A great place for historical learning in Florida!



A great place for historical learning in Florida!
XX The Settlement is a recommended field trip site
for Volusia County Public Schools; however,
children from other areas as well as private and home schools are always welcome!
A great place for historical
learning in Florida!
XX We conduct field trips year round.
XX Reservations are absolutely required for field
trips. No walk-ins are accepted. Field trip programs
must consist of a minimum of 15 participants and require 1 adult per each 10 children.
XX At the Settlement’s discretion, learning stations may vary slightly but will always be content appropriate.
XX No Pets Allowed (except service animals)
XX No Alcohol - No Firearms
Call for Reservations
Our same current rate for school tours will apply to:
School Children, Chaperones, Home-schools, and
Private Schools.
For rates and reservations please call the Settlement
at 386-749-2959, Mon-Fri, 9 am - 4 pm or download
a Field Trip Request Form from our website at
The Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts, Inc.
was established as “an educational institution whose
general nature and objective will be to render
constructive, educational, and cultural services to
the community through collection, preservation,
conservation and exposition of objects which are the
cultural heritage of this community.
Particular emphasis shall be directed to vital programs
that enrich the lives of the youth of this community. To
achieve this purpose, a settlement has been created
for the benefit of the public to house and maintain
collections, exhibits, a reference library, and facilities
for research and teaching.”
Pioneer Settlement for
the Creative Arts, Inc.
1776 Lightfoot Lane
P. O. Box 6 Barberville, FL 32105
phone: 386-749-2959
Museum • Farm • Indian Village
Guided Tours • Workshops • Exhibits
Festivals • Country Store
Field Trip Offerings
The Pioneer Settlement serves school children in 16 Florida counties. Several hands-on educational programs
are offered daily. All are well-researched, follow Florida’s Sunshine State Standards, meet many FCAT benchmarks, and
are enthusiastically received by students and teachers.
Each Field Trip will last approximately two hours and is comprised of fifteen
minute-long stations. A restroom break is included. All tours will be completed
before breaking for lunch.
1.Pioneer Program:
Step back in time when settlers had to be self-reliant.
Students will experience many of the skills needed
to survive in Pioneer Florida. Activities may include:
Candle Making, Weaving, Spinning, Blacksmithing or
Woodworking, Butter Making and a visit to the Farm.
2.Lassie Cake Program:
Almost everything that goes into our Lassie Cake can
be produced on the farm. Children will learn about the
Tending of Bees for Honey, Tools in the turn-of-thecentury Kitchen; they will Make and Eat “from scratch”
Cake, Dowse for Water, Make Butter and Learn where
Eggs come from. (PK-3rd)
3.Seminole Indian Program:
Come and learn about the unique culture of “The
Unconquered.” The Seminole and Miccosukee people
have created a rich and colorful culture. Learn about
Seminole Patchwork, Seminole Legends, the Eight
Clans, How to Weave with Palmettos, Create a Pinch
Pot and Taste Sofkee. (K-12th)
4.Florida History Program:
People make history. Volusia County was expanding at
the turn of the Twentieth Century. Come and meet some
of the citizens during that time. You may encounter a
Teacher, Tradesman, Tourist, Logger, Homemaker, and
Farmer. (4th-12th)
4.Timucuan-Myaccan Program:
Who were these early Floridians? Join us on a quest
to discover their daily lives and culture. While touring
the Timucuan Village students will learn about Farming,
Hunting, Fishing, Burning Out a Dugout Canoe, Family Life,
Pottery Skills and Tools. (4th-12th)
5.Old Fashioned Traditions Program:
Combine fun and education. Winter festivals are
celebrated all over the world. Experience some of the
crafts and celebrations of other countries. Make Candles,
Lace Cards, Poinsettia Bracelets, String Popcorn, and See
Mr. and Mrs. Claus. (PK-3rd)
6.Rites of Spring Program:
Welcome Spring with this hands-on program. The children
will make Spring Baskets, Decorate with Stencils, Dye
Eggs, Play an Egg Game, Visit the Farm and Plant seeds,
all while learning about the symbols of the earth’s
reawakening. (PK-3rd)
Specialty Programs:
We can develop programs to enhance your curriculum,
including literature extensions, Florida social studies and
Pioneer days. Let us know your needs. There is a minimum
attendance requirement. Call for details.
Children should be encouraged to wear comfortable
clothes as weather is often unpredictable.
We conduct tours Rain or Shine,
Hot or Cold.
We make adjustments for inclement weather,
although the desired effect of the outdoor activities
is altered a great deal.
Our Country Store has a variety of
merchandise starting at a quarter in price, including
pottery, books, jewelry, toys, games, bonnets and felted
hats. A trip to the store is optional for field trips.

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