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Gettysburg College
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Gettysburg College Guide
Comprehensive advice and information for student success
2015–16 Calendar
Center for Career Development
Center for Global Education
Center for Public Service
Counseling and Health
Dining Services
Experiential Education
Financial Aid
Greek Life
Intercultural Advancement
Office of Residential and First-Year Programs
Public Safety
Religious and Spiritual Life
Student Accounts
Uniquely Gettysburg
Gettysburg Parents Guide
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Gettysburg College Guide
Gettysburg College Guide
2015–16 Calendar
Information about Gettysburg College offices and programs can be
found on the College website:
August 26–30, Wednesday–Sunday
August 31, Monday
Classes begin
October 12–13, Monday–Tuesday
Reading Days
October 16–18, Friday–Sunday
Homecoming Weekend
October 23–25, Friday–Sunday
Family Weekend
November 24, Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.
Thanksgiving recess begins
November 30, Monday at 8:00 a.m.
Thanksgiving recess ends
December 11, Friday
Last day of classes
December 12, Saturday
Reading Day
December 13–15, Sunday p.m.–Tuesday
Final Examinations
December 16, Wednesday
Reading Day
December 17–19, Thursday–Saturday
Final Examinations
December 21, Monday
All grades due
Academic Advising
Academic Advising offers support in many
areas of academic life. The deans work in
conjunction with students’ faculty advisers
to help students make educational plans
and solve academic problems.
Processes withdrawals, leaves of
absence, and readmissions and
Prepares Deans’ Lists and Course
Supports special advising areas:
Health Professions and Pre-Law
Academic Advising does the following
and more:
January 18, Monday
Classes begin
March 4, Friday at 5:00 p.m.
Spring recess begins
March 14, Monday at 8:00 a.m.
Spring recess ends
April 16, Saturday
April 29, Friday
Consults with any students in need
of academic assistance
Get Acquainted Day
Last day of classes and Celebration
begins in the evening
Provides support for the Honor
Provides services for students with
Oversees the Peer Learning and
Tutoring program
Collaborates with Residence Life
and Career Development to oversee
Sophomore Resources program
April 30, Saturday
Celebration/Reading Day
May 1–3, Sunday p.m.–Tuesday
Final Examinations
May 4, Wednesday
Reading Day
May 5–7, Thursday–Saturday
Final Examinations
May 9, Monday
All grades due
May 14–15, Saturday–Sunday
Baccalaureate and
Commencement Weekend
Oversees academic progress and
deficiency reports
June 2–5, Thursday–Sunday
Alumni College and
Reunion Weekend
Oversees the Incomplete Course
Gettysburg College
College Union Building, Room 280
Phone: (717) 337-6579
International Student Advising
The Office of International Student
Advising offers programs and services to
Gettysburg’s more than 100 International
Students. The International Student
Adviser assists international students with
their transition to higher education in the
United States, helps them maintain their
student status in the United States, and
works with the students to explore ways
to enrich their experience at Gettysburg
Intercultural Resource Center
Phone: (717) 337-6377
Gettysburg College Guide
Gettysburg College Guide
Center for Career
Gettysburg competes in the
Centennial Conference, one of
the nation’s top NCAA Division
III athletics conferences.
The conference is home to some of the
nation’s finest liberal arts colleges, all
of which are committed to excellence in
academics and athletics. The Centennial
Conference holds championships in 24
sports for men and women. In the 22
years since the conference was founded
as an all-sports conference (1993–2015),
Gettysburg has won a total of 101
conference titles. Our teams attract those
for whom both parts of the term “studentathlete” are important.
Athletic Highlights (through 2014–15):
Winner of 101 Centennial
Conference Championships
Women’s lacrosse won the 2011
NCAA Division III title
124 individuals or teams
have competed in the NCAA
The Center for Career
Development helps students of
all academic majors and class
years to maximize their career
development and planning.
It’s never too early to begin
developing professional skills,
gain valuable experience,
and tap into the extensive
Gettysburg College network.
Students can take advantage of the
following services and resources
through individual/group appointments,
workshops, and special presentations:
Internships at organizations such
as Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, NIH,
Harper’s Ferry National Historical
Park, NBC Universal, Martha
Stewart Omnimedia, and Children’s
Hospital of Philadelphia
More than 120 week-long
externships nationwide
Career immersion seminars in
Boston, Philadelphia, New York,
Washington D.C., and California
Federal government career
seminars; other career seminars
including finance, health care,
non-profit administration, business
consulting, and more
Choosing a major
Student employment on campus
Health, science, and research
shadowing opportunities
More than 7200 career connections
in the Gettysburg College
Professional Network
89 athletes have been named
Centennial Conference Outstanding
Performer/Player of the Year
Gettysburg Works job/internship
database and helpful online
317 athletes have been named
Professional/business preparation
skill building activities
Gettysburg College
Services We Provide
Bream Wright Hauser Athletic Complex
Phone: (717) 337-6400
Center for Career
Development Highlights
Specialized entrepreneurial
fellowships and business
Opportunities for job shadowing,
career immersion experiences,
externships, and internships, plus
funding for participation
Coaching and counseling on writing
resumes/cover letters, interviewing,
and job searching
Inclusion in the Gettysburg College
Professional Network
Referrals to employers;
opportunities and leads from alumni
and parents; job and internship fairs
Center for Career Development
Phone: (717) 337-6616
Gettysburg College Guide
Gettysburg College Guide
Center for Global
Gettysburg College offers
study abroad programs all
over the world, as well as
domestic programs within the
United States. Students from
every major are able to take
advantage of these programs.
Whether students choose to work
towards foreign language proficiency,
participate in an internship, explore a
chosen discipline from a cross-cultural
perspective, or conduct field-based
independent research, their work off
campus will be counted towards a
Gettysburg degree. Students may call or
stop by to set up an appointment with an
adviser in the Center for Global Education.
Visit the Center for Global Education
website for further information designed
specifically for parents and families.
College Union Building, Room 290
Phone: (717) 337-6866
Your student’s work
off campus will be
counted towards a
Gettysburg degree.
Center for Public Service
The Center for Public
Service challenges students
to think critically and act
compassionately through
six program areas, carried
out in partnership with
other students, community
members, faculty, and staff.
Student Leadership: Program
coordinators organize action for social
justice on campus and in the community.
Reflective Service: Co-curricular
opportunities for meaningful service.
Community-Based Learning: Integration
of traditional classroom learning with
hands-on experiences, challenging
students to link academic theories with
community realities.
Community-Based Research: Students,
faculty, and community members
collaboratively engage in research to
address a community concern.
Immersion Projects: Travel opportunities
Dialogue: Explore race, class, faith, and
gender in safe, respectful, frank, and
humorous spaces to dismantle myths,
expose privilege, and confront internalized
Gettysburg College
in the U.S. and abroad to engage with a
community, encounter challenges, and
deepen understanding of social justice.
Eddie Plank Gym
Gettysburg College Guide
Gettysburg College Guide
Counseling and Health
Counseling Services
Counseling Services provides confidential,
short-term services for Gettysburg
students who are on campus while classes
are in session. Services include individual
and group counseling, psychiatry for
newly emerging conditions, consultation,
and psycho-education. Appointments may
be scheduled by phone or in person.
New Computer Purchases
In general, a suitable computer purchase
should include a speedy CPU, plenty
of memory, a high capacity hard drive,
Wi-Fi capability (802.11g/n/ac), and
a comfortable screen size. Carefully
consider important options such as
extended warranties on the computer
itself, accidental damage protection
when offered, and an extended battery
warranty. We support both PCs (Windows
7, 8, and more recent) and Macs (OS 10.6
and more recent).
Computer Service:
Students Helping Students
Computer hardware needed to run most
new operating systems also is adequate
to run most of the typical software you will
encounter while at Gettysburg. If you have
special software needs, you may wish
to discuss your requirements with your
G-Tech is located in the West Building.
Enter through the blue doorway in the
middle of the east side and turn right.
G-Tech offices are in the Digital Center.
G-Tech is a student-staffed and IT
supported group, which helps Gettysburg
College students with their personal
computers. Techs help students connect
to the network, set up email, remove
spyware and viruses, resolve hardware
issues, and troubleshoot in general.
G-Tech is the venue where students can
receive computer support.
Students seek counseling for a variety
of reasons, including homesickness,
relationship issues, depression, anxiety,
eating problems, and identity issues.
Counseling Services asks that students
(rather than parents) call to set up
Counseling Services cannot share
information with parents or others without
students’ consent; however, the staff
welcomes calls from parents who want to
share information about their students or
consult about available services on and off
Visit the Counseling Services web pages
for further information designed especially
for parents and families.
Counseling Services
Phone: (717) 337-6960
Office Hours: M–F 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.
After hours emergencies: Call 911
or Department of Public Safety at
(717) 337-6911
Phone: (717) 337-6935
Email: [email protected]
Gettysburg College
Gettysburg College Guide
Health Services
Health Services offers a wide range of
primary care treatment services and
referrals to help students maintain good
physical and emotional health.
Staffed by nurse practitioners, consulting
family physicians, and other skilled health
professionals, the office offers diagnosis
and treatment of acute conditions,
management of chronic disorders, stress
management, contraceptive services,
health maintenance/wellness services,
immunizations, and many other services.
Health Services promotes healthy
lifestyles and decision-making, and
encourages all students to play the central
role in their own health.
See website for after hours and weekend
information as well as fee schedules,
insurance, and other pertinent information.
Gettysburg College Guide
Health Services
Phone: (717) 337-6970
Office Hours: M–F 8:30 a.m.–6 p.m.
After hours emergencies: Call 911
or Department of Public Safety at
(717) 337-6911
Health Services
promotes healthy
lifestyles and
and encourages
all students to
play the central
role in their own
Dining Services
Our award-winning Dining
Services offers a variety of
dining options to meet the
varied needs of all our students.
All first-year students are required to
enroll in the Unlimited Access meal
plan. Students paying with Dining $’s
associated with a meal plan receive a
discount at all Dining outlets.
Students who have special dietary needs
associated with a medical condition are
urged to contact Dining Services for
assistance. The services of a Registered
Dietician are available for consultation.
Dining Services is committed to using
locally grown and processed foods
whenever possible. Nutrition and wellness
are also top priorities for Dining Services.
Our menu standards include vegetarian
and vegan items, low-fat dairy products,
Gettysburg College
lean cuts of meat, bountiful salad bars,
and a fruit and yogurt bar.
Spoil ’Em Long Distance
Sending your student one of our speciallycreated Gifts for Any Occasion or themed
Love Baskets is a wonderful way to let
your loved one know how much you care
— in spite of the distance!
Dining Center
Phone: (717) 337-6326
All first-year
students are
required to enroll
in the Unlimited
Access meal plan.
Gettysburg College Guide
Gettysburg College Guide
Experiential Education
The Office of Experiential
Education consists of two
full-time professionals and
25 student facilitators who
design backcountry and
leadership programs for
the campus community.
Experiential Education also
honors outside contracts and
provides additional leadership
training and support to other
colleges, universities, and
a variety of agencies.
Experiential Education offers an
array of opportunities, including:
GRAB (Gettysburg Recreational
Adventure Board): Student facilitators
receive 400 hours of training and field
experience annually to lead climbing, sea
kayaking, backpacking, and challenge
course programs for the campus
community, alumni, and parents.
GRAB Trips and Expeditions: Programs
range from local day experiences to multiweek international trips.
Ascent: Gettysburg College’s preorientation program for incoming students
that combines elements of service,
leadership, and wilderness education.
Challenge Course Programs: Challenge
course programs are available to the
campus community, school groups,
nonprofit organizations, government
agencies, and corporate groups.
The Den: Indoor climbing facility,
including a 35-foot climbing tower
and a bouldering wall.
Wilderness First Responder Certification
and Recertification
Financial Aid
Gettysburg College is
committed to working with
students and their families to
ensure that the ability to pay
does not become an obstacle
to a Gettysburg education.
Equipment Rentals
Eddie Plank Gym
Phone: (717) 337-6319
Need-based financial aid, academic
merit scholarships, and music talent
scholarships are available.
Gettysburg College
Gettysburg College awarded $48.1
million in scholarships and grants for the
2014-15 academic year. Approximately
67% of the student body benefited from
these funds. Families must submit a new
financial aid application, typically the
FAFSA, by April 15.
Financial Aid Building
Phone: (717) 337-6611
Gettysburg College Guide
Gettysburg College Guide
Greek Life
Gettysburg College is home to 16 fraternities and sororities
with a total membership of more than 800 students.
Fraternities and sororities at Gettysburg College date back
to 1855. The Greek community at Gettysburg College is
based on community service, high academic standards,
campus involvement, and life-long friendships.
The Office of Student Activities & Greek Life serves as a liaison among
the collegiate members, parents, alumni, international organizations, and
Gettysburg College to provide educational programs, services, and resources
toward the holistic growth of the Greek community. The office challenges the
chapters to live by their values and ideals and to contribute positively to the
campus and local communities. Students are first eligible to join in the fall of
their sophomore year.
College Union Building, Room 240
Phone: (717) 337-6304
Gettysburg College
The Office of Intercultural
Advancement serves
underrepresented students
studying at Gettysburg
College. The department is
dedicated to raising awareness
and celebrating cultural
pluralism on campus.
The professional staff provides academic
and personal enrichment services for
people of diverse cultural backgrounds.
Students can expect to receive personal
attention and academic advising that
addresses individual needs, interests,
and questions.
The Office of Intercultural Advancement
is located at the Intercultural Resource
Center (IRC), an inclusive and affirming
space with a variety of functions:
computer lab, meeting space, lounge area,
and more. The IRC offers programming to
enhance a student’s academic, personal,
and social experience, as well as the
greater campus climate.
Intercultural Resource Center
Phone: (717) 337-6311
Gettysburg College Guide
Gettysburg College Guide
Office of Residential and
First-Year Programs
The Office of Residential and
First-Year Programs (RFYP)
strives to create a living
experience that facilitates
the personal growth and
development of each student.
The staff works to foster an environment
that promotes the connections between
coursework and involvement outside
the classroom through relationship
development and community building.
The residential program seeks to provide
facilities that enable students to pursue
educational goals in a challenging,
supportive, and safe environment. RFYP
also works to accommodate housing
needs due to medical requirements
(including air conditioning) and such
requests can be made through the Office
of Academic Advising.
First-Year Halls
First-year students are assigned to
housing based on their First-Year
Seminar or English composition class.
All first-year students live in either the
East or West Quad.
Students Can Personalize Their Rooms
Please see the First-Year Living section
on the RFYP website for the following
What is provided in each residence
hall room
Items students need to bring or can
bring for more comfortable living
Permitted and NOT permitted items
Upperclass Halls
Gettysburg College offers a wide range
of housing options for our upperclass
students, ranging from traditional
residence halls to small houses, suites, or
apartments. Rates vary depending on the
type of housing. A meal plan is required
for specific halls. For more information,
please see the Upperclass Living section
on the RFYP website.
College Union Building, Room 250
Phone: (717) 337-6901
Public Safety
The Department of Public Safety
(DPS) is committed to providing
high-quality, continuously
improving Community Service
Oriented Patrolling (CSOP/
safety and security services).
These services are designed to provide
a safe and secure environment where
community members can work, live, and
pursue their academic and professional
endeavors. Department members are
an integral part of Gettysburg College’s
educational mission, ensuring that
protection, service, and enforcement
efforts are accomplished in a manner
consistent with the philosophy and
strategy of CSOP.
CSOP is a paradigm that views safety
and security operations as a proactive,
collaborative, and an all-inclusive
process. CSOP is focused on four
guiding principles:
Gettysburg College
Establishing productive,
professional, and positive student/
public safety relationships
Enhancing the campus’s quality
of life
Engaging in proactive and
collaborative problem-solving
Reducing campus crime and the
fear of crime
Services and information offered by the
Department of Public Safety include:
Emergency preparedness
Life and fire safety
Bicycle and vehicle info
Safety escorts
Student patrol program
Anonymous tips web page
Information regarding the
College’s Annual Security and Fire
Safety Report can be obtained at: or by
calling DPS. This report provides
information related to the College’s
safety and security policies along with
the most recent three years’ worth of
campus crime and fire statistics.
Public Safety Building
Phone: (717) 337-6911
Hours: 24 hours a day
Gettysburg College Guide
Gettysburg College Guide
Religious and
Spiritual Life
The Office of Religious and
Spiritual Life provides ministry
to Gettysburg College (whose
heritage is Lutheran) with an
Ecumenical and Interfaith
emphasis. Opportunities are
provided for pastoral counsel,
prayer, worship, study of
sacred writings, discussion,
and learning to assist with
maturing faith and spiritual
development while at the
same time integrating beliefs,
human reason, and daily life.
On Sundays at 11 a.m. (while classes are in
session), Gettysburg College celebrates
Holy Communion. Everyone in the College
community is welcome to participate at
this worship service whose celebrant is
the Chaplain of the College, assisted by
members of the student community and a
professional musician. As a college related
to the ELCA, we practice Eucharistic
hospitality. We are a Reconciled in Christ
In times of crisis or when pastoral care is
needed, College community members
may contact the Chaplain and/or one of
the campus ministry staff.
On Sundays mass for the Roman Catholic
community is at 5:00 p.m. A Quaker
meeting is held on Sundays at 9:00 a.m.
Hillel schedules Shabbat meals and Holy
Day remembrances. For information
about other times of worship, Bible study,
and related spiritual events, refer to the
Religious and Spiritual Life website and
the sites of individual groups.
Student groups with a
religious focus include:
Lutheran Student Movement
Newman Association
DiscipleMakers Christian Fellowship
Canterbury Club
Muslim Student Association
The Interfaith Council
Society of Friends
Christ Chapel
Phone: (717) 337-6280
Gettysburg College
Student Accounts
The Student Accounts
Office facilitates the tuition
billing process and the
collection of payments for
student account balances.
Parents and students may access the
following information on the Student
Account web pages:
Current Billing Statement Letter
Information and Instructions for the
Online Billing system
In addition to tuition, room, and meals,
several other offices on campus provide
services to students that have a cost
associated with them. These costs are
forwarded to the Student Accounts office
and compiled into one monthly student
account statement.
Payment Plan Information through
Tuition Management Systems
Dewar Optional Tuition Refund
Insurance information
Prepaid Tuition Information
Refund Policy
Costs are compiled
into one monthly
student account
Withdrawal & Leave of Absence
Penn Hall, First Floor
Phone: (717) 337-6220
Email: [email protected]
Gettysburg College Guide
Gettysburg College Guide
Transportation Services
provides students and current
parents with transportation to
and from mass transit locations.
All requests for services must be
made as far ahead of time as possible.
Requests MUST be made no fewer than
3 business days (not including weekends)
before departures and/or arrivals. All
transportation requests for Friday,
Saturday, or Sunday MUST be made by
Tuesday of that week. Those requesting
any transportation service may go to the
Shuttle Service link on the Transportation
Services webpage. Requests made after
the deadline may not be accommodated.
There are no refunds for trips cancelled
less than 24 hours prior to a scheduled
Transportation Services supports the
following mass transit locations:
Harrisburg Airport
Harrisburg Amtrak/Bus
BWI Airport
BWI Amtrak
Shady Grove Metro Stop
Central Energy Plant
Phone: (717) 337-6923
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: M–F 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.
Uniquely Gettysburg
Civil War Programs
Gettysburg College’s rich historical context creates the backdrop
for distinctive Civil War programs:
The Civil War Era Studies Department
The Civil War Institute
This department allows students
the opportunity to minor in Civil
War Era Studies and emphasizes an
interdisciplinary program of study.
Gettysburg College is the only
undergraduate institution in the nation
where a student can minor in Civil War Era
Studies. The program focuses on the Civil
War Era (1848–1877), allowing students
to explore the military history of the Civil
War as well as Reconstruction, Abraham
Lincoln, the legacy and memory of the
Battle of Gettysburg, the economics of
the Civil War, and the political culture
of the Civil War Era. The program also
coordinates internships.
The CWI coordinates a wide variety of
educational events related to the Civil
War, including a summer conference
with scholarships available to teachers,
public historians, and students. Each
November 19 — the anniversary of the
Gettysburg Address — the CWI sponsors
the Fortenbaugh Lecture. The CWI offers a
range of stipendiary summer internships at
National Park sites and history museums,
and oversees a CWI Fellows program
during the academic year for students
wishing to gain professional experience in
the field of history.
Civil War Institute
Phone: (717) 337-6590
Civil War Era Studies
Phone: (717) 337-6598
Gettysburg College
Gettysburg College Guide
The Majestic Theater
Eisenhower Institute
The Eisenhower Institute (EI) is a
distinctive program of Gettysburg College
that engages leaders and learners for the
purpose of addressing critical issues in
public policy and leadership development.
EI advances a model of public policy that
includes the rigorous pursuit of facts,
respectful dialogue among citizens, and
a focus on the future. The Institute’s
initiatives include five core areas: (1)
Distinctive Undergraduate Programs,
(2) Community Outreach, (3) Leadership
Education, (4) Internships/Mentoring, and
(5) Scholarships/Fellowships.
EI coordinates a high profile Campus
Speakers Series; the award-winning D.C.
Author Series; Lunch/Learn sessions;
public symposiums; and the Experts
In Residence initiative, which engages
students in mentoring experiences with an
experienced professional in a specific area
of public policy or leadership.
EI Undergraduate Fellows are a select
group of students with a year-long
opportunity to research, study, and grow
in their understanding of public policy
and leadership by developing a specific
Eisenhower Institute Campus Office
Phone: (717) 337-6685
Eisenhower Institute
Washington, D.C. Office
818 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 800
Washington, D.C. 20006
Phone: (202) 628-4444
Garthwait Leadership Center
Gettysburg College offers an unparalleled
leadership development experience
through an integrated four-year
experience during which students learn
practical leadership skills needed to
launch their careers.
Originally built by Gettysburg College
alumnus Henry Scharf in 1925 for
vaudeville and silent films, the Majestic
Theater has been in continuous operation
with the exception of a brief hiatus in
2004–2005 when it underwent a $16.5
million renovation and expansion into a
world-class performing arts center that
features the 815 seat historic theater,
two new digital cinemas, an art gallery,
and backstage production facility. In
addition to being the home for the
Sunderman Conservatory of Music
student performances, the Majestic offers
a diverse professional line-up of Broadway
shows, popular music, dance, comedy,
children’s theater, nightly independent
films, summer classic films, as well as HD
telecasts of the Metropolitan Opera and
the National Theater of England.
Majestic Theater
Phone: (717) 337-8200
The Sunderman Conservatory of Music
The Gettysburg Review
The Sunderman Conservatory of Music
provides excellent, comprehensive
musical training grounded in the liberal
arts for students who seek to make
music integral to their lives, whether as a
career or a life-long avocation. Honoring
our place as a dynamic conservatory
within one of the nation’s leading liberal
arts colleges, we foster rigorous study,
creativity, intellectual curiosity, and joy
in music.
Founded in 1988, The Gettysburg Review
is one of the nation’s premier literary
journals, publishing fiction, poetry,
essays, and reviews by some of the
world’s finest writers. Published by
Gettysburg College, The Gettysburg
Review is noted for the highest quality
writing, editing, and design. Subscriptions
and individual copies are available at
The Conservatory prepares music majors
for distinction as performers, scholars,
and teachers but also inspires success
in a much wider array of career choices.
The Conservatory’s program emphasizes
active engagement with a broad range of
musical experiences; celebrates musical
and cultural diversity; believes in the value
of service through the arts; and promotes
connections to the larger world.
The Gettysburg Review
Phone: (717) 337-6770
Schmucker Hall
Phone: (717) 337-6131
The Garthwait Leadership Center serves
as a collaborative hub for the leadership
experience and offers an individualized
leadership certificate program that is
available to all students.
Eddie Plank Gym, Room 103
Phone: (717) 337-8444
Gettysburg College
Gettysburg parents Guide
Gettysburg parents Guide
Parents Leadership Council
Family Weekend Advisory Council
The leadership group of the Parents
Association is the Parents Leadership
Council, the bridge between Gettysburg
College parents and the school’s
administration as well as an excellent
resource for all parents.
The Family Weekend Advisory Council
(FWAC) is a group of parents who offer
input about Family Weekend programming
to College administrators as they plan this
annual event. FWAC members participate
in a small number of conference calls
during the Family Weekend planning
process and act as greeters and in other
volunteer roles during Family Weekend.
The Parents Leadership Council (PLC)
comprises a group of current parents who
serve as representatives for the parent
constituency. The purpose of the PLC is
to enrich and enhance the educational
experience of Gettysburg College
students by helping the College in three
ways: service, advocacy, and financial
Parent Relations
The Office of Alumni and Parent
Relations seeks to ensure
that the relationship between
Gettysburg College and you,
its parents and families, is
positive and enduring. The
Parent Relations program
involves parents and families
in meaningful opportunities
that will connect you to
your students’ Gettysburg
experience and strengthen
the College through your
participation and support.
Parent Relations offers a variety of
programs, including Opening Day events,
Family Weekend, off-campus regional
events throughout the academic year,
and summer Send-Off receptions. Parent
Relations also sends communications
created specifically for parents.
The Parent Relations program encourages
and facilitates parent involvement in
volunteer opportunities coordinated
Opening Day Welcome Team
through a variety of offices, including
the Center for Career Development, the
Gettysburg Fund, and the Office of Alumni
and Parent Relations.
This group of parents and parents of
alumni greet the incoming families, share
information, give directions, answer
questions, and enjoy lunch with one
Parents of Alumni Association
The Parents of Alumni Association
maintains a vibrant connection between
parents of alumni and Gettysburg
College through campus events, regular
communications, volunteer opportunities,
and regional events.
Interested in learning more?
Email [email protected]
Gettysburg College
Parents Association
All parents of current Gettysburg College
students are members of the Gettysburg
College Parents Association. Benefits
Invitations to regional events
throughout the country
Parent communications, including
The Sentinel (monthly during the
academic year)
Gettysburg (Gettysburg College’s
magazine for alumni, parents, and
Bullet Points (Alumni Relations’
monthly e-newsletter for alumni,
parents, and friends)
In addition, Gettysburg College parents
are welcome at all athletic contests,
performing arts events, and large campus
events, including Family Weekend.
Gettysburg College
Gettysburg parents Guide
Gettysburg parents Guide
The Gettysburg Fund is the heart
of fundraising for Gettysburg
College and helps to shape both
its quality and reputation. The
Gettysburg Fund keeps the core
academic program robust and
current, supports scholarships and
financial aid, and funds research
programs, field trips, and other
hands-on learning experiences.
Parent Involvement
Gettysburg College has a
long tradition of promoting
parent engagement, and
we hope that you, too, will
be actively involved in the
College’s programs.
Send your student a Love Basket
from Dining Services’ Spoil ’Em
Long Distance program
Travel domestically or
internationally with Experiential
Increase opportunities for all
Gettysburg College students by
contributing to the Gettysburg Fund
and by asking other parents to do
the same
Attend athletic events, both home
and away
Show your Gettysburg pride by
wearing Gettysburg garb and by
displaying a Gettysburg sticker or
magnet on your car, available at the
Gettysburg College Bookstore
Here are some of the ways that you
can directly participate in the life of the
Stay informed and engaged by
attending College events that take
place in or near your hometown
Attend Family Weekend
Help students and alumni develop
their careers by participating in one
or more of the Center for Career
Development programs
Serve on the Opening Day Welcome
Team and/or the Family Weekend
Advisory Council
Stay connected electronically
by signing up for College news
updates and athletic news stories
Every gift to the Gettysburg Fund is an
endorsement of Gettysburg College —
our mission and our importance in the
world. High rates of parent and alumni
participation also advance the College’s
position in national rankings, leading to an
even greater interest in Gettysburg from
high-achieving prospective students from
around the globe.
The Orange and Blue Club (O&B)
provides annual support for
Gettysburg College athletics
ensuring the College has the
resources to remain a leader
among NCAA Division III programs.
Gifts to O&B help our student-athletes
and support many aspects of our athletic
programs by:
Augmenting the athletic budget in
supporting 24 intercollegiate sports
Purchasing equipment, uniforms,
and supplies
Contributing to improvements and
repairs of fields and facilities
Parent Relations
Norris-Wachob Alumni House
Phone: (717) 337-6520
Email: [email protected]
Gettysburg College
What are some of the area’s best restaurants?
Where can my son store
his belongings over the
What's the best way to get
from the airport to campus?
Where should we stay when we
come to visit our student?
What banks are near campus?
What are some
fun things to do
in the area?
Who should I call if
I want to send my
daughter flowers?
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