Building the Vision of Our Future



Building the Vision of Our Future
Building the Vision of Our Future
On the Foundation of Our Success
Building Homes, Building Community
Since 1993
ANNUAL REPORT 20072007-2008
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A Giant Pair of Scissors
Friends, Colleagues and Partners,
With this Annual Report, we celebrate both our past success and our vision for the future.
Several months ago, we gathered on a hot June day to celebrate the 100th new home. One of
our funders offered to bring a giant pair of scissors “so that all of our partners could help cut
the ribbon.” But their scissors weren’t big enough. We had over thirty people representing
various partners help cut the ribbon and could have easily had another thirty! As I explained to
the funder with the giant scissors, it takes a lot of people to build 100 houses. Our success is
not just the 100 affordable homes built, it is that we have brought together the whole
community to work to provide affordable housing to all.
Upon this foundation of success, the Housing Development Alliance now undertakes a bold
vision for the future. Because the need for affordable housing is so great in our community,
over the next four years we aim to double our impact by doubling the number of new homes
and home repairs we complete each year. As part of this effort, we will also be expanding into
three surrounding counties which the state considers underserved. As daunting as this
challenge is, we know that if the community works together, we can accomplish this and
provide safe, decent and affordable housing to more than 100 families each year.
R. Scott McReynolds
Executive Director
Executive Director Scott McReynolds presents
homeowner Chasity Neace with a family portrait at
the 100th Open House & Ribbon Cutting.
Our First 100 Homes
Average annual homeowner income of $15,193
61 homebuyers were below 50% Area Median Income
It took 3 years to build the first house,
11½ years to build the first 50 houses,
and only 37 months to complete the next 50
268 people housed, 120 of whom were children under 18
Added over 9 million dollars to the local tax base
Average monthly payment (PITI) of $290.49
26 of the homebuyers came from subsidized rental,
9 were doubled up with family and
11 were from places so bad that they were demolished after the family left
The 100th home built by the Housing Development Alliance features three bedrooms and one
and a half bathrooms. As a highly energy efficient home, it will remain affordable for years to come. The
home is located in an HDA subdivision at the northern tip of Perry County on land acquired from Lynn Lee
Inc. HDA began building homes in this area in 2005. This was the 21st home HDA completed in the
neighborhood, and HDA continues to build in this growing community.
Built on a Solid Foundation
The Housing Development Alliance would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for
donating money/materials between July 2006– June 2008.
1st Trust Bank
Brown Construction of Viper
Tammy Ekrut
Ad East
Oscar & Marjory Brown-Britt
Craig & Helen Favor
Margo and E.L. Adams
Steve & Laura Campbell
First Federal Savings & Loan
Adams Pontiac Buick GMC
Chris Gooch, CPA
First Presbyterian Church
Karen Alfano
Betsy Clemons
Diane Fletcher
Alison Wells Attorney at Law
Cliff Hagans Ribeye
Franciscan Friars
American Woodmark
Clinton Frame Mennonite Youth
Sarah Gasper
Nancy & Melvin Clutts
Chris Gibson
B. Daniel Roll, Architect
Clutts Auto Sales
Anne Gilbert
Tommy G. Bailey
Bud & Betty Combs
David & Terri Gilbert
Balis Campbell, Inc.
Commonbond Christian
John F. Gilbert
Charles Bearse
Beta Sigma Phi
Charles & Pauline Bias
B.J. Biler
Joseph Bostic
Bowman Memorial United
Methodist Church
Community Trust Bank
Craig’s Heating & Cooling
JoAnn Davis
Wayne Davis
Teresa Davison
Scott Dickson
Allen & Kelly Goben
John Frank Gross
Mayor Gorman and the City
of Hazard
Hazard ARH Regional Medical
Hazard Clinic
Jay & Gayle Box
John & Kathy Doll
Hazard-Perry County Chamber
of Commerce
Charles & Susan Brotherton
East Brentwood Presbyterian
Leon Hollon
Jim & Marcia Brown
The Mary Catherine Heath Brown
Living Trust
East Kentucky Carpet Center One
East Kentucky Rental
Hollon & Collins
Home Lumber Company
Happy Mobelini
Dan Roll
Home Lumber Concrete
Moore Real Estate
Gerry Roll
Emily Hudson
Daniel & Christine Moriarty
Rotary Club of Hazard
J. Marvin & Joyce Jolly
Jon & Wendy Morris
Sue Ann Wartell & John Sherman
James M. Jolly, Jr. DMD
Mother of Good Counsel
Catholic Church
Sherwin Williams
Donors (continued from page 5)
James & Judy Jolly
The Jolly Family Fund
Sylvia Jones
Mountain Ford, Inc.
Mountain Pest Control
Carol & William Shutt
Earl & Darlene Smith
Ed & Wendy Smith
Deloris Justice
The Mountain Real Estate
Southeast Kentucky Insulation
JD Plumbing
NAACP of Hazard
Shirley Kadoura
Southeast Kentucky Overhead
Napier Building & Supply
Kentucky Pain Management
Veronica Oxford
Kentucky Power Company
Kentucky River Properties
Kiwanis Club of Hazard
LL Septic
LKLP Community Action
Council, Inc.
Pat’s Pest Control
People’s Bank & Trust Company
Pepsi Bottling Group
Perry County Bar Association
Perry Distributors
Dee Davis & Mimi Pickering
St. Matthew Presbyterian Church
Peggy Steele
Courtney Stuckwisch
TECO/ Perry County Coal
Teague Metal & Truss
Norman & Carolyn Touchette
Colleen Unroe
Blanche Lewis
Pine Branch Coal Sales
Lion’s Club of Hazard
Cindy Plummer
Locust Grove, Inc.
Brett & Anne Pollard
Lodi United Methodist Church
Professional Pharmacy
of Hazard
Alison Wells
Martha Quigley
Helen Wells
Rabbit Trucking & Excavating
Whayne Supply
Elisabeth Deaton & Troy Rapp
Whitaker Bank
John B. Rasche
Annie Williams
Ron & Teresa Reed
Edythe Williams
Ellen Peach & David Reese
Marcia Wireman
Lee & Carole Richie
Linda Price & Walter Wissman
Tammy & Allen Ritchie
Women’s Club of Hazard
Jack Rivel
Roger & Barbara Wrisberg
Lowe’s Home Improvement
Manufacturer’s Supply
Martha Greer Realty
Martin Signs
Carolyn May
Michael McKee
Scott & Janet McReynolds
Rookie Medaris
Medaris Law Office
Dexter Melton
Rolane Appliance & Marine
Dan & Christine Weber
Chris Doll & Jennifer Weeber
Tom & Marjorie Weeber
After 24 years without an indoor bathroom and 2 years of persistent roof leaks, the Fletchers
were ready for change. The lack of indoor plumbing in their home, combined with a leaky roof and
interior water damage, had become a burden on the family. Alice had to move furniture and belongings
out of the way of damaging leaks from the roof, and Mackie, the Fletchers’ son, had to haul water to the
house each day.
Thanks to three weeks of volunteers who contributed 564 hours of labor to repair projects, the Fletchers’
house received a new roof, a side porch, a fresh coat of paint, and new drywall inside. Certified plumbing
subcontractors completed their new bathroom.
Constructed and financed 19 new homes,
providing affordable homeownership to 45 people including 20 children
Repaired 43 homes including 23 repairs for elderly households
Owned and managed 12 rental units, serving 11
formerly homeless tenants with the average annual income of $5,110
The Housing Development Alliance would like to thank the following partners who through their funding,
financing, technical assistance and other support have enabled us to serve so many in need of a safe, decent
place to live.
1st Trust Bank
City of Hazard
E.O. Robinson Mountain Fund
Equitable Resources Foundation
Federal Home Loan Bank of
First Federal Savings & Loan
First Presbyterian Church of
Hazard Perry County Community
Homeless & Housing Coalition of
Federation of Appalachian Housing Kentucky
Honorable Order of Kentucky
The Vision Takes Shape
Housing Assistance Council
Kentucky Housing Corporation
Perry County Fiscal Court
Pine Branch Coal Sales
USDA Rural Development
US Department of Housing and
Urban Development
United Way of Southeast
A Bold Vision for the Future
The board and staff of the Housing Development Alliance started our strategic planning process by taking
a long, hard look at the housing needs and other challenges facing our community. The numbers were
daunting – more than 7,800 households living on less than $10,000 per year income, almost 40% of
children living in poverty, the highest disability rates in the nation, and an estimated need for
$215 million dollars in affordable housing.
The board and staff respond to these numbers not with despair or hopelessness but with the resolve to
do more. As one board member put it, “It’s time to stop dinking around!” Therefore, we aim to double
our impact by increasing annual production to 40 new homes and 60 repairs, to extend our services into
adjoining counties, and within a decade, to build 350 new homes, repair over 500 existing homes and
invest over 40 million dollars in the local economy.
Our Strategic Plan contains approximately 30 goals to help us measure our success. Below is a partial
list of these goals:
Double the annual production of new homes and repairs by 2012
(40 new homes and 60 repairs)
Continue to serve all incomeincome-eligible levels while increasing the number
of working families served
Make our new homes “greener” by increasing energy efficiency, utilizing
green materials and reducing construction waste
By 2012 produce approximately 40% of new homes and repairs in
Leslie, Knott and Breathitt counties (approximately equally divided)
Notwithstanding the expanded service area, continue to have a
significant impact in and around Hazard
Double the use of volunteers (local and regional) and deepen the
relationship with volunteers
Double the donor base and double amount of local/regional dollars
from fundraising
Build board strength for regional representation and more active
involvement in strategic plan accomplishment
Double the assets of our revolving loan fund
Chasity Neace, owner of the 100th home, works as a secretary for the Circuit Judge in Perry
County. She and her daughters, Makayla (5) and Madison (1) moved into their home in the summer of
2008, after the community joined together for a Community House Raising to dry-in the home in just
three days.
Having her own bedroom was a dream come true for Makayla—so much so that she thought it
appropriate to ask for a pony to go with it! Chasity and her daughters are thrilled with their new home
and this opportunity to dream big.
A House Becomes A Home
July 2006– June 2008
July 2006– June 2008
July 2006– June 2008
Evan Akemon
Employees of XTO Energy,
Land Department
Richard Blandau
Marcia Wireman
Oscar Brown
Marjory Brown-Britt
Marjory BrownBrown-Britt
Oscar Brown
Oscar & Marjory BrownBrown-Britt
John & Kathy Doll
Chris Doll
Roger & Barbara Wrisberg
Libby Weeber Doll
John & Kathy Doll
Jack Rivel
Tom & Marjorie Weeber
Roger & Barbara Wrisberg
Tammy Ekrut
Deborah Lewis & Woody
Sherman Wedding
B.J. Biler
Diane Fletcher
Chris Gibson
Sylvia Jones
Blanche Lewis
Michael McKee
Daniel & Christine Moriarty
Elisabeth Deaton & Troy Rapp
Sue Ann Wartell & John
Carol & William Shutt
Courtney Stuckwisch
Chris Doll & Jennifer Weeber
Employees of 1st Trust Bank Edward Smith
Rookie Medaris
Earl & Darlene Smith
J. Marvin & Joyce Jolly
Cappy Brown
J. Marvin & Joyce Jolly
Peggy Buckner
J. Marvin & Joyce Jolly
Mary Combs
J. Marvin & Joyce Jolly
Marshall Jarnigan
JoAnn Davis
Nola Oliver
Scott Roll
Dan Roll
Sophia Stidham
J. Marvin & Joyce Jolly
Terry Thies
Garland Wells
Alison Wells
Rookie Medaris
Professional Pharmacy of
Employees of People’s
Bank & Trust
Charles & Pauline Bias
Employees of the Housing
Development Alliance
Norman & Carolyn Touchette
Rookie Medaris
Helen Wells
Sister Virginia Farrell
Alison Wells
Helen Wells
The following groups contributed 15,944 hours of labor to construction projects from 2007-2008. Groups are from the
Hazard/Perry County area unless specified otherwise. HDA also hosted 19 individual volunteers during the year.
American Reformed Church
(Demontte, IN)
First Federal Savings & Loan
Northwoods Presbyterian Church
(Houston, TX)
Applebee’s Bar & Grill
First Presbyterian Church
Pepsi Bottling Group
Beaumont Presbyterian Church
(Lexington, KY)
First Presbyterian Church
(Neenah, WI)
Perry County Drug Court
Big Creek Baptist Church
Forest Hills Presbyterian Church
(Forest Hills, NC)
Bolivar Wesleyan Church
(Bolivar, OH)
Bowman Memorial United
Methodist Church
Breathitt County Area Technology
Center Construction Program
Buckhorn Area
Presbyterian Church
Chester College of New England
(Chester, NH)
Discovery Christian Reformed
Church (Grand Rapids, MI)
East Brentwood Presbyterian
Church (Brentwood, TN)
Faith Christian Reformed Church
(Tinley Park, IL)
First Baptist Church
Fourth Presbyterian Church
(Chicago, IL)
Frederick Presbyterian Church
(Frederick, MD)
Hazard Clinic
HCTC Skills USA Program
Hazard High School Cheerleaders
Hill-Murray School
(Maplewood, MN)
Pine Branch Coal Sales
Pullen Memorial Baptist Church
(Raleigh, NC)
Second Christian Reformed
Church (Allendale, MI)
Spring Valley Presbyterian Church
(Columbia, SC)
St. Bartholomew Catholic Church
(Cincinnati, OH)
St. Joseph University
(Philadelphia, PA)
Teague Metal & Truss
Housing Development Alliance
Board of Directors
Trinity United Methodist Church
(Gainesville, FL)
Kentucky Pain Management
Lodi Presbyterian Church
(Lodi, WI)
Mother of Good Counsel
Catholic Church
Whayne Supply
Whitaker Bank
Volunteers from Forest Hills
Presbyterian Church completed
the first House Raising Challenge
in the summer of 2008.
Upon their arrival, they found a
foundation and stacks of lumber.
After one week of hard work and
a $10,000 sponsorship, they had
dried in an affordable new home
for homeowner Gracie Campbell.
Caption describing
picture or graphic.
Saturday, May 10 was a day of blessing for
many people who came forth in a spirit of
service to begin the construction of a new
home for Chasity and her two children,
Makayla and Madison. Gathered on this
day above the Wendell H. Ford Airport were
people of different faiths and backgrounds
who came together with one purpose and
one goal in mind, to provide a nice home for
a family within our community.
How rewarding it is to see such enthusiasm
and willingness on the part of so many on a
day when people could have easily chosen
to do something different. Their presence
expressed their desire and hope for better 13
living conditions for a mother and her two
children. In Scripture Jesus reminds us that
when we care for the sick, hungry, the
homeless, etc. we have also done the same
for Him. Therefore, on this day willing
hearts not only reached out to a family in
need, but they also reached out to the Lord.
There was also added joy in observing little Makayla and her newfound friend, Miranda, both
wearing their nail aprons and carrying hammers as they scanned the work site with excitement in
their eyes and joy in their hearts as they eagerly desired to help. At one point Miranda offered her
services by handing out nails to those who were nailing down boards. Having noticed the word
“Princess” flowing across her shirt, she was asked what kind of Princess she was, to which she
responded in her soft spoken voice: “a helping Princess.” Miranda’s comment and Makayla’s
desire to show everyone the future site of her bedroom as she ran around and passed the framed-in
walls to the exact spot, with a smile on her face, were among the more memorable events of the
day—a day in which existing friendships were strengthened and new friendships were formed.
I also wish to take this time to recognize and offer my personal thanks to the many employees of
the Housing Development Alliance. Their steadfast and ongoing commitment continued to keep
alive their mission, which desired to provide safe, decent and affordable housing for the people in
our community. Guided by God’s grace in their ongoing effort, Chasity now becomes the 100th new
homeowner in a home which she and her family now call their place. Praise be to God from whom
all Love and Goodness flows!
Brother Edward Gura, O.F.M.
Statement of Financial Position*
Fiscal Year 07/08
Total Current Assets
Total Fixed Assets
Total Other Assets
(including mortgage receivables)
Total Assets
Liabilities and Fund
Total Current Liabilities
Total Long-term Liabilities
Total Fund Balance
Total Liabilities and Fund
Statement of Activities*
Fiscal Year 07/08
Net Assets, Beginning of Year
Total Revenue & Support
Management General Expenses
Program Expenses
Fundraising Expenses
Total Functional Expenses
Increase in Net Assets
Net Assets, End of Year
*These figures have not been audited. Please refer to our website or
in February 2009 for audited figures.
Board of Directors
Johnie Akers, Vice-Chair*
Allen Goben
Russell Oliver*
David Bates*
Emily Hudson, Chair*
Veronica Oxford
Fred Brashear*
William Melton
Ellen Peach
Neil Brashear*
Hugh Mitchell, Treasurer*
Julie Rose
Irene Davis
Bill Morton*
Samantha White
Charles Edmonds*
Danny Nettleton*
Annie Williams, Secretary*
*Denotes members as of December 2008
December 2008
Bobby Baker, Carpenter
David Farler, Carpenter
Matt Pratt, Carpenter
Bobbie Barlowe, Construction
Daniel Fox, Carpenter
Anthony Ritchie, Carpenter
Michael Holland, Carpenter
Pam Short, Housing Counselor
Steven Hurt, Carpenter
Kelly Sizemore, Volunteer and
Eugene Childers, Carpenter
Scott McReynolds, Executive
John Rudd Caudill, Construction
Clarence Dalton, Carpenter
Chris Doll, Assistant Director
Community Coordinator
Clark Watterson, Carpenter
Tonya Perkins, Accounting Clerk/
Wm. David Woods, Director of
Administrative Assistant
**Denotes Homeless & Housing Coalition of Kentucky Americorps Member
And a Community is Born
We believe safe, decent, and affordable housing is a basic human right. We develop a
variety of housing options for local low-income individuals and families, including shelter
for the homeless, transitional housing, affordable rental housing, and affordable new
homes. As a community-based nonprofit, we bring together all sectors of the community
to help eliminate substandard housing.