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IC ARAG UA IG HT - Project Gettysburg Leon
! JANUARY 18, 2014 !
las Culturas
Sharing Cultures
Apoyando al Desarrollo Sostenible
Supporting Sustainable Development
It is with great pleasure that Project Gettysburg-­‐León (PGL) welcomes you to the Nicaragua Night 2014. For over 20 years, PGL has sponsored this chili dinner and auction as its major fundraising event. Nicaragua Night 2013 raised over $50,000 for PGL programs! We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the
following people and organizations
whose support has made Nicaragua Night 2014 possible:
Our Corporate Sponsor: Sun Coffee Roasters
PGL thanks Sun Coffee Roasters for its generous, corporate support of Nicaragua Night 2014. CEO Keith Lemnios informed PGL that Sun Coffee is providing a substantial monetary contribution, plus profits from the sale of its coffee in the Gettysburg College Bookstore, as well as all of the income from 50 bags of coffee on sale at tonight’s event. Through its collegiate program, Sun Coffee Roasters retails its organic, fair-­‐trade blends to Gettysburg College’s Dining Services. The company, headquartered in Plainville, Connecticut, in addition to distributing its coffee throughout the country, is committed to bringing premium, sustainable fair trade coffee to colleges and universities, particularly in the east. Sun Coffee Roasters works with campuses to support educational and service programs, such as Fair Trade or Rainforest Days, and, at Gettysburg, the annual PGL Auction. Lemnios describes Sun Coffee Roasters as “a socially conscious, earth friendly, and highly innovative U.S. coffee roaster . . .” He adds, “Not only is Sun’s process good for the planet, it’s good for your palette. Our methods yield the freshest, best-­‐tasting sustainable fair trade coffee possible.” PGL is happy that Nicaragua is the source of some of Sun Coffee Roasters coffee beans, and is extremely grateful for the company’s support of Nicaragua Night and our ongoing partnership initiatives. Auction Committee Their many hours of soliciting donations, cataloging, making arrangements, publicizing and coordinating the Auction are truly appreciated: Joyce Ettenger, co-­‐chair ~ Gretchen Natter, co-­‐chair ~ Karl Mattson ~ Marge Mattson ~ Pat Crowner ~ Dave Crowner Lynn Cairns ~ Dottie Cairns ~ Marcia Gregorio ~ Dan Mangan ~ Gina Robertson ~ Tammy Hoff ~ Jeff Rioux Elizabeth Belair ~ Elena Perez-­‐Zetune ~ Jan Powers ~ Amy Dreves ~ Rebecca Bergren ~ Christine Ecker Megan Weikel ~ Harriet Marritz ~ Allison Singley ~ Katy Mattson ~ Matt Crowner PGL Members & Friends the many who hit the streets, talked to their friends and family, and advocated for the beautiful items we compete for tonight! Los Platanos de la Noche: Larry Gregorio & Michael Reyka for providing dinner music Marlon Moreno, founding member, artist and teacher with our partners organization Taller
Artistico Xuchialt for sharing the music of Nicaragua. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 2 Larry Peters & Son and family
our favorite Auctioneers! Auctioneer's Assistants
Dave Crowner and Baird Tipson Our Donors
who so generously give of their talents and time Auction Volunteers & Staff
Gettysburg College Facilities, Instructional Technology, Athletics, College Life Technical and Dining Services Staff, the Center for Public Service team, Gettysburg College student volunteers, and other dedicated folks who hold Nicaragua in their hearts… The Impact of Partnership
PGL is honored to multiply its impact through the committed partnership of organizations such as the Adams County Arts Council, the Gettysburg Area School District, Gettysburg College, the Adams County Young Grower Alliance, and, in León Taller Artistico Xuchialt, the community of Talolinga, the community of Monte Horet, FUPROSOMUNIC, Nuevas Esperanzas, and Las Tias. Through these partnerships, we all build a global community! Attend PGL’s Monthly Potluck Meetings to Learn
Good programs! Good food! Good friends! Everyone is welcome to attend! First Sunday of the Month, 6 pm – 8 pm Sunday, February 2: " Young Grower’s Alliance in Nicaragua.” Hosted by Sarah & Baird Tipson. Sunday, March 2: Program TBA. Hosted by Lynn and Dottie Cairns. Sunday, April 6: Program TBA. Hosted by Madeline Yates. Become a Sponsor Choose the PGL project that captures your special interest, and provide a regular contribution. It's easy with automatic deductions from your checking or credit card account. Interested in kids? Sponsor the Monte Horet preschool. Agriculture? Sponsor agricultural training in Talolinga. Street children? The Las Tias counseling and educational program in downtown León. Eco and health-­‐friendly cooking? Help women construct their own solar ovens. Art, music, dance? Sponsor Taller Xuchialt, a school for the arts. Make a Contribution in Someone’s Honor It is now possible for you to make a contribution to PGL on-­‐line in your special person's honor: birthday, anniversary, graduation, just because! www.gettysburg-leon.org NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 3 M UCHISMAS G RACIAS
for your generous donation
and serving as the Nicaragua Night 2014
corporate sponsor!
Coffee with a Conscience
Sustainable, Fair Trade Coffee
Certified Organic, Rainforest, & Fair Trade Cooperatives Worldwide
Locally available at the Gettysburg College Bookstore
WELCOME TONIGHT’S PROGRAM TABLE OF CONTENTS HOW TO PLAY …………………………………………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………………………………………… LIVE AUCTION ITEMS …………………………………………………………………………………………… SILENT AUCTION & FISH BOWL ITEMS DESSERTS pg. 2 pg. 5 pg. 5 pg. 6 pg. 7 Listed in the order in which the tables will close. See each category, poster near stage and table signs for times. …………………………………………………………………………………………… HEARTH & HOME …………………………………………………………………………………………… PETS’ PLEASURES …………………………………………………………………………………………… SPORTS & GAMES …………………………………………………………………………………………… CHILDREN’S CORNER …………………………………………………………………………………………… BOOKS & MUSIC …………………………………………………………………………………………… WARDROBE ENHANCERS …………………………………………………………………………………………… PAMPER YOURSELF …………………………………………………………………………………………… GARDEN & FLOWERS …………………………………………………………………………………………… FROM AFAR …………………………………………………………………………………………… WINE & DINE …………………………………………………………………………………………… SERVICES …………………………………………………………………………………………… FISHBOWL ITEMS …………………………………………………………………………………………… ARTS & CRAFTS …………………………………………………………………………………………… NICARAGUAN CRAFTS …………………………………………………………………………………………… pg. 20 pg. 23 pg. 31 pg. 34 pg. 36 pg. 41 pg. 44 pg. 49 pg. 53 pg. 56 pg. 61 pg. 65 pg. 69 pg. 73 pg. 80 NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 5 H OW TO P LAY
Live auction starts promptly at 6:00 pm and runs continuously without intermission. There may be additional items auctioned throughout the evening that are not listed in this booklet. Use your personal bidding number to make your purchases. Be sure to keep track of the items you purchase! All items are sold "as is.” No exchanges or refunds. S ILENT A UCTION
All items listed as silent auction are displayed on tables and have a bid sheet beside them. To bid, place your bid number in the space provided. Many items have starting/minimum bids. Each change of the bid must exceed the current bid by at least $2.00. You may bid on an item as many times as you wish. Tables will close at various times throughout the evening. Winning bids will be decided by the last written bid on the sheet. If you have the winning bid, please leave the Bid Sheet on the table and remove the winning item after the winning bid has been recorded. F ISH B OWL A UCTION
Purchase a sleeve-­‐length of tickets for $10.00 or single tickets for $1.00 each. Place your tickets in the fish bowls that take your fancy. If your number is pulled, you win! Please check the corresponding fishbowl sheet to find out the lucky winner! Winners will be drawn at approximately 8:10 pm. P LEASE N OTE
Please pay for all purchased items at the end of the evening. Payments should be made at the cashier's table by using cash, check, Master Card, or Visa. Please allow at least 30 minutes after the close of the table before proceeding to the Checkout. In the spirit of fair play, we remind all lucky winners to claim their winnings (gift certificates, services, dinners, etc.) by the stated expiration date or if there is no stated date, before next year’s auction. Please do not ask our donors for changes to the services or package offered. Thank you! NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 6 L IVE A UCTION
Cherry Pie Marge Mattson Adams County cherries picked at the height of the season and baked into a delicious, flaky crust. Perfect to share at your table after tonight's chili supper! Stained Glass Panel with Bevel Cluster Lin Wichowski A unique custom designed 10" x 25" stained glass panel created with blue antique glass with a clear bevel cluster in the center and a clear textured border. Harvey Wallbanger Cake Dianne Brogan This scrumptious cake is named after the cocktail made with vodka, Galliano, and orange juice. Legend has it that the drink was named after a Manhattan Beach surfer who was a regular patron of Dukes "Blackwatch" Bar on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood during the early 1950's. Wow, what a deliciously unique dessert! The First Cider off the Bottling Line! Ben Wenk, P&Q Cider Company Three Springs Fruit Farm of Aspers, PA is starting their own line of English Pub-­‐Style Ciders, licensed for sale in 2014! Here’s your chance to be the first on the block to taste the wares! The winning bidder of this item will take home and enjoy the first bottle to come off the bottling line! An honor usually reserved for the cider-­‐maker or vintner is yours to enjoy! Bittersweet Ganache Cake Dan McCall A cake for chocolate lovers! Moist dark chocolate cake layered with hazelnut praline buttercream and chocolate ganache. Sharing is optional. 3 Weeks of a CSA Share Painted Turtle Farm The Painted Turtle Farm at Gettysburg College is campus community hub for food justice offering a CSA and a community garden for immigrant families. We will provide 3 bags of fresh, Certified Naturally Grown vegetables during three summer weeks of your choice. Spicy African Soup Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Gift certificate for up to six. Perfect for crusty bread dipping on a cold night NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 7 8.
Homemade Pear Pie Cathy Bodin Lightly spiced fresh pear pie with crumb topping – a family favorite! Serves 8 or more. Allergens: flour, sugar. Luxury Stay at Gettysburg Hotel Chuck Moran, Gettysburg Hotel One overnight luxury accommodation at Gettysburg's most historic hotel. Also included is dinner and breakfast for two in the award-­‐winning restaurant, One Lincoln. 10. Three Dozen Oysters John Dufendach and Joyce Ettenger Delivered on ice to your door, Fall 2014. These triploid beauties have been flourishing under our dock on the tides of the Little Wicomico River and will be finished on the invigorating effluents of the Rappahannock River sometime this fall. They may be eaten raw or cooked and will keep for weeks if kept cool. 11. Glassblowing Class Geesaman Family Voucher for a 90-­‐Minute Intro to Glassblowing Class from Peluso Glass in Dover,PA. 12. Appetizers for a 20 Guest Cocktail Party Stacy Green, Biggerstaff’s Catering Biggerstaff Catering will provide appetizers for your next cocktail party (no alcohol provided). At Biggerstaff's Catering, we don't believe in a one-­‐size-­‐fits-­‐all approach to catering. For nearly, a decade, Biggerstaff's Catering has specialized in unique custom catering. Please redeem before the end of 2014. 13. Antique Mantel Clock, Gilbert Clock Company Lynn and Dottie Cairns A 22-­‐inch, early 1900’s mantel clock made by the Gilbert Clock Co. of Winsted, Connecticut. In good working condition with a decorative pendulum and a brocade curtain glass door. Designed to be an “8 day clock,” requiring winding only once per week. 14. Think Like a Fish Bob Anderson A day trip to one of the premier Central Pennsylvania limestone creeks to learn the fundamentals of nymph fishing for trout. If you are a novice or seasoned angler looking for insight, this is the trip to take. One happy client said," Bob not only knows where the trout live and eat, he knows all their names." 15. Hand-­‐Carved, German Raucher Man Roger Lund, The Christmas Haus Hand carved German smoker man with his smaller smoker figure from the Erzgebirge, complete with many scented smoking candles. This figure was specially made for and imported by the Christmas Haus. A truly unique item. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 8 16. Middle Eastern Dinner for 4-­‐6 Janet Powers Multi-­‐course Middle Eastern dinner delivered to your home, including 8 mezzeh dishes, leg of lamb or stuffed chicken main course, pita bread, and dessert. Your choice of wine or beer. If you like Spanish tapas, you'll want to try the cuisine from which they originated! 17. Black-­‐Capped Chickadee (2013) Geoffrey Thulin Gouache on paper, 5.5” x 7.5". Inspired by watching the birds at our feeder at this time of year. This chickadee awaits his turn, perched on a snow-­‐covered branch. The painting was done at the end of December, specifically for PGL’s Nicaragua Night auction. 18. Dessert Deception Samantha and Josef Brandauer Do you like to entertain, but hate to bake? Let the Brandauers do the baking for you. Over the course of the year, you can order 3 desserts with two weeks’ notice. Be tempted by Chocolate Ganache Cake, Plum Kuchen, the Austrian grandmother's famous Jelly Roll, Pumpkin Cheesecake, good, old-­‐fashioned Coconut Cream Pie or whatever your sweet tooth desires. We will even let you take all the credit! 19. Day at Citi Open, ATP 500 Tennis Tournament in Washington D. C. Nell and Hugh Matthews Come along with 30 other tennis enthusiasts to a day of watching professional players at the Citi Open ATP 500 on Thursday August 1; 2 tickets for all day tennis and transportation. 20. Mexican Fiesta Dinner for 12 Casa de la Cultura Casa de la Cultura presents an authentic Mexican Fiesta Dinner for 12 in your home or setting of your choosing. Menu includes Gorditas (small stuffed cake made with corn flour), Quesadillas (corn tortilla filled with potato, cheese, chicken, served with lettuce, sour cream, red or green salsa), Tacos de Cecina (corn tortillas with cecina, onion, and salsa), Pastel de Tres Leches (3 milks cake), Cervesas Mexicanas (variety of Mexican beers) and Café (Nicaraguan coffee prepared by Mexican & American Baristas). The drama of the preparation and presentation of this special dinner make it a truly unique auction offering this year! Talk it over with your friends and plan to bid high!! The "gordita" will be cooked on a special comal (griddle) by the best Mexican cooks in Adams County: La Sra. Flor Pichardo, Margarita Chavarria with the assistance of Victoria and Elena Perez-­‐Zetune! 21. Unique Coat Auction Committee A US-­‐made Trimdin jacket, part of the reversible collection. The jacket is cashew multi-­‐colored, Newport garden design with a ruffle. Can be exchanged for another color or size. 22. Construction Consultation Jay Wedemeyer Jay will spend 4 hours with the successful bidder helping them through either the design phase of a construction project or help with the bidding process. (He would be glad to design a deck for you.) Great opportunity! NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 9 23. Four Tickets to a Phillies Home Game Dennis and Sue Rhodes 4 tickets in Section 106 (Right Field) and in row 1. Nothing in front of you except the field! Remember to bring a glove. The Rhodes caught a home run from the Cub's Anthony Rizzo last season. The winning bidder can choose a game from the following Saturdays in 2014: May 24th vs. Dodgers; June 14th vs. Cubs or July 12 vs. Nationals. 24. Limited Edition Photographic Print: "Dahlias and Other Spirits of the Summer Garden" Dan Mangan This vibrant image is of richly-­‐hued, individual flower petals photographed against black velvet. The print blends two of Dan's longtime passions: photographic art and the cultivation of flowers, particularly late summer’s resplendent dahlia. Framed, signed, limited edition. 25. Wine and Cheese Pairing Holly Giles, The Blue Parrot An exciting evening is in store for 8 people at the new Blue Parrots Bistro's private dining room next door at 45 Chambersburg St. Please call ahead for the "Wine and Cheese Pairing" to arrange a time and date. 26. Commissioned Portrait by Nanette Hatzes on Canvas Nanette Hatzes Nanette Hatzes, well-­‐known local artist and photographer, will create a portrait of you or someone of your choosing in one of her preferred media: pen & ink, oil on canvas, pigmented wax, or photography. This portrait will be like no other! See the examples on the Live Auction table! Sitting for Nanette is an experience you will long remember. The portrait will not just be a portrait OF someone, it will BE someone. 27. Tapas Dinner for Eight Harriet Marritz This delectable variety of Spanish tapas, wines and sangria will be delivered and served to you in the greater Gettysburg area. May include gazpacho, garlic shrimp, potatoes with aioli sauce, Spanish potato tortilla, smoked trout, Serrano ham with Manchego cheese, flan and more. The perfect catering solution to your next diner party for eight. 28. Photographic Art: "Brief Interlude" Larry Brogan Artwork depicts Confederate and Union soldiers who cease fighting for a brief period to assess casualties and plan for an impending engagement. 29. Live Jazz at Your Private Party! Buzz & Gail Jones and the Buzz Jones Quartet Enjoy “The Great American Songbook” with the Buzz Jones Quartet. 1.5 hours of spectacular entertainment will be the hit of your event! 30. Sail on the Chesapeake Bay Pat & Dave Crowner Sail from near Baltimore for an exhilarating day on the Chesapeake Bay. Up to 4 persons; kids welcome. Take the helm! Enjoy snacks, lunch, plus happy hour back at the marina. Late spring or summer, 2014. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 10 31. Traditional Thai Dinner for Six Larry Brogan Exquisite four-­‐course gourmet meal, accompanied by cocktails and wine, prepared by Thai expert, Larry Brogan, aided by Dianne, and Matt & Alexis Crowner. A beautiful lakeside (Lake Heritage) experience available May 15 -­‐ September 15. 32. Lady's Sterling Silver Pendant Scott and Company Fine Jewelers Lady's sterling silver pendant with one oval smoky topaz bezel set in rose tone with round circles disc on a 17.5-­‐inch chain. 33. Customized Live Music Party! Ben Wenk Ben Wenk enjoys playing all styles of music, having performed weekly in Gettysburg for the previous five years. He also enjoys a good musical challenge, especially for an organization like Project Gettysburg-­‐
León. So get creative! Maybe you'd like a full band evening of Beatles covers. Maybe you'd like to have your friends over for solo acoustic live music karaoke. Bluegrass? Jazz? Maybe you and your friends singing Eagles songs with bluegrass and jazz style accompaniment! Your wish is Ben’s command with your support of PGL. 34. Italian Dinner for Six Edie Jardine Love Italian food? Be prepared to experience a culinary tour of La Bella Italia! This five-­‐course dinner for six will delight you with regional specialties based on my treasured family recipes. Still dreaming about the feather light gnocchi you had in that little Trattoria in Umbria? Or is a prosciutto stuffed saltimbocca alla Romana your idea of the perfect Italian sojourn? Wines that pair well with each course will complete your experience. Dinner will be prepared by Edie Jardine and served at the Jardine-­‐Mangan residence in Carroll Valley at a mutually convenient date in 2014. Last year's menu included a variety of appetizers, Cambonzola Sottocenre with Truffles, Beef and Pork Ragu Lasagna, Braised Lamb Shanks with Wild Mushrooms, Asparagus with Pancetta and Creamy Arborio Pudding with Summer Fruits. What may I prepare for YOU? 35. One Week on the Northern Neck of Virgina Joyce Ettenger & John Dufendach Two hours south of Fredericksburg, VA. Stay in a comfortable contemporary home with three bedrooms and a loft. Sleeps 6-­‐8 people. Water views of Back Creek. Bring your motor boat or use our kayaks. Deep water dock with quick access to Chesapeake Bay and fishing. 36. Four Box Seat Tickets to Orioles Game Blavatt Family Four box set tickets to Orioles game at Camden Yards, right next to the Oriole's dugout. Here's your chance to catch a souvenir ball, so bring along your catcher's mitt. This also includes a parking pass! Enjoy a great evening at the ballpark and then just step outside to your car! Date to be set after the 2014 season's schedule is posted. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 11 37. Farm to Fork Dinner for Six Janet and Ed Riggs Dinner for 6 hosted by Janet and Ed Riggs. Grab a seat at the Harvest table for a very special Farm to Fork Dinner. Enjoy a great meal featuring many foods supplied by local farmers and our very own CSA, and prepared by Gettysburg College's award-­‐winning Dining Services. 38. Cherry Bowl John Dufendach This 9-­‐inch cherry bowl features red arches of heartwood at the base and the brown sapwood toward the edges. Even the some of the nutrient rich phloem at the junction of wood and bark is evident on the lip where small tunnels of dead insect larva are still visible. The history of this tree's growth as evidenced by ring width (dendro chronology) shows some especially good years (with thickness up to 1 cm) and some lean (down to 5 mm). 39. Rehoboth Condo Julie Ramsey & Bruce Bigelow Enjoy a long weekend at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Just a 3 hour's drive from Gettysburg, Rehoboth offers beach, shopping and excellent restaurants. The condo has two queen beds, living room with fireplace, Jacuzzi bath, and all the amenities. Schedule your weekend at our mutual convenience, September through May. 40. A French Dinner for Six Nathalie Goubet & Dan McCall Can’t get to France this year? Then let us bring France to you! Come enjoy a five-­‐course dinner for six hosted at the home of Nathalie Goubet and Dan McCall. Dinner will feature modern dishes inspired by and adapted from some of France’s best-­‐known Michelin-­‐starred chefs. Apéritif and wine included. 41. Large Standing Plush Penguin Jodi Schwartz, Codori House of Gifts Beautiful, tall, standing, plush penguin. This large penguin will delight young and old like. An auction favorite, like the giraffe last year! 42. Computer Got You Frazzled? Chris Marsh What do you do when you get computer frazzled? Do you pray about it, or do you breathe deeply and say a mantra? How about getting your groove on and call a computer tech for help! Your home or Chris’s. Saturdays preferred, any one will do. Chris can assist in computer software issues, such as a program not working properly or training, computers that run slow or have pop-­‐ups, etc. Maybe you just need a bit of help or have questions in general! 43. Cooking Class: From the Garden to the Plate Gary Brautigam Enjoy a cooking class for up to four people. Relax, sit back and watch a professional chef prepare your meal -­‐ appetizer, salad, entree, and dessert. Learn classic style methodology using the freshest ingredients available, many picked from the garden while you are there! Visit the chef (Gary Brautigam) in his private kitchen (The Stone Kitchen) for a fantastic dining experience! NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 12 44. Treasure of the Sierras Susquehanna Dinner Allison Singley & Chris Fee "Bad wine?!? We don't drink no stinkin’ bad wine!!!!!" Join lovely and gracious hostess Allison Singley and her thick but personable lackey Chris Fee for an evening of al fresco dining in the highlands northwest of Heidlersburg under a leafy Central Pennsylvania sky. Featuring fresh local foods procured from sustainable Adams County Farms, the treasure of this meal will be the selection of wines from Wofford Acres Vineyard, Allison's sister's California winery. This dinner should be scheduled during the summer months 2014. 45. New England Getaway John Spangler and Maria Erling Enjoy a relaxing getaway for up to 6 days at a lakeside cottage with private beach on Contoocook Lake in Jaffrey, NH. Nestled officially in the Monadnock Region, the cottage provides accesss to an area whose natural beauty inspired poets, playwrights, artists, and composers and is rich in culture and history. This classic 1200 square foot, quaint New Englander with three bedrooms (2 queen size beds and 2 twin beds), one bath, 15 feet from the lake's edge, includes a fully equipped kitchen, glassed-­‐in porch, brick patio, boat ramp, small beach, two kayaks, canoe, grill, hammock, bicycles, clear view of Mount Monadnock and much more. Nearby activities: hiking in Monadnock State Park, championship golf, swimming, fishing, arts center, good restaurants, and groceries (within 4 miles). Less than 20 minutes away, nearby Peterborough also offers movies, bookstores, antiques, and more fine dining. Offered by John Spangler and Maria Erling for availability at a mutually convenient time in the Summer or Fall 2014. 46. Dog Class of your Choice Roseann Deluca, Cold Creek Dog Training Gift certificate for a professional Group Dog Class of your choice at our training facility on Knight Rd. in Gettysburg, valued at $150.00. Classes take place over a consecutive 6-­‐week period and are an hour in length. The gift certificate must be used within one year of the auction and can be used for one of the many classes we offer from Basic Obedience or Puppy Kindergarten to Nosey Dog Scent Work or Agility. www.ColdCreekShepherds.com 47. String Quartet, Candlelight & Elegant Chesapeake Bay Dinner for Eight Norman and Carolyn Nunamaker & Dave and Pat Crowner Beautiful music by a live string quartet will accompany your delicious full course Chesapeake Bay dinner for 8 prepared by Bay-­‐seasoned members of the Tiber River Yacht Club (Nunamakers, Woods, Crowners). Served at the home of one of the Club's couples on a mutually agreeable date. 48. Two Pairs of Handmade Socks Neil Beach An Auction favorite! Prepare to bid high for these handknit treasures! 49. Introduction to Sailing for Two Vance Hikes Interested in learning to sail? This is your chance to "dip your toes in the water.” During the sail, Captain Vance Hikes will discuss navigational language, points of sail, reading the winds and water, and setting the anchor. Before you know it, you will be "coming about" on his 36 ft. Beneteau, The Morgan Leigh on the upper Chesapeake Bay. This instruction is designed for someone who is interested in sailing but is not sure if they want to pursue it seriously. One day for two people at a mutually agreeable time. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 13 50. Southwest Dinner for Eight Margaret-­‐ Ann Radford-­‐Wedemeyer & Jay Wedemeyer Renowned barbecue artist, Jay Wedemeyer will provide the Texas holy trinity (ribs, brisket, smoked and finished over 12 hours, and grilled sausages), cornbread (Margaret-­‐Ann's secret recipe), southwest beans, an assortment of Texas beers, wine and, for a little something local, apple pie for dessert. Hopefully the meal may be served al fresco (Texan for outside) in the summer or early fall. Music, setting and host & hostess make it a perfect evening!! 51. Outer Banks Beach House Andy & Sherry Farkas In Duck, NC. 6 bedroom, 5 1/2 bath vacation home, with 4 master bedrooms. Home includes a hot tub and is an easy short walk to the beach. Available for one week during Spring and Autumn. Great house for a getaway with friends! 52. Red Beans and Rice for Eight Baird Tipson New Orleans Red Beans and Rice (non-­‐vegetarian) for eight plus a green salad. Recipient provides beverage. Dessert negotiable! This dish was a potluck favorite at a recent PGL gathering! 53. Flight with Michael Cooper-­‐White Michael Cooper-­‐White, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg Enjoy a 45-­‐minute flight over Gettysburg and environs with the president of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. Michael is also an FAA-­‐certified flight instructor. His plane is a Cessna 150. A different battlefield view! 54. Italian Dinner for Six Patti Lawson Enjoy an Italian dinner for six in your home. The five-­‐course meal starts with appetizers and a sparking Italian wine, Italian wedding soup, a delicious antipasto salad, a main pasta dish, red wine, and an Italian dessert. 55. 14k Yellow Gold Giraffe Brooch Rick Foye, Garrick Jewelers 14k yellow gold inlaid opal giraffe brooch. A beautiful touch for your wardrobe! 56. Orcas Island Getaway Martha Inch Three nights bed and breakfast in a lovely home with splendid view of Crow Valley and Mount Constitution. Fifteen minutes from the ferry. Orcas Island is the largest of the San Juan Islands, northwest of Seattle, listed last year by the New York Times as one of the best places to visit in the U.S. Great biking, hiking, scenery, and sailing. Dates to be arranged with the donor. 57. Flyers Tickets Gary Boguski Two tickets for February 8 against the Calgary Flames! Game time is 1 pm at the Comcast Spectator Stadium, Wells Fargo Center. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 14 58. Homemade Bosnian Dinner for 6-­‐8 Marica and Zijad Prozo Your choice of catered or eat-­‐in at the Prozo household, a delicious meal for 6-­‐8 with everything made from scratch! Depending on your group and taste enjoy a variety of food from the best homemade bread you've ever tasted to a mouthwatering main meat dish of brisket or lamb. Self-­‐preserved salads ranging from peppers, cucumbers to sauerkraut and vegetable spreads as appetizers and a dessert to finish off the meal! You'll learn all about Bosnian cooking and you won’t leave hungry. Dinner will be available after July 2014 at a mutually agreeable time. 59. A House Concert by The Willys The Willys The Willys will appear and give an unplugged house concert style performance of their music and popular acoustic rock favorites from the classic rock era and beyond. A two-­‐hour event will include two sets with a 20-­‐30 minute break in between sets. The Willys will answer questions and sign/sell CD’s available during the break. The Willys include Bill Serfass, Neil Ecker, Bill Mitchell, Dan Chase, Todd Mudd and may include a friend (if he’s available) playing banjo. 60. Alumni Weekend Fireworks Watercolor Painting Bobbi Becker, Bobbi Becker Gallery An original, framed 18"x 24" watercolor of this fun annual event at Gettysburg College...the fireworks over the campus of the college celebrating their alumni. 61. Pakistani Dinner for 4-­‐6 Rukhsana Rahman and Athar Rafiq Enjoy a multi-­‐course, Pakistani dinner for 4-­‐6 people, prepared and served at the Rafiq/Rahman home at a time that is mutually suitable. 62. Construction Project Consultation Mark Austin Building and Remodeling, www.markaustinbuilding.com/index.html Designing a new kitchen or addition? Remodeling? This is the perfect opportunity to avail yourself of the well-­‐respected and versatile talents of Mark Austin, owner of Mark Austin and Remodeling. Mark is offering a free project consultation. Established in 1985, his company stands out for its creativity, craftsmanship, inventive problem-­‐solving and attention to detail. The company’s products and services span the entire range of residential and commercial building and remodeling. Services include: custom home design and building, renovations and home improvements, hand-­‐crafted fine millwork, historical restoration. Let Mark and his team help you with your next building or remodeling project, as he has done for Lynda and Larry Taylor, Tara and Phil Baugher and Eddie Rankin and Megan Weikel. 63. Battlefield and Beverages Doug Douds Enjoy a professionally guided tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield in the comfort of a coach van, followed by a cocktail party at a private home overlooking Pickett's Charge. Tour lasts 2-­‐3 hours; accommodates up to 12 people. Fully stocked bar for after-­‐party. Saturday or Sunday, dates flexible. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 15 64. Adams County Arts Basket Christine Gladfelter, Adams County Arts Council One complimentary family membership, two general admission tickets to this year’s Masquerade Ball, Robert Maggio CD, wine caddy, tee shirt, and a supply of arty items to keep children engaged. 65. Lasagna Dinner for Eight Marcia Gregorio Homemade lasagna, meatballs, salad, wine, bread, and dessert for up to 8 people. Dinner will be delivered to your door on a mutually agreed upon date. Choose from among cake, pie, or homemade ice cream for your dessert. (The only menu item not made from scratch is the wine -­‐-­‐ but that's probably a good thing.) 66. The Sylvan Native Nursery and Seed Company Gift Certificate Michael Hollins, The Sylvan Native Nursery and Seed Company The Sylvan Native Nursery and Seed Company, which provides native plants for the entire east coast (including the Gettysburg Battlefield) offers $500 worth of indigenous plants or $250 in plants and a $250 planning consultation with Mike Hollins, the CEO of Sylvan. 67. Indian Dinner for 4-­‐6 Janet Powers Multi-­‐course Indian dinner for 4-­‐6 persons delivered to your home and prepared to your specifications: carnivore, vegetarian or omnivore; spicy, mellow or mild; wine or beer. Dishes representative of different parts of India guaranteed to please all palates. 68. Craft Brewed Beer for your Super Bowl Party! Dennis Hickethier Craft-­‐brewed beer made by experienced home brewers in Gettysburg. Each of the two cases will contain a variety of beers some of which are chocolate bock, Belgian trippel (with and without green chiles), maple brown, doppelbock, and pale ale. 69. Two Tennis Lessons Andy Knox Here's your chance for lessons from a pro with teaching experience on court in resort, entertainment and educational settings with large clinics including many college teams. Awarded Coach of the Year by the Gettysburg Times for 2003 High School season and Centennial Conference Woman's Coach of the Year in 2012, tying Dickinson College's school record for wins in a season. 70. Cuban Dinner for 6-­‐8 Madeline Yates Cuban dinner for 6-­‐8: Did you ever want to travel to Cuba? Are you interested in learning more about the country and culture merely 93 miles off the coast of Florida? Enjoy Latino cuisine and conversation just minutes from the center of town, yet with a battlefield view! 71. Handwoven Rug Catharine Roth Beautifully crafted rug. Created with local and recycled materials. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 16 72. Week at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Peter Boving Up to four people will enjoy a full week's stay at the shore in June or July. Your beach home will be "Little House," a comfortable, quaint cottage on a residential street, easy walking distance to beach and boardwalk, and the screened porch is perfect for reading and relaxing! Parking passes for two vehicles included. 73. Instruction in the Art and Science of Pruning a Fruit Tree Tara Baugher Learn artistic ways to prune fruit trees in the home landscape and the science for optimizing sunlight interception. Your instructor is Dr. Tara Baugher, Penn State extension tree fruit educator. 74. Ballroom Dancing Lesson for Six Brent Talbot Not your run-­‐of-­‐the-­‐mill dance class! Worth hundreds! Brent Talbot, former professional, Arthur Murray ballroom dance instructor, will give you, your dance partner, and two other couples two hours of outstanding instruction, plus wine and cheese, and copies of the CD you use. Great learning, great fun! 75. Lao Dinner for Six Joyce Ettenger and John Dufendach Enjoy appetizers with Lao dipping sauce, chicken stuffed lemon grass, and a Luang Prabang specialty participatory mixed grill soup complete with sticky rice and dessert. 76. 3-­‐Night Stay at Big Hill Kennel Jeffrey Cline, Big Hill Kennel Big Hill Kennel will provide your favorite dog with a full service, 3-­‐night stay at every dog's favorite kennel. Wonderful staff, big play yard, even a big-­‐screen TV! Dogs get excited to go there. 77. Nicaraguan Pottery Auction Committee A unique piece for your home! 78. Still Life Painting by John Winship Temma & Mark Berg 10" x 12" framed painting on canvas by John Winship. Dominant blue color with still life items on table with bold colored stripes. 79. Learn to Geocache The Geesaman Family Learn the hobby of geocaching with the Geesaman family. Geocaching is a real-­‐world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-­‐enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find that geocache (container) hidden at that location. We will teach you how to find some of the 1000 geocaches hidden in the Gettysburg area. Who knows – it may be your next great hobby! NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 17 80. Three Hours of Professional Landscape Design Don Staub, Cumberland Valley Tree and Landscaping Service Don Staub, horticulturist and landscape professional, will be available to provide professional landscape design solutions for patios, walks and retaining wall construction, tree and shrub plantings, water gardens, and garden lighting. Very flexible and easy to work with! 81. Majestic Tickets for your Valentine’s Day Majestic Theater Two tickets to Summer of Love, Friday, February 14, 2014, 7:30-­‐9:30 pm. Spend Valentines’s Day reveling in the music of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Dylan, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Santana, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Jefferson Airplane and more. The concert also features Marc Rubinstein’s Big Light Show-­‐ one of the most famous psychedelic light shows in rock history. Come as your hippie selves and vie for the $100 Door Prize for the Best Dressed Hippie Couple! 82. A Week at OSAGA LODGE Joyce Ettenger & John Dufendach Maintained by them for the use of students and faculty. It was named OSAGA and stood for "OLD SPIRIT of GETTYSBURG ACADEMY" a predecessor of Gettysburg College. Except for bracing the roof with posts and a ridge pole, little has been done to alter the chestnut log cabin structure with its great room and 6 bed sleeping loft. In accordance with such rusticity, there is no running water (drinking water is obtained from the spring by Laurel Lake) and a two seat outhouse is attached. Electricity is present and a large hearth and smaller wood stove supplies the necessary heat you can't supply yourselves. The lake has fishing, swimming, and boating. Pole Steeple , is a 10 minute hike. A great place for young families (no WiFi or TV). 83. La Catedral de León Tom Rooney, Plein Air Artist León is home to the largest cathedral in Central America built from 1706-­‐40. This cathedral sits on the eastern side of the central park. A piece of art created as we celebrate our sister-­‐city partnership! NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 18 NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 19 D ESSERTS
Table closes at 6:25 pm (approximate): watch for the timer! The perfect ending to your chili dinner: homemade desserts from a few PGL Friends!
Visit the table to be tempted and see those listed and more!
Carrot Cake Kim Davidson Delicious carrot cake with cream frosting! Swedish Coffee Braid Marge Mattson Cardamom flavored, slightly sweet bread iced with an almond glaze. Orange Cake Marge Mattson Yellow butter cake with orange frosting on a milk glass cake plate. Hickory Nut Cake Anne Lane An auction favorite, made with local hickory nuts, organic eggs and butter. Chocolate Cake Marcia Gregorio Rich, moist, chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing. Made from scratch, of course! Tasty Dessert Gibbons Family Lemon Blossoms Katy Mattson Pizzelles Christine Heyser Two opportunities to win! Cherry Pie Abma Family Choco-­‐Butterscotch Ripple Fudge Cathy Bodin One pound of chocolate and butterscotch candy in a marbelized "ripple" pattern. Allergens: sugar, cocoa. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 20 A Dozen Brownies Noah Mattson 1 dozen brownies made with farm fresh eggs and organic, fairly traded baking cocoa. Gluten Free "World Peace" Cookies Harriet Marritz A chocolate lover's dream! Alfajores Sarah Dufendach A sweet Argentinian treat A Baked Creation from Delisa! Wells Family Bakery Chocolate Cupcakes Marcia Gregorio Moist dark chocolate cupcakes with Peanut Butter Icing. From scratch-­‐ of course! Coconut Cake Kelly Lynch Rich, Double-­‐Chocolate Brownies Patricia Hammann Homemade Pistachio Bundt Cake: a family favorite! Murphy Family Chai Brownies: a favorite, spicy sweet treat! The Carlson Natter Girls Black Forest Cake Sue Williams NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 21 5POJHIU8F$FMFCSBUF"
Adams County Nursery, Inc.
Phone: (800) 377-3106
Fax: (717) 677-4124
Email: [email protected]
Table Closes at 6:45 pm (approximate): watch for timer! Four Danish Christmas Plates Carol Christianson Four Danish Christmas plates from the years 1969-­‐1972-­‐ valuable collector’s items! Decorative Candles Karen & John Crowner Pair of slender, stylish candles with decorative Chinese wrapping. Decorative Vase by Royal Satsuma Karen & John Crowner 6" tall, sturdy ceramic vase featuring delicate, colorful Asian-­‐style decoration with gold emphasis. Decorative Ceramic Bowl Karen & John Crowner 12" bowl with modern inlaid pattern of balloons in subtle colors. Artist's name on bottom. Use as serving bowl and/or for your home décor Decorative Lenox Vase Temma & Mark Berg 11" tall vase with slender neck, decorated with delicate Japanese floral pattern. Includes its own wooden stand. Business Card Holder House of Bender Business Card Holder -­‐ keep all your important business cards in one place. Small Double Picture Frame Janet Powers Small desktop double picture frame, painted wood -­‐ perfect for your grandchildren's school photos. Galileo Thermometer Friend of PGL A thermometer made of a sealed glass cylinder containing a clear liquid and several glass vessels of varying densities. As temperature changes, the individual floats rise or fall in proportion to their respective density. "Mosby Reports" -­‐ Framed Dale Gallon print Gerald Hoffman Major General J. E. B. Stuart meeting Colonel John Mosby in Middleburg, Virginia May, 1863. Signed, limited edition art print, number 354 of 750. Oak frame with brass corners and CSA patch. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 23 Glass Bowl The Burrells Bi-­‐color stemmed glass bowl. Small Tray The Burrells Lenox inspirational tray in soft pastels. Large Tray The Burrells Large red Hallmark snowman tray. French Wine Jar Paul Berkowitz, Great Stuff by Paul A decorator's delight: an antique French wine jar in wooden crate. Great for dried flower arrangement. Orrefors Swedish Crystal Vase Anne Lane Elegant crystal vase, direct from the old country. The Gates of Paradise: Lorenzo Ghiberti's Renaissance Masterpiece Anne Lane From High Museum of Art Series Bonjour Maximus French Press Coffee Maker Gina Robertson Enjoy gourmet coffee & tea in an instant! New in box! Vinturi Deluxe Red Wine Aerator Set Gina Robertson Enhance the flavor of your red wine with this stylish aerator! New in box! Cutting Board Karl Mattson colorful, round cutting board from MOMA Artist Joseph Anthony 2004 Rival Crock Pot John and Jean Fletcher Multi-­‐striped Twin Bed Sheet Set Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Candle Holders with Star Design Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Triangular Etched Glass Flask Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 24 Serving Dish with Wheat Design Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Silver Tankard Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Decorative Mini-­‐Keg Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Pillow Case Set of Four Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Large Wire Basket Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Photo Album Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Heart-­‐shaped Ceramic Bread Dish Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Candle Holders The Poors 2 metal holders with candles, 2 hand-­‐turned wood candle holders. Bowls: Multiple Chances to Win The Poors 1 ceramic, 3 wood, 1 cut glass. Wooden Picture Frame The Poors Hand crafted hardwood picture frame with inlaid wood & picture of Machu Pichu. Tray The Poors Elegant 12" diameter round tray made of wood with intricate inlaid design & handles. Tea Cups & Saucers The Poors 12 Antique tea cups & matching saucers Silver Tray The Poors Oval silver tray approximately 12" long Glass Vase The Poors NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 25 Receiver/Clock-­‐Radio Harriet and Don Marritz Sangean Rechargeable FM/AM Digital Tuning Portable Receiver (clock-­‐radio). Candle Sticks The Poors 2 sliver plated candle sticks Glass Stopper The Poors 12" glass cordial server with glass stopper and 8" glass cordial server with glass stopper. Turtle Doves The Poors Pair of ceramic turtle doves Tea Cups The Poors 2 antique tea cups Ceramic Vase The Poors 8" oval, multi-­‐colored ceramic vase Bud Vases The Poors 2 blue & white ceramic bud vases (4" and 6") and 2 Silver bud vases (4" round & 8") Antique Curio Cabinet Items Collection The Poors Includes match box; metal butterfly; small vase; metal sailing ship; 6-­‐sided metal box; asian, carved red circular box Dishes The Poors 6" blue & pink candy dish and 3-­‐piece ceramic hot appetizer serving set Assorted Paint Supplies Daryl Stigers, Sherwin-­‐Williams Luggage Deanna Painter Brand new red Delsey soft side, compartmentalized suitcase. Great interior design! Pub Oil Torch Eric Blackstone, Agway Decorative zinc oil torch for exterior living spaces. Handmade in Vietnam. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 26 Comforter – Queen Green paisley pattern. Foot Stool Foot stool with leaf motif Love seat slip cover Linen fits 5' to 6.5'. Never opened Sofa Cover Red, fits 6.5'-­‐8’. Never opened. Mini Tea Set Dexter and Peggy Weikel Bamboo Cutting Board Dexter and Peggy Weikel Three Piece Kitchen Set Dexter and Peggy Weikel Egg slicer, grater and knife. $30 Gift Certificate & 12 oz Nicaraguan coffee Anthony Kylor & Amado Mesa, A&A Village Treasures Explore this charming new shop on Chambersburg Street and visit with its equally charming owners. Garden Treasure Fire Pit Lowes of Hanover Garden Treasure Fire Pit: Wood burning fire pit with fire screen, grate, and poker. PVC cover. Just what you need to set the mood for an outdoor summer evening. Wall Shelf Contemporary angled silver wall shelf Silk Duvet Duvet for queen bed tan silk with flowers and green pipping with 2 pillow shams Green Silk Coverlet Beautiful medium silk coverlet for a full-­‐queen bed. Lamp Medium green shade, perfect for your bedside. Red Corduroy Duvet w/ Two Shams Full queen bed. Carry-­‐on Luggage NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 27 Duffle Bag Gold Dish Resources for Global Citizenship Brighten your holiday table with this gold colored dish, perfect for displaying Christmas balls, pinecones, or a centerpiece. Ceramic Light Plates Resources for Global Citizenship These antique ceramic fleur de lis patterned light-­‐plates will add charm and elegance to your room. Delaware Valley Framed Photo Resources for Global Citizenship Large, framed arial photo of the beautiful Delaware Valley in summertime. Train Clock that Chimes w/ Train Whistles Noah Mattson Now you'll know what time it is by which train whistle is blowing. Great for kids’ rooms! Saturday Evening Post Mugs (set of 4) & Hot Cocoa! Resources for Global Citizenship Remember the classic Saturday Evening Post? Bring some nostalgia into your evening hot cocoa with these Norman Rockwell mugs. Candle and Stand Friend of PGL Relax with this purple candle and woven metal, beaded candle stand. Limoges China Resources for Global Citizenship Antique Delicate Bone China, white with pink floral border, Serving bowl and platter made in Limoges France, Why Whine? Friend of PGL Enjoy playing a joke over spilled wine! Indian Carved Nutcracker Madeline Yates A great gift for a nut-­‐lover! This nutcracker is hand-­‐carved by artisan in India. Silver & Glass tumblers (set of 12) Madeline Yates Vintage Cera Glass Set: 6 hi-­‐ball tumblers decorated with silver & 6 matching whiskey glasses -­‐ the perfect complement to your dinner party -­‐ from the 1950's. Norman Rockwell Reproduction Print: 2 Opportunities to Win The Brocks NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 28 Department 56 Dickens Village Series Gina & Martin Robertson Teaman & Crupp China Shop. Like new in box. Department 56 Dickens Village Series Gina & Martin Robertson Abington Lock Keeper's Residence. Like new in box. Department 56 Dickens Village Series Gina & Martin Robertson T. Wells Fruit and Spice Shop. Excellent Condition. Antique Print: It’s A Beautiful Day The Brocks Farberware Millennium Percolator Gina & Martin Robertson Enjoy a great cup of coffee! New with instruction manual. Picture Fame Gina & Martin Robertson Image Collection 8" x 24" picture frame with three 4" x 6" openings. New. Department 56 Dickens Village Series Gina & Martin Robertson Cobbler's Corner Stand (set of 2). New in box. Department 56 Dickens Village Series Gina & Martin Robertson Browning Cottage. New in box. Department 56 Dickens Village Series Gina & Martin Robertson The Old Curiosity Shop. Excellent Condition Oreck Wireless Iron Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin George Forman Lean Mean Grilling Machine Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 29 NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 30 P ETS ’ P LEASURES
Table Closes at 6:45 pm (approximate): watch for the timer! Dog Lover's Basket Gettysburg College Health and Counseling Services You and your dog will be very pleased with this assortment of goodies, toys, and more. Cat Lover's Basket Gettysburg College Health and Counseling Services Your cat won’t be able to act finicky upon seeing this assortment… sure to please any feline! Gift Basket with Certificate for Two-­‐Night Pet Boarding Musselman's Pet Paradise Leave on your get-­‐away guilt-­‐free. This wonderful gift basket includes dog toy, treats, and a certificate for your pet for an all-­‐inclusive three-­‐day, two-­‐night stay at Musselman's Pet Paradise pet resort. Your pet will absolutely love it there! Doggie Delights Basket Patti Lawson Your favorite canine will forgive you for leaving this evening when you return home with this basket. A wonderful assortment of unique toys and treats that is sure to please you and your dog! Seek-­‐a-­‐Treat Dog IQ Puzzle Amelia Marritz How smart is your dog? This toy provides mental stimulation as it challenges your best friend to find hidden treats. Fun Cat Tunnel Auction Committee Watch your cats run through the tunnel for tons of feline fun! Water Resistant Dog Coat Harriet Marritz Keep your pup dry on cold, wet days. Size S/M. Fits dogs 11”-­‐15” from base of neck to base of tail. Turbo Cat Toy Auction Committee Your cat will love chasing this ball around and around the track! AKC Orthopedic Dog Bed for a Small Dog Auction Committee Your small dog will be super comfy on this bed. 22" x 28". NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 31 Pet Down Travel Bed Auction Committee Durable, water-­‐resistant travel bed. 32”x 40”. Comes in its own carry case. Stay-­‐Put Deluxe Bench Seat Cover Auction Committee Micro-­‐suede car seat cover. Treated with Stain-­‐Blok. Machine washable. Fits securely in all vehicles. One Complimentary Dog Bath Diana Trout, Tail Chasers Grooming Want a clean smelling dog to cuddle up to? Dread the mess at home? Let Tail Chasers Grooming come to your rescue. Our professional staff will bathe your dog for you! KONG Natural Incline Cat Scratcher Toy Auction Committee Keep your cat entertained while you save your upholstery. A win-­‐win! Dog Grooming Rebecca Menapace, Hot Dog Grooming This certificate entitles purchaser to a dog grooming session . This will include a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning and clipping (if requested). Please, no dogs over 60lbs. Homemade Dog Biscuits: Two Chances to Win! One for Small Dogs, One for Large Dogs Jen Cole Delicious homemade dog biscuits (dog tested) made from dog friendly ingredients. Made for large dogs. Fish Bowl and Beta Madeline Yates Enjoy your own "Beta" fish, (one of the only types of fish that does not require air pumped through the water.) $25 Gettysburg Animal Hospital Gift Certificate Dr. John Dodson Cat Shaped Cookie Jar Jen Cole NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 32 NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 33 Table Closes at 7:05 pm (approximate): watch for the timer! NordicTrack Classic Pro Skier William Leslie Mechanical Exercise Skier used the natural motion of Nordic cross-­‐country skiing. Adjustable resistance for both arms and legs; adjustable leg elevation. Only slightly used and in perfect condition. HO Scale Model Train Lot Andrew Dreves Lot includes: 6 coal hopper cars, 1 flatbed, 1 diesel locomotive, 1 box car, 1 water tower structure. Some items have been "weathered" to look realistic. Taboo Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Board game. Buzz Word Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin The lively, addictive and challenging game that fuzzes your memory and buzzes your brain. Cash Cab Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin The trivia game that puts you in the driver's seat. Top Secret Spies Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Free Month Jazzercise Classes Gettysburg Jazzercise Now's your chance to find out that your New Year's Resolution to exercise doesn't have to be hard. Come have fun with Gettysburg Jazzercise and burn up to 600 calories an hour! NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 34 NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 35 CHILDREN’S CORNER
Table Closes at 7:05 (approximate): watch for the timer! Corduroy Jumper Dress Janet Powers Adorable embroidered corduroy jumper dress for a sweet little girl in navy and white, with red trim. Size: 4T, brand new. Razor Scooter The Christiansons A child's razor scooter in mint condition. Kids of all ages will love it. Child's Bike and Helmet The Christiansons A practically new blue & silver youth bike. A sturdy purple/pink bike helmet very gently used. Kids will love it! Child's Knit Sock Monkey Hat Fran Wickham, Dirty Billy’s Hats Stay warm with this fun winter hat from Dirty Billy's Hats in Gettysburg! Book of Lullabies and CD Janet Powers Metropolitan Museum book of lullabies and accompanying CD Irish Wool Sweater Marty & Sheila Fees Wool sweater from Aran Islands, Ireland for ages 11-­‐13. Child's Rugby Shirt (size 8) Lee O’Malley 2 Long Sleeve Sweaters Lee O’Malley One sweater, green and grey striped, one with black and grey striped, size 8 and 8-­‐10. Like new. New XBox 360 Kung Fu Panda 2 Lee O’Malley Light Up Talking Thomas Locomotive Lee O’Malley New Light Up Talking Thomas Locomotive for child 18 months and older The 39 Clues Book 4 Noah Mattson NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 36 My First Read and Learn Bible Lee O’Malley A Book for young children-­‐-­‐My first Read and Learn Bible: colorful, highly illustrated book with durable pages. Child's Pajamas Lee O’Malley Size 8 Joe boxer flannel pajamas with dinosaur design. Lego Duplo Set Andrew Dreves Set # 5380 with bin in new-­‐like condition. Hand-­‐Knit American Girl Doll Hats and Booties Laura Geesaman 1 hat, 2 headbands all with matching booties for an American Girl or any 16 inch doll. Doll Swing & Shopping Cart Abma Family One Puzzle 3D Sears Tower Abma Family A 532-­‐piece Sears Tower Lego-­‐like puzzle. Stands 3' tall when assembled. A kid's delight! Dressed Boyd's Bear Abma Family Cute Boyd’s Bear. Doll Abma Family Naked, old-­‐fashioned baby doll. Two Marble Games Abma Family Two marble games in pouches Unique Stuffed Animals Abma Familly A whole zoo! One green, friendly dragon, one talking Elmo, a dog, mouse, gorilla, little bear, bunny, bat along with a blue net shoot to carry them around. Plush Elephant Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum and Candy Emporium Melissa & Doug plush elephant. Soft and cuddly with life-­‐like details. This lovely elephant promises no peanut breath, but great cuddle-­‐ability!! Toy Collection for Ages 5-­‐9 Jan Pasco NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 37 Small Basket of Books Noah Mattson Selection of early reader or read aloud books Lion Boy, by Zizou Corder Noah Mattson Handmade Socks Neil Beach Two chances to win a set of handmade socks, perfect fit for kids. 18-­‐Wheeler Matchbox Car Carrier Noah Mattson Plastic 18 wheel truck carrying Matchbox cars. Great for storing your favorites! Logging Truck Noah Mattson Thumper Nesting Blocks Set Andrew & Amy Dreves Disney Thumper nesting blocks set for ages 9 months and up. Baby ABC Books & Toy Andrew & Amy Dreves 3 Baby ABC, colors, numbers board books and plush bunny rabbit Baby Einstein Basket Andrew & Amy Dreves Basket includes the Baby Einstein Learning Library, 3 DVDs, 2 CDs, 1 VHS tape, 1 board book with puppet, 1 chicken plush toy. 3 Ducks & a Soccer Ball Andrew & Amy Dreves Three cute plush ducks. Two of them can talk. The other is the silent type...and a Soccer Ball. 3 Puppies & a Bean Basket Andrew & Amy Dreves Three adorable lab plush puppies and a Hanover Bean Plush Elmo Seame Street Lot Andrew & Amy Dreves Elmo's Big Lift and Look board book, mailbox with accessories and an Elmo plush toy. Baby Talk Basket Andrew & Amy Dreves Infant/ toddler board books, plush bear, discovery toys for infants. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 38 If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Gift Basket Andrew & Amy Dreves Best seller book If you Give a Mouse a Cookie board book, handmade plush mouse and of course, some cookies. Milk not included. (Sold separately) Sandra Boynton Board Books Lot Andrew & Amy Dreves 4 best seller Sandra Boynton Board books and a small piggy toy. Puppy Basket Andrew & Amy Dreves Puppy plush toys. One plush can also be used as a toddler backpack. Kangaroo Basket Andrew & Amy Dreves Plush kangaroo toy and 3 Eric Carle board books. Sesame Street Elmo & Zoe Basket Andrew & Amy Dreves Purse with accessories and 6 small board books. Snow White Basket Andrew & Amy Dreves Snow White doll, storybook, dwarfs (6..one took off) and a nice shiny red Apple. (Witch and potion not included) Toddler Books & Toys Murphy Family Arrangement of toddler books & toys (gently used). Baby Board Books Basket Andrew & Amy Dreves 7 board books and flash cards. Toy Story Basket Andrew & Amy Dreves Board books collection, character toys Farm Animals Books & Toys Andrew & Amy Dreves 3 farm animal board books, plush pony and baby chick toy Hand-­‐Knit Kid's Minion Hat & Mittens: for your own little minion! Geesaman family NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 39 NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 40 B OOKS & M USIC
Table Closes at 7:05 pm (approximate): watch for the timer! Needlepoint and Knitting Books Patti Lawson Donated by Patti these books belonged to beloved family friend, Marian Brubaker who was quite skilled with needle and thread. Patti is not. I hope these will go to a wonderful home. World Music: Rough Guide Derf Maitland: The Readers Café A book described as a "Work of lunatic scholarship.” Latin, North American, Caribbean, Indian, Asian and Pacific music richly illustrated. Blue Planet Waltz: a Living Room Concert Will Lane A living room concert of new songs and poems of protest and praise exploring the human-­‐earth relationship, offered by community activist and professor of English Will Lane. Life: The Classic Collection Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Includes prints suitable for framing. Office Supplies Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Spiral bound notebook, pencils, post its, index cards, and three staple-­‐less paper staplers in a wooden bowl. Osho Gallery Writing Paper w/ Envelopes Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Handmade Paper Envelopes w/ Note Cards Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Monographs Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Generous selection of art monographs and catalogues, Leonardo,Yousuf Karsh, Impressionism, contemporary painting and prints, photography Book Assortment and Journal Julie Cade, Pages of the Past Nice assortment of books for your reading pleasure and writing journal. Tip and the Gipper, Children of the Jacaranda Tree, and two children's books! 20+ Books Friend of PGL NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 41 Retratos/Portraits Notecards Casa de la Cultura Notecards representing the photography exhibit Retratos, created by migrant and immigrant families in Adams County. Paper Blossoms Pop Up Book Gina Robertson Beautiful book featuring five amazing pop-­‐up bouquets. Colorful and bold, this display will brighten any room! Collection of Vintage Bills Henry Wilson, S&W Coins A 1928 D $2 bill, a 1963 Barr Note $1 and a 1953B Red Seal $2 bill. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 42 ONE ADDRESS, TWO PATHS TO VITALITY
and a Healthier You!
Renee Lehman MS, PT, ATC, MAc
Licensed Physical Therapist
Licensed Acupuncturist
Reiki Master
Julie Aha MA, LMT, RPP, RYT
p: 717.752.5728 | f: 717.337.0058
p: 717.337.9977 | [email protected]
249 B York St. • Gettysburg, PA 17325
Table Closes at 7:20 (approximate): watch for the timer! Violet "Beehive" Hat Kim Davidson Violet-­‐colored, soft and warm (not scratchy) handmade knit "beehive" hat made with an alpaca blend. Blue Knit Hat Kim Davidson Blue, soft and warm (not scratchy) handmade knit hat. Bracelet Julia McGeary Handcrafted multicolored Czech glass beaded bracelet with magnetic clasp. 150th Gettysburg Tee Shirt Susan Trostle, T&S Clothing and Gifts Long-­‐sleeved crewneck 150th Gettysburg Celebration tee shirt. XXL Handmade Scarves: Several Chances to Win! Friend of PGL Silver Necklace Suzanne Flynn Sterling silver bead necklace. Hand-­‐Knit Owl Hats Laura Geesaman Two owl hats -­‐ whoooo wouldn't want one of these. Tall Black Boots, Size 8.5 Jocelyn Swigger Black Rhino Printed Blazer Jocelyn Swigger Black Shoulder Bag Jocelyn Swigger Brown Cardigan Jocelyn Swigger NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 44 Printed Blazer Jocelyn Swigger Sheer printed blazer Jocelyn Swigger Felted wool shoulder bag from Nepal Jocelyn Swigger Black Stuart Weitzman Mules Size 9 Jocelyn Swigger Blue and Orange Printed Paisley Pashmina Jocelyn Swigger Green Sheer Scarf Jocelyn Swigger White Scarf Jocelyn Swigger Black Felt Portfolio Bag Jocelyn Swigger Sheer Blue Scarf Jocelyn Swigger Small Black and Teal Fuzzy Scarf Jocelyn Swigger Tan Scarf Jocelyn Swigger Tan Printed Scarf Jocelyn Swigger Faux Pearl Necklace Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin MICA Tote Bag Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Washington Redskins Shirt and Cap Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 45 Gift Certificate for Martin’s Family Shoes John Fidler, Martin’s Family Shoes $20 gift certificate, brand new shoes for any occasion on Baltimore Street in Gettysburg. Enjoy! 14k Gold Fibonacci Earrings Judy Pyle Judy has used 14K gold to handcraft these one-­‐of-­‐a-­‐kind earrings. They are hand fabricated: chased and formed, Fibonacci curve soldered to a square base and hand finished. Bracelet Julia McGeary Handcrafted bracelet with Czech glass beads in tones of amber, green and brown. Blue crochet earrings Radost Rangelova Pink crochet earrings Radost Rangelova Handcrafted Necklace and Matching Earrings Deb Bair, True Friends Boutique Gettysburg 150th Memory Pack Adams County Democratic Committee This pack of memorabilia from the Gettysburg 150th includes three items: One adult Gettysburg 150th commemorative t-­‐shirt, one 150th commemorative poster and one memorial pin, "Fulfilling the promise" Multi-­‐Colored Handbag brown, red and green never used. Silk Under-­‐garment Friend of PGL Stay warm in the frigid winter weather with this women's black silk undergarment from Cabela's. Blue Beaded Necklace Resources for Global Citizenship Costa Rican Artisan Crafted Necklace (made from wood and beads) Resources for Global Citizenship British Scarf Madeline Yates Long ladies scarf with Anglican motifs (blue); from England Embroidered Dress Gloves Madeline Yates Dress up with these antique ladies dancing gloves! NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 46 Beaded Earrings Gina Robertson Beautiful pair of earrings hand crafted in Nicaragua with bright tones of seed beads. Nicaraguan Earrings Gina Robertson Handcrafted in Nicaragua with silver and lapis beads, these earrings feature beautiful coil designs. Nicaraguan Earrings Gina Robertson Beautiful silver earrings featuring stone beads and coiled designs. Hand Knit Socks: Multiple Chances to Win these Auction Favorites! Neil Beach NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 47 NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 48 P AMPER Y OURSELF
Table Closes at 7:20 pm (approximate): watch for the timer! "Small is Beautiful" Travel Basket Janet Powers Although the basket is good-­‐sized, the items in it aren't, but they are designed to ease your travel anywhere in the world! Includes toiletries, clock, flashlight, journal, reading material, luggage tags, first aid kit, book light and a whole lot more. Don't even think of traveling without the items in this basket! Body Work/Massage Marti Thomas, Gettysburg Holistic Health Center 1 hour bodywork session consisting of one or more of the following: Swedish Massage, Reiki, Deep Tissue, Samyama Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage Nancy Hill, Gettysburg Holistic Health Center Calm Yourself with Eight Yoga Classes Lyndora Roby, Sacred Lotus Yoga Studio Gift Assortment of Soaps Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Gift assortment of soaps, shampoos and conditioners in a wooden bowl. 1 Spa Pedicure Ed Wagaman, Sundance Kid Basket of Hallmark Goodies Ashley Cool, Hallmark Cardtique Includes Crabtree and Evelyn hand wash, Yankee candle votive and stationery. White Shoulders Gift Assortment Dexter and Peggy Weikel Hot & Cold Bottles Dexter and Peggy Weikel Set of three Small Quilted Bag Joyce Ettenger & John Dufendach Slipper Basket Enjoy pampering yourself or a loved one with oodles of lotions and slippers. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 49 Chinese Herbal Aid Kit Paul Kellett This beautiful red or rose silk covered, lined box contains a complete mini-­‐pharmacy of the six "best" remedies in Chinese Medicine for addressing digestive problems, pain, burns, bleeding, and colds and flu! Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair-­‐Services Certificate Koren Garfinkle, Shear Expressions Enjoy $25 toward a hair-­‐cut, color, or perm from Shear Expressions, a talented beautician in Arendtsville. This comes with salon-­‐quality shampoo and conditioner! A great value! Coach Designer e-­‐Reader/Tablet Case Gina Robertson Coach Wallet Gina Robertson Coach Skinny Wallet in gold/brown tones, very gently used. Michael Kors Phone Case Wallet Gina Robertson Coach Phone Case Gina Robertson A Pair of Shoes from Clarks/Bostonian Outlet #35 One free pair of shoes, offer expires 4/25/14 One Hour Session of Medical Qigong Donna Blackstone Hand Knit Sock! Multiple Chances to Win an Auction Favorite! Neil Beach NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 50 NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 51 NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 52 G ARDEN & F LOWERS
Table Closes at 7:35 pm (approximate): watch for the timer! Basket of Gardening Books Baird Tipson At least ten new or as good as new books on gardening. A Day of Help in the Garden Baird Tipson Experienced gardener will do chores in your garden by himself or by your side on a day to be arranged. Laura Ashley Flower Vase Auction Committee Gift Certificates for Nolt’s Mulch Products: Multiple Chances to Win! Matt Nolt, Nolt’s Mulch Products Good for mulch, garden stone and other landscaping products. Indoor Garden Donna McCleaf, The Flower Boutique A potted flower garden with five or six blooming plants. Add some color to your days in these bleak winter grays. Gift Certificate to Middle Creek Nursery Don Vanderau $50 Gift Certificate for Middle Creed Nursery, a wonderful nursery with great plants and shrubs and great prices! Fresh Christmas Wreath Liz Chronister Christmas/Holiday wreath made from 100% fresh, natural greens & berries. Arrange for pick up the first week of December. Orchids & House Plants Dan George Nothing quite so exotic as an orchid in bloom! Basket of Garden Books Karl Mattson A mixture of practical and classic garden books. Green-­‐Painted Garden Spigot w/ Shell John Spangler and Maria Erling NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 53 5 Cubic Yards of Mulch Steve Zimmerman, Zimmerman’s Azalea Gardens and Landscaping Mulch from Zimmerman's Azalea Gardens and Landscaping. Five (5) cubic yards of highest quality natural shredded hardwood. Delivered free anywhere in Adams County. 2 Angel Wing Begonia Plant Karl Mattson Unusual, festive house plant. The Angel wing begonia has dramatic spotted leaves and cascading "candy pink" flowers. Can grow to 3 feet. Jade Plants: 3 Chances to Win Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Footed Brass Potting Bowl Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin A Basket of Garden Books Karl Mattson Spring is just around the corner and it's time to think about the garden. Here is just what you need to get in the mood. A wonderful collection of inspiration and helpful advice! $25 Gift Certificate: Musselman Greenhouses Use for their houseplants, seasonal plants, or indoor blooming selections. $25 Gift Certificate for Boyer Nursery and Orchards St. Francis Karl Mattson This lovely ceramic figurine of "Padre Celestial" is from Spain by artist Maravena. There is surely a spot in your house where he would look perfect-­‐-­‐-­‐in among the house plants? Lemon Tree in Scarecrow Pot Madeline Yates Live lemon tree in autumnal scarecrow pot Aloe Plant in Jar Jan Powers 3 Sansevera Plants Jan Powers A Gardenful of Homegrown Heirloom Veggie Plants Tina Gebhart & Alan Whetsel All of Tina Gebhart's & Alan Whetsel's extra vegetable starts for your spring, summer, and fall gardens. Enough to share with a few friends (like a plant CSA). Exclusively heirloom, most are old pre-­‐1900 varieties. All grown from seed. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 54 NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 55 ! F ROM A FAR "
Table Closes at 7:35 pm (approximate): watch for the timer! Woven Ivory Placemats from Nicaragua Janet Powers These four natural cotton placemats, made at the weaving cooperative in Leon, will go with any décor or dinnerware. Sterling Silver Greek Key Bracelet and Ring Penelope Emmons Heavy sterling silver cuff bracelet and matching ring in Greek key design. Purchased in Spain. Sterling Silver and Abalone Cuff Bracelet Janet Powers Elegant sterling silver and abalone shell cuff bracelet made and purchased in Mexico sixty years ago. Welsh Slate Coasters Janet Powers Set of 6 slate coasters hand-­‐painted with wildflowers -­‐-­‐ made in Wales. Plaid Quilted Belt Janet Powers Quilted blue plaid belt/sash from India, 74 inches long. Indonesian Tablecloth Larry and Lynda Taylor Vintage Indonesian batik tablecloth, 6' x 8' -­‐-­‐ multi-­‐colored with primary field in dark green; wayang puppet figures on edges. Indonesian Floor Cushion Covers Larry and Lynda Taylor Vintage Indonesian batik tablecloth, 6' x 8' -­‐-­‐ multi-­‐colored with primary field in dark green; wayang puppet figures on edges. Estonian Dolomite Jar Larry and Lynda Taylor Hand-­‐worked dolomite jar with lid from Estonian island of Saaremaa, never used. Jar is porous -­‐-­‐ suitable for dry contents, not liquids. Small Decorative Table Rukhsana Rahman & Athar Rafiq Hand carved decorative table with bone / ivory inlay from 1960s. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 56 Small Greek Urn Rukhsana Rahman & Athar Rafiq Hand painted with 24 carat gold. Russian Nesting Dolls Rukhsana Rahman & Athar Rafiq Set of Russian nesting dolls from 1960s. Belgian Statue Rukhsana Rahman & Athar Rafiq Belgian bronze peeing boy statue. 2 Handmade Pencil Holders Pamela Torres Handcrafted elaborate pencil holders. Norwegian Highlights Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin 17 vivid-­‐color wide-­‐ format postcards 3 Mexican Dolls Nick Marritz 3 charming handmade indigenous dolls from Mexico. A perfect gift for someone special. Ecuadorian Shirt Batik African Wallhanging Lovely Mexican 12" decorative plate Ecuadorian Painting Nancy Chambers Framed painting of Cotopaxi volcano, one of more than 100 volcanoes in Ecuador. Cosmetic Bag Nancy Chambers Handmade red cosmetic travel bag from an artisan market in Ecuador. Small Hat Nancy Chambers Small decorative hat, one type of typical dress from the Andes in Bolivia. Blue Shawl Nancy Chambers Blue, handmade shawl from an artisan market in Ecuador NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 57 Black Leather Woman's Jacket Nancy Chambers Handmade black leather woman's jacket from Cotacachi, Ecuador Small Clock Nancy Chambers From ESPE, the Army polytechnic school, in Quito, Ecuador Duffle Bag Nancy Chambers handmade patterned duffle bag from an artisan market in Ecuador Handpainted Ukranian Matryoshka Resources for Global Citizenship Handpainted in Kiev, Ukraine, this matryoshka doll features both men and women, though is missing the littlest "baby." Brazilian Batik Wall-­‐hanging Resources for Global Citizenship Enjoy this large hand-­‐batiked wall-­‐hanging of a Cathedrale in Sao Paolo Brazil. Inlaid, Hand-­‐Carved Indian Table Resources for Global Citizenship Have you ever wanted to visit the Taj Mahal? This hand-­‐carved, inlaid table is reminiscent of the Taj. Enjoy this handwork in your own home! Kirghiz Man's Wedding Hat Resources for Global Citizenship White Felt handmade and hand embroidered man's wedding hat from Kyrgyzstan. This unique, conversation enhancing head-­‐wear can be yours -­‐ and it will keep you warm in Central Asian winter weather! Javanese Hand-­‐Carved Dry Vase Resources for Global Citizenship This remarkable, detailed hand-­‐carved dry-­‐vase was carved of an animal bone by a Javanese sculptor in Indonesian in the 1970's. Cambodian Tote Bag Jan Powers Printed fabric tote bag made by Cambodian women's group Palm Wood Soap Dish Jan Powers Soap dish made of brown palm wood from Cambodia Raw Silk Scarf Jan Powers Aqua raw silk scarf from Cambodia NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 58 Tri-­‐color Silk Jewelry Roll (for travel; Made in Cambodia) Jan Powers Galapagos Napkin Nancy Chambers Hand-­‐embroidered colorful Galapagos animals on a linen napkin Hand-­‐Embroidered Linen Tea Towel Nancy Chambers Hand-­‐embroidered colorful flowers on a linen tea towel from an aritsan shop in Ecuador. Antique, Hand-­‐Embroidered Romanian Tops Resources for Global Citizenship NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 59 NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 60 W INE & D INE
Table Closes at 7:50 pm (approximate): watch for the timer! $25 Gift Certificate to Blue & Gray Bar & Grill Keith Peters, Blue & Gray Bar & Grill Enjoy a meal at the Blue & Gray Bar & Grill located in the center of Gettysburg! $25 Gift Certificate to Garryowen Irish Pub Joanne McCready, Garryowen Irish Pub Enjoy a meal at this delightful local favorite on Chambersburg Street. Have a cup of their Crab & Red Pepper Bisque or for a more hearty meal try their Bangers & Mash. Wine & Cheese Basket Anne and Will Lane & Karl and Marge Mattson A lovely basket filled with four bottles of select wine, gourmet cheeses and bread from Pomona's. Sounds like the making of a party! Glass Pitcher and 6 Glasses Guy Seiferd, Desert Flower Lovely hand blown glass pitcher and 6 matching glasses from Mexico. Think summer! Perfect for the patio serving ice tea or lemonade or, of course, sangria. Twin Springs Apples: Gift Certificate for a Half Bushel Twin Springs Fruit Farm Glass Wine Decanter Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Mr. Beer Homebrewing Kit Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Cookbook Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Vermont Country Store Relishes Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Green Tomato piccalilli and sweet onion. Fruit Farm Sauces Twin Springs Fruit Farm Tasty Assortment of Twin Springs Fruit Farm sauces in a gift box. Dazey Fruit Juicer Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 61 Frangelico Liquer Auction Committee $15 Ragged Edge Coffee House Gift Card Jake Schindel, Ragged Edge Use a gift card for delicious drinks and food at Gettysburg's favorite coffee shop. Wine & Chocolates Basket Alexis & Pat Crowner This elegant collection of wines and chocolates will keep you and your friends happy at dinner or at a party anytime. Homemade Sweet Meade Aubrey King Hand-­‐Made Sweet Mead, Vintage 2011. Aged for two years, bottled in 2013. Growler and $10 certificate Appalachian Brewing Company of Gettysburg Use $10 certificate to fill Growler and then you can reuse Growler to fill with beer at another time. $50 Gift Certificate to the Pub & Restaurant The Pub & Restaurant Enjoy a meal at The Pub & Restaurant, a local favorite in the center of Gettysburg! Felted Wine Carrier Annette Ehly Oversized Wine Glass 4 Fish Plates Brighten your table with four oval plates with hand-­‐painted fish! Antique Red Lunch Pail Resources for Global Citizenship This charming, unique hand-­‐decorated red antique metal lunch pail will be a conversation starter! Wine Aerator Liz Chronister The perfect gift, for perfect wine. Wine Around the World Brad Rigler, Realtor Six wines from regions around the world. Enjoy a wonderful white from New Zealand, a sensational sparkling from Italy as well as other selections from across the globe. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 62 Explore Cabernet Brad Rigler, Realtor A collection of six distinct cabernet wines. The collection features cabs from Napa, Sonoma, Mendoza in Argentina and South East Australia. All wines are cabs or cab blends. Two Tickets to the Gettysburg Community Theatre Production of Cinderella Gettysburg Community Theatre Support local theatre. Reserve your date for March 8-­‐16, 2014! "Expired" Gift Basket Lynn Cairns An assortment of perfectly good but expired food items -­‐ coffee, candy, snacks, etc. William Sonoma Gift Basket Dottie Cairns An assortment of food and household products from William Sonoma. Guided Orchard Tour During Harvest Phil Baugher, Adams County Nursery Visit scenic Upper Adams Apple Country during harvest, and learn about apple varieties and harvest innovations. Tour and fruit sampling hosted by Phil Baugher, Adams County Nursery. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 63 NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 64 S ERVICES
Table Closes at 7:50 pm (approximate): watch for the timer! 4 Hours of Pressure Washing Jay Wedemeyer 4 hours of "Man & Machine" to wash winter's mold and grime away from your deck, porch, siding or whatever you choose. Think Spring! Oil and Filter Change Jack Lord, Renn Kirby One complimentary oil and filter change with up to 5 quarts of oil. Design Consultation Debra Westmoreland Looking for design advice? Have a design consultation in your home with Debra Westmoreland, an interior designer. Select a room in your house or apartment that needs an update and receive recommendations. Total time of 3 hours. Lawn Mower Service Walde's Motor Repair Full service on any grass trimmer, chainsaw, or walk behind mower. Lawn & Garden Tractor Service Walde's Motor Repair Full service on a lawn & garden tractor Acupuncture Consultation and Treatment Ted O’Brien, Gettysburg Acupuncture Clinic Relax with a professional acupuncture consultation and treatment, great stress reliever! Take Home Whitening: Two Chances to Win! Samuels Dental Arts P.C Take Home Whitening with custom trays made in our office. Initial Exam, Films, and Cleaning: Two Chances to Win! Samuels Dental Arts P.C. Start 2014 with a healthy mouth! Included is an initial exam, any necessary films, and a cleaning. Babysitting or Dog Walking Katherine Coppe Babysitting: Need someone to watch your child/ren for a few hours? I can! I have been babysitting since middle school and I am CPR certified or Dog Walking: Going out of town and need someone to walk your dog? I am training to go into animal medicine and I would love to help out! NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 65 One Free Night of Babysitting Mary Maloney Enjoy a night on the town and forget about paying for a babysitter! This package includes one free night or day of babysitting for up to six hours by an experienced Gettysburg College student babysitter. One-­‐Hour Consultation on Gluten Free Living Harriet Marritz Have you or a loved one recently learned you must be gluten-­‐free? Not sure what to do next? One-­‐hour consultation with someone who has over six years’ experience. May includes tried and true recipes, tips on food shopping, helpful apps, working with schools, strategies for restaurants/weddings/pot-­‐lucks/birthday parties/air travel. GF snack included! 40 Hours of Yard Work by Brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Gettysburg College A hard-­‐working crew will help get your yard ready for the spring. Please schedule for a date before May 2014. These hours can be used again in the fall. 5 Hours from Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, Gettysburg College Two women of Alpha Delta Pi offer you a helping hand with Spring Cleaning! Can be used toward household/garage cleaning, yard work, gardening etc. Pleasant company included. Adaptable Volunteer Services Tri Sigma Sorority, Gettysburg College The Sisters of Tri Sigma would like to offer six volunteer hours of your choice. Services can include childcare, home or office cleaning, or other work agreed upon by both parties. Please schedule before April 2014. 1.5 Hours of Flute Alana Anderson Alana will play Jazz flute for your dinner party "Summertime" from Porgy and Bess is one of her favorite pieces of music. Package of 4 Therapeutic Massages Madeline Yates 4 hours of Therapeutic Massage: Perfect gift for a bride and groom, or a small family reunion, or a "women's spa day" or gathering of friends. Pick a day and this therapist will come to your Gettysburg area home and treat you and your loved ones to a day of relaxation! Therapeutic Massage Madeline Yates 1 hour, full-­‐body therapeutic massage by local practitioner with over 20 years of experience. 30 Hours of Yardwork by Members of the Garthwait Leadership Center, Gettysburg College Valid until May 2014 Four, 30-­‐Minute Violin, Viola or Cello Lessons Adam Cordle NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 66 1.5 Hour Photography Session Eric Lee, on behalf of the brothers of Sigma Chi Fraternity, Gettysburg College An hour and a half photo shoot for senior pictures, engagements, etc. Eric has become a sought after photographer for College events. His work is often used for publicity and website stories. Time to be scheduled at a mutually convenient time before May 2014. 4 hours Professional Coaching Madeline Yates Have you ever wanted to start a non-­‐profit and don't know where to begin? Are you looking to change professions or start your career? Would you benefit from talking with a professional about the next phase in your career and how to find the right "fit" between your own values, skills, passion and aptitudes and the "needs of the world?" A seasoned professional in career development and non-­‐profit management offers four-­‐hours of professional coaching. Staff Development Workshop Madeline Yates, Resources for Global Citizenship Four hours of staff development: This half-­‐day (4-­‐hour) staff-­‐development workshop will be crafted to suit the unique needs of your business or organization. Whether you work in education, a non-­‐profit, for a faith-­‐based organization, or a business, reinvigorate your employees or members with the mission of your organization and with their own community. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 67 NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 68 F ISH B OWL
Table Closes at 8:10 pm (approximate): watch for the timer! Look for volunteers who are selling tickets – your chance to win these items! 4 Movie Tickets from Gateway Cinema These are unrestricted tickets that can be used any time and for 3-­‐D movies Swedish Coffee Bread Marge Mattson Kennie’s Market Gift Certificate Giant Food Stores Gift Certificate Weis Market $10 Gift Certificate $25 Nolt’s Mulch Products Gift Certificate $5 Ice Cream Certificate: Three Chances to Win Mike Gladfelter, Mr. G’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream $10 Gift Certificate to Gettysburg Cupcake Café Keith Bordonaro Enjoy delicious cupcakes, pastries, espresso, coffee drinks, and a wonderful lunch menu to choose from at this relaxing cafe on Baltimore Street. Tootsie Roll Lunch Box Filled with Treats Cindy Fox, Sweeet! Tootsie Roll lunch box, "How Many Licks", filled to the brim with treats! Tootsie Pops, Razzles, Charleston Chew, Cry Babies, Sugar Daddy, and much more! Enjoy! Gardener Magnetic Poetry Kit Jocelyn Swigger $25 Nolt’s Mulch Products Gift Certificate $15 Ragged Edge Coffee House Gift Card Jake Schindel, Ragged Edge Antique Miller Beer Tray – a conversational novelty item! Small, Colorful Nicaraguan Woven Purse: Two Chances to Win! NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 69 Lincoln Bobble Head Jen Cole Coupons for Single Cake Cone or Dish from Kilwin’s Three chances to win: Use these coupons for yummy, flavorful ice cream to treat yourself and your friends. Large Pizza Certificate, Papa John’s Ray Rostad, Papa John’s Woven Blanket: Crafted by a Nicaraguan Weaving Cooperative! Auction Committee Fiddle Faddles Gift Certificate Richard Cole Retratos/Portraits Notecards Casa de la Cultura Notecards representing the photography exhibit Retratos, created by migrant and immigrant families in Adams County. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 70 Best Wishes
to PGL
for Continued Success in
Partnership & Education!
Community members build the
Monte Horet Pre-School, funded by PGL
Gregory Islan ‘70
Hoping PGL'S Auction Soars High! Contact your local RE/MAX realtor: Suzanne H. Christianson 717-­‐338-­‐0881 (office) 717-­‐357-­‐0952 (cell) 18 Carlisle Street, Suite 300, Gettysburg, PA 17325 [email protected] www.gettysburgrealestate.com NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 72 A RTS & C RAFTS
Tables Closes at 8:25 pm (approximate): watch for the timer! "Solitude" Framed Photograph Janet Powers Framed 16" x 20" photograph taken at sunset by the ocean in Costa Rica by photographer Jan Powers. Watercolor Tom Rooney: Gettysburg Watercolors Set of Three Watercolor Cards Tom Rooney: Gettysburg Watercolors 2 Drawer Aspen Box George Lower Unique hand crafted two-­‐drawer Aspen wood log box made in Colorado. The two drawers mold into the Aspen log. Photographic Art: The Homestead Larry Brogan A 16x20 '' piece of photographic art, "The Homestead," an old Adams County farmhouse in the snow. Origami Gift Set Carol Christianson With this gift set learn the art and fun of Japanese paper folding. A great gift for older children or adults, too. Be an origami expert! Framed Civil War Print Paul Selmer Beautifully framed civil war calendar print "Rebel Sons of Erin" by Mort Kunstler. Overall size: 19.5" X 23.5" Pottery Pot Friend of PGL Smoke blue and mauve hand-­‐made pottery pot Wooden Cheese Board Friend of PGL Hand-­‐made by Once A Tree in Vermont. Multi-­‐wood cheese serving board. Estonian Festival Mug Larry and Lynda Taylor Handcrafted Fall Festival mug signed by Estonian artist, never used. Great decorative piece! NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 73 Decoy Duck Athar Rafiq & Rukhsana Rahman Beautiful hand-­‐carved multi-­‐tone wooden duck decoy. Zaaaii Organizational Bag Cathy Zarrella The Supreme Organizer: ultimate solution to all your craft storage needs. Made from quilted fabric, this organizer contains 18 zippered pockets of various sizes (15 pockets have see-­‐through panels). Store all your accessories for cross stitch, needlework, crewel, tapestry, embroidery or patchwork. Note Cards Elizabeth Weller, Amazing Heart Farm 3 packets of Amazing Heart Farm note cards. Watercolor Painting Nancy Hanson Turtle Wall Sculpture Moon Acres IronWorks Burnished copper iron sculpture of a turtle. Perfect for your patio or garden. 3 Hand-­‐Painted China Plates The Almlofs Hand-­‐made Paper Note Cards Anita Tosten, PoCo Paper Recycled hand-­‐made paper notecards. Paper is colored with recycled tissue paper. The paper is soft so the best pens are needle rollerballs. Hand-­‐dyed, Hand-­‐ knit Throw Anita Tosten, PoCo Paper This item is very gently used. It was used only as a model and never as a throw. The fiber is cotton/rayon. It measures 52"x58". Wind Chime Kitty Sibold Multi-­‐ colored aluminium Santa Barabara Bell, scaled alto. Handcrafted in the USA. The High Water Mark Omar Olivera 3 color silkscreen on paper 21"x 26"-­‐ In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of John F Kennedy's assassination in Dallas, I have donated this silkscreen, The High Water Mark, for this year's auction. It serves as a time capsule containing mementos and references spanning several years and subjects. Haden, Whistler, Penell Print Portfolio Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Set of print reprductions from the Corcoran Gallery of Art. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 74 2013 Japanese Woodblock Calendar Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Landscape Notecards Megan Weikel & Eddie Rankin Set of 5 photographic prints Matted Photograph Clare Shumway This close up photograph of a hawk and the intense look in his eye is sure to make you stop and wonder what caught his gaze. "Just About to Take Off" Clare Shumway Matted photograph. “Apache Crown Dancer” Clare Shumway Matted photograph. “Atlantic Puffin” Clare Shumway Matted photograph. “Nicaragua 1987” Clare Shumway Matted photograph. Norway Photo Andrew Dreves Mixed media 8x10 photo mounted on panel by Andrew Dreves. Castle 2 Andrew Dreves Mixed mediums on photograph mounted on panel. Castle 3 Andrew Dreves Mixed mediums on photograph mounted on panel. Norway Light Andrew Dreves Mixed mediums on photograph mounted on panel by Andrew Dreves. Flam Farmhouse, Norway Andrew Dreves Mixed media photo mounted on panel by Andrew Dreves. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 75 Virgin Mary Andrew Dreves Mixed media photo mounted on panel by Andrew Dreves. Jesus Andrew Dreves Mixed media on photo mounted on panel by Andrew Dreves. León Church Painting Andrew Dreves Oil on stretched canvas by Primitivista artist Danilo Hernandez. Dated 2003, Sutiava. "Lily Flame" Pamela Cooper White "LILY FLAME" Framed 8.5 x 11" photographic print. Image has been exhibited in a solo exhibition "Flamebodies: Photographs Inspired by the Flames of Pentecost" in Gettysburg, Atlanta, and Fort Myers FL and featured in several publications. Digital image Canon Powershot A200, color-­‐designed with Arcsort Photoimpression 5.5, resolution 1600 x 1200 pixels). Leicester Sheep and Two Lambs Print Eric and Lori Fischer Framed print by Bucks County artist Eric N. Fausnacht "Leicester sheep and two lambs" 8x10. Framed Leicester Sheep Print Eric and Lori Fischer Framed print by Bucks County artist Eric N. Fausnacht "Three Leicester Sheep" 8x10 Framed Black and White Cow Print Eric and Lori Fischer Framed black and white cow print by Bucks County artist Eric N. Fausnacht 8x10. Unframed Lincoln Rooster Print Eric and Lori Fischer Unframed Lincoln rooster print by Bucks County artist Eric N. Fausnacht 8x10. Unframed Rooster with Flag Print Eric and Lori Fischer Unframed rooster with American flag print by Bucks County artist Eric N. Fausnacht Carolina Marsh Janet Hikes Watercolor painting of marsh and grasses painted this summer during a visit to Topsail Island, North Carolina. Crochet Afghan in Basket Barb Guise 40" x 50" crochet afghan made with 100% acrylic, machine washable yarn. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 76 Green Tail Sweater Anita Tosten, PoCo Paper Sweater is hand-­‐dyed, hand-­‐knit, and designed by Anita Tosten. The fiber content is mohair, wool, polyester, and mylar. Size: Bust 41” and Length 21.5”. The most striking part of the sweater is a swinging beaded tail. Try me on!! Lap Quilt Hope Edwards Handmade lap quilt Colors are brown various red and blue colors. Size is about 60 x 70 inches. Churn dash pattern. 2 by 2 Tile Recycled Paper Tree Anita Tosten, PoCo Paper 100% Post Consumer paper tree tiles embellished with recycled sweatshirts. Size is 28 inches by 14 inches. Dancing Couple Erin Brown Whimsical portrayal of a couple dancing somewhere in a tropical climate. Feathers on White Debra Westmoreland Needlefelting, feathers and beads on canvas, 6”x 6” Beaded Bracelet Wendy Heiges Sponge coral. Sponge Coral Earrings Wendy Heiges Sponge Coral Earrings with Bali Silver. Pottery Vase Lynne King Matte porcelain oval vase in white, cream and lavender7” high with a circumference of approximately 12” Felt Earrings Judy Pyle Fabricated earrings with needle felted base and applied glass beads on a sterling silver armature, soldered to sterling silver ear wires. Nicaraguan Pottery Timbrel Wallace, Lark Beautifully handcrafted vase decorated with geometric designs. 2 Framed Water Colored Paintings Jule Gelsinger, Art Teacher South Western HS NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 77 Art Work Dorothea Barrick Silver Coin Helen Jahn, ACNBC Glass Earrings Erica Woodworth Glass bead earrings made over a torch and finished with fine silver wire. Stained Glass Kaleidoscope Cathy Trostle Framed print: "Fishing Harbor" Baird and Sarah Tipson A framed, authenticated print, "Fishing Harbor," by John Ruseau, number 23 of 500. Commissioned by Mystic Seaport. Size approximately 2 x 3 feet. Handmade Jewelry Elizabeth Lynch Pair of "Fiesta" necklaces made of glass beads with a silvery toggle clasp. Handmade Jewelry Elizabeth Lynch "Happy leaves" necklace of glass beads with silvery clasp. Handmade Jewelry Elizabeth Lynch "Solar" sterling silver pendant with amber, glass beads, sterling silver 'Joy' box clasp. Handmade Jewelry Elizabeth Lynch Dichroic pendant, crystals, golden box clasp. Matted Animal Photographs Joel Davidson Multiple chances to win beautiful photographs of cheetahs, lions, flamenco, elephants and more by photographer Joel Davidson. 2 boxes of blank notecards by Shirley Armstrong Shirley Armstrong Notecards fronted with drawings and paintings by local artist Shirley Armstrong. Halloween Minuet by John Armstrong John Armstrong 12x15 framed photograph by John Armstrong NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 78 Upper Adams Landscape Photo by John Armstrong John Armstrong 19”X23” framed photo by John Armstrong Framed Egyptian Woman Resources for Global Citizenship Egyptian woman in traditional attire (red, three-­‐dimensional, framed) -­‐ a gift from member of Anwar El Sadat's Peace Delegation to Camp David in the 1978. Wash Day Liz Chronister South Carolina artist/ print. See Katy Mattson for more information regarding print. "Sacred Dance", mixed media collage 12 x 12 by Amy Svec Lois Starkey This is a colorful piece by a Young Littlestown artist, Amy Svc. It was selected for a juried show in Frederick, Maryland at Delephanie Visual Arts Education Center in 2010. Run Away Sue Watercolor 28 x 24 by Rod Cook Lois Starkey By Baltimore Artist Rod Cook. Mr. Cook who teaches drawing, painting and design at the Maryland Institute College of Art, has been active in the Baltimore art scene since the 1980's. He has painted many large murals inside and outside public buildings. For the last 15 years Rod has had a one-­‐man show of watercolors at Rehoboth Beach, which always sells out. Handmade Haitian Earrings Resources for Global Citizenship Made by local artists in the Haiti's second largest city, Cap-­‐Haitian, or "Cap" as locals call it, these earrings are made from the seed-­‐pod of a local tree, and hand-­‐painted in the bright colors of tropical flowers. South African Beaded Doll Resources for Global Citizenship Internationalize your doll collection with this hand-­‐beaded doll made in South Africa! Variety of Beads & Antique Buttons The Brocks Handmade Earrings: Two Chances to Win! Jill Rakowicz, Blue Canvas Studios 2 Small Pottery Bowls Jill Rakowicz, Blue Canvas Studios Beautifully decorated, small, free-­‐form pottery bowls. Hand-­‐Crafted Walnut Bowl Clark and Pat Crowell Food safe with a mineral oil finish. Crafted by Clark for your table. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 79 N ICARAGUAN C RAFTS
Table Closes at 8:25 pm (approximate): watch for the timer! Visit the Silent Auction AND Live Auction tables to choose your favorites Rich color and traditional art forms combine for beautiful pieces. Nicaraguan Pottery Gina Robertson Beautiful 11.5" handcrafted plate featuring the national bird of Nicaragua. Nicaraguan Pottery Gina Robertson Handcrafted turtle vase in beautiful earth tones. Nicaraguan Pottery Gina Robertson Handcrafted vase in beautiful warm tones featuring the national bird of Nicaragua. Miniature Nicaraguan Painting Gina Robertson Brightly colored 4.5" X 6" village scene painting. Hand painted in Nicaragua Nicaraguan Vase: Olla con Chocoyas Reece Guth, Mayta Clay (www.maytaclay.com) Hand made in San Juan de Oriente (known for its artwork), Nicaragua, and signed by the artist, Roger Colero, this vase is characteristic of San Juan de Oriente pottery with parakeets and trees/leaves in relief style with rich colors and incised lines. Chocoyas (parakeets) are native to Nicaragua, found in forests and in the trees in town squares. NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 80 U PCOMING PGL E VENTS
JAZZ SOIRÉE April 25, 2014, 6 -­‐9 pm, Hauser Winery SALSA ON THE SQUARE October 3, 2014, Gettysburg Square, 5 pm – 10 pm NICARAGUA NIGHT AUCTION 2015 January 17, 2015 (tentative) NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 81 PGL is a non-profit and grassroots organization formed to promote cross-­‐cultural understanding and to develop programs that support our friends who struggle to overcome poverty and inequity and establish a more just world. PGL immerses students and area community members in developing communities in Nicaragua to raise awareness of the realities and complexities of unjust economic structures and development policies. PGL also develops and supports programs in Nicaragua and the United States, which promote efforts to establish justice and human dignity through education and personal exchange.
www.gettysburg-­‐leon.org c/o The Center for Public Service Gettysburg College, Box 2456 Gettysburg, PA 17325-­‐1486 717-­‐337-­‐6490 del Centro de Salud de Sutiava 1 cuadra arriba y 20 varas al sur León, Nicaragua (From US. 011-­‐505 +) 2313-­‐1548 P ROYECTO G ETTYSBURG -L EÓN
Compartiendo las Culturas,
Sharing Cultures,
NICARAGUA NIGHT 2014 82 Apoyando al Desarrollo Sostenible
Supporting Sustainable Development

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