AR71 AL86 AX81


AR71 AL86 AX81
AP41-SP-U • AP41-SP-D
TBC/Frame Synchronizer
Compatible with S-VHS, VHS, U-Matic
U-Matic SP, Hi-8, Betacam & Satellite Feed
• Y/C or composite
• 4 x sub-carrier,
8 bit resolution
• Wide bandwidth
freeze frame/field
• Digital comb filter
• Constant H phase for
matched frame edit
• Constant SC/H phase
• Gen lock
• Full proc-amp control
• Adjustable horizontal
and vertical blanking
• DOC (optional)
• Serial Digital Output
Digital Proc-Amp
Digital Processing Amplifier
Provides excellent video correction in non-ideal camera
environments such as field news event recording
• SMPTE 259 Compliant
• SDI in and out
• Adjustable white, black and chroma
clipping within legal limits
• LCD display for easy monitoring
• Digital potentionmeter precision adjustments
Audio Digital Converter
(D to A). .
44.1KHz to Analog Converter
(A to D). . Analog to SDI Converter
10 Bit Frame Synchronizer
• 20 bit audio signal
• low jitters encoding
• no adjustment needed
Digital & Composite Input/Output
20 Bit Audio Companion Stereo Delays
• Composite input
• No visible quantization noise
• Pass VIR/VIT
• Freeze field/freeze frame
• Full proc-amp control
• Gen Lock
• 48 KHz sampling
(synchronized to video)
• Max audio delay off-set
6.5 frames
• Serial Digital Output
(SMPTE 259M)
• Single or dual channel chassis
Solid State Frame Recorder
provides the significant 6 second delay for both video and
audio to instantly edit profanity during a live broadcast.
• 20 bit audio/10 bit
video resolution
• Selectable delay from
1 frame to 180 frames
Dual Channel TBC/Frame Synchronizer
• 48KHz audio sampling
(synchronized to video)
• 14.3 MHz video sampling
• Serial Digital Input/Output
• Composite Input/Output
8x2 Asynchronized Video Router
with Audio Follower
Compatible with S-VHS, VHS, U-Matic
U-Matic SP, Hi-8, Betacam Camcorder
• Y/C or composite input/output
• Full bandwidth in all modes
• Full frame memory
• 4 x sub-carrier,
8 bit resolution
• Transcode between Y/C
and composite
• Digital comb filter
• Freeze frame or field
• Gen Lock
• Remote control including
full proc-amp control
• Rackmountable
No Glitch in transition from 8 non-synchronized inputs
No TBC needed, Full bandwidth
• 8 individual proc amp
• One rack package
• Gen Lock
• RS232 external control
• Constant SC/H phase
• 8 inputs/2 outputs
• Optional audio follower