
Gettysburg, PA 17325
Table Closes at 6:45 pm (approximate): watch for the timer!
Let me be more like the person my pet thinks I am!
Your pet will thank you for checking out this table: Homemade Pet treats, Toys, Pet Carrier,
and many more items your pet will enjoy!
Thanks to: Pat Crowner, Jen Cole, Harriet Marritz, Megan Weikel, Diann Cooper, PGL Auction
Committee, Gettysburg College Health and Counseling Services, Patti Lawson
Business Donors: Musselman’s Pet Paradise, John Dobson DVM
Table Closes at 7:05 pm (approximate): watch for the timer!
“I never lost a game; I just ran out of time!” – Michael Jordan
From Snow Shoes to Xbox games, visit this table for a closer look!
Thanks to: Sue Currens, Pamela Cooper-White, Gina Robertson, Betsy Griffith, Karl Mattson,
Megan Weikel and Eddie Rankin, John and Jean Fletcher, Laura Geesaman
Table Closes at 7:05 (approximate): watch for the timer!
To be in their memory tomorrow, you must spend time with your child today.
Thanks to: Gina Robertson, Michaela Cushing-Daniels, Kyle Meisner, Katy Mattson, Kim
Davidson, Elizabeth Thulin, Harriet Marritz, Noah Mattson
Table Closes at 7:05 pm (approximate): watch for the timer!
If music be the food of love, play on!
Thanks to: Pamela Cooper-White, Gina Robertson, Megan Weikel, Alana Anderson, Katy
Mattson, John and Jean Fletcher, Harriet Marritz
Business Donors: Derf Maitland (Reader’s Café)
Table Closes at 7:20 (approximate): watch for the timer!
People will talk; make it worth the trouble.
Check out this table for a scarf or a new coat, vintage and handmade jewelry, or a sweatshirt
with a copy of Lincoln’s signature.
Thanks to: Suzanne Christianson, Pamela Cooper-White, Kaye Pyle, Megan Weikel, Betty
Geisler, Julia McGeary, Laura Geesaman
Business Donors: John Fiddle (Martin Shoes), Chris Clark (Sunrise Soap Co.), Susan Trostle (T&S
Clothing and Gifts)
Table Closes at 7:20 pm (approximate): watch for the timer!
Some enchanted evening you may see a stranger across a crowded room;
Until then, why not pamper yourself!
Massage: AAH – Do I need to say more! Yoga, Hair Cuts and Products are also available
Thanks to: Jan Powers, Lou Hamman, Marcia Gregorio, Harriet Marritz
Business and Professional Donors: Lynn Roby (Holistic Health Center), Nancy Hill, Massage
Therapist (Holistic Health Center), Donna Blackstone, Massage Therapist (Holistic Health
Center), Marti Thomas, Massage Therapist (Holistic Health Center), Ted O’Brien LAC
(Gettysburg Acupuncture Center), Classic Cuts Hair Salon, Sheetz, Brandi (Hallmark Cards and
Gifts), Tina Main (Holiday Hair), Ed Wagaman (Sundance Kid Hair Salon)
Table Closes at 7:35 pm (approximate): watch for the timer!
Tend your garden that you may avoid vice, idleness, and want. –Voltaire
Visit this table to get ready, because spring is coming: Mulitple Mulch Certificates, Interesting
plants/orchids, exotic Day Lillies, and of course, Baird Tipson will do all of your heavy
gardening for a day!
Thanks to: Dan George, Jan Powers, Megan Weikel, Harriet Marritz, Charlie Gomer, Laura
Geesaman, Ben Wenk, Baird Tipson
Business Donors: Don Vanderau (Middle Creek Nursery), Steve Zimmerman (Zimmerman’s
Azalea), Liz Chronister (The Garden Midwife), Dave Poe (Cumberland Valley Tree Service),
Desert Valley, Boyer Nursery, Twin Springs Fruit Farm, Guy Seiferd (Cactus Flower)
Table Closes at 7:35 pm (approximate): watch for the timer!
Everything will be alright in the end.
If things are not alright, you are not at the end!
Exotic Marigold Hotel
Don’t miss this table for exotic crafts and decorations from far away places: Handwoven Table
Runners from Burma, Painted Gourds from Brazil, Carved Ebony Mask From Tanzania
Thanks to: Jan Powers, Kaye Pyle, Eileen Stillwaggon, John Kulp, John and Jean Fletcher,
Temma and Mark Berg
Table Closes at 7:50 pm (approximate): watch for the timer!
Wine gets better with age…and vice versa
We have all the makings for your next Wolf Trap picnic: Picnic Basket, Wine and Cheese, and
Assorted Salsas!
Thanks to: Jeffrey Blavatt, Marge and Karl Mattson, Anne and Will Lane, Megan Weikel, Jen
Cole, Darren Glass, Delta Gamma, Lynn and Dottie Cairns, Cindi Enanorio, Aubrey King
Business Donors: Carissa Hardin (Sheetz), Keith Peters (Blue And Gray Bar And Grill), Chad
Alan-Car (Gettysburg Community Theater), Hoss’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant, Mike
Ferguson (Perkin’s Restaurant), Twin Springs Fruit Farm, Dan Smith (Papa John’s), Harry Tassou
(Olivia’s Restaurant)
Table Closes at 7:50 pm (approximate): watch for the timer!
Ask not what you can do for others; bid high so that others can do for you!
Don’t miss the chance to bid on an oil change, YWCA Membership, a gift certificate to Auto
Zone, and many other services!
Business Donors: Debra Geesey (YWCA), Wayne Tysin (Auto Zone), Weiss Markets, Dottie
Paulson (Giant Foods), Rocky Herring (Kennie’s Market), Jack Lord (Renn Kirby Chevrolet),
Gateway Theater, Alpha Delta Pi, Cathleen Lerew (Under the Horizon)
Table Closes at 8:10 pm (approximate): watch for the timer!
Look for volunteers with balloons selling tickets – buy lots of
tickets to increase your chance to win these items!
Visit this table for a unique bidding experience and a chance to win jewelry, crafts,
as well as gift certificates to Giant, Nolt’s (mulch), Olivia’s, Renn Kirby and more!
Tables Closes at 8:25 pm (approximate): watch for the timer!
Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. -Degas
Don’t forget to peruse the fine art that has been donated; truly a feast for your eyes: Poignant
photos of Brazil, Watercolors of the French countryside, a print of Adams County, and many
Thanks to these many artists for helping us to “see”: Pamela Cooper-White, Erin Brown,
Becky Brown, Omar Olivera, Dina Aiken, Carol Widerman, Arlyn Pettingell, Janet Hikes, Damel
Kessel, Anne Finucane, Elizabeth Thulin, Dorothea Barrick, Kaye Pyle, Jan Powers, Bonnie
Wentz (Wentz Stained Glass Studio), The Lion Potter, Dora Townsend, Christine Gladfelter
(Adams County Arts Council), Katherine McDonald (Finneran Jewelry), Clare Shumway, Edie
Jardine and Dan Mangan, Walner Edmond, John and Andrea Zaremba, Allan Lindo (Taller
Xuchialt), George Lower (Lord Nelson’s Gallery), Ficher, Bill Lewis, Becky Brown, Kay Etheridge,
Marti Yeager, Jack Hanshaw, Barbara Guise, Geoffrey Thulin, Lilly Crowner
Table Closes at 8:25 pm (approximate): watch for the timer!
Visit the Silent Auction AND Live Auction tables to choose your favorites.
Rich color and traditional art forms combine for beautiful pieces.
April 24, 2015, 6 -9 pm, Hauser Winery
October 2, 2015, Gettysburg Square,
5 pm – 10 pm
January 16, 2016 (tentative)
promote cross-cultural understanding and to develop programs
that support our friends who struggle to overcome poverty and
inequity and establish a more just world.
PGL immerses students and area community members in
developing communities in Nicaragua to raise awareness of the
realities and complexities of unjust economic structures and
development policies. PGL also develops and supports programs in
Nicaragua and the United States, which promote efforts to
establish justice and human dignity through education and
personal exchange.
c/o The Center for Public Service
Gettysburg College, Box 2456
Gettysburg, PA 17325-1486
del Centro de Salud de Sutiava
1 cuadra arriba y 20 varas al sur
León, Nicaragua
(From US. 011-505 +) 2313-1548
Compartiendo las Culturas,
Sharing Cultures,
PGL is a non-profit and grassroots organization formed to
Apoyando al Desarrollo Sostenible
Supporting Sustainable Development

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