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Wilson Audio…When You’re Ready to Listen
You’re Invited To
40th Anniversary
Saturday, June 28
Stop in anytime between
12pm & 6pm
Appetizers, Drinks & MUSIC
Door Prizes & Product Specials
3133 Edenborn, Metairie
40 years never sounded so good!
Wilson Audio
RGPC 400 Pro
Furman Elite 15PFI
Redesigned Website
& Social Media
This Spring we spent long hours redesigning our website aiming to make it
easier to navigate and more informative. You can now take a virtual tour of our
5 sound rooms, shop our classifieds, sign up for our monthly e-news, view our
recent projects or just learn more about who we are and what we do.
And, the time has come…Wilson Audio can now be found on Facebook
Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter! We regularly post specials, product
information and business news on our pages. Of course, you can still e-mail us at
[email protected] or Doug Wilson’s preferred way,
CALL US - 504-888-8851. As always, we love for our customers to stop by to
chat and catch up.
Equipment Protection Needed!
Hurricane season is upon us so there is no better time than now to properly
protect your equipment! General purpose and inexpensive power strips will not
fully protect sensitive audio/video components from damaging power spikes.
And they cannot filter out the everyday electronic interference from your
home's electrical wiring, phone line, and cable TV connections that can hurt
your system's performance. Also, beware of damages caused when your
equipment is hooked up to whole home generators. Come in and let us help
you choose the right protection for your A/V components.
NAD Integrated Amplifier 326BEE
Magneplanar 1.7
System Audio Aura 10
Audio Research Reference 75
System Audio Explorer Master
Spendor S3/5R2
Our Favorites
The best amplifier will be able to play everything in your
music library loud enough AND it will reveal the subtle
shifts in dynamics and rhythm. It can also reveal the small
inflections in guitar and piano, a singer's voice, and the inner
details of a soundtrack.
A good loudspeaker creates the illusion of being at a
musical performance and lets you hear the emotional
message that the performer has woven into the music.
At Wilson Audio, superb sound & attractive design are an
integral part of our speaker selection process. We hand
select and audition speakers from around the U.S., Europe
and Canada to sell in our retail store.
Our most popular amplifier is the NAD 326BEE. This
integrated amp is priced right and delivers! And for
unparalleled performance, our best sounding amplifier is the
Audio Research, Ref 75. Come in to listen to these chosen
amps and trust your ears when choosing your favorite!
Our best selling speaker, living up to all the magazine
reviews and one of the best value’s in audio is the
Magneplanar 1.7. Another favorite is the System Audio
Aura 10 known for producing almost as large as sound as
the Maggies with pinpoint focus.
System Audio Explorer Master – Described as an “acoustic
masterpiece” System Audio spent 10 years creating the
Explorer Master. With a newly designed crossover network
and improved acoustics, the Master is designed for those who
want to spoil themselves with sound.
Remember, speakers are the most variable part of an audio
system so if you’ve never heard them personally, it’s had to
make a decision. So come in to listen and decide on your
Spendor S3/5R2 – Attractive and solidly constructed, this
BBC style speaker lives up to its Spendor name. It boasts
improvements in low frequency articulation, dynamics &
The function of a home stereo amplifier is to power the
speakers connected to it. It is important to decide what
kind of stereo set up is desired before attempting to choose
an amplifier. How much power needed is dependent on
the speakers’ sensitivity and your music, personal listening
preferences, and how far away you are when listening.
We invite you to hear our new speaker selections!
** Classifieds**
We continuously update our website with our used and/or discontinued
equipment. You will find a complete list of these discounted products in
our classified section on our website.
Audio Research CD 2 Silver
Audio Research SP9 Black
Audio Research SP7 Black
Audio Research PH3 Black
Audio Research VT200 Black
Bryston 3B Power amp
Harmon/Kardon 430 Receiver
Paradigm Monitor 7 V.4 Rosewood
Rogue Audio, Metis Tube Pre-amp
Spendor SP1 Series 11 Walnut
Spendor S8 Black
Spendor S8 Walnut
Snell Acoustics Type A
Yamaha RX777 Receiver
Magneplanar 3.6 Cherry $1995
ARC Mono Block Tube $5000ea
All Used Equipment is
Tested and
Wilson Audio Approved