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MAY 2014
Dear Parents and Guardians,
We learned last week that we are re-certified as a Green School. In order to achieve
that award schools have to recycle, have environmental projects, and meet significant
requirements from the MAEOE. We are very excited about that award and it is the
result of many peoples’ hard work. We had teachers, students, and parents help us.
Bridget Lanigan, grade 4, deserves the credit for compiling all the information and
submitting it. There is a larger award for a Green Ribbon School. We feel that we will
be able to attain that award soon after we move to our new school.
Every year, our PBIS program is evaluated by an outside evaluator. This evaluator
checks with students and staff to see how our school program is run…what behaviors
are allowed and the consequences for inappropriate behavior. This person also
checks to see if everyone knows the RKE Promise and what it means. We scored
100% on this evaluation. Although we haven’t heard officially, that should mean that
we have earned the Gold Award for the 8th year. We can be very proud of this
achievement because it means that our teachers and students know the expected
behavior and follow it.
We have accomplished goals in many other areas as well. We implemented Daily 5 in
reading, Common Core in all areas and attained high standards for our Student
Learning Objectives. Teams from Advanced Learning, the Network Team, and from
other schools have observed our instruction and given us high marks in instruction
and school climate. We also have our music and art programs recognized by the
Board of Education as outstanding.
Our Back Pack Buddies program has grown to 33 in number. Our 5K was a success.
The cake and the array of yearbooks for our 50th Birthday were great! We have so
many parents to thank for our school successes. We will celebrate our volunteers on
June 12. I have said many times how much our volunteers are appreciated!
 Month At a Glance:
May 9— Interims go
May 22 & 23– No PreK
or K classes.
May 26—School closed
Our new school plans are progressing. We are waiting for the needed permit to come
through and then we should see the construction fence and hear the first digging.
Talking about our new school leads me to another topic. After about 2 years of consideration I have decided that I will be retiring as of July 1st. I’m sure all of you know
my passion for the new school; however, I feel that all of our efforts over the last 3-4
years of speaking at County Council and Board meetings, meeting with architects,
involving parents, CAC, PTO, and students has finally paid off. I feel that I either need
to retire just as the project (but decisions made is beginning) or at the end after we
have moved. It is a very difficult decision because I love our students, staff, parents.
The construction crew has stated that they will keep a hard hat close by in case I want
a tour. I feel that all the work in getting the new school from paper and pencil to reality
will be my legacy.
In closing, let me say that this month and the month of June will be very busy. The
school calendar is full of programs, musicals, and concerts. There will be many activities that you will want to attend before the 18th. Please enjoy all of the work your students have done this year.
Jane Taylor, Principal
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Counselor’s Corner
Mrs. Katie McCord
The April issue of the Atlantic Magazine had an interesting article stating research indicates our overprotective parenting is producing less creative, less passionate, and less courageous kids compared to kids from the 70’s and
before. We are holding kids back from risk-taking and discovery with our intense focus on safety. The message to
us parents is that we need to allow more independence and risk taking. The article also suggests parents help
kids too much with homework, which is also hindering their independence, especially for students in middle
school. They suggest we have high expectations but step back and let the kids work more independently on their
homework. You may check out these articles for more details:
CAREER DAY: April 11th was an educational day for students at Rolling Knolls where all the K-5th grade kids
learned from adults in the community and parents about different careers. Exposure to multiple careers helps students expand their interests and open their minds to new possibilities for the future. Big thanks go to the following
adults and community businesses for participating:
Parents and Relatives: Lieutenant John Bogdan , Brad Boreum, Marcus Chacona, Jared DeMarinis, Dr. Jen
Fleischer , James Goddard, Dori and Frank Graziano, Jeff Hooper, Dr. Charles Iliff, Melissa Marsden, Kevin McDonald, Melanie Meushaw, Chris Modelski,, Susan Napier Myers, Christian Nuckels, Serena Parker, Daniel Patrick,
Senator Ed Reilly, Greg Saunders, and Annemaria Tolman.
Community Members and Friends: Anne Arundel County Firefighters, Author (Julia Keller), Balanced Life Skills
(Joseph Van Deuran), Game Maker ( Josh West), Garrett Park Guitars (Rick Hogue), Geologist (Matt McCaughey),
Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital (Dr. Jane Keegan), Kitchen Encounters (Mark White), MD Court of Special
Appeals (Judge Tim Meredith), Premiere Fitness (Dave Pike, Spire Architecture (Craig Martin), Theriault Doll Auctions (Stuart Hollbrook and Kristin McWharter), Trader Joe’s ( Cynthia Cashwell), and Turning Point Sports (Susan
Noble and Lara Mish).
DADS: Please see the highlights from the First Annual Dad’s Night at Rolling Knolls held on March 25 th.
CAMPS are a popular activity for our kids in the summer. There are camps of every kind including grief, behavior
improvement, diabetes, and asthma, and many of them are free. A few camp resources that provide summer
camps to improve behavior and resilience include Balanced Life Skills Martial Arts for Ultimate Students of Peace
in Annapolis (410-263-0050), Cool Kids Camp with Arundel Psychological Associates in Millersville which teaches
resilience in a fun and meaningful way (541-554-9777), and Social Skills Groups with Psychological Resource Associates in Severna Park (410-647-8840).
Guidance Lessons in May and June include:
Pre-K & Kindergarten – Acting on feelings, empathy, and transition to K and 1st grades
1st grade – Acting on feelings, empathy, and goal setting
2nd grade – Ways to de-bug and deal with bully bugs, and transition to 3rd grade
3rd grade – Friendship, Resilience, and Goal Setting.
4th & 5th grade – Courage, Time management, college readiness, and transition to the next grade
The Anne Arundel County Public School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, national origin, religion, disability, or
socioeconomic status in matters affecting employment or in providing access to program. Questions regarding nondiscrimination should be
directed to: Leslie N. Stanton, Specialist in Human Relations, AACPS, 2644 Riva Rd., Annapolis, MD 21401:(410) 222-5500.
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All library books are due May 25th! Overdue notices will be sent
home for students who have not returned their books by then.
Please help your child return their books or send in the
replacement cost of the book if it cannot be found so
our library shelves can continue to be well-stocked!
From the Yearbook Club…
The yearbook club would like to thank everyone
that took photos for this year’s yearbook. We would also like
to thank Kathy Milio for your extra help and support.
Yearbooks were just ordered and will be arriving in June.
If you need help in Spanish please call your Spanish liaison, Tatiana Uria, at 443-5343987.
Si usted necesita ayuda en Espanol por favor llame a nuestra Enlace Hispana Tatiana
Uria al 443-534-3987 para una cita o informcion.
Tatiana Uria, Bilingual Family and Outreach Facilitator, Mills-Parole Elementary—
Home School.
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From the 4th Grade Teachers…
We want to thank everyone that was able to help prepare the students
for their Biz Town experience. These parents interviewed students for
their job and/or were able to attend the trip and help supervise the students in their jobs. Mrs. Oguete, Mrs. Buchner, Mrs. Hooper, Ms. Pelloni, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Marek, Mr. Eisinger, Mrs. Clifton, Mr. Hooper, Mrs.
Coffin, Mr. Kronheim, Mrs. Alders, Mrs. Marek, Mr. Ducker, Mrs.
Marsden, Mrs. McClaeb, Mr. Jones, Mrs. Tolman, Mr. Burton, Ms. Johnston, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Bruns, Mrs. Walters, Ms. Robinson, Mr. Yerby,
and Mrs. Gibson helped to make our Biz Town field trip an unforgettable
This is the last month we will be collecting Big G and Campbell Soup labels for
this year. If you have collected any at home please send them in to Mrs. Lee by
May 16, 2014.
Thank you for helping with this effort.
Mrs. Collison-Lee
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