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Houghton News
This month’s editor - Lucy Gosse
Following the sad loss of so many precious friends and family in
the village over the last few months, we must now look forward to
the green shoots of spring and fresh and positive challenges.
Fri 12 Feb
Stockbridge Cinema p10
Sat 13 Feb
Valentine Drinks
Mon 15 Feb
WI meeting
Wed 17 Feb
Stockbridge cinema p10
Sat 20 Feb
Coffee Morning
Mon 4 April
Parish Council
Annual Assembly
Sun 17 April
Houghton Trail
Saturday 20 February - 11 am
In memory of Tara Scougall, two
flowering trees will be planted by
the Village Hall Committee on the
bank in front of the Village Hall.
Please come along and join in!
The Coffee Morning will start a
little earlier at 10.15 am...so time
for a cuppa and a chat before the
planting ceremony!
The village has lots of exciting things to look forward to, including
the new ring of six bells in All Saints church. There will also be
plenty of opportunities to regenerate other community initiatives.
There has been enormous discussion and many varying views
about the solar farm. However, it’s here now and is on track to be
generating electricity by 31 March. As a result, Houghton will be
the beneficiary of a substantial sum of money for community use
and the village will have the opportunity to implement a range of
initiatives, some of which have been only paper dreams until now.
The solar farm contractor, PS Renewables, is of course keen to
promote the positive aspects of the ‘farm’ and plans
environmental projects such as bird boxes and beehives; in time,
there will be opportunities, especially including local primary
schools, to visit the site.
Before then, there’s Valentine’s Drinks at the village hall, which
includes a Cake Raffle to raise funds for RNLI; the monthly village
coffee morning and a WI meeting. The Houghton Trail team will be
very pleased to hear from those of you who would like to help
with this year’s event
Lent starts on Tuesday 11 February; do enjoy those Shrove
Tuesday pancakes…...and many good wishes to everyone in
achieving new personal goals.
Six new bells will be hanging, ready for ringing, in Houghton’s All Saints Church by the end of March.
If you’d be interested in learning to ring them, please contact Bob Gosse (p13)
Deadline for articles and ads: 18 February 2016 Email: [email protected]
Village Website www.houghton-bossington.org.uk
Church News
Dear Friends
Lent is almost upon us, as Easter is very early this year, so just as
you are packing away the tinsel we are moving towards Lent.
Ash Wednesday is on Wednesday 10th February, and we start our Lenten period with a Service at St
Mary’s Broughton at 7.30pm with ashing and Holy Communion.
This year we will be following the Winchester Lent Course entitled I Witness.
There will be five Monday lunch time sessions starting on 15th February beginning at 11.30am with
lunch provided at 12.45 and we will finish by 1.30pm.
Venues will be notified by Revd Gill in the pew sheet and by e-mail, and it would be good to know
numbers so if you are thinking of coming along please e-mail Gill direct on [email protected]
Lent is a very important time for engaging with the deeper things of our faith and a time for setting
new goals and seeking spiritual change and deepening. Lent is also the penitential season of
approximately 40 days set aside by the Church in order for the faithful to prepare for the celebration
of the Lord’s Passion, Death and Resurrection. During this holy season, Christians are called to
prepare for Easter by a recalling of Baptism and by works of penance, that is, prayer, fasting and
Ron Corne
Jeanne Featherstone
7 December 2015
Michael Moldon
17 December 2015
Tara Scougall
23 December 2015
John Smart (formerly of this village) 28 December 2015
Tribute by Ingrid Burt on behalf of Houghton Parish Council
for Tara Scougall
Tara’s impact on the Parish Council was immediate. She was a complete breath of fresh air,
bringing enthusiasm, energy and a brilliant “can do” attitude. Nothing was too much trouble for
Tara. She was always the first to volunteer and was never negative about any of the tasks
that she signed up for. She was a real force for good and didn’t shy away from difficult
decisions or tricky consultations.
Tara and her family moved to Tiebridge Farm on 7 April 2010. It was only a couple of months
afterwards that Tara made her first appearance as a parishioner at a Parish Council Meeting.
We were looking for a new Councillor and she was co-opted onto the Council there and then.
It wasn’t long after she was co-opted that we began the review of the revised Local Plan and
started our consultation. Claudia reminded me the other day of when the three of us; Claudia
and I on bicycles and Tara on a scooter (!) travelled through the village attempting the first
stab at mapping the Local Plan. It was a hoot.
Tara was also a massive supporter of the Village Hall. She was on the Village Hall Committee
and was very much part of the recent revitalising of the Hall. The seats that we are all
comfortably sitting on are due largely to Tara. She even roped in James to put the plaques on
the back of each one. She was also instrumental in sorting out the gate at the recreation
ground. There are many other things over the five and a bit years that she was a Councillor
that she was part of. Too many to list, but suffice to say that she was a real contributor to this
So we all got the dreadful news of Tara’s diagnosis at the beginning of 2015. Typically, she
decided to continue as a Councillor. She felt that she had to carry on regardless and that’s
exactly what she did. We were all astonished at how she continued with her duties as a
Councillor even through the worst of her treatment. She was still responding to emails from
her hospital bed and even turned up to the solar farm meeting we held in November to discuss
the community benefit. She was in terrible pain that night, but she bore her illness with dignity,
style, humour and immense stoicism.
We have lost a very valued and admired Councillor, but we have all lost a friend too. Her
legacy here at the Council and at the village hall is that we can take responsibility and we can
make a difference.
Our thoughts are very much with James, Eleanor and Edward and the rest of Tara’s family at
this very sad time.
We also lost Mike Moldon and Jeanne Featherstone recently. We would like to pay tribute to
Jeanne for all of her support for the Council as a parishioner. She hardly ever missed a
meeting and we really valued her input and her comments over the years. Jeanne was very
much part of the All Saints congregation and PCC and I am sure that they will be remembering
her too.
Mike was a Parish Councillor for a couple of years and his contribution was very much
appreciated. He focused much of his retirement in the running of the Friends of All Saints. He
was a true gentleman, kind and thoughtful and again I am sure that those involved with All
Saints will be remembering him too.
Thanksgiving Service for Michael Moldon
Julie would like to thank everyone for the many
messages of sympathy for her and the family
following Michael’s death in December. The
kindness has been a tremendous support to
them all.
Michael came from a farming family and had
continued to farm in Owslebury before coming to
live in Houghton over 20 years ago. He was a
country man, but his great loves were his family
and sport, especially cricket. These themes ran
through his Thanksgiving Service in All Saints’
Church on 22nd January.
The whole family would like to thank all those who parked cars, (in heavy rain) and
those who did so much to ensure the service was a fitting tribute to a fine man.
Remembering the smiling
faces of Michael, Tara and
Reflections of Jeanne Featherstone
From her son Robert and the Revd Ron Corne
Jeanne was born on 15 May 1923 in Hampstead and her French Godmother Madeleine
influenced the spelling of her name.
After her schooling in Finchley, Jeanne trained as a Children’s Nurse and at the outbreak of
war, at 16 she went to work at Dyhram Park, South Gloucestershire, looking after evacuated
children. At that time Dyrham Park, a 17th century country mansion was still owned by the
Blathwayt family but since 1961 its owner has been the National Trust. Jeanne last visited
the house a few months before she died.
Jeanne made lifelong friendships with the eleven ‘Dyrham girls’ and in particular kept in close
contact with ‘Woodie’. When they had time off, Jeanne and her friends would hitch a lift to
Bath and once got a lift with Queen Mary in her Rolls!
Jeanne met her future husband George at a dance near Dyrham. His first words to her were
“Let me get a cup of tea, then we can have a dance.”
Jeanne and George married in February 1947 and lived in Pimlico near the greengrocers
shop owned by George.
In 1948 they bought a house in Raynes Park SW20, their solicitor lending them the £20
deposit! It was there that they raised Robert and John. Their first dog was a collie called
Rex, but because he snapped at John, Rex was given to a farm in Nottingham. Jeanne
became Akela (Cub Scout Leader) of 13th Wimbledon cubs in 1957. When her husband got
pneumonia and was off work for four months, Jeanne travelled up to London by train and bus
every day to run the shop.
Following compulsory purchase of the greengrocer’s shop in 1967, Jeanne and her husband
moved to Worcester Park. In 1979, when Jeanne’s husband was working for Tesco, his job
moved to Hampshire and Jeanne and George moved to Houghton.
During the 36 years Jeanne lived in the village, she was involved in so many charitable
groups – the WI, WRVS and Meals on Wheels, the local hospital tea shop, Stroke Club, and
the Parochial Church Council and the church choir. And of course she always had her
beloved dogs as company.
Jeanne was one of the great supporters of All Saints’ Church Houghton. If you needed
something doing Jean would be there whether it was setting up the Altar for Holy
Communion or preparing for Evensong, lighting the candles, getting the service books ready
or struggling with the heavy brass cross. Whatever the occasion whether it was preparing the
church for a wedding or a funeral, Jeanne could be counted on. Most of all, Jeanne was out
and about and supported most of the services which were held at All Saints.
Jeanne was a woman of deep faith and took great pleasure not only in worship and prayer
but also in singing in the choir or serving on the PCC. If you needed something doing ask
Jeanne and she was there, with a lovely smile and her gorgeous little chuckle.
I will miss Jeanne a great deal; she was a friend and a support to the church, to me and
many others. Now Jeanne is with our Lord and I am sure she is praying for us, as she always
did here on earth.
7 Philippa Williams Carolyn Bowen
14 Shelagh Bradley Jacqueline Jenkins
21 Jill Harding
Lindsay Parker
28 Janet Roche
Iona Priestley
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Whoever delivers your magazine
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Broughton Bright Hour
Thursdays at 2.30 pm in the Meeting Room - St. Mary’s Church, Broughton.
Speakers for February
Members’ Meeting
Mr Ron Caddy
Mr David Stone
Mrs Sheila Few
Barbara Perry,
Booking Secretary
01794 301466
Everyone welcome, please come and join us.
A bell is no bell 'til you ring it, a song is no song 'til you sing it; and love
in your heart wasn't put there to stay - love isn't love 'til you give it away.
Oscar Hammerstein, Sound of Music, You Are Sixteen (Reprise)
Village Hall
With the very sad passing away of Tara Scougall, the
Village Hall Committee has lost the tremendous
vitality and immense contribution Tara made to how
the village hall is run and used. We all miss her
hugely. We shall be making a donation to the RNLI
for Tara’s lifeboat and to help ensure she remains
always in our thoughts we will be planting a couple
of flowering trees outside the village hall.
Our next ‘do’ is Valentine’s Drinks on Saturday 13 February
6.30 to 8.30 pm
Fantastic value at £10 to include a glass of wine and delicious canapes and
nibbles! If you’ve not got your ticket yet, please contact one of the village hall committee
(names below) - to ensure there are plenty of canapes for you!
For Bacs payment
Ingrid Burt - [email protected] 01794 388070
For cheque or cash
Rosie Cardoe - [email protected] 01794 388771
Lucy Gosse - [email protected] 01794 388617
Clare Stephens - [email protected] 07814 094029
Maureen Stephens - [email protected]
The proceeds of the evening will be split between the
RNLI (for the lifeboat Tara) and The Friends of All Saints Church,
Tara Scougall’s and Michael Moldon’s preferred charities respectively.
Village Hall Draw - November, December 2015 winners!
November £30: Mrs J Cowen
December £30: Oliver Busk
£20: Llyn Adams £10: Richard Priestley
£20: Julie Moldon £10: Mike Smart
£5: Sharon Morgan
£5: Roydon Roche
An annual Village Hall Draw ticket is £12 a year (Jan-Dec) or pro rata if you join during the year. The draw
takes place at The Boot on the last Friday of the month, so it’s a lovely excuse to drop in ….and hope to win
some money to pay for your drinks!
Being the start of the year, members of the Village Hall Committee will have been knocking on doors to sell
Draw tickets.
If you missed this opportunity, please contact Nick Harding.
(contact number in Village Directory at the back of this magazine).
The next Village Hall Coffee Morning is on Saturday 20 February - a little earlier this
month at 10.15 am - with tree planting in memory of Tara at 11 am on the bank
outside the Village Hall. Do join us!
Proceeds from the 2016 Houghton Trail on 17 April will be split between All Saints Church and the Village
Hall. The VH committee will be helping Fiona, the main contact for the team, particularly with
organising marshals; so if you’d like to help, do make a note of the date in your diary and
contact Clare Stephens as soon as possible - 07814 094029.
Informal snippets from Houghton Parish Council’s January meeting
Planning Applications
TVBC has notified Houghton Parish Council of the
following applications:
A budget for 2016/17 of £11,417 (including
 Cherry Trees: reduce height of conifer and
£1,717 ring fenced for ’Stoppit’ campaign;
prune willow: No objection by HPC
Village Design Statement; Allotment legal fees )
was agreed.
 Elm Tree Cottage: accommodation above
garage and link from main house to new
 A precept (local tax) of £9,000 2016/17 was
accommodation. No objection by HPC
agreed, which is a small increase on the current
Not only….but also…
A villager expressed concerns about drivers
to observe the speed limit throughout the
 The PC will write to the relevant landowners
Parish; the PC will discuss this with Police and
requesting that a fallen tree on Stevens Drove is
the Transport section of TVBC with a request
removed; and that overgrown hedges on
for a Police speed check of traffic through the
Stevens Drove and Houghton Down byway are
The Judicial Review for the Solar Farm has
The PC recommended that Field Path and
been withdrawn.
Stevens Drove are included in HCC’s ‘Priority
Cutting’ list.
It is hoped a meeting would be arranged
between the PC and Borough Cllr Busk and his
Solicitor to discuss a lease for the allotments
with the Parish Council and Allotment
 Some HPC Cllrs have met Mr Jackson, Head of
Planning at TVBC to discuss the potential
impact that future planning applications may
have on important areas in the village. TVBC Items proposed for discussion at the March
meeting include:
explained that certain areas of land are
designated for development within the Revised  A suitable village memorial in memory of Cllr
Tara Scougall.
Local Plan and Mr Jackson advised the PC to
Formation of a Management Committee for
meet with developers to discuss preliminary
Solar Farm Funds.
planning applications. This goes against the
advice previously given by TVBC; consequently
TVBC’s Legal team can advise on how best the
Next Parish Council meeting
PC deals with developers prior to formal
planning applications. The PC can also request
7 March - 7.30 pm
a TVBC Case Officer to be present at any such
Annual Parish Assembly
Monday 4 April - 7.30 pm
 The draft Village Design Statement is now
lodged with TVBC although the PC has the
opportunity to add specific areas in the village
Come along and find out what the
that are of particular importance. Although this
Parish Council is doing for the village
will not necessarily stop development, it could
and have your say about matters that
lessen the impact to the appearance of the
are important to you!
village. A meeting of PC reps with TVBC’s
recently appointed Conservation Officer is
 Parish Council (PC) funds stand at £11,553.71.
Houghton WI
Houghton WI met on 18 January with an optimistic start to the New Year, welcoming two new
members. The speaker was Eddie Howe, who gave an inspiring talk about his work with
Raleigh International in Tanzania while on his "gap year" in 2015. He showed some impressive
photos of the teams he worked with in rural Tanzania, helping on various community projects
which were obviously much appreciated by the local people. Eddie's enthusiasm for the work
and his appreciation of the wonderful sights he'd been given the chance to see were obvious to
Next month's meeting is on 15 February, when Gill Young will be talking to us about
volunteering in Belarus - any visitors or potential new members will be extremely welcome.
Jane Anderton
Advance Notice!
The 13th Houghton Trail - Sunday 17 April 2016
If you would like further information about this either as an entrant
running, walking or cycling, or - just as important - helping with the
organisation of this major village event, please contact
Fiona Evans who is the main contact for the team organising next
year’s Houghton Trail
01794 389237
[email protected]
Proceeds will be split between Houghton Village Hall
and Houghton All Saints Church
Would you like to join the editorial team of Houghton News?
Lucy and Fiona are looking for new team mates!
If there were 4 editors, each would be doing 2 or 3 editions a year
rather than 3 or 4!
Knowledge of Microsoft Publisher would be useful but certainly not essential; it is not
difficult and it doesn’t take long to learn! If you like being creative and inventive, this is
the job for you and it’s a great way to be involved in village life. We are always looking
for new articles so this is also an opportunity to come up with new ideas!
If you’d like to know more, do please call Lucy or Fiona or email us at
[email protected]
Letter from Mollie
Hello everyone….it seems ages since I last told you all my news…back before
Christmas in fact! It is all Mum’s fault, she just does not seem to get on with things
where I am concerned, but she does feed me, although it was a bit doubtful on
Christmas day, a day when everyone was stuffing themselves full of goodies, I almost got nothing!
Breakfast was okay, and then we went for a long walk after Church, and Mum came in and sat down with
a cup of tea at about 4.00.pm. I usually get my tea at 5.00.pm. so I sat between the kitchen and the
lounge as I usually do, but nothing was forthcoming! After a couple of hours I thought I would sit beside
her and give her a stare….but still nothing, but I did notice the sherry bottle was well in evidence! I
wandered about a bit, by now I was getting really hungry, then she got up to get her own supper, that is
when she noticed “Oh Mollie” she cried, you haven’t had your tea!! “I thought, well, you can say that
again! My ribs were practically touching by then! She was very contrite, I thought, well, if you will hit the
bottle! After I had eaten it, not enough again, but still, something! A friend of Mum’s rang on the
telephone and she told him how she had had a couple of glasses of sherry and forgotten to feed me, he
said he would call the RSPCA ,it’s a good job someone worries about me that’s all I can say! And I had so
many treats and presents for Christmas from my friends, I thought I was going to sit down with a feast!
But no, how did you guess, she has been rationing them! One or two a day if that, I am sure my friends
meant me to have them all at once and really enjoy myself! Mum said too many at once would make me
sick, and who would clean it all up? I actually had a doggy’s advent calendar, and I had one of those
little crunchy treats every day, but when I came to Christmas day, it was a really large one and she
wouldn’t let me have that! She said it was far too big and I might choke! I bet she has eaten it herself! I
notice that the chocolate wasn’t rationed where she was concerned; it’s one rule for her and a
completely different one for doggies around here!
See you next month,
Film Review
A Hughes Review
I was going to write about how much I enjoyed Star Wars but enough people
will have already told you what a great film that is. Instead, a glimpse back to
December’s festivities where I ask “just how many John Hughes films did you
watch between turkey sittings?”.
Film Buff Beth
I tend to consume at least two over the Christmas season and one of these has to be a Home Alone.
There’s something incredibly innocent about pre-9/11 America when we all watched on with glee
knowing the greatest worry when leaving a child at home alone (or, on the wrong plane) was that he'd
probably end up at the mercy of bumbling burglars. These films are classics today because Hughes
(& director Chris Columbus) knew how to make a film that is relevant and enjoyable year after year.
Natural, believable performances are key to comedies and with Katherine O’Hara playing
the McCallister family matriarch we understood and warmed to Kevin’s family from the first frame.
And every frame of these films is festive - the rich reds and greens used in the set design ooze
festivity - you could get pretty tipsy with a drinking game based on the poinsettia count alone - there’s
one: shot!
I’ve always wanted to visit the Chicago suburb where the films are set. Hughes uses this area a lot
and it wasn’t until the closing scenes of another of his classics, Planes, Trains and Automobiles
(1987) that I realised the Steve Martin’s character, Neal Page, lives on the same street. John Candy is
an absolute genius and some of the scenes are as funny today as when I first saw them - the motel
portion being the stuff of legend. Through the film Hughes ensures we go from disgust to love, and
back again, for both characters at different times and isn’t afraid to bring the tension to a head before
the half-way mark without losing pace. Hughes bought Candy back again for Uncle Buck (1989)
which also launched Macaulay Culkin’s career well before Home Alone. Culkin is naturally adorable
as Miles the, at first fearful, nephew of Buck who comes to look after Miles and his sister during a
family emergency. Buck’s hilariously canny way of earning the children’s respect (Buck: Did you brush
your teeth? Miles: Yeah. You can even feel my toothbrush. Buck: You know, I have a friend who
works at the crime lab at the police station. I could give him your toothbrush and he could run a test on
it…) is as effective as it is fun to watch, and Buck’s moody teenage niece provides a cringe-inducing
edge to the experience.
If, after all those left-overs, there’s still some room then it’s worth heading for The Breakfast
Club (1985) for a simplistic, coming-of-age film which both enforces and beautifully breaks down high
school stereotypes, all to a killer soundtrack. Hughes died in 2009, but his talent ensured those
chosen tunes spoke true of his legacy - don’t you forget about me.
Stockbridge Town Hall
Friday February 12 at 7.30pm
The Lobster (cert 15) - Starring Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, Olivia Coleman
A love story set in a dystopian near future where single people are arrested and transferred to a creepy
hotel.There they are obliged to find a matching mate in 45 days. If they fail they are transformed into an
animal and released into the woods.
Wednesday February 17 at 5pm and 7.30pm
45 Years (cert 15) - Starring Charlotte Rampling & Tom Courtenay
There is just one week until Kate Mercer's 45 wedding anniversary but then a letter arrives for husband
Geoff. The body of his first love has been discovered frozen in a glacier in the Swiss Alps. By the time the
party is upon them there may not be a marriage left to celebrate.
£6 from John Robinson & Garden Inn or www.stockbridgecinema.org.uk
Doors open 30 minutes before the film start time. Wine and soft drinks available.
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presented by the Harmonium Singers
Saturday 12 March - 7.30 pm
St Michael & All Angels, Colebrook Way, West Andover
Another thoughtful sequence of music and readings from this local chamber choir, well known
for combining appropriate words and music, with the intention of presenting choral music in an
accessible way but in the context for which it was written.
This time the choir is mining the rich seam of music for Lent, Passiontide and Holy Week., as
musical director Bruce Randall explains: “There is so much glorious music written for this part
of the church’s year that it’s hard to know what to choose. Much of it is intensely beautiful but
also very focused on the dramatic events leading up to Easter. To sing this music in the
isolation of a concert somehow diminishes its impact and meaning. That’s why we’ve chosen
to present these pieces in some sort of context, a seamless blend of words and music that, for
some, will be something more spiritual.”
Much of the singing will be unaccompanied, making full use of the church’s spacious
acoustic. The music spans five centuries and includes Allegri’s famous ‘Miserere’ and
miniature masterpieces from Tallis, Lassus, Handel and the young Norwegian composer Ola
Admission is free, with a retiring collection for a re-development project
at St. Michael’s and All Angels.
Convert your aga Range Cooker
to Electric Power
• Reduce
running costs by up to 80%
• Hobs and ovens controlled independently
• Rapid heat up time from cold
Hampshire Cooker Conversions
Call Paul on 07730 988361
We are ‘Outstanding’...
Ofsted 2012
Providing education through play. Offering
flexible childcare sessions from 2 years of age
We provide high quality childcare and education within our purpose built ’Home
Lodge’ style building where children have the opportunity to participate in a wide
range of interesting activities which promote all areas of learning.
There is free flow access to our outside space which has a covered area for all
weather use.
Our dedicated staff team are very experienced, well qualified and provide a high
adult:child ratio.
Funding for 15 hours free is available for all children from the term following their
3rd birthday and for eligible children following their 2nd birthday
We offer flexible hours Monday to Friday with 5 start & 4 finish times available.
Healthy lifestyles are actively promoted and hot lunches are available.
For further information or to arrange a visit please contact us:
01794 301286
[email protected]
Conker Lodge, School Lane, Broughton, Stockbridge, Hampshire, SO20 8AN
Cut back on
oil and gas!
For friendly, professional advice
please call and make an appointment
to see our showroom.
Frenchmoor, West Tytherley: 01794 340246
A local family run business covering all
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Call Lewis or Paul now for a free ‘no obligation’ quote
07799 664 308 / 07798 566 424
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Lower Brook · Kings Somborne · Stockbridge · Hampshire
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Electric cookers, fridges etc
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C. Cairns
Oakleigh Drive
Wiltshire SP5 1AT
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Makers & Upholsterers of fine quality furniture
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Local, reliable & friendly
Cut and blowdry
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Full head highlights
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We offer a wide range of services:
 Bespoke hand made furniture
 Complete re-upholstery of antique
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 Supply of a wide range of fabrics
 Curtains, blinds, soft furnishings
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[email protected]
Yoga ~ Pilates ~ Meditation ~
Daytime, evening and weekend classes
for all abilities
Private tuition available
Beginners welcome
New: Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Pilates for Seniors
Tel: 01264 811158, Mob: 07764 949317
Tiebridge Farm, North Houghton, Stockbridge
SO20 6LQ
A local, independent Company delivering fuel to homes and
businesses across Hampshire
Small enough to care, big enough to cope
Please call 01264 860263
or visit our website www.hbsfuels.com
Thirt Way, Martins Lane, Chilbolton, Stockbridge, Hants SO20 6BL
Broughton Joinery &
Fitted Furniture
 Handmade Bespoke Kitchens
Built-in Cupboards,
Bookshelves & Wardrobes
Individual pieces of Furniture
Replacement Windows and Doors
Grandad’s Farm
Salisbury Road
Broughton, Stockbridge, Hampshire, SO20 8BX
Howard Fletcher—01794 30151
Private and commercial
Specialists in all aspects of the trade
Quality interior and exterior decorating service
References available from satisfied customers
Mark Davis
Tel: 01264 393674
Mobile: 07773 221561
Carpentry Specialist & Building/Garden Maintenance
Free Quotations/No Call Out Charge
No Job Too Small
Internal & External Work Undertaken
Fully Insured with References Available
No 2 Manor Farm Cottage, North Houghton
Stockbridge, Hants, SO20 6LF
01264 810311 or 07900 621842
High Quality
Private Care
Winchester GP
Same day appointments
Home visits
Telephone consultations
24 hour online booking
Extended hours telephone reception
Free on-site parking
No registration fee
Use alongside your NHS GP
BMI Sarum Road
Winchester, SO22 5HA
01962 776010
Funeral Directors
Independent Family Owned Funeral Directors
Serving Romsey and district for over 100 years,
and through three generations of the Peace family
122 The Hundred, Romsey
Tel: 01794 513393
Personal attention from
Simon & Michael Peace and Giles Sadd
Private Chapel of Rest
24 Hour Service
Monumental Masonry Service
Pre-payment plans available
Introduction to Music for the Under 5’s
Also available as an Accompanist
All ages and abilities welcome!
Helen King
Professionally Registered Member of
Tel: (01794) 388685
Mob: 07917 161585
Chapel Close, Houghton
Nr. Stockbridge SO20 6LT
Email: [email protected]
OFFICE: 01264 400074
MOBILE: 07887 556 559
17th Edition Electrician
Fault Finding
Building Projects
Energy Efficient Lighting & Installations
Commercial & Domestic
EMAIL: [email protected]
Private clients
 Sole traders/partnerships
 Limited companies
Practice Licence 11760
T: 07852 634685 E: [email protected]
Alexandra Heating Services Ltd
Your local heating specialist
For all your Oil, Gas, LPG & Renewable Energy needs.
Domestic & commercial central heating systems, installed & repaired.
We also offer emergency breakdown cover, repairs, servicing, plumbing,
Boiler cover plans, under-floor heating & system design.
Call us on 01722 417873 or email us at [email protected]
to book your appointment today!
It’s cool to stay warm for less money...reduce your
heating oil costs!
If you order via Houghton Oil Syndicate your can increase your ‘buying
power’ with local oil companies; together, we can achieve savings of up to
10p/litre - it’s a ‘no brainer’!
How it works
Join the Oil Syndicate (it’s free!) by contacting Bob Gosse
[email protected] or call 01794 388617
When you need oil, email Bob who then e-mails all the Syndicate Members, seeking more orders.
Almost every month, Bob sources the best deal from local oil companies and orders your oil
requirements. You pay the oil company direct, usually after delivery, on invoice.
There are currently 56 households in the syndicate: the more members there are
the potentially cheaper the oil!.
Are you part of the Houghton Village e-mail Group?
There are now 120 subscribers!
The Village email group helps us all keep up-to-date with what’s on in the village –
apart from reading Houghton News, of course!
You can hear about things going on in the village more frequently than once a month!
It’s so easy to join….just email [email protected] and ask to join!
If you don’t have email, you could ask a friend in the village who does,
to send a message on your behalf!
Getting to a doctor’s, hospital, dental, optician or other medical appointment
need not be a problem.
0845 094 3713
and a friendly voice will come to your aid and organise transport for you to and from your appointment,
courtesy of one of the Volunteer Drivers
There is no charge if you are over 60 or have a Bus Pass.
If you don't have a Bus Pass but you qualify for one, ring TVBC (01264 368000) to order one.
Good Neighbour volunteers can also help with non-medical appointments - eg visiting someone in
hospital, help with day-to-day errands such as collecting prescriptions, small shopping commissions,
dog walking, so it’s always worth asking if you need help with anything.
Do make a note of the number….it could be very useful one day!
There are 4 volunteers from Houghton: we support Stockbridge and Stockbridge supports Houghton!
Houghton Parish Council
Parish Council meetings are held every other month,
usually the first Monday,
in Houghton Village Hall at 7.30 pm.
The Chairman is Philip Page
These are public meetings to which all are welcome.
Please come along and hear what the Parish Council is doing for you and
have your say!
Future Parish Council meetings
7 March 2016
11 April 2016—Annual Parish Assembly
9 May—Annual General Meeting
(at which meetings for the rest of the year will be set)
Broughton & Mottisfont Village Bus
Services and Fares as at April 2013
Concessionary Bus Passes can be used on this service
All services depart from and return to Broughton (*)
pickup *)
(subject to alteration)
Under 5s Free
(opposite Marks &
9.30 am
12.30 pm
Age 16 and over
Age 6–15
1st in the month
(John Lewis)
9.15 am
2.30 pm
Age 16 and over
Age 6–15
(Bus Station)
1.00 pm
3.45 pm
Age 16 and over
Age 6–15
9.40 am
12.15 pm
Age 16 and over
Age 6–15
9.30 am
12 noon
Age 16 and over
Age 6–15
1.00 pm
3.30 pm
Age 16 and over
Age 6–15
2nd in the
in the month
(Bus Station)
(Bus Station, via
(Bus Station, via
(*) Stops: The Hollow, South Road, Village Hall, The Square, Chapel Lane, North End,
School Lane, The Pound
Houghton Village: Groups & Activities
If you would like to add/amend information to this list, please contact the Editors at
[email protected]
If you are a neighbour of a newcomer it maybe worthwhile lending this magazine to highlight
some of the things available in our village.
All Saints Church, Houghton: Monthly
services in the Benefice and other church news
is published in Houghton News. See Village
Directory for contacts for further information.
Postal Deliveries: Steve is our regular
Postie and his ‘relief’ is Nick. There are 4
post boxes: almost opposite Bossington
Estate offices, by Village Hall, outside
Houghton Lodge and on the road into
Stockbridge, just beyond Dairy Barn.
Good Neighbours: Houghton is part of the
Stockbridge Good Neighbours scheme,
offering free transport to doctor/hospital and
other important appointments to those unable
to drive. See p28 of this magazine for details.
HAHA - Houghton Allotment Holders
Association: there are 10 allotments in the
village. Please contact Philip Page (HAHA
Chair); or Lucy Gosse (Secretary) for more
Information - [email protected]
Village Coffee Mornings: run by the
Village Hall Committee usually on the 3rd
Saturday of the month from 10.30 to 12
noon, in the Village Hall . A relaxed and
friendly way to meet up and catch up over a
coffee and cake or bacon buttie! Details
sent out via village email group and in
Houghton News each month.
Houghton News: our monthly parish
Village Directory: a list of useful names,
magazine provides information on village
events, church services and other local area
news plus a wide range of local advertisers.
If you would like to receive a copy (10 editions
annually, for £7), please contact Maureen
Stephens (see Village Directory). Profits go to
All Saints Church PCC.
phone numbers, email, for organisations
relevant to Houghton; published each month
on the last but one page of Houghton News.
Parish Council: public
meetings held every other month, usually on
the 1st Monday of alternate months, in the
Village Hall. Councillors are listed in the Village
Directory; future meeting dates and informal
notes of meetings are usually included in this
magazine Formal Minutes are circulated via
the e-mail group and posted on the village
Village e-mail group: a quick ,simple
way to send messages and reminders to
others in the village about events or if you
are looking for an item/household service,
etc., Contact
[email protected] to
have your email added to the group.
Village Hall: Lots of village events
happen here! Available to hire p15 of this
magazine) and more contacts in the Village
Oil Syndicate: members of this village
syndicate, run by Bob Gosse, use their bulk
purchasing power to get the lowest price per
litre. Details on p28 of this magazine or
contact Bob [email protected]
WI: meets monthly in the Village Hall; see
contacts in Village Directory for more
Village Directory
All Saints Church
Parochial Church
Friends of All Saints
Hampshire County
Test Valley District
Houghton Parish
Please let the Editors know about updates to this
Directory. Thank you!
Church Wardens
Rev. Ron Corne
Gina Livermore
Gill Nobes
Richard James
01794 301287
01794 388433
01794 341010
01794 388534
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Cleaning Rota
Michael Woodhall
Dawn Williams
Dawn Williams
James Allport
Anna Allport
01264 810500
01264 810724
01264 810724
01794 388328
01794 388328
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Flower Rota
Jill Harding
01794 388325 -
Julie Moldon
Julie Moldon
01794 388204 [email protected]
01794 388204 [email protected]
Andrew Gibson
01264 861138 [email protected]
01264 861087
Daniel Busk
Peter Boulton
01794 388389 [email protected]
01794 301212 [email protected]
Caroline Nokes MP
Philip Page
Amy Taylor
01794 512132 [email protected]
01794 388512 [email protected]
[email protected]
01794 388070
01794 388831
01794 388305
01794 301013
01794 388612
01264 810928
Vice Chair
Ingrid Burt
Geoff Butler
Claudia Bradby
Peter Kennesion
Alan Young
Jane Anderton
Village Hall
Julie Harwood
Julie Moldon
Maureen Stephens
01264 810314 [email protected]
01794 388204 [email protected]
01794 389696 [email protected]
Rosie Cardoe
Lucy Gosse
01794 388771 [email protected]
01794 388617 [email protected]
Ingrid Burt
01794 388070 [email protected]
Neighbourhood Watch
Peter Kennesion
Llyn Adams
01794 301013 01794 389690 [email protected]
Houghton Fishing Club
Doctor’s Surgery
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
01264 810524 Non-urgent 101 [email protected]
Stockbridge Neighbour Care
Citizens Advice Bureau
Community Bus
Broughton/Mottisfont Village Bus
0845 094 3713 01264 365534 01794 301045 -
Houghton News
parish magazine
Lucy Gosse
Fiona Evans
Fiona Evans
01794 388617 [email protected]
01794 389237
01794 389237 [email protected]
Maureen Stephens
01794 389696 [email protected]
Church Services - February
Next before
Holy Communion
Holy Communion
14 FEB
21 FEB
Holy Communion
Holy Communion
Sunday Club
Family Service
Communion CW
No Service
“Messy Church”
Holy Communion
28 FEB
Communion CW
Sunday Club
Communion CW
Wednesday 10 February - Holy Communion for Ash Wednesday
will be at 7.30 pm, NOT 9.30 am
Holy Communion with the Imposition of Ashes
All other Wednesdays in February, Holy Communion on at 9..30 am St. Mary’s Church,
Broughton Holy Communion BCP

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