MSM Focus / Winter 2012 - Mount St. Mary Academy



MSM Focus / Winter 2012 - Mount St. Mary Academy
The Alumnae Newsletter of Mount St. Mary Academy
MSM Ladies Take a Chance
Winter 2012
Reverse Raffle 2011 a Success!
Mount St. Mary Academy,
Alumnae near and far lined up to buy their tickets for this
year’s Reverse Raffle with its $10,000 grand prize. After
last year’s fun-filled debut, the Reverse Raffle was back
by popular demand.
founded by the Sisters of St. Mary
of Namur, is a Catholic, private,
college preparatory school for
young women.
Within a nurturing environment,
the Academy strives to develop
the whole person. Guided by our
Catholic tradition, and rooted in
Gospel values, we educate young
women who are dedicated to
lifelong learning, moral integrity
and service to and acceptance of
Ticket holders in attendance enjoyed a lively drawing,
peppered with team cheers, competitive banter and
even a bit of prayer.
The lucky winner may be familiar to many recent
graduates. Jackie Nuttle, manager of the
school’s cafeteria, came up with the winning $10,000 ticket. Nuttle served up a lot
of smiles with lunch on Monday morning.
MSM sells only 400 tickets for the Reverse
Raffle providing ticket-holders with great
odds on winning the grand prize. The twist
is that you don’t want your number to be
pulled -- the last ticket holder to be called
is the big winner.
Tickets for the third annual Reverse Raffle will be on sale this
summer. Watch the Mount’s website,, for details as they become available.
Questions? Updates?
Contact Alexandra Kogler Fussell
Coordinator of Alumnae & Public Relations
[email protected]
(716) 877-1358 ext. 414
Pictured top to bottom: Katie Stubbe, Laura
Belczak-Heim, and Amy May (Class of 2002)
share a ticket; Classmates from 1997 attend their
second Reverse Raffle together; Jackie Nuttle
shows off her winning ticket.
New York City-area Mounties got a touch of home delivered to their city as the Mount St. Mary Academy Marching Band visited the Big Apple. Alumnae were invited to a
dinner cruise around the NYC harbor with the band, Principal Dawn Riggie and Assistant Principal for Institutional
Advancement Julie Wojick. The Marching Band additionally performed in the Columbus Day parade and aboard the
U.S.S. Intrepid.
Pictured, left to right: Megan McManus Matson (1996), Mary
Lojacono Wolfe (1971) and Dawn Hurley Riggie (1971).
Save the Date!
Did you graduate in a year
ending in -2 or -7? Then you’ve
Reunion Recap
Cathy Bauman Staff writes: “The Class of 1951 (pictured below) had its 60th reunion
on September 17. We had 21 out of 48 graduates attend the luncheon at Pane’s Restaurant in North Tonawanda. We had alumnae come from far places such as Massachusetts, Ohio, Tennessee and New Hampshire, as well as from Syracuse and Rochester.
We had such a good time that the afternoon went by too fast. Our memories brought
us laughter and our friendships will last a lifetime. We remembered the deceased who
are greatly missed. Some of us will try to get together in the summer.”
got a reunion in your future this
year! Here’s a preview of reunions
currently scheduled. Don’t see your
class year? Contact Alexandra Fussell, Alumnae Coordinator to help
plan your class get together. Call
(716) 877-1358 x. 414 or email
[email protected]
A reunion is scheduled for October
6, 2012. The planning committee
will be meeting this winter to put
together more details. If you haven’t
received any information, make
sure to contact MSM and update
your address and email!
The Class of 1977 is planning our
35th class reunion. Please call Joan
Panepinto at (716) 807-7319. Or
at: [email protected]
com if interested in helping, for
more infomation or to update your
contact info. No date set yet.
Mark your calendars for Saturday,
September 8, 2012. More details are
coming soon...
Liz Suchan is planning the 5-year reunion! Save the date June 10, 2012
and come celebrate with a picnic on
the MSM front lawn.
Lois Cummins McCormick writes: “Alumnae Sunday was a beautiful day. It’s always
so nice to attend Mass in the Chapel. We got to meet with classmates we hadn’t seen
in many years. It was also great to be able to reconnect with alumnae from other years.
Hope we do it again!”
Charlene Hill Gore writes: “On the weekend of September 23 and 24, 2011, over 50
alumnae of the Class of 1961 came together to celebrate our 50th reunion. Classmates
traveled from many states as well as locally to attend this special event. Friday, there
was a casual gathering at My Tomato Pie Restaurant where classmates reconnected,
shared memories of school days and caught up on what was happening in their lives.
Lively conversation, accompanied by a casual buffet and lots of picture-taking, made
for a great evening.
“On Saturday, everyone gathered at the Mount Chapel for a mass, during which a
rose was placed
on the altar in
memory of each
of the deceased
classmates. A
wine and cheese
reception followed. Then it
was off to Russell’s
Chops and More
Restaurant for a
sit-down dinner. Everyone
2011 Reunions
received a Memory Book compiled from the surveys filled out by each of the classmates
as a souvenir of this special occasion.
“It was a wonderful, energizing weekend where, once again, we recalled the joy of
friendships made so long ago and shared our warm feelings about our days at MSM.
Donations to the Mount and to the Sisters of Namur were presented as a class gift.”
Alexandra Kogler Fussell writes: “For our 15th anniversary, we decided to double the
fun and have two reunions. A small group gathered at Just Vino on June 11 for a ladies
only wine tasting and a great girl chat. The next morning classmates and their families
attended Alumnae Sunday Mass in the Mount’s chapel and caught up over brunch.”
Deirdre Carroll Whelehan writes:
“In June, the Class of 2001 reunited after 10 years at Crazy Jakes in
North Tonawanda for a night of
food, drinks, and fun. After cordial
“hellos” and small talk, we were soon
all gathered around a table sharing memories and rehashing stories from our days at MSM. It truly
is amazing how easy it is to go back
and feel as if it were just yesterday
that we were walking those halls and
building those memories. It is safe to
say a good time was had by all with plenty of shared laughs.”
Catherine Escott writes: “The Class of 2006 gathered for their reunion this past June
during Alumnae Weekend. For most who attended, it had been five years since they
were last able to catch up. Stories of their ‘life happenings’ were shared and changes
in the school were discussed. It was a great evening for all, filled with laughter, food,
and fun!”
Celebrating 85 years
Members of the Class of 2011 returned home
for MSM’s annual Thanksgiving Mass and
Brunch. The classmates reconnected over
coffee and visited their old classrooms and
teachers. After celebrating Mass with the student body, the school’s youngest alumnae enjoyed a traditional french toast stick breakfast
served by Student Council.
Don’t see any information about your class’s reunion? There’s more to come in our
Spring/Summer edition of Focus. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates. Check
in at our website for continual updates about these and more alumnae events: www. Join us on Facebook to take part in the MSM social network:
Alumnae Sunday
September 9, 2012 10 am
The 2011 Annual Report
We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to all of those who have made a donation to
Mount St. Mary Academy. Gifts made to Mount St. Mary Academy help bridge the gap between tuition income and
expenses, thus ensuring the school will continue to thrive in its mission to educate young women.
Every effort has been made to ensure this listing reflects gifts made to the school from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011. Should
you have any questions regarding this list or wish to make a philanthropic gift, please contact Julie Rosenecker Wojick (1985), Assistant
Principal for Institutional Advancement, at (716) 877-1358 ext. 415 or [email protected]
Colette Zimmerman Dufort
Jane McSweeney Mago
Mary Cain Downey
Virginia Bauer Starkweather
Bernice Bacon Townsend
Leora Riley Allaire
Patricia Reuter Hawkins
Mary Ann Missert Mahaney
Elizabeth Barrett Carmichael
Shirley Kreish Christy
Sally Hurley
Mary Pendy Koessler
Patricia Kennedy Larkin
Mary Almeter
Jean Donahue Juergens
Shirley Gruber Mayle
Nancy Clark Nicholson
Mary Fraser Stern
Dolores Guarino Barbera
Mary Daly
Patricia Sheehan Evans
Leah Stephens Luhr Snyder
Patricia Parr Matiacio
Betty Sabo Myers
Suzanne Roth Vorburger
Joan Haley Brod
Irene Raymond Killion
Patricia Gannon Osborn
Peggy Palme Pritchard
Mary Foley Schulz
Marilyn Johnson Wende
Point of Pride
Members of the Class of 2013 are on
target to average more than $150,000
each in college scholarship dollars.
Theresa O’Donnell Hulub
Margaret Quermback Radzwill
Caroline Bauer Shattuck
Charmaine Sperrazza Sterry
Marie Faulkner Hubbard
Barbara Neupert Kelso
Orma DuPernell Mitchell
Janet Burdick Rasmussen
Mary Ellen Seifert Sinclair
Kathleen Jones Willis
Dorothy Carr Devine
Carol Luksch Kleinsmith
Marjorie Pietrzykowski Nabozny
Doris Deinhart O’Connor
Lois Burdick Young
Mary Anne McCarthy Dow
Diane Jones Eckert
Mary Langenbach
Mary Breitnauer Clark
Janice Grimmer Donlon
Magdalen Dukarm
Elizabeth Espersen
Shirley Olislager Granville
Patricia Sully Hoppel
Donna Juenker
Evelyn Cappellini McDonald
Barbara Deinhart Ronca
Carol Wagner
Mary Theresa Furfari Colson
Patricia Mack Crimmen
Dolores Damon Drobot
Catherine Diebold Flanagan
Suzanne Reiche Hamilton
Betty Nist Harig
Jean Hayes
Marcia Kieta Illig
Sheila McKnight Karre
Constance Rexford Lewis
Suzanne Thomas Mead
Patricia Moss Means
Adella Volk Muncey
Patricia Stanley Naber
Elizabeth McAuliffe Pellegrino
Rose-Marie Spence Pietz
Rosemary Fries Rivers
Marlene Kieta Schmitt
Donna Carney Spicer
Mary Ann Sheffield Stelley
Marcella Forde Uhlman
Maureen Lawler Wiedeman
Margaret Sheedy Burns
Clare Siegel Carlson
Judith Murphy Collins
Barbara Weiler Johnson
Geraldine Kogler
Elaine Panty
Cecelia Whelan
Gail Thomson Zorn
Gloria Wisniewski Cartwright
Mary Ann Oddo Fletch
Mary Crysler Galvin
Janet Mollnow Lannen
Virginia Grimmer MacKay
Carolyn Nenni
Camille Aversano Passarella
Kathleen Crowley Patterson
Beverly Britton Sammon
Louise Obenchain Schumock
Sally Schmidt Shingler
Penny Barone Bromley
Teresa Potter Buchnowski
Sheila Glaser Bultmann
Mary Lake DesJardins
Valerie Bast Guenther
Carol Wolf Pope
Kathleen Nessler Tasker
Kathleen Dolan Clements
Suzanne Herbert Corbett
Daryl Blatchly Farrell
Suzanne Marzolf Glasgow
Catherine Hays
Mary Ann Rosenecker Malinowski
Barbara Bajorek McCarthy
Maureen Raymond Miller
Marjorie Bird Mohr
Joyce McMullen Murphy
Rosemary Knapp Murray
Antoinette Murzynski Andolina
Martha Mohr Bliss
Kathleen Dearing
Linda Dunn
Susan Grobe
Mary Ann Kudla Hargrave
Carol Deinhart Jauch
Patricia Fries Lovallo
Judith Laskowski Pasztor
Yvonne Boutet Pohlman
Jean MacKay Reilly
Sharon Gould Reynolds
Patricia Nosek Szulczewski
Joanne Marciano Winkler
Margaret Pfohl Bauman
Patricia Walder Carr
Diane Miller Creed
Patricia McNeill Curtin
Mary Lou Cassidy Dembik
Marilyn Loncher Farrell
Diane Brinkworth Finn
Ruth Tuttle Frawley
Georgianna Sapienza Gipp
Mary Ellen Zang Hoffman
Maureen Marmion Hourigan
Yvonne Essenburg McGuire
Geraldine Gajewski Torres
Dolores Kowalik Tota
Barbara Warren Strzyz
Class of 1961
Roberta Drewniak Demers
Gayle Vaillancourt Eagan
Ilona Godry Franck
Charlene Hill Gore
Kathleen Britt Hallock
Patricia Conrad Harris
Rosemary Peffer Holmberg
Dolores Doyle Kennedy
Penny Hill Murphy
Mary Agnes Dray Rasins
Patricia Ryan-Dudek
Alice Reichardt Thomas
Patricia Marmion Beecher
Nancy Gondek Beiersdorf
Sharon Vathy Bookmiller
Therese Arnot D’Angelo
Michele Boutet Deyell
Joann LaCavera Folts
Marie Siconolfi Golombek
Joan Kantor Holesko
Mary Keller
Joanne Shoemaker O’Brien
Carolyn Ostrzynski
Sue Ann Fitzgerald Phillip
Lorraine Pierro
Rosemary Zajac Roskam
Elizabeth Sloan
Susan Weisbeck Stahl
Elaine Boblak Stewart
Sandra Armstrong Thomson
Mary Jo Berg Butler
Patricia Weisbeck Collard
Ann Bissonette Curran
Dianne Duerr
Beverlee Hill
Gail Seibert Housler
Barbara Reichardt Jeziorski
Maureen Kelley Jumper
Eileen Litwinski Kuczmarski
Sheila Murphy
Marilyn Wohlfahrt Rolfe
Gail Broda Tollini
Judith Carroll
Kathleen Mulholland Cavalieri
Gail DelMonte DelMonte
Susan Torrell Hemedinger
Ellen Forgette Hughes
Shirley McPartland Jeter
Mary Lyons
Susan Jarosz Osborne
Juliet Haubrick Overbeck
Kathleen Kanaley Prem
Sharon Kozuchowski Samson
Joy Joller Sarkisian
Christine Robinson Smolen
Sharon Schultz Warner
Patricia Wrobel
Karen Adamski
Judylee Matesick Loos
Pamela Roesch Martzolf
Kathleen Bealer Miller
Mary Lynn Murrett
Sharon Kirsch Parker
Kathleen Murray Stamm
Patricia Marsh Thurn
Class of 1966
Barbara Sizemore Brossard
Elizabeth Buchala
Mary Prem Miller
Louise Muscarella-Daxon
Margaret Weisbeck Reddien
Cathy Shelton
Kathleen Callahan
Carol Ann Kleindinst
Diane Matuszak
Mary Patricia Pauly
Diane Schmidt Popovici
Mary Schaab Price
Anna Marie Jones Rice
Gail Stevens Slawinski
Milanne Weiser Buchholz
Carol Lemmer Campbell
Susan Schaab Collins
Mary Edda Meyer Day
Maryruth Phelps Glogowski
Theresa Mago McClure
Eileen McNeill Murphy
Patricia Dasher Myatt
Carol Roland Regan
Ann Stack Steinwald
Alicia Tuyn
Wendy Schott Zvijac
Christina Bisset Abt
Michele Burr
Katherine Schulz Clunie
Margaret Liegl Culliton
Mary Patterson Finn
Marie Hochreiter
Kathleen Higgins Kanaley
Charlene Pietrzak Saeva
Donna Bartels Sander
Barbara Miller Stone
Sharon Mendola Syracuse
Nancy Cosgriff Abramo
Deborah Finn Allen
Christine Mitrowski Bylewski
Nancy Ivancic Colvin
Noreen Harrington Crane
Maureen Hoag Dann
Linda DeTine
Flora Lott Doraski
Donna Lask Kaminska
Mary Kay Viksjo Koenen
The MSM Thunder won
their seventh straight
Monsignor Martin Lacrosse
Championship in May 2011.
Under the continued leadership of Coach Marissa
Dauria (2005), they will
make a bid at continuing
the winning tradition.
Mamie Cimino Leyland
Elizabeth Maier
Deborah Prior Majchrzak
Barbara Jellinick Mayer
Marcia Duquette Noto
Lee Ann Buono Nugent
Donna Rebadow
Patricia Johnston Steffan
Karen White
Dear Sister Alumnae,
Another year has flown by and it is 2012. As a student at MSM in the late 60’s and early 70’s I don’t think I ever
thought about the year 2000 let alone 2012! The years seem to go faster and faster. Life is very full here at MSM – full
of fun, learning and wonderful young women – really just like my years as a student here and I hope yours, too.
It is truly a privilege to be part of Mount St. Mary Academy. It has allowed me to be part of a long line of women who
are intertwined by commitment and experience -- our beloved Sisters of St. Mary of Namur, whose hard work and
sacrifice gave us the Mount; alumnae who have shared that privilege of spending some of their most formative years
in these fair halls; our students who are with us today growing in grace and spirit; and future Mounties with whom
we meet and share the good news about MSM.
This year, we begin our 85th year still following our mission to educate young women in the traditions of the Sisters
of St. Mary of Namur. Drawing on what we personally have taken from the Mount and what it has meant to us, we
reach into the future. With your prayerful and generous support, we embark on the next 85 years. We will continue
to strive everyday to educate young women in the traditions we all so value – joy, simplicity, service and hard work.
Your continued support, your presence with us and your generous contributions allow us to keep the work the good
Sisters began alive. It is a significant sacrifice for families when they make the commitment to enroll their daughters
here. Our tuition does not cover every expense, and the difference is made by you. You make their education possible,
you share with young women today and tomorrow the gifts you received here yourself. You make the laughter and
the learning possible.
On behalf of everyone here at Mount St. Mary Academy – students, faculty, alumnae, and future Mounties: thank
Dawn M. Hurley Riggie (1971), Principal
2011 Annual Report
Linda Braga
Mary Pat Hartnett Brennan
Kathleen Ferris Cubera
Beth DeTine
Susan Mercurio Dickerson
Mary Jo Hacherl Farley
Emily Frank
Marcia Gruber
Debra Hall-Stonish
Carol Sacco Janiszewski
Patricia McGillicuddy Johnson
Maureen McCarron
Sue Murray Metzen
Beverly Seibert Nixon
Barbara Brady Reiner
Dawn Hurley Riggie
Eileen Emons Schreiber
Jacqueline Wilson Sommer
Kathleen Conlin Stancliffe
Eileen Szanyi
Mary Lojacono Wolfe
Mary Anne Styka Wylie
Susan Schott Bayley
Colleen Corcoran Camp
Anne Patterson Crumlish
Susan Murray Garvey
Patricia Sweeney Goodwin
Maureen Lynch Leland
Patricia Lyden
Mary Measer McCormick
Patricia Pike
Cynthia Mercurio Trojanowsky
Elizabeth Valint Zdrojewski
Elaine Antholzner Ball
Jeanne Kelso Bates
Elizabeth Schuster Burgart
Mary Pauly DeWald
Mary Scanlon Gianfagna
Margaret Mary Sheehan Gugliuzza
Marie Lenhart-Butkuss
Joan Campana Luangpakdy
Mary Ellen McVeigh
Laura Barry Perillo
Barbara Cahill Rumschik
Ramona Scarpace
Jacqueline Plague Schear
Laura Young Simons
Doreen Miller Albee
Ellen Maurer Balon
Elizabeth Paroski Barlog
Eileen Metz Daetsch
Deborah Rindfuss Ellis
Susan Straka Ingard
Dana Beiter Jager
Melinda Janik
Karen Laible Malik
Anne Jakiel McBride
Marleen Rohring Rein
Kathleen Hirsch Shaw
Class of 1975
Kate Baer-Gagola
Mary Sweeney Brown
Mary Anne Dirrigl Clayback
Carol DeTine
Mary Margaret Frauenhofer Galante
Marjorie Jakiel
Mary McMahon Jakiel
Judith Lask Lowes
Roberta Grassia Lucca
Karen Mueller Madden
Cathleen Brunner Maggi
Charyleen Martin
Marcia Pratt Martin
Anne Marie Patterson
Elizabeth Reiser
Katherine Schreckenberger
Catherine Steffan Ward
Margaret Borczuch Zaepfel
Anne Sweeney Arena
Mary Ellen Twist Creighton
Genevieve DeNisco DeCarlo
Cynthia Dolata-Goodrich
Carol Hausle Fischer
Lynne Fries
Roseann Gerace Gambino
Ann Straka Gilbert
Kathleen Seward Gleason
Judith Hacherl Hicks
Maryann Aronica LaRussa
Rose Ann Autrino Lokaj
Catherine Luhr
Mary O’Brien Merigold
Mary Grace O’Brien
Pamela Diebold Pawenski
Marianne Roland
Amy Schueckler Rosteing
Margaret Crawford Serth
Kathleen Rung Staley
Anne Conway Sullivan
Moira Sullivan Dooley
Melanie Warren
Julie Tuyn Wortham
Marybeth Brown
Brenda MacPherson Burke
Joan Nichter Chipps
Susan Kirsch Clark
Patricia Corbett Dick
Kathleen McMahon Foresman
Rosanne Frandina-Van Oss
Maureen Connolly Hoyer
Mary Beth Luhr Johnson
Mary Beth Albert Jurca
Bridget Kanaley
Diane Murray Keefe
Pamela Cordaro Miles
Mary Kay Fisch Patrick
Elizabeth Frauenhofer Powalski
Mary Bartlo Quatroche
Wendy Frederick Richards
Kathleen Rizzo Young
Susan Kolkmeyer Robb
Ann Jenkins Santiago
Meg Carriero Thoin
Lisa Jakiel Baco
Barbara Ceglinski
Karen Capitano Dotterweich
L. Adair Luhr Kearney
Tina Scinta Neureuter
Maureen Godzich Reilly
Roslyn Romanowski
Nancy Fischer Schimenti
Margaret O’Brien Simons
Donna Hoelscher Suchan
Rae Anne Hertel Swan
Mary Anne Kaminska Brick
Kathleen Brown
Margaret O’Brien Brown
Mary Feeney Burich
Barbara McCormick Catalano
Susan Birmingham Coffed
Colleen Sweeney Emminger
Mary Reiser Fiorella
Maureen Cray Gannon
Janine Golda Hilliard
Julie Luhr
Barbara Adamek Maddigan
Mary Bauer Paeplow
Mary Lou Augustyn Patnella
Nancy Connolly Polino
Patricia Godios Scott
Carolyn Leous Singh
Jane Reiser Valint
Kathy Twist Burns
Kathy Caher Caputi
Colleen Shanahan Collins
Ann Luhr
JoAnn DeMarchi Occhino
Suzanne Maiorana Paternostro
Kathleen Mayer Reiser
Mary Theresa Walsh Seitz
Laura Schlant Zirnheld
Cynthia Morgante Buffamonte
Kathleen Murphy Collier
Kim Hoelscher Curtin
Marie Bauer Evans
Deborah Baldwin Flynn
Kathy Hoelscher Glieco
Catherine Cercone Kanaley
Sheila Duggan Lyons
Kathleen Godzich McDonnell
Marjorie Maloney Plaister
Mary Conway Reiser
Debbie Jacobi Rodriguez
Christine Cala Tricoli
Trish Brennan Hamlett
Bonnie Barone Hammerl
Darlynn Ruiz Harms
Karen Colson Kelly
Susan Murphy McNess
Karen Jordan Butler
Lisa Barbalato Canavan
Josette Barone Delmont
Toni Minneci Dicarlo
Debbie Prince Haeick
Mary Anne Connolly Jaquay
Amy Almeter Pearl
Barbara Schaus
Mary Wiedeman-George
Kathleen DiVita Barnes
Maria Valenti Barone
Michelle Cumbo
Sheila Diebold Dobbins
Lynne Banaszak Karlsen
Anne Kohl
Lisa Murray-Roselli
Gale Sander
Kathleen Walsh
Eve Pedini Wells
Mary Beth Wrobel
Jennifer Crawford Forth
Katherine Wiedeman Giansante
Mary Cambria Giardina
Anne Reiser Meegan
Celine Conway Murphy
Kelly Day O’Brien
Susan Osinski
Lisa Creed Wesolowski
Julie Rosenecker Wojick
Dawn Cavarello Wrona
Julanne Pace Durkin
Denise Rositta Gavilan
Sabrina Lucente Huddy
Jodie Laughlin
Melissa Daly Littlefield
Carol Reiser Maranto
Maureen Murphy Matthew
Margaret Almeter Shotwell
Suzanne Hoffman Sullivan
Julie Roberts Szczepankiewicz
In October, our Academy
Scholars class was in for a
rare treat when Christine
Cala Tricoli (1981) took
them for a tour of the New
York Stock Exchange Floor.
Suzanne Lopardi-VanSice
Kathleen Horrigan Emery
Colleen Frawley Levea
Kathy Draksic Rider
Sharon Poltowicz Brzezinski
Ann Deck-Miller
Jennifer Englert DeRose
Patricia Hemedinger Grimaldi
Nina Eucaliptus Juncewicz
Francesca Eucaliptus Pecoraro
Sheryl Smith
Jacqueline Sullivan-LoVullo
Margrit DiCamillo Voelkl
Laura Williams
Kate McGuire Kaye
Colleen Dobbins Murphy
Rebecca Bauer Christie
Amy Strychasz Heilman
Jessica Wojick
2011 Annual Report
Ainslie Mau Szczepankiewicz
Amber Nixon Hartman
Jennifer Snyder-Haas
Amy Whipple
Danielle Nixon Fleckenstein
Laura Herzog Murphy
Jennifer Gress Carr
Adrienne Knapp Colantuoni
Tara Karch Cross
Robin Kaminska Donlon
Joanna Deyell Eberl
Meghan Smith Reidy
Julie Zgoda
Kara Hoadley Bishop
Anna Carr
Julie Johnson Davis
Jessica Fortunate
Alexandra Kogler Fussell
Lisa Battaglia Garvey
Kristal Gillette
Megan Culliton Gomez
Leigh Pokrzyk Petri
Jennifer Pitz-Jones
Karen Russell Belton
Staci Bogdan-Jarvis
Nicole Janiszewski
Jacqueline Kloch Oetinger
Kelly Hennessy Oldenburg
Colleen Allen
Mary Packman
Kristen Walder
Sarah Riggie
Jessica Zoladz
Christine Portik
Meagan Baco
Megan Ash Kosmoski
Katherine Stubbe
Maria Gambino
Theresa Najjar
Kimberly Luangpakdy
Emily Chamot
Allison Englert
Jessica Gorski
Catherine Escott
Laura Bishop
Kimberly Mulvey
Leah Ponticello
Caitlin Balkin
Mary Meghan Balkin
Julie Zirnheld
Nora Kearney
Megan Kinsley
Class of 2010
Katelyn Graczyk
Jessica Harms
Century 20
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gattuso
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Christy
Gem Design Jewelers
Churchill Downs Incorporated
Generation’s Antiques
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Cianchetti
Genesee Country Village & Museum
Cindy Miller Golf
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ginnane
City Mattress
Glen Park Tavern
Classics V Banquet Facility
Golf Headquarters of Buffalo
Coca-Cola Buffalo Bottling Co., Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David Good
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Colson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Graczyk
Friends of MSM
Adam’s Mark
Adventure Landing
Aladdin Cleaners
Albright-Knox Art Gallery
Ms. Elizabeth Almeter
Amigos Restaurant
Anderson’s Frozen Custard
Each year, MSM students complete
Andrews, Bernstein & Maranto, LLP
approximately 21,300 hours of
Anthony NY Salon & Day Spa
Aquarium of Niagara
community service.
Mr. Joseph Argenio
Art Gallery of Ontario
Ayr Coachlines
BAC For Women
Colvin Cleaners
Grand Tours and Ridge Road
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bailey
Corning Museum of Glass
Bailey Slipper Shop
Cousins Landscaping &
Grandview Construction
Barnes & Noble Booksellers
Graser’s Florist
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Barrett
Creekview Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Gress
Mr. and Mrs. James Barry
Curly’s Bar & Grill
Mr. Ronald Grimm
Baseball Bed and Breakfast
Cutco Corporation
Mrs. Susan Grimm
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Battaglia
D. Lawrence Ginnane Funeral Home
Judge John Gruber
Beatty Brass Co Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Luis D’Aguiar
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gruber
Ms. Alicia Becker
Mr. Jake Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gugino
Best Fitness
Mrs. Patty Danni
Gugino Insurance Agency, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bierbrauer
Mr. and Mrs. James Davin
Mr. Edward Hacherl
Bill Lindner’s Golf Service
Days Hotel Buffalo Airport
Hale Northeastern
Ms. Patti Bishop
Mrs. Dorothy Deavers
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Halinda
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bompczyk
Ms. Deborah Deck
Ms. Kathy Hall Zietnick
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bork
Delaware North Companies, Inc.
Ms. Tammy Hargrave
Mr. Gwilym Brick
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Dell’Isola
Mr. and Mrs. David Hart
Bright Meadows Golf Course
Delta Sonic
Hart Hotels
Brighton Eggert Florist
Mr. and Mrs. John Joseph DiBrog
Mr. John Hathaway
Brighton Plumbing, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David Dierken
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hayes
Brighton Volunteer Fire Company
Ms. Dawn DiGesore
Hayes Seafood House
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Brill
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiPasquale
Mrs. Christina Held-Hulsing
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Brophy
Dipaulo’s Pizzeria
Mr. Kevin Hicks
Ms. Karen Buchinger
Mr. and Mrs. AJ Hinaman
Buffalo Bills
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Donahue
Ms. Sandy Hingston
Buffalo Bisons
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Doxbeck
Ms. Hall
Buffalo Coca-Cola Bottling
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Duquette
Ms. Janet Hoadley
Company, Inc.
D’Youville College
Hodgson Russ LLP
Buffalo Drum Outlet
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Eberhardt
Ms. Anne Hodson
Buffalo Museum of Science
Mr. and Mrs. John Eberl
Mrs. Rose Hoelscher
Buffalo Sabres Alumni Association
Eberl Iron Works, Inc.
Holiday Valley
Buffalo Sabres, Inc.
Edmund Scientific
Mr. Charles Holtz Jr
Burchfield-Penney Art Center
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elkington
Ms. Cindy Hallaway
Mr. and Mrs. James Buzzelli
Mrs. Maureen Ellis
Hope Chest
Canisius College
Embassy Suites Hotel
Ms. Jill Horwitz
Canisius High School
Englewood Flower Shop
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hurley
Capello III Salon and Day Spa
Ms. Joy Evans
Mr. Patrick Hurley
Mr. Steven Carmina
Explore and More Children’s
Innovative Mechanical Systems
Carrabba’s Italian Grill
International Academy of Science
Carriage Trade Pastries
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Fahs
Island Prescription Center, LLC.
Carroll Financial Services
Family Tree Restaurant
J Licata Heating & Piping II
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Catalano
Family Video
J&E Instrument Service
Ms. Courtlyn Catalano
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Farrell
Jantzi Test Prep, Inc.
Catalano’s Welding & Consulting,
Fat Bob’s Smokehouse, LLC
Jenns Decor
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Flint
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jesikiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. William Catanzaro
Flowers by Johnny
John W Danford Co.
Catholic Alumni Partnership
Flynn & O’Hara Uniform Co
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Johnson
Catholic Biblical School, Inc.
Forest Lawn Cemetery
Joseph’s Catering Service
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Cavarello
Fredonia Alumni Association
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cavarello
Freedom Run Winery & Vineyards
Julie’s Shoes
Point of Pride
2011 Annual Report
Ms. Maeve Adair Kearney
National Baseball Hall of Fame
Kenilworth Volunteer Fire Co., No. 1
Naval & Military Park
Kenmore Lanes
Niagara Chocolates
Kenmore Volunteer Fire Dept., Inc.
Niagara University
Kenmore’s Original Mike’s Subs
Northeast Band Supply Inc
Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy
Northtown Automotive Companies
Mr. Lawrence Kieffer
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn O’Brien
Ms. Stacey Kingston
Ms. Peggy O’Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kinsley
Old Fort Niagara
Arlette Tucci Kirk, D.D.S., PC
Olympic Family Restaurant
Ms. Susan Kogler
Ms. Kim Orcutt
Kohler Awning, Inc.
Passport Wine & Spirits, LLC
Ms. Michelle Kowalick
Mrs. Patricia Patronaggio
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kratzer
Pediatric and Adolescent Urgent
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kwandrans
Care of WNY
La Hacienda Brighton
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Pedini
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick LaPorta
Ms. Melissa Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Larkin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perk
Lasertron Interactive Entertainment
Ms. Jennifer Perkins
Left Bank Restaurant
Personal Touch Food Service Inc.
Mrs. Dina Lepovich
Mr. and Mrs. William Petty
Ms. Matthew Lepovich
Phillips Lytle, LLP
Ms. Nina Lettieri
Ms. Ardyth Philyaw
Ms. Kathryn Lillis
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Piazza
Lockport Cave & Underground
Ms. Judy Puma
Boat Ride
Mr. Robert Quintana
Mr. and Mrs. Esteban Lopez
Ms. Maria Rafferty
Mr. Mark Lorenc
Red Osier Landmark Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew LoTempio
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reinhart
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Luhr III
Ms. Elva Reiser
M & T Bank
Ms. Shirley Reiser
M & T Insurance Agency, Inc.
Reverend Robert Reiser
Mr. Douglas Mack
Mr. Joseph Riggie
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mallare
Ristorante Lombardo
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Manuszewski
Riviera Theatre
Marco’s Restaurant
Mr. James Rizzo
Margaritaville, Myrtle Beach
Robert J. Herzog, DDS
Markarian Rugs
and Associates
Point of Pride
The MSM Thunder Varsity Lacrosse
team has dominated the Monsignor
Martin League bringing home seven
straight championships.
Mrs. Suzanne Maroshick
Martin House Restoration Corp
Mr. and Mrs. James Mauro
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel May
Ms. Bonnie May
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. Mark McDonough
Mr. and Mrs. Bart McGloin
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McGowan
Michael S. Smith Graphics
Mighty Taco
Mr. Deborah Miller
Ms. Richard Miller
Milton J. Brounshidle Post
Ms. Suzette Mis
Miss Buffalo II Cruises
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Montana
Mr. Jeffrey Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mulvey
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Murphy
Musical Fare Theatre Company
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Nappo
Roofmasters Roofing Co., Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John Rossi
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rowland
Russell’s & Salvatores Grand Hotel
Sands Ocean Club Resort
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sava
Mrs. Pamela Schott
Miss Helen Scimeca
Ms. Diane Selak
Ms. Mary Shannon
Shanor Electric Supply, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Short
Ms. Donna Simon
Sisters of St. Mary of Namur
Ms. Luann Smigelski
Mr. David Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James Smyczynski
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Ms. Linda Sorce
Ms. Deborah Sorge
Ms. Colleen Sparks
Ms. Julie Speer
Spirit Airlines
Split Ends Hair Salon
St. John Fisher College
St. Joseph Collegiate Institute
Steven’s Art Shoppe & Framery
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stoberl
Stohl Environmental, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Strohlein
Supermarket Management
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Sutton
Sweet Beginnings Bakery
Tan Lines Xtreme
Mr. and Mrs. James Taylor
The Buffalo Brew Pub
The Old Orchard Inn
The Original Pancake House
The Premier Group
Tonawanda Pediatrics
Mr. Chris Topolski
Tops Markets LLC
Town of Tonawanda Police
Club, Inc.
Towne Dry Cleaners, Inc.
Transittowne Dodge
Trans-Ocean Products, Inc.
United Business Systems, Inc.
Upstate New York Transplant
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Varney
Ms. Lisa Venuto
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Vilardo
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Wahler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Weber
Rev. Msgr. Francis Weldgen
West Side Rowing Club
Mrs. Justine Wheeler
Wingate by Wyndham
Mr. Dan Wisniewski
Mrs. Anne Wojick
Ms. Nancy Wonacott
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wyzykowski
Mrs. Wendy Zitzka
Faculty Scholarship
Linda Agro
Janet Andelora
Lisa Jakiel Baco (1978)
Dorothy Deavers
Maureen Ellis
Kenneth Feltges
Cassandra Ferby
Patricia Hartnett
Judy Hassett
Christina Held-Hulsing
Christopher Hurley
Janice Klein
Carol Ann Kleindinst (1967)
Terri Logan
Rachel Lyons
Suzanne Maroshick
Bonnie May
Diane McKee
Elzbieta Orlowski
Deborah Rae
Dale Randall
Dawn Hurley Riggie (1971)
Helen Scimeca
Nicole Wilkinson (2000)
Julie Rosenecker Wojick (1985)
Alison McLean Gmerek
Scholarship Fund
Alison McLean Gmerek Breast
Cancer Foundation
Jodi Giovino (1983)
Betsy Murphy Scholarship
Ann Rolling Burns (1956)
Betsy Murphy Scholarship Fund
The Murphy Family
Catherine Luhr (1976) Award
Mary Ellen Twist Creighton (1976)
Carol Hausle Fischer (1976)
Lynne Fries (1976)
Roseann Gerace Gambino (1976)
Ann Straka Gilbert (1976)
Kathleen Seward Gleason (1976)
Judith Hacherl Hicks (1976)
Maryann Aronica LaRussa (1976)
Rose Ann Autrino Lokaj (1976)
Kathleen Rung Staley (1976)
Moira Sullivan Dooley (1976)
Melanie Warren (1976)
Diebold Gasiuk Legacy Award
Margaret Gasiuk Park (1984)
Furfari Colson Buscaglia
Family Scholarship Fund
Mary Theresa Furfari Colson (1954)
Rose Furfari Buscaglia (1960)
Helen Kilbert Memorial
Betty Lou Rathbun
The Mary Louise (1948) and
Kathleen (1949) Murty Award
Mary Thill
Jeanne Dorn
Jerry Russell
Kathleen Thill (1949)
Rev. Msgr. Francis G. Weldgen
Rev. Msgr. Francis G. Weldgen
Mary Strobel Lenegan (1964)
Tom Rosicki
Justyne Rakoczynski
Scholarship Fund
Denise DeMeo Tepas (1969)
Maureen Daly Bolling (1969)
Sara Prelewicz
Scholarship Fund
The Prelewicz Family
Mary Weppner Van Allen
Scholarship Fund
William Weppner
Vito Fortunate Scholarship
Mrs. Jeannine Fortunate
Jessica Fortunate (1996)
Joelle Fortunate Croom (1994)
2011 Annual Report
MSM Scholarships
Amherst Highway Employees
Association, Inc
Theodore Barna
Joanne Beinner
William Bolger
Charlotte Boyer
James Brodie
David Brown
Nancy Chapin
Class of ‘54 LTC Club
Ronald Dagar
Charles D’Alessio
Debbie Daly
Charlotte Davis
Dorothy Deavers
Doritex Corporation
Robert Embry
MSM Faculty Advisory Board
Suzanne Flynn
John Gillies
Kevin Hardwick
Kathleen Huber
George Inglis
William Lawley
Suzie LeVine
Nancy Marsh
Bonnie May
Geraldine McCormick
Paul Noland
Notre Dame Academy Sports
NY State Council Knights
of Columbus
David O’Connor
Leo and Laurene O’Donnell, Jr.
Joseph and Sheila Rosenecker
Roger Sippey
Carla Skladany
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Vogl
Alan and Nancy Weill
Shirley Weisenborn
In Honor of
Al and Pat Connolly
Elizabeth Connolly Harris (1973)
In Honor of
Annie Deck-Miller (1989)
Lisa Venuto
Deborah Deck
Melissa Perez
Nina Lettieri
Alicia Becker
Karen Buchinger
Suzanne Thomas Mead (1954)
Patricia Moss Means (1954)
Adella Volk Muncey (1954)
Paul Noland
David O’Connor
Leo and Laurene O’Donnell, Jr.
Roger Sippey
Carla Skladany
Alan and Nancy Weill
Maureen Lawler Wiedeman (1954)
Gail Thomson Zorn (1955)
Caroline Bauer Shattuck (1946)
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Vogl
Shirley Weisenborn
In Memory Of Mrs. Margaret
Grobe Johnston (1958)
Susan Grobe (1959)
In Memory Of
Mrs. Marie Czaja
Patricia Moss Means (1954)
In Honor of the Class of 1966
Mary Prem Miller (1966)
In Memory Of Diane Norman
Scottino (1961)
Diane Norman Scottino (1961)
In Honor of
Kathleen A. McCarron
Maureen McCarron (1971)
In Memory Of Elizabeth Larkin
Hebborn (1974)
Susan Straka Ingard (1974)
In Honor of
Mr. and Mrs. John Plague
Jacqueline Plague Schear (1973)
In Memory Of Elizabeth
Rosenecker and Lois Duggan
Joseph and Sheila Rosenecker
In Honor of Mrs. Laura
Schiant Zirnheld (1980)
Mark Zirnheld
In Memory Of
Helen McCadden Best (1947)
Bonnie May
In Honor of
Ms. Julie Zirnheld (2008)
Mark Zirnheld
In Memory Of June Kobus
(1946) and Juliet Moses Budi
Theresa O’Donnell Hulub (1946)
Tradition continues at
MSM as the Class of 2013
receive their junior rings
on the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Marcia
Duquette Noto (1971),
Madalyn Rossi (2013), Julia
Duquette (2013) and Liz
Rossi (2009) celebrate a
family dynasty.
In Memory Of Margaret Sowa
Osinski (1957)
Susan Osinski (1985)
In Memory Of
Mrs. Sara Prelewicz (1960)
Prelewicz Family
In Honor of Sheila Rosenecker
Julie Rosenecker Wojick (1985)
In Honor of Sister Mary Peter
Mulvihill, SSMN
Patricia Sheehan Evans (1949)
In Memory Of Marguerite (Peg) In Memory Of Patricia Brady
Flynn Bauer (1945)
Pirrami (1972)
In Honor of
Patricia Kennedy Larkin (1945)
Nancy Cosgriff Abramo (1970)
Sister Mary Thompson, SSMN
Mary Ann Rosenecker
In Memory Of
In Memory Of Paul Kohl
Corporate/Foundation Gifts Malinowski (1958)
Mary Bertell (1942)
James Brodie
Barnes & Noble
Bernice Bacon Townsend (1942)
David Brown
In Memory Of
Dorothy Deavers
Funding Factory
Bonnie McGuire (1960)
In Memory Of
John Gillies
Gladys Larkin Nolan Scholarship
Yvonne Essenburg McGuire (1960)
Mary Ellen McCadden May
Kathleen Huber
MSM Faculty Advisory Board
Glaxo SmithKline Foundation
In Memory Of Chester Janik
Bonnie May
Hallmark Corporate Foundation
Melinda Janik (1974)
In Memory Of Rosemary
In Memory Of
Costello Hollander (1955)
Joanne Champion Granger Fund
In Memory Of
Mary Ellen Williams (1964)
Harriet Hanson Attea (1955)
The John R. Oishei Foundation
Christine May Merz (1970)
Sharon Kozuchowski Samson (1964)
Ken-Ton Friends of Youth
Bonnie May
In Memory Of Sister Mary
In Memory Of Maxwell Mangin
Helen Oates (1932)
Key Bank Foundation
In Memory Of
Mary Ann Sheffield Stelley (1954)
Dolores Guarino Barbera (1949)
Mattel Children’s Foundation
Dale Lewis D’Alessio (1954)
Microsoft Matching Gifts
Joanne Beinner
In Memory Of Mr. Francis X.
In Memory Of Sisters
William Bolger
Englert III
St. Josepha, Augustine and
National Grid
Nancy Chapin
Jennifer Englert DeRose (1989)
Mary Patricia, SSMN
National Fuel Gas Distribution
Class of 1954 LTC Club
Virginia Bauer Starkweather (1941)
New York Stock Exchange
Patricia Mack Crimmen (1954)
In Memory Of
Foundation Inc.
Ronald Dagar
Mrs. June Kobus (1946)
In Memory Of
Patricia Kennedy Larkin Scholarship
Charles D’Alessio
Amherst Highway Employees
Sister St. Augustine, SSMN
Robert Embry
Association, Inc
Elizabeth Barrett Carmichael (1945)
State Farm Companies Foundation Catherine Diebold Flanagan (1954)
Charlotte Boyer
Friends and Family
Doritex Corporation
In Memory Of Sr. John Teresa
The Vincent and Harriet Palisano
Betty Nist Harig (1954)
Debbie Daly
Cummings SSMN
Jean Hayes (1954)
Charlotte Davis
Elizabeth Sloan (1962)
George Inglis
Suzanne Flynn
Geraldine McCormick
Charmaine Sperrazza Sterry (1946)
Alumnae Updates
Alumnae Notes
Joan L. Haley Brod (1950) is looking
forward to any classmates get-togethers.
Joan says, “I have missed too many because
I travel a lot--mainly to places warmer than
Kathy Balicki Lunsford (1995) is a Certified Personal Trainer, Aerobic Instructor,
and Nurse Assistant. She works for Caromont Health at the Cardiac Health & Fitness
Center in Gastonia, NC. Kathy is currently
pursuing a degree in Registered Nursing.
She is the proud mother of a National Honor
Society inductee (16-year-old daughter Taylor) and an accomplished athlete (7-year-old
Jean Bisantz Benedetto (1967) recently
retired after 42+ years as a N.Y.S. licensed
Dispensing Optician in the Rochester, NY
area. On 11/11/11, Jean and her husband
Jerry celebrated 39 years of marriage. They
are the parents of Kim and Joey. Jean writes,
“I would like to send a thoughtful hello to
Sister Mary Eileen, who so encouraged me
while teaching me math.”
Susan Warren (1983) currently lives in
Atlanta, GA, and works with a marketing
firm called GO! Productions with clients
such as Coke, Delta, Mercedes-Benz and
Nintendo. She’s still single and lives with the
cutest little 3lb Yorkie named Chewy. Susan
is a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and
the C2 Ranch where they provide all forms
of Equine Assisted Therapies. When there is
time, she travels both personally and professionally. She would love to connect with
former MSM alumnae!
Mary Lynn Arlotta (2004) is
living in Rochester, NY and is a
Registered Nurse at Strong Memorial Hospital. She also serves as an
assistant softball coach at Rochester Institute of Technology.
Air Force Reserve Airman 1st Class
Kathryn E. Webb (2007) graduated from basic military training at Lackland Air Force Base. She earned a bachelor’s
degree in 2011 from Niagara University.
Engagements &
Susan Joy Jesella (1964) married Samuel
James Rowan on May 8, 2010 and is now a
mother to two fabulous men and a fabulous
daughter-in-law. She has since become a
Jaimi Pecoraro (1997) became engaged to
Derrick Barma on May 4, 2011. The wedding
is being planned for August 2012 in Buffalo,
Megan Ash (2002) was married to Steven
Kosmoski on August 6, 2011 at St. Mary’s
of Swormville Church. A reception at Sean
Patrick’s followed the ceremony. Bonnie
McDermott Stephens (2002) served as
Matron of Honor. Megan is a Registered
Nurse and currently working at Buffalo Ambulatory Surgery Center.
Stephanie Ohol (2005) married John
King on June 11, 2011 in Buffalo, NY.
Josephine Ossei-Anto (2006) married
her college sweetheart Daniel Theal on November 11, 2011. All five of her bridesmaids
– including her 3 sisters – were MSM graduates: Martina Ossei-Anto Ocrah (1996),
Mary Ossei-Anto Owusu (1999), Esther
Ossei-Anto (2001), Emma Walsh
(2006) and Jessica Correa (2006) (maid
of honor).
Sarah Gadawski Davis (1995) welcomed
Georgette Mina Davis born August 16, 2011.
She joins big sister, Genevieve (3 years old).
Maria Velasco Deyell (1995) and her
husband, Andy, welcomed Claire Sandra
Deyell, born November 1, 2011. She joins
big brother Lucas and is niece of Suzanne
Velasco Phelps (1990), Rachel Deyell
(1991), Joanna Deyell Eberl (1995),
Margaret Deyell (1997), and granddaughter to Michelle Boutet Deyell (1962) and
grandniece to Yvonne Boutet Pohlman
Jenn Dlugos (1994) is the co-editor of a
book of “comedy-of-error” moments called
Mug of Woe. Jenn and her co-editor assembled essays from over 40 comedians
and humor writers around the country who
spilled the beans on their most harebrained,
humbling, and hilarious life moments. The
book is currently available on Amazon. You
can also visit the book’s blog at mugofwoe. or Twitter stream @MugofWoe.
Deborah Baldwin (1980) is married to
Anthony Black and has a daughter, Lauren
Black (12 years old), and a son, Jordan Ogron
(24 years old).
Katie Battaglia Pogorzelski (1998) and
her husband, Dan, welcomed a baby boy,
Finn Daniel Pogorzelski, on September 11,
2011. Finn is the nephew of Lisa Battaglia
Garvey (1996).
Megan McManus (1996) was married
to Jon Matson on October 15, 2011 in New
York City.
Nicole Maciejewski Dutton (1999) and
her husband, Mark, welcomed their first little
baby boy, Benjamin Giovanni Dutton, into
the world on April 19th 2011. He was 9lbs
3oz and 21 inches long.
Alumnae Updates
In Memoriam
Salvatore (Sam) Abbate, August 31, 2011,
husband of Ann Kleindinst Abbate
(1961), father of Loretta Abbate Michienzi (1985), brother-in-law of Sister
Carol Ann Kleindinst, SSMN (1967).
Elizabeth Belzer McDermott (1955),
August 10, 2011.
Mary Bertell (1942), August 4, 2011.
Elaine Boblak Stewart (1962), November 7, 2011, sister of Mary Boblak
(1960), Judy Boblak Edmiston (1961)
and Louise Boblak Rusinak (1968).
John Boland, July 25, 2011, brother of
Maureen Boland (1970).
Sam Carafice, July 23, 2010, father of
Deborah Carafice Mordino (1974),
the late Barbara Carafice Vaccaro
(1977), Karen Carafice Halagian
(1978) and Mary Jo Carafice Bedford
Joseph R. Casarsa, January 5, 2012,
husband of Beth Candino (1985), and
brother-in-law of Lisa Candino (1987)
and Laura Candino Donahue (1989).
Patricia Connolly, September 18, 2011,
mother of Colleen Connolly Culligan
(1971), Betsy Connolly Harris (1973),
Maureen Connolly Hoyer (1977),
Nancy Connolly Polino (1979), Mary
Anne Connolly Jaquay (1983), Katie
Connolly Trotman (1986), motherin-law of Dianne Bertola Connolly
(1981), and grandmother of Caroline
Polino (2007).
Marie Czaja, April 26, 2011, mother of
Barbara Czaja Robertson (1954),
Judy Czaja Bisantz (1959) and Sara
Czaja (1971).
Carmel DeBernardino Krumm
(1954), November 4, 2011.
Helen Lorraine DeGuehery, November
21, 2011, mother of Colleen Corcoran
Camp (1972).
Louis DeNisco, August 26, 2011, father
of Marianne DeNisco LoDestro
(1972) and Genevieve DeNisco DeCarlo (1974), father-in-law of Kathleen
Hacherl DeNisco (1969), grandfa-
ther of Dawn DeNisco (1997), Joelle LoDestro (2002) and Danielle
LoDestro (2004).
Bea Dinolfo, November 30, 2011, mother
of Dr. Elaine Dinolfo (1975).
Augustine J. Dolce, December 4, 2011,
father of Denise Dolce Serio (1985).
Evelyn Edenhofer McGreevy (1960),
July 13, 2011.
Robin L Ehms Graci (1976), February
9, 2011, sister of Laurie Ehms (1979)
and Kimberly Ehms Wainwright
(1983). Robin also attended MSM grade
Francis Englert III, November 7, 2011,
father of Sarah Englert Martineck
(1986), Jennifer Englert DeRose
(1989), and Jessica Englert (1996).
Patricia Flynn Tyrrell (1939), August
15, 2011, sister of the late Janet Flynn
Campagna (1941) and Rita Flynn
Walsh (1949).
Jane A Fronc, August 5, 2011, grandmother of Nicole Argue (2003).
Marie Gibbons Willis
(1949), November 21, 2011.
Paul Kohl, October 19, 2011, and
Kathleen Kohl, January 13, 2012,
parents of Anne Kohl (1984)
and grandparents of Jennifer
Grimm (2011).
Virginia Kozuchowski, Oct. 23 2011, mother of Sharon Kozuchowski Samson
(1964), Doreen Kozuchowski Barr
(1966), Melanie Kozuchowski Jachimowicz (1973), great-aunt of Alison
Englert (2005) and Rose Trometer
Sylvester Kuligowski, August 17, 2011,
father of Karen Kuligowski Braun
(1979), grandfather of Megan Braun
(2006),Victoria Braun (2008) and
Abigail Braun (2012).
Wesley Macdonald, April 10, 2011,
husband of Carole Dusac Macdonald
(1956), uncle of Maurita Macdonald
Potoczak (1977), Shari Macdonald
Cardinale (1978) and Lisa Macdonald
Munoz (1980).
John (Jack) Mathias, November 1, 2011,
husband of Mary Margaret O’Connell
Mathias (1964).
Salvatore Mistretta, January 2, 2012,
father of Margaret Mistretta Perhach
(1973), Michele Mistretta Chetham
(1979) and Turiya, the former Mary Jo
Mistretta (1988). Donald J. Rudewicz,
March 12, 2011, father of Doris Rudewicz Hutchinson (1979), the late
Jane Rudewicz Moskal (1981), Julie
Rudewicz McGuire (1982), Tracy
Rudewicz (1991), Elizabeth Rudewicz Fronczak (1993), and Jennifer
Rudewicz (1997).
Barbara (Nanette) Sane Palmer
(1956), July 8, 2011.
Cecilia Agnes Stack Hohenstein
(1949), January 5, 2012, mother of Kelly
Moran Rowe (1969).
Benjamin C. Van Allen, October 28, 2011,
husband of the late Mary Weppner
VanAllen (1950).
Anton “Tony” Weisel, December 18, 2011,
father of Trudy Weisel Feltges.
Mary Ellen Williams (1964), August
10, 2011, sister of Noreen Williams Vadakin (1962) and best friend of Sharon
Samson (1964) and Elizabeth Szymanski (1964).
Share your news!
Please contact Alexandra Kogler Fussell
(1996), Coordinator of Alumnae and Public Relations, to place an
announcement or provide your update. Call (716) 877-1358 or email
[email protected] today.
Nonprofit Org.
U.S. Postage
Buffalo, NY
Permit No. 601
Mount St. Mary Academy
3756 Delaware Avenue
Kenmore, New York 14217
Upcoming Alumnae Events
March 3, 6pm Alison McLean Gmerek Mass of Remembrance, MSM Chapel
March 10, 5pm Mount Olympus
Chrysalis Auction and Dinner
March 18
MSM Marches in the Buffalo St. Patrick’s Day Parade
March 31, 7pm Beatles Spectacular Concert
featuring the MSM Concert Band, MSM Auditorium
June 2, 4pm
Baccalaureate Mass
June 2
Betsy Murphy Golf Tournament
June 10
Alumnae Chiavetta’s BBQ
June 10
Recent Graduate Picnic
July 8
Alumnae Chiavetta’s BBQ
September 9
10am Alumnae Sunday Mass &
85th Anniversary Reception
Mount Olympus
Chrysalis Auction and Dinner
Join us on Saturday, March 10 for our 17th annual auction and
dinner. Send your rsvp to:
Mount St. Mary Academy, Chrysalis Auction
3756 Delaware Ave., Kenmore, NY 14217
City, State Zip
For information on these events, please contact
Alexandra Fussell, Coordinator of Alumnae and
Public Relations at (716) 877-1358 x. 414 or
[email protected]
Number of Reservations: at $75 each
I would like to donate
in honor of the Sisters $
I am unable to attend, but please accept my donation of $
Total amount enclosed: $
Please make check payable to Mount St. Mary Academy.
Please charge my Visa/Mastercard (please circle one):
Charge Account #
For more information, please see our website:

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