Learning out of class…



Learning out of class…
Spring Term
Issue 8
6 February 2015
Keeping you informed about
Epsom Primary and Nursery School news and events
Learning out of class…
The last couple of weeks have seen a great emphasis in ‘learning
outside of the classroom’ …
Many of our junior choir members had a great learning experience
when they became part of the huge “Young Voices” event at the O2
Arena in London. Singing a variety of songs, it was a long but very
rewarding day for them, as well as our staff and all the proud parents
and carers who went along to watch and support them! Jessie Box
said “The atmosphere at the O2 Arena was really energetic.
Everyone enjoyed it, no doubt about it!”
Years 4 and 5 have participated in topic-based workshops on “The
Ancient Greeks” and “Australian Aboriginals” respectively. Year 4
enjoyed learning the alphabet and the symbols of the Gods and
Goddesses. Daniela said she was “was really fascinated by the 3
day wedding celebrations, which included dancing under the
moonlight” and Otylia enjoyed how the whole class had to re-create a
Greek House where Ty was the fountain! Jay Cathcart has written a
great review of the Aboriginal day later in this Newsletter.
Yesterday a team of pupils coached by Isabel Paez, our Modern
Foreign Languages Teacher, took part in a “Love of Languages
Competition” at City of London Freemen’s School. The remit was to
sing a song in a language of their choice, our team chose to perform
a tailor-made version of “You’re the one that I want” from Grease, in
Spanish. They earned a “highly commended” certificate and rosette!
One judge said “out of the 16 teams you were my absolute favourite”,
what great praise. The team are going to perform at next Monday’s
achievement assembly and we will share a picture with you in the
next newsletter.
Language of the Month for
FEBRUARY 2015 is Tagalog/Philippine
Family and Friends of EPS
We look forward to seeing you at one of our
events or ‘coffee meetings’ this term!
Dates for your diary:
13 February - 3.15pm – Donut sale!
6 March - evening – Family Bingo Night
Our Banner is UP, our Box is READY!
17 April – Mufti-day with £1 donation
Thank you to those who have started to bring in
vouchers, keep supporting EPS – Thank You
7 May - 3.30pm – 4.30pm – AGM
16 May – 10am – 1pm – Car Wash
Attendance Update!
Well done to everyone who made it into
school this week in the SNOW!!
As you can see, 7 classes beat our
attendance target last week, including Year 6
Leopards, both Year 5 and 4 classes and then
Dolphins and Otters – well done!
We are aware there were quite a few children
off with the sickness bug which is why we are
0.4% under our target (94.5%), but we do
hope to see a better performance from Seals,
Hedgehogs, Rabbits and Badgers during
Total 94.1% - Target 94.5%
Valentine Donut Sale!
We thank all parents and carers in
supporting us on regular high attendance!
Pupil Leaders Cake Sale
Please support our Pupil Leader Cake sale with
donations of cakes and then buying the yummy goodies
at 3.15pm to support Jessica Campbell’s Dad’s 3 Peaks
Challenge to raise money for Sturge Weber Syndrome.
This lovely poster was created by Ella Brazil, Pumas
Staff Update!
As we get close to February half-term we have some exciting Staff News to update everyone on…..
Due to the increase in our pupil roll of our expanding school – we now have over 550 pupils on roll EPS has moved to a ‘Group 4’ school.
To reflect this, the Governors have approved a restructure of the Leadership Team and after a process
of internal recruitment; we have appointed two new Assistant Heads to join our existing Assistant
Head, Marie Newman.
Mrs Jo Jarvis is our new Assistant Head responsible for 0-5 Provision; and
Mrs Emma Hoskins is Assistant Head for Teaching and Learning.
The teaching roles of Mrs Jarvis and Mrs Hoskins will remain unchanged; however, they will be able to
offer invaluable leadership support for Mrs Smith and Mrs Pollard.
Mrs Marie Newman, Assistant Head of Inclusion will begin her maternity leave in the summer term;
therefore we have selected a skilled team of current staff who will cover in her absence.
Mrs Davina Holland, for the strategic aspects of Mrs Newman’s Inclusion role.
Mrs Julie Clark will be the KS1 SENCo, in addition to her current role of Special Educational
Needs Coordinator (SENCo) of Early Years.
Miss Lauren Demeza will be the SENCo for Y3 and 4 and
Mrs Angela Burke will be the SENCo for Y5 and 6.
Mrs Julie Kerby will continue her role as SENCo Assistant and will be available to see parents
and carers, should you need to make contact with the SEN or Inclusion team.
Mrs Jarvis will support Mrs Gaby Attia who is our English as an Additional Language (EAL)
We have appointed Rachel Pioli, an experienced teacher, to deliver Reading Interventions. Mrs Pioli
will work Tuesday and Friday afternoons and all day Wednesday and will predominately work with
children in Years 1 and 2.
We have also appointed two new Lunchtime Supervisors - Jacqueline Ingles and Angela Priest
We are currently recruiting for a Teaching Assistant for Year 5 Tigers class as Miss Couch has
decided to leave EPS for personal reasons. We wish her well in her future career choice. We have
received 28 applications for this post and will let you know once we have completed the interview
INSET DAYS 2015 – 2016
The SLT have agreed the Inset Days for next Academic Year; please add them to your diary:
Wednesday 2 September 2015
Tuesday 5 January 2016
Monday 2 November 2015
Thursday 24 March 2016
Friday 6 June 2016
On Wednesday the 14th January, Year 5 were learning about Australia so
Miss Hanoman–Singh told us about a man from Australia. He was called
Jonny, he came with loads of bits and bobs. First he showed us a
boomerang which they used to kill kangaroos to eat. After that he showed
us a didgeridoo.
He played a fast beat while making a dingo voice from his throat and last
but not least he told us an aboriginal story about the discovery of the first
ever didgeridoo.
At the end of the day all of Year 5 performed an assembly.
Some of Lions and Tigers sang a tune
and some played the didgeridoo.
By Jay - Thanks for reading
Postcards Home
Each week class teachers recognise one child’s effort and send them a postcard home. These children
are celebrated in Achiever’s Assembly every Monday.
Postcards Home
Here is the list of our latest recipients.
Top Table
Week ending 30 January
Tom Burlison
Abihail Panchalingam
Isaac Green
Jayden Phillips
Ashmitha Thiyakeswaran
Annalise Holland
Elif Karatay
Daniel Plummer
Rozerin Barun
Daniela Oliveira
Florence Brooks Scodellaro
Evan Tam
Felicia Chong
Andre Ribeiro
Jameelah Auchoybur
Finley Thomerson
Week Ending 6 February
Lacey Crandley
Emily Desborough
Samuel Christopher
Kobie Ekoja
Sabirah Auchoybur
Maha Ishaque
Gasser Yaakoub
Casey McKay
Bethany Hatton
Matteo Soares
Diessica Bosello
Pedro Ferreira
Ricardo Goncalves
Erica Rocha
Parent Workshop Dates
24th, 25th, 26th – Years 3/4/5/6
Progression in Reading Workshop/Tour
27th – Nursery and Reception “HomeLearning” Exhibition
4th - SEND workshop ‘Supporting
Children with Dyslexic Tendencies
6th – Book Week Parent Assembly
20th – Years 1 and 2 “Home-Learning”
14th, 15th – Years 3/4/5/6 Progression in
SpAG Workshop/Tour
16th – Years 1/3/4/5 “Assessments
without Levels” Information Session
24th – Nursery and Reception “HomeLearning” Exhibition
28th – Book Look

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